Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day One in Vegas

In Vegas, you can see a lot of funny things and a lot of hot mess. So I will give y'all some nuggets from the first full day in Sin City.
  • The Strip is the straight guys' gayborhood.
  • The guys are slightly hotter in Caesars' vs O'Shea's.
  • There are a lot of older interracial couples, like over 50 years of age.
  • There's not enough men strip shows here.
  • Louis Vuitton should not allow tourists in the store. Their dirty hands will ruin the merchandise.
  • They have a Pink's here, but they doubled the prices! Filthy Whores!
  • I'm actually working out at a gym in the hotel, but that workout's dead, because I just had a 44oz frozen daiquiri.
  • A girl just asked me if I like White meat and I told her I do, just not girl meat.
  • I can't comment on some of your blogs (Blogger, fix this), but I'm reading them.
  • I'm realizing that the Strip is a big Flea market.
  • I'll drop over a $1000 on a Louie bag, but won't put $20 on a craps table.
  • I re-read Kid Christmas by Eric Arvin and I realized that Eric has a super dirty mind. Actually, it's dirtier if you read it in Vegas. Crazy, I know.
  • I've eaten too much.
So that's day one.


Eduardo Guize said...

nice observations. Louis Vuitton always provokes weird reactions among the tourists, I've seen people taking pictures in duo in front of the store in Paris, one doing the V and the other doing the L with the arms. Yikes.

U mean gay interracial couples?

Anonymous said...

That's Vegas! The men on the strip are so hot. Very very straight. But very hot!

David Dust said...

Sounds like you're having a good time!


Joy said...

All these observations are just what I like to read. Looking forward to Day 2!

I can't post to my blog or comment on most others with my Blackberry. I think it's a Blackberry Curve problem (no app?) since I found other comments about it on the Blogger help section.

Eric Arvin said...

Too fun!

And my mind is FILTHY! ;-)

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