Thursday, October 11, 2007

Coming Out to something new

Hi all

So this is coming out month, the month we GLBTers tell the world that...well you get it. However if you are thinking about taking the big plunge, here are some things to think about

  1. Do not become a stereotype. Please don't over gel your hair, spend hundreds on jeans, and subscribe to the Brittney, Paris, and loser slut of the week brigade. Spend some time learning about yourself and suits you.
  2. Discover GLBT history. We've done some interesting stuff over the years; you will be amazed with what's out there.
  3. Instead of building your body with muscle, feed the brain and make your soul fit. A great body is nice, but strong mind and heart truly makes the man...or woman.
  4. Besides going to Tiger Heat or the Splash bar, volunteer at a shelter or GLBT support home. Help someone find their way.
  5. Find supportive friends, not fast ass hook-ups. As the saying goes, friends are forever and hook-ups...well, it's a hook-up.
  6. Be truthful. Most of our people have lied most of their lives. After a while we find it too easy to be a little dishonest. Surprise someone and treat people the way you want to be treated.
  7. Be true to yourself. Start here and you can go anywhere.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Oh Hip Hop, oh Hip Hop where are you?

For several years now, hip hop, or what used to be hip hop, has hit super lows with me. Every song repeats the same 4 points

1. Shaking ass

2. The club

3. Broken English or Ebonics

4. Snapping fingers

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with Hip Hop. There’s no soul in it anymore. There’s also nothing positive or inspiring in the lyrics or in the artists. The true spirit of Hip Hop is still there, but it’s hidden and not brought on the radio or television. Instead of gems like, “You Must Learn” and “Fight the Power”, we have “Crank That”, “Party like a rock star” and “Candy Shop”. People like this music; they like the juggaboo, minstrel show Hip Hop has become.

The lyrics are lazy and tired, but it sells and people love it. And the funny thing about this is the fans. They love this stuff; they love to see the “nigga” in us. And for some reason we let this continue. I can’t explain how this hurts…for a quick buck, we still can be sold to the highest bidder. And these artists (very loose term) are willing to do what they got to do. But I wish they would see what they are doing; how they are setting us back several decades. All this bling-bling, Ebonics, and foolishness have to stop. Instead of making the dollar, they should make a difference. Our children need role models, we need to more exceptional brothers on TV, we need to see champions…not clowns, jesters, or gold tooth buffoons. We need a change.

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