Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Westboro Church Hates Lady Gaga!

Lordy Lord, these freaks!

Westboro Baptist Church has pulled a huge turd of foolishness on this one.
God Hates Lady Gaga

God, please take them in the night


Bob said...

One more reason to love her then!

WilsonW said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but, has Lady Gaga ever claimed to be a Christian or follow their theology in any way shape or form?? I'm confused.(Not that they aren't themseleves.)

Anonymous said...

WBC is getting very petulant. They need to be smacked down and smacked down hard. I'm hoping a semi rolls right over them. That'd be a good start.

Joy said...

What truthspew said.

Unknown said...


Prince Todd said...

Apparently God does love her...Look at her album sales! =)
ANOTHER reason to be gaga over the lady!

SteveA said...

Oh boy - they must be bored or really stupid to be brainwashed into thinking crap like this!

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