Sunday, January 31, 2010

Question of the Day

What do you feel about the upcoming DADT meeting on Tuesday?

more on it, here

Saturday, January 30, 2010

New 'Hero' show picked up on NBC

NBC tries to keep the superhero theme alive with a new pilot, called 'The Cape'.
NBC on Thursday picked up two more pilots: hourlong "The Cape" and the comedy "Outsourced." "Cape," from "Empire" creator Tom Wheeler, is a light drama with a comic book sensibility. Set in a fictionalized version of Los Angeles, it centers on a former cop framed for a crime who becomes the Cape, a masked hero, to clear his name and reunite with his son.

The project, from UMS and BermanBraun, was set up at NBC in the fall with a premium script commitment.
Wheeler wrote the script and is exec producing with Lloyd Braun and Gail Berman.
Gail was the producer of Angel and Buffy, so there's some promise.


Another Hot Mess Superbowl Ad Rejection

Here's Go Daddy's broke ass ad

Good Grief

More Sex? SATC 3?

This may not be true but...
With Sex and The City 2 premiering at the end of May, The Sun reports movie bosses have decided to shoot the two movies back to back.

"Sex And The City is as much about fashion and how Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte look as it is about the plot," the anonymous source told the paper. "They're keen to look as young as possible because that movie will be their last. They want to go out on a high."

"The characters will look a lot younger on screen when the third movie is out in a couple of years," the source added. "The third film will be their last and the cast want to look their best."

"I've told my agent I'm just too old to play the part again," Sarah Jessica Parker said in 2006.
So I guess there's a third movie coming? Alright.


NOM, Maine don't Trust you.

NOM will be investigated over possible violations of Maine's campaign finance laws. So sad.
The state ethics commission voted this morning to deny a request from the National Organization for Marriage that an investigation into the group's finances be delayed pending the outcome of a federal court challenge.

Barry Bostrom, an attorney for the group that contributed $1.9 million to a campaign to repeal the state's gay marriage law, told the commission that NOM feels its 1st Amendment rights are being violated by requests for information about donors.

He said because the state law is being challenged in federal court, it would be better to hold off on the state-level ethics investigation until that is resolved.

But with a 4-1 vote, most of the commission members disagreed.

"I understand concerns about duplicate efforts, but that's part of the hand we are dealt," said ethics commision member Margaret Matheson. "We're charged with ensuring that voters have that information and that's the crux of this investigation."

We need to know the truth. And they need to get a hold of their tax forms too.


Obama Smackdown!

This is why I support this man!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Honestly, he needs to talk to Pam, John A., Dan Savage and David Mixner next,

Don Imus supports Gay Marriage?

I must be in Wonderland

Friday, January 29, 2010

UPDATE: No ManCrunch

CBS will not air the broke ass gay dating site ManCrunch.

However they said, "the ad is not within the Network's Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday"

They have standards? Ha!


A Happy Gay Marriage is an Open one?

An interesting study claims that successful gay marriages are open?

New research at San Francisco State University reveals just how common open relationships are among gay men and lesbians in the Bay Area. The Gay Couples Study has followed 556 male couples for three years — about 50 percent of those surveyed have sex outside their relationships, with the knowledge and approval of their partners.

That consent is key. “With straight people, it’s called affairs or cheating,” said Colleen Hoff, the study’s principal investigator, “but with gay people it does not have such negative connotations.”

The study also found open gay couples just as happy in their relationships as pairs in sexually exclusive unions, Dr. Hoff said. A different study, published in 1985, concluded that open gay relationships actually lasted longer.

None of this is news in the gay community, but few will speak publicly about it. Of the dozen people in open relationships contacted for this column, no one would agree to use his or her full name, citing privacy concerns. They also worried that discussing the subject could undermine the legal fight for same-sex marriage.

According to the research, open relationships almost always have rules.

This isn't news to most of us, but I always thought when you marry, it's all about you and him. I couldn't do it, but if it works for some, it works. But some folks think this a bad road to go down.

I'm very curious to hear what y'all think about this?


New Video: Lady Gaga - Teeth

Indiana is on Notice: Approves a Proposed Gay Marriage Ban

WTF Indiana? Their silly senators pushed a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage in the state.

In a 38 to 10 vote, the state Senate voted in favor of Republican Senator Carlin Yoder's amendment that seeks to ban civil unions for gay couples as well as marriage. The measure now heads to the Indiana House.

“The Marriage Discrimination Amendment violates every Hoosier's basic right to fairness and equality,” Randy Studt, president of the gay rights group Indiana Equality, said in a statement. “It's just an attempt to distract Hoosiers from the greater issues facing Indiana, threatening our state's current and future economic development.”

Both chambers of the Assembly need to approve the resolution twice before voters can weigh in on the issue.

This sucks! Hopefully, this will die in the Assembly.


Obama's big with the Smarties

A new poll states that Obama is still a shiny star among folks with postgraduate education.

Here's some gems

Barack Obama Job Approval, by Education and Race

  • Postgraduate men and women are Obama's greatest supporters among gender and educational groups. Obama fares especially well among women with postgraduate education (64%). Whereas postgraduates are the only educational group among men that shows at least 50% approval for Obama, all four educational groups among women do. Also, there are essentially no gender differences among those with a high school education or less, but notable gender gaps at higher education levels.
  • The relationship between educational attainment and support for Obama is not the same within all demographic subgroups. For example, the educational effects are quite pronounced among non-Hispanic whites, with double-digit gaps between postgraduates and those without postgraduate education. In contrast, there are essentially no educational differences among blacks. Roughly 9 in 10 blacks approve of Obama, regardless of their educational background.
  • The support of postgraduates, who tend to be more liberal and Democratic in their political orientation, was important to Obama's being elected president. Since he has become president, postgraduates have been among his more reliable supporters, backing him at higher levels than do those in other educational groups.
Interesting. Maybe this explains my blind Obama faith.


Interesting Quote: Hillary Clinton

"No, I really can't. The whole eight (years), I mean that would be very challenging. But I... don't want to make any predictions sitting here. There are so many things I'm interested in, really going back to private life and spending time reading and writing and maybe teaching. Maybe some personal travel -- not the kind of travel where you bring a couple of hundred people with you."

Hill Hill saying that she won't seek a 2nd term... maybe.


CNN talks DADT news

Please watch

Thursday, January 28, 2010

BackFlash Video Thursday

I recently found a video for one of my favorite easy listening songs.

It's Pilot of the Airwaves by Charlie Dore

No ManCrunch ads, please

So most of you know that Tim Tebow and his mama will have an ad during the Super Bowl, thanks to Focus of the Family.

CBS took a hit on their decision from many groups. But now, they are trying to extend the olive branch by possibly showing a gay ad, from ManCrunch.

This is it

Their slogan reads “Where Many Many Many Men Come Out to Play”

This ad may not get aired, I hope not. If we are going to have an ad, make it something of substance; something about gay families, gay teens or allies standing with us.

Just something more. something else.


McCain + SOTU = MESS

John, you need to follow your wife and daughter's lead. You are no longer relevant.

I'm Coming to NYC

My partner and I are visiting NYC in March.

Mostly for the Stephen Sondheim's 80th birthday event (my partner's a fan). But me, I'm just chillin'.

I'll be hanging out with friends, maybe meeting some bloggers (hint).

We will be there on the 12th to the 21st.

Get Excited!

Chris Matthews, What were you Thinking?

What kind of mess is this to say?

Then, the backtrack

Sometimes, things are best unsaid.

I IZ Kreativ


I received the Kreativ Award from some of you, so here are my things.

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
Thank you Howard, Behrmark and Damien . I enjoy your blogs and your insight. I hope to actually meet y'all someday.

Copy the logo and place it on your blog.

3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
Done (see above)

4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
  1. I'm almost done with my first movie script. I'm excited about it. It's a fantasy/horror with a little bit of a gay romance.
  2. In 1999, I actually used to meet friends (without benefits) and it worked.
  3. I can bench press 275 lbs in 4 reps.
  4. I'm a huge flirt.
  5. I like some gospel music, even though I'm an atheist.
  6. I use to steal G.I. Joe action figures and once, I stole Catra a day after Wal-Mart installed their cameras.
  7. I don't know... I think I'm boring.
5. Nominate 8 Kreativ Bloggers and post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
  1. Yves Paul
  2. Steve A
  3. Allen
  4. Allan
  5. Todd
  6. Marker
  7. Toddy
  8. Greg
6. Someone forget to post rule 6

7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated. Done

What'cha Say, Obama?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ugly Betty is Dead!

The gay friendly fashion show is canceled.

I was told it was pretty good (I've never seen it).

Oh well, bye Vanessa (The Only Pageant Queen that Mattered) Williams.


Zelda Rubinstein has Died.

Sad news. Zelda has passed on.

She has been struggling for awhile. But now she can finally rest.


New Apple: iPad

If you want a giant iPod, you are in luck.

Here is the iPad.

Steve Jobs demonstrated some of the features of the iPad, which he said included browsing the internet, playing games, listening to music and watching high-definition video. He also showed off the virtual keyboard on the machine and said Apple's iTunes music store was built into the iPad.

The iPad will come with 16, 32 or 64-gigabytes of flash memory. Jobs also said the device would have 10 hours of battery life.

It's cute, but I'll get my new LV bag first.

and more info here

Alan Grayson Has a Question for the Christian Right

This man is my new Hero

My College Friends doing Good in the Gayborhood

Some of you know that I moved to NYC right after I got my Master's in 2001. Two friends and I drove from Murray, KY to the Big Apple excited and broke.

Well, 10 years later, my college friends have found many avenues for success. Now, they have started a new web/media venture.

It's called In The Gayborhood and I think it's great. Here's a peek.

Go here for more.

2009 was Actually a Good Gay Year

Regardless of the setbacks, the frustration and overreactions, the HRC points out that 2009 was the best year for LGBT rights.

HRC prez, Joe Solmonese said:
“While the road is never easy, we look ahead to 2010 with renewed dedication in the fight for equality. We will continue to work closely with state LGBT groups and our allies to secure these much-needed advancements. As the midterm elections heat up, we must remain focused on the many state legislators who stood with us by continuing to support them and also remember those who stood in the way.”
Also here are a few summaries:

Marriage equality: The Iowa Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of marriage equality earlier this year with support from both the Iowa House and Senate for preserving the ruling. New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Vermont legislatures voted in favor of same-sex marriage in 2009. In Maine, marriage equality was passed in both chambers and signed into law by the Governor, only to be lost by a small margin at the ballot. The Council of the District of Columbia voted to recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages and swiftly followed with a law allowing same-sex marriage within the District which will take effect in spring 2010.

Relationship Recognition: Washington and Nevada passed laws to grant equal benefits to domestic partners in an “everything but marriage” framework. Colorado and Wisconsin passed their very first laws affording various protections to same-sex couples including estate planning, hospital visitation, and family leave, with the possibility of expanding the protection to include other benefits in the future. While the New York Senate rejected marriage equality, the highest court in New York ruled that the state can continue to recognize marriage of same-sex couples performed out of state.

Please stop by the HRC website for the full report

David Blankenhorn's Prop 8 testimony... OMEGA FAIL!

We are getting closer to the end of the Prop 8 case. Olson and Boies rest their case Monday, and yesterday, the opponents brought in this fool of the week, David Blankenhorn.

Now why am I hatin' on him? Well, he's why:

David Blankenhorn is the founder of the Institute for American Values.

He was in court to state that "legalizing same-sex unions would erode and “deinstitutionalize” marriage, which would ultimately harm children."

Does he have proof of this? No, but he tried his hardest to do something.

Although Blankenhorn was being offered as an expert witness on how same-sex marriages are detrimental to heterosexual marriages and children, Boies noted that Blankenhorn’s education had been in history.

“You’ve never taught a course in college,” said Boies, “and you have no degree in psychology, psychiatry, sociology, anthropology.…”

“No,” said Blankenhorn, interrupting.

“And in preparation for this testimony, did you undertake any scientific study of what effects permitting same-sex marriages have been in any jurisdiction where same-sex marriages have been permitted?” asked Boies.

“No,” said Blankenhorn. And that’s about when Blankenhorn began to resist Boies’ punches. Rather than answer the yes-or-no questions that Boies posed, Blankenhorn began to try and give explanations for his points of view. But clearly some damage had already been done and, when time came for Judge Vaughn Walker to decide whether Blankenhorn could be qualified as an expert witness, it was clear the judge had some hesitation.

I'm sorry, but why was he there? David did nothing for the opponents, but hurt and embarrass their case. This is a hot ass mess, and proof that the haters never had a credible case at all.


Lauryn Hill is Alive!

She is alive and singing!

Lauryn Hill resurfaced at Raggamuffin music festival in New Zealand of all places.

See here

Please, come out with a new CD.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Is this real?

Yes, it is!!!

Abbaworld is a real deal and my campy gayness have reached Omega levels.
And now there's ABBAWORLD – a new museum-cum-theme park in London with enough music, mementoes and memory-lane appeal to satisfy even the most fervent ABBA fan. ABBAWORLD's Swedish organizers promise the exhibition – which opens to the public on Wednesday – will be "a place for total interaction" with the band.

The celebration kicks off Tuesday night with a party attended by band members Bjorn Ulvaeus and Anna-Frid "Frida" Lyngstad.
The exhibition tells the band's story in 25 rooms spread over 30,000 square feet (2,800 sq. meters). Glass cases contain spangly costumes in silk, satin and spandex. Visitors can see recreations of Polar Studios, where the band recorded, and the seaside cabin near Stockholm where Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson composed the band's hits.

One corner holds the helicopter pictured on the cover of the 1976 album "Arrival."

An ambitious interactive element lets visitors take quizzes, recreate the band's sound at a mixing desk, or dance and sing alongside an animated ABBA via "holographic video" technology. The gift shop features Abba T-shirts, teddy bears, jigsaw puzzles and figurines – along with CDs.

An audioguide – narrated by Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgard, one of the stars of the film version of "Mamma Mia!" – traces ABBA's story, from the members' amateur teenage bands to stardom. The breakthrough came in 1974, when the band was the surprise winner of the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest with "Waterloo" – a song that brought ABBA's mix of bouncy pop melodies, multilayered harmonies and slightly silly lyrics to the world.

So if this is happening, why not... XANADULAND!!


Flashback 1985: Gymkata

Do you remember Gymkata? I do, it was all about the hot gymnast, Kurt Thomas battling in the deadliest fight of his life.

What I really remember, was this scene here.

I always got 'excited' to see this scene.

Interesting Quote: Tim Tebow

"I know some people won't agree with it, but I think they can at least respect that I stand up for what I believe, and I'm never shy about that. I don't feel like I'm very preachy about it, but I do stand up for what I believe. Unfortunately in today's society not many athletes tend to do that. So I'm just standing for something."

Cornfed, Tim Tebow defending the Pro-Life Superbowl Ad with Focus on the Family.

Obama's Big Freeze

Obama wants to freeze big spending for 3 years.

President Obama will announce in Wednesday's State of the Union address that he's proposing to save $250 billion by freezing all nonsecurity federal discretionary spending for three years, according to two senior administration officials.

The proposed freeze, which could help position Obama in the political center by sharpening his credentials on fiscal discipline, would exempt the budgets of the departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs, along with some international programs.

"We are at war, and we're going to make sure our troops are funded adequately," one of the senior officials said.

The officials would not reveal the details of which domestic programs would be cut, as they prepare to face major pushback from liberals in the president's own party because popular education and health spending could be on the chopping block. The details will be officially unveiled February 1, when the president publicly releases his next budget blueprint for fiscal year 2011 -- which starts October 1 -- and beyond.

"We've got to make some tough decisions," the second senior official said. "Everybody is not going to get what they want."

Under the proposal, which would need to be approved by both houses of Congress, all federal discretionary spending would be frozen at its current level of $447 billion per year. Within that parameter, however, individual federal agencies would have the power to give some programs increases, while cutting money elsewhere.

This will also force Repubs to stop acting like brats and get on course.

But the question will be... Is this going to work.


What Really Happened? Gary Coleman

He had it all! Shows, fame and cartoon!

Gary, what went wrong?

What happened yesterday in the Prop 8 Case

The Plaintiffs rest yesterday.

But before they did, here's what with down.

Earlier Monday, a team of lawyers led by prominent litigators Theodore Olson and David Boies rested the plaintiffs' case after spending more than nine days presenting evidence on the meaning of marriage, the nature of sexual orientation, and the role of religion in shaping attitudes about both.

The last volley in their attempt to prove Proposition 8 was a product of anti-gay bias and served no legitimate public interest was videotape of a simulcast in which supporters of the ban said gay marriage would lead to polygamy and bestiality.

The footage was shown as an example of the work of San Diego pastor Jim Garlow, who helped organize evangelical Christian support for the ballot measure.

In one video rally led by Garlow, an unidentified pastor warned "the polygamists are waiting in the wings, because if a man can marry a man and a woman can marry a woman, the polygamists are going to use that exact same argument, and they probably are going to win."

It appeared the lawyers were introducing the material to demonstrate the campaign for the ban appealed to religious-based, anti-gay bias to scare voters into supporting the measure.

Proposition 8 sponsors objected to the video, saying the content of the simulcast was not controlled by campaign managers or leaders.

However, Chief U.S. Judge Vaughn Walker allowed the material to be put into the record because the coalition of religious and conservative groups behind Proposition 8 paid for Garlow's work.

The plaintiffs also introduced clips from promotional videos produced by other groups for distribution to churches during the Proposition 8 campaign. In one, produced by the American Family Council in Mississippi, the chairman of the California campaign, Ron Prentice, spoke against same-sex couples raising children.

"Children need and deserve the chance to have both mother love and father love" because men and women "don't bring to a marriage and a family the same natural set of skills and talents," Prentice said.

These preachers are jokes.


Monday, January 25, 2010

New Teasers: Uncanny X-Men

Marvel is getting ready for another big X-Men event (Jean Grey's return I hope)

And to play with our minds, here are some teasers.

Obama may speak about DADT in the State of the Union Address

Will this be the 'speech'?

The announcement of congressional hearings on the ban on open military service by homosexuals has been delayed at the request of the Obama administration until after Wednesday night’s State of the Union Address because the president may announce that military leaders will support changing the law, according to a key lawmaker.

The Senate Armed Services Committee expects to have a series of hearings, one focusing on the views of military leaders, another on the views of outside witnesses and possibly panels of junior officers and noncommissioned officers, said Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., the committee chairman.

Levin said Monday that an announcement of the hearings has been delayed at the request of senior Defense Department officials until after President Obama’s speech. Levin said he does not know what Obama might say, but he expects it will be an announcement of the administration’s intentions.

We shall see... Hope for the best.


Interesting Quotes: David Kaufman

The bitterness and vitriol filling LGBT attacks on the Dems must come to an end, replaced by a respectful and actionable solutions-based agenda. Most crucially, major LGBT institutions must learn from their previous mistakes and work to rectify them, rather than settling for sloppy repeats.
This includes reckless LGBT leaders concerned more for their own bloated public images than the greater public good. Leaders like Mixner and AMERICAblog who would seem to truly want this White House to fail -- yet fail themselves to offer any sort of realistic back-up plan. Or even explain why.
Interesting article, please check it out. Love to hear your opinions.

Oh John! Not a Sex Tape!!

John, John, John! Please tell me this is just a dream and I will wake up any minute now.

I mentioned this last year, but now, sources are saying it's true. John Edwards has a sex tape.
Sources have told us that, in the throes of their affair, John Edwards and Rielle Hunter made a sex tape that contains "several sex acts." And that his aide, Andrew Young found it on an unmarked DVD.

The tape, say both our sources, is explicit and reveals that Edwards "is physically very striking, in a certain area. Everyone who sees it says 'whoa'. She's behind the camera at first."

When rumors of the affair first broke Young was so loyal to Edwards that he pretended that he was the father of Hunter's daughter Frances Quinn, now 2. But part of Young's disillusionment with the 2004 vice presidential candidate and 2008 candidate came one day as he went through a stack of DVDs at Rielle Hunter's house.

John! Your wife! Your career and the baby! Oh man!

BTW: I do want to see it.


A Sign of the Apocalypse: Jersey Shore XXX (NSFW)

America's updated version of Amos 'n Andy (Jersey Shore) has intrigued the nation.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, a porno has been made in its honor.

Good Lord! I must consult with spirits of Greyskull in these troubled times.

Prop 8 case news: Plantiffs Plans to Rest their case Today

Boies and Olson plans to rest their case today.
Plaintiffs will likely rest their case Monday in the federal trial over California's Proposition 8, setting the stage for backers of the ban on same-sex marriage to open their line of defense.

"We're pleased with the way it has gone," said David Boies, an attorney for the gay couples who want to wed.

He said he set out to prove that marriage was an important right, that gays were harmed by being denied that right and that marriage wouldn't be hurt by extending it to same-sex couples. "We've proven all three of those," he said.

Judge Vaughn Walker will decide whether the 2008 voter initiative that limited marriage to a man and a woman codified discrimination or protected a legitimate state interest. This is the first federal challenge to state gay-marriage bans.

Defense lawyer Andrew Pugno said his side would present evidence from experts that traditional definitions of marriage between heterosexual couples have special benefit for children and for society.

The opponents had a weak case from the gate, from citing bogus internet sites to quoting crazy ass myths that died out with claymation. I can't wait to hear their closing arguments.


Where does the phrase "Great Hera" comes from?

A few folks asked me, where does my phrase "Great Hera" comes from?

Well, it's not mine, it's Wonder Woman's.

Watch these clips as she uses it oh so well.

Cuomo set to run for NY Governor

Fan favorite and native New Yorker, Andrew Cuomo may be running for NY Governor.
If this is true, Cuomo could spell trouble for David Paterson.

Sources say popular Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is set to run for governor, but is “playing it smart” by waiting to announce his intentions. "He will make an announcement at the end of March. And what he will say is that he intends to run for governor. ... He thinks there are a lot of problems in the state and he thinks he can help solve them," one insider told the NY Daily News.

His spokesman declined comment and Cuomo himself said "I'm focused on being attorney general" but experts think that—in light of Gov. Paterson’s recent scandals and foibles—the high-rated attorney general is the man for the job. "Let's not run a third-string quarterback if there is a first-string quarterback in the game. We should be talking to Andrew Cuomo," said Upstate Party Chief Larry Bulman. In recent polls Cuomo had a favorable 64 percent job approval rating, compared with Paterson’s measly 31 percent. He’s out-fundraised the troubled governor too—he has $16 million in his arsenal, whereas Paterson has scraped up only $3 million.

Should Paterson be worried? Yes, he should.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Belated Birthdays to 2 Great Divas

How did I let this weekend go with wishing Dolly Parton and Chita Rivera 'Happy Birthday'!

Well, better late than never, I always say.

And to celebrate these diamond divas, here are two fun clips of them.



Thanks to Todd for this vid.

Question of the Day

Are you still friends with your Ex?

I am with my first, but NOT with my second one.

Please share

Tony Kushner on Obama

Very realistic, finally somebody being realistic.

Interesting Quote: Joel McHale

We did some bit for The Soup where I was in the shower, and it ended up on a number of gay websites. I thought, Well, I guess we’re reaching everybody. There’s also a guy on our staff named Matt Carney who plays the intern that we shoot all the time. When we had him half-naked and covered in oil, [] called him a “greasy treat.” His dad just said, “Hey, at least you have fans.”

Joel's answer about The Soup's gay viewers.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Who Asked for This? All-American Basketball Alliance

This is foolishness on tap!

Moments from Hope for Haiti

New Trailer: The Runaways

This could be fun!

Meg Whitman must be Stopped

Meg wants to be Governor of CA. Well, we can't allow that!

Here is this heifer's message on her Facebook
Meg Whitman (Rep.), former Ebay Founder and CEO, wrote a $20 million check to her campaign today in her attempt to become the next governor of California.

Whitman said she is prepared to spend more than $100 million of her own money to guarantee she will win the election.
Unlike CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Rep.), Whitman is a staunch supporter of “Yes on Prop. 8”.

While Gov. Schwarzenegger has refused to defend Proposition 8, the 2008 marriage referendum defining marriage to be between only a man and a woman, Whitman has advocated eliminating the right of same sex couples to wed.

Since taking office Gov. Schwarzenegger has signed dozens of LGBT rights bills into law, laws Whitman has indicated she will overturn should she become governor.

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) which has helped to overturn various LGBT rights bills across the nation has indicated they will take assist in the governor’s race to “help restore traditional values in the state of California.”
No, she will not be my governor! I expect LGBT groups to get together and knock this Hate Monster down.

Meg you are not my kind of California.

Conan says Goodbye

Friday, January 22, 2010

"Soundtrack to My Day" has been Nominated for a Bloggie!

Pic: Howard and Tom Gross

My buddy, Howard, the creator of the super fun music blog, "Soundtrack to My Day" has been nominated for a Weblog Award or Bloggie!

The category is Best Weblog about Music and personally, I think his blog should win hands down.

If you haven't seen Howard's blog, click on the title above. He will take you down memory lane and introduce you to new and upcoming LGBT artists. Plus, he's a great person, so why not vote for him?

Anywho go here, 2010 Bloggies and vote for Howard's "Soundtrack to My Day"!

Let's Play "How Stupid Hak-Shing William Tam can be?"

Hak-Shing William Tam is the guy who tried to leave the Prop 8 case because he feared for his life from demonic gays.

But he testified and unleashed some foolishness for your mama!
Please check out some these gems:

"Do you believe that homosexuals are 12 times more likely to molest children?" the lawyer continued.

"Yeah, based on the different literature that I have read," Tam replied.


Under questioning by Boies, Tam also said he agreed with a statement on the Web site for the Chinese-American Christian group that said if same-sex marriage was treated as a civil right, "so would pedophilia, polygamy and incest."


Boies: "You are saying here that after same-sex marriage was legalized, the Netherlands legalized incest and polygamy?"

Tam: "Yeah, look at the date, Polygamy happened afterward."

"Who told you that? Where did you get that idea," Boies asked incredulously.

"It's the Internet," he said. "Another person in the organization found it and he showed me it. ... I looked at the document and I thought it was true."

That Netherlands issue was a myth and debunked in 2005. I'm sorry, but Tam lack of knowledge is unacceptable and should not be telling anyone about God, civil rights or how to make sandwiches.

I would love to this televised, he could've been a comedy act on Conan.


Question of the Day

Isn't the movie, Valentine's Day just a cheap ass U.S. version of Love Actually?

What does Vincent Morgan and Harold Ford Jr. have in Common?

They are cousins!!!

However, the cute Harlem investment banker/Congress hopeful is nothing like his cousin (my ex-husband).

Morgan also appears to have none of Ford's political baggage. He is firmly pro-choice and unequivically believes in Marriage Equality, a position potentially at odds with many of his prospective Harlem constituents. "Some advisors have warned it would be unwise to support same-sex marriage, but this is just the right thing to do," says Morgan, whose campaign has formed an LGBT campaign committee. "We've let the religious right marshall this debate," he adds. "But to me, this is simply about relationships -- I support same-sex marriage and everyone's right to have their own relationships respected."

Morgan's sentiments are hardly surprising considering his unique background. While many of his cousins -- and 15 half-siblings -- were at prep school like Harold, Jr., "I grew up poor, I dropped out of high school and got some help by people who believed in me," says Morgan who ultimately finished high school before enrolling in Howard and eventually completing graduate school at Columbia University. "I know what it's like to feel like an outsider. I was the 'light-skinned' kid in an all-Black neighborhood, I did not have a father, I was wedged between groups."

Today, Morgan hopes to channel that earlier sense of isolation into unifying Harlem as he challenges Rangel for New York City's coveted 15th Congressional District.

Interesting. I wonder if he will campaign on the behalf of his cousin? Or will they be at odds?


Jason "Sexy" Momoa is Conan!

Yes! He is Conan and pure sex with a sword!
Jason Momoa has been cast as Conan, Nikkie Finke reports. Marcus Nispel, the director of the film, was apparently a big supporter; he spent some time and money shooting test scenes with Momoa in full Conan mode. This helped cinch the role for the former STARGATE: ATLANTIS star.

Movie shoots March 15th in Bulgaria.
Go Jason!!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Are the Supreme Court Judges on Discounted Crack?


The Supreme Court has overturned a century-old ban that stops corporations spending whatever the f**k they want on a political candidate.

Now, thanks to 5 of these fools in the SC, corporations can basically choose and place their own interest ahead of the greater good.
In a 5-4 decision, the court's conservative bloc said corporations have the same 1st Amendment rights as individuals and, for that reason, the government may not stop corporations from spending freely to influence the outcome of federal elections.

The decision is probably the most sweeping and consequential handed down under Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. And the outcome may well have an immediate impact on this year's mid-term elections to Congress.
Until now, corporations and unions have been barred from spending their own treasury funds on broadcast ads or billboards that urge the election or defeat of a federal candidate.

This restriction dates back to 1907, when President Theodore Roosevelt called on Congress to forbid corporations, railroads and national banks from using their money in federal election campaigns.

After World War II, Congress extended this ban to labor unions.
In today's decision, the high court struck down that restriction and said the 1st Amendment gives corporations, just like individuals, a right to spend their own money on political ads.
This is feels a G.I. Joe episode where Cobra brainwashed SCOTUS to make Destro president. What were they thinking? This can be the beginning of the end of the pubic making a difference.

Well, Obama and others are not feeling it and plan to do something about it.

President Obama, along with members of the Senate and the House of Representatives, have vowed to fight back against Thursday morning's Supreme Court decision rolling back restrictions on corporate campaign spending. Among the possible responses under consideration: an amendment to the Constitution.

"It's time to take matters into our own hands to enact a constitutional amendment that once and for all declares that we the people govern our elections and campaigns, not we the corporations," said Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.)
Wow, what's really going on?


Gay Marriage: Cindy 1, John 0

Yesterday, Cindy McCain posted her NOH8 pic.

Today, John McCain released this statement.
"Sen. McCain believes the sanctity of marriage is only defined as between one man and one woman."

Interesting to say the least. But I guess he has to send that message, since he's running for Senator in Arizona again. And you know how Arizona feels about anything progressive.


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Back Flash Video Thursday

I play this song every time I step foot in NYC.

Odyssey, Native New Yorker

I will there in March!!

Prop 8 Trial: The Truth about the LDS Church

January Sweeps: Trial style!

In the Prop 8 case yesterday, the emails and letters between the Prop 8 campaign and religious groups (Mormons) were revealed!

For example, one letter indicated that the LDS church had identified a volunteer for the campaign in every single zip code. This was a church document that was in the hands of a Prop 8 campaign official, and thus was discoverable. Andy Pugno, the general council for tried his darnedest to get Judge Walker to exclude it, but failed. From Rick’s liveblog:

Pugno: Objects because document will be revealing.

Judge: Not to make light of this, but the reason people want to produce documents is that they are revealing.

Boutrous: It’s from an outsider to the core group. We are attempting to show the level of coordination with groups that Protect Marriage says were not even affiliated with the campaign.

This is perhaps the most explosive bit of all, from a document between the LDS Church and the campaign:

With respect to Prop. 8 campaign, key talking points will come from campaign, but cautious, strategic, not to take the lead so as to provide plausible deniability or respectable distance so as not to show that church is directly involved.

Get that? The LDS Church intentionally worked to hide behind the scenes to disguise their involvement in the public realm. The LDS Church is well aware that the general public does not have the most favorable opinion of them. Attention on their involvement could have hurt their cause, namely passing Prop 8.
The truth is breaking through as we speak. We need to press this so the world sees what the LDS Church did.


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