Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jan 10, 2010, Teabaggers will Officially become Fools of the US

Rachel Maddow calls out the teabagger foolishness... Again

Can we ship them to Iraq?


Ray Avito said...

A Teabagger convention...with Palin speaking. I say kudos to them if they can manage to organize a legitimate 3rd party. Sure it will be a crazy one with no chance of electing anybody, but any siphoning of Republican votes is fine by me.

Unknown said...

I am not so sure about shipping them away, since there are enough crackpots in Iraq, I'd prefer Siberia.

Happy New Year, my handsome friend!

kayman said...

It sounds like to me that the TEA Party = Liberterian Party = Republican Party, so they are all one in the same these days. Hence why I've never really trusted Liberterians because the likes of Ron Paul who run as a Republican but claims to be Liberterian.

Stan in NH said...

I agree with Howard. Make it Siberia. They'll be able to see SP's house from there! :)

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