Friday, May 31, 2013

Cheerios Ad stirs up Racist Backlash

What in the fu*k?

A new Cheerios ad featured an interracial family talking about life. But for some odd ass reason, stupid racist freaks posted a bunch of racist statements on YouTube.

It was so bad that the cereal brand pulled comments from their YouTube page.

According NY Daily, folks wanted to vomit, talk about Obama's master plan and some Nazis mess.

Is our country that ignorant?

Megyn Kelly Reads Erik Erickson and Lou Dobbs for Sexist Remarks

See the clip before this.

Megyn is reading

Fox News Host and Pundits: 'Anti-Science' For Women To Be Primary Breadwinners


NOM loses the ability to Hide their Donors... Again

The Maine Supreme Judicial Court shot down NOM's appeal to hide their donors names from 2009.

And now they are in some hot ass mess:
The justices unanimously upheld a lower court’s ruling that the National Organization for Marriage and its allies cannot shield the names of donors from the state’s election oversight commission. 
In affirming an earlier an decision issued last June in Kennebec County by Superior Court Justice Michaela Murphy, justices on the state supreme court rejected NOM’s arguments that subpoenas issued by the Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics and Elections Practices violate donors’ First Amendment rights and expose them to “threats, harassment and reprisal.” 
“Our review of the extensive record, the Superior Court’s well-reasoned opinion, and the detailed analysis of related issues by our federal court colleagues leads us to conclude that, on the facts of this case, the Commission did not err,” Chief Justice Leigh I. Saufley for the court wrote in the five-page opinion.
I can't wait to see those names!

Daily Caller learns what HNIC means, Tweets it and then, erase

Um... this is a mess.

Someone at the Daily Caller tweeted this

HNIC means "Head N-word in Charge". I guess the person was noting the rapper who calls himself "Rhymes Priebus" like the RNC's Reince Priebus.

Well, someone must have noticed it and the tweet was removed. But, you know the media works, we have it for you to see.

Dumb move, DC.

Hot Pics of True Blood's Joe Manganiello

These pics are from Men's Heath UK

A few more pics after the jump

Thursday, May 30, 2013

BackFlash Video Thursday: Debbie Gibson

Still love it

Debbie Gibson - Only In My Dreams

First Look at Bucky/Winter Soldier on the Set of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER


WATCH the Best of Michele Bachmann

In Nigeria: The ‘Jail All The Gays’ bill becomes Law

Nigeria just passed the crazy ‘Jail All The Gays’ law today.

This law is completely dangerous and if misused, could do a lot of harm.

Gay Star News reports:
Approved by Nigeria’s House of Representatives in a voice vote, the bill will be sent to President Goodluck Jonathan for him to sign into law. 
Under the bill the Senate passed in November 2011, openly gay people would be imprisoned whether or not they have sex. 
Anybody who knows somebody who is gay will have to tell the authorities or they could go to jail for five years. 
Any same-sex couple who got married would be punished by up to 14 years prison and 10 for anyone else involved in the ceremony. Even wedding guests could be jailed. 
And ‘any person who directly or indirectly makes public show of same-sex amorous relationships’ would also get a 10 year sentence.
This is unbelievable and highly dangerous for the LGBT community in Nigeria

Legendary Drag Star, Miss Wanda was Murdered

South Beach lost a Diva. The Legendary drag queen Miss Wanda (Anthony Jermone Lee) was shot five times at a friends' home in Tampa.

At this time, no one has been arrested for the murder.

Miss Wanda was a mainstay in South Beach and well-known for her powerful performances. She was a force of nature and a great friend to those closest to her.
"Wanda can be a certified Bitch with a capital B," said her longtime friend, Henry Williams AKA South Beach drag queen Tiffany Fantasia. 
"She was one of those people who could give you no fakeness, no phoniness. You got the real deal how she felt. She was a tough cookie, but once you got to know her, you fell in love with her." 
Williams described Wanda, 49, as "a mentor, an inspiration." 
"Her performances were awesome. Those that truly knew her, knew she was a real person. you didn't get phony crap. You knew where you stood with Wanda and that was refreshing to a lot of people, including myself."
While the community mourns her loss, I hope they can remember the good times and fierce vigor she possessed.


Glenn Beck: Bachmann is Getting Out of 'Chernobyl' with Her Honor and Integrity in Tact

A wonderful painting of a Grown-Up Calvin from 'Calvin and Hobbes'

Artist Craig Mahoney painted a great illustration of a grown-up Calvin from the 'Calvin and Hobbes' fame. This painting, will be in Mahoney's show Portraits of Awesomeness: The Art of a Fanboy.

Check out the link above

Interesting Quote: John Boehner

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This app can cure me from having Sexual Relations with Men

Folks, I am not making this up.

This app claims to cure us from the Gayness.

It's called "Setting Captives Free," and it teaches you to stop being gay.

It takes 60 days and it suppose to help us find "freedom from the bondage of homosexuality."

To stop this app, go here

A Memorial Service in Harlem for Mark Carson

Today, friends and family gathered at the Unity Funeral Chapels in Harlem for Mark Carson's memorial service.

He was remembered as a loving, partying guy who cherished the people in his life.

NYT reports:
Some details of his life emerged. According to the program, Mr. Carson graduated from Legacy High School and attended the Borough of Manhattan Community College. He gave himself the nickname Envy for the way he entered a room, convinced that everyone envied him, said Chris Sandford, 26, who said he and Mr. Carson discussed dating but never quite got there. 
“He had the best relationship with his mom,” Mr. Sandford said. “I’ve never seen anyone that close.” 
Krystal Martin, 28, who lives in the St. Nicholas Houses, described Mr. Carson as “like a big brother,” adding that he was well liked by everyone, gay or straight.
Mr. Carson, she said, was mostly discreet about his romantic life. “He’d go on little dates,” Ms. Martin said in a telephone interview on Tuesday. “He was very private about that.” 
His family accepted his sexuality, said Karen Grant, who knew Mr. Carson’s mother since they were both pregnant together. “Your family is your family,” Ms. Grant said. “They all loved him.” 
He had discovered Greenwich Village in high school, heading down to the Christopher Street piers or the after-school program at the Harvey Milk High School on Astor Place, a public school known for its welcoming of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. 
“He introduced me into the whole gay culture,” Alonzo said in a telephone interview before the funeral service. On these travels, he said, the threat of violence “was never a thought in our minds.”
RIP Mark Carson

WATCH the First Gay Marriage Ceremony in France

Meet "SheZow", A New Gender Changing Cartoon Superhero

A new cartoon superhero may be a first in LGBT history.

SheZow is a new cartoon debuting Saturday on the cable channel, the Hub.

The story is a 12-year-old boy, named Guy, has a magic ring that transforms him into a super powered girl. Buzz from the web and blogs are calling SheZow the first trans superhero cartoon character. It's been airing in Canada and nothing has gone down yet.

Also, I'm not sure if this is really a Trans character. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Check out a sneak peek

BIG 'DEATH' in Justice League of America #4

I won't spoil it, but if you want to see... Check after the jump.

Rep. Michele Bachmann won't seek Reelection in 2014 - VIDEO

She-Mess is not running in 2014. In this long video, she says that 8 years is enough time to hold office and the three investigations into her failed 2012 presidential campaign has nothing to do with her stepping out.

Maybe Marcus is coming out?

A Letter from Brian Brown

Dear vik, 
We have only 3 days to defeat gay-marriage activists in Illinois, where the General Assembly adjourns this Friday. 
Our opponents have been fighting for months in this deep blue state to pass a bill redefining marriage — but our side has been fighting even harder to stop them. NOM has dedicated over one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars to this critical fight. 
Please help NOM continue to support those who are fighting on the front lines of this good fight with your donation of $35, $50 or $100 right away. 
This is our last opportunity to score a legislative victory for marriage before the Supreme Court hands down their rulings on marriage next month. 
Our sources on the ground tell us the vote could be as soon as tomorrow or the day after (Thursday). Gay-marriage activists are claiming they have the votes, but we know they don't yet!
Child please, folks save your money for a two piece and biscuit.


Lawyers for George Zimmerman try to put Trayvon Martin's Past on Trial, Judge says No

Okay this is ridic, totally!

The lawyers for George Zimmerman tried to put Trayvon Martin on trial. Yes, these folks wanted to tell jurors about Trayvon's fighting, rumored drug use and text messages in hopes to vindicate Zimmerman.

Seriously, they were really pushing to do this to help Zimmerman!They even wanted to take jurors to the scene of the crime!

Well, their efforts fell flat. Judge Debra Nelson ruled that Trayvon's past stuff will not be up for discussion and there won't be anymore delays in the trial.

I have to say; these stalling tactics from Zimmerman's lawyers send a message that they are not confident about this case.


Matt Trewhella: Gays "Filthy People," Parents Should "Protect Your Child from the Filth of Homosexuality"

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Henry Cavill's Heating up the cover of Details magazine

Superman steams up the Details magazine cover this month.

He looks really good

New Insidious 2 Teaser Poster

Who's peeking from the curtains? The next story is coming soon!

When Tina Turner Ruled the World

I love this pic

Back in the 70s, Tina was on her own. It was then, we saw Tina unleashed and she was tearing it UP! I've found some of her performances on several variety shows. And they are hot, hunty!

Check them out after the jump

Bryan Fischer: LDS Church Supported Ending Ban On Gay Boy Scouts In Order To Restore Polygamy

Donald Trump just Wasted a Million Bucks Exploring 2016 Presidential Bid

When you are delusional, the sky is the limit on your craziness. And for fools like Donald Trump, it's the universe.

This cretin is considering running for president in 2016. In fact, he has spent more than $1 million on electoral research.

NYP reports:
Sources said the tough-talking “Celebrity Apprentice” host is increasingly being asked to speak at Republican events, and he appeared at the Oakland County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner in Novi, Mich., last week to a record crowd of 2,300. 
“Everybody tells me, ‘Please run for president. Please run for president.’ I would be much happier if a great and competent person came along,” Trump reportedly told attendees. “I’d be happy if President Obama did a great job. I’m a Republican, but before anything, I love this country. I would love to see somebody come in who is going to be great.”
Trump Dump, here's the T, nobody wants you as a president. Nobody. I'll say it one more time with feeling.


Gay Teen Kaitlyn Hunt 'I'm scared of losing my life.'

Dream Casting for a Live Action JEM Movie in 1986

What if they made a JEM movie in the 80s? It would have been cute, if fact, it would have been outrageous!

But who would have been a part of the amazing cast? Well, y'all know me, I took the time to cast the film as if I was doing this in 1986.

So check out the cast after the jump

Monday, May 27, 2013

Interesting Quote: Marquell Smith

Some representatives have cited traditional religious beliefs as a reason they voted "no" on civil unions, and will likely vote "no" to marriage equality. It breaks my heart that any elected leader would use the good people in African- American churches as justification to limit the rights of others, based on the prejudices of how we were raised. 
Like you I'm African-American. I learned that the struggles of our people are a symbol of hope for those being discriminated against. We cannot let an important vehicle of past struggles —African-American churches— become the gatekeepers of the rights to dignity of others. Who are we to deny someone else the right to marry because we don't agree with who they love? 
Equality begins when people in positions of power enable everyone to live lives of decency and dignity, free from any prejudice in the law. Black folks did not want anyone's permission to live freely; we can not rest until this dream is realized for everyone. Despite our legacy we are now the very people denying others their equal rights. I'm inclined to believe that we can do better but we can't do it without your support.

Marquell is an ex-Marine who is pleading for black lawmakers in the Illinois House to vote "yes" on Marriage Equality. Please read the rest of his letter.

Robbie Rogers' First Interview on ESPN - WATCH

Question of the Day

Did you see "Behind the Candelabra”?

What did you think? I thought it was really good, well produced and written.

Share your thoughts

New Set Pics from The Amazing Spider-Man 2

More set pics from ASM2 ... including Rhino

More after the jump (via

The Dating Game - Post 1

The dating world is something else.

The good news is there are guys who are interested.

The bad news is these guys are not ready.

What do I mean by 'not ready'? Well, they are seriously missing something or really off the system. Now, I know we are all flawed, no one's perfect. But really, after the age of 35, you got to have something going, right?

For example, I've met guys who not financially stable, living with upteen people and no car. They want someone with all those things they don't have, and yet, have no plans to achieve those things for themselves. Then, you have the guys who lie about everything. One particular guy was trying to impress me with his knowledge of Nicki Minaj. Only his info was totally wrong and made up.

Another guy needs to have sex first to see if a friendship would work. Mind you, this is for friendship.

I feel like Carrie Bradshaw from season 2. I'm meeting people, but the wrong ones. I really hope I can find the fun guy that can be a friend first and something more later.

I know I may sound like a Snobby McSnob, but it shouldn't be too much ask for a decent guy... Right?

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Another Anti-Gay Attack in NYC

Eugene Lovendusky was attacked this weekend by a group of gay-bashers in Hell's Kitchen.

Alan L. Bounville, an activist, posted this on Facebook
Last night, Friday, May 24th, a group of 9-10 men attacked one of my dearest friends, Eugene Lovendusky. They yelled "faggot" at Eugene as he was punched in the jaw. There have been a half-dozen, publicized violent anti-queer crimes in New York City in May 2013, including the cold-blooded murder of Mark Carson, 32, for being a "faggot."
Please by safe, fam

Happy Birthday, Lenny Kravitz

This is my fantasy man of all time!

He's 49 today and I hope I look this good at that age

New True Blood Season 6 Teaser

Question of the Day

Where in the World is Nomi Malone?

Openly Gay Soccer Player Robbie Rogers joins the LA Galaxy

Robbie Rogers thought he was done with soccer, but he's not. He's actually back with the jump-off.

Robbie has joined LA Galaxy soccer team and became the first openly gay athlete to play in an American soccer league.
“For 25 years, I’ve been afraid to share a secret with someone,” Rogers said. “And I finally did that. I kept my secret because I thought I couldn’t be both a soccer player and a gay athlete. 
“I was afraid to be back in an environment that affected me in the past. After I finally got in here, everything was completely normal.”
Robbie signed a multiyear contract with the team. I wish him the best.


This is the 50th Anniversary of the film, Cleopatra

I think most gay men at a certain age have seen this.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

This is the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars: Return of The Jedi

This was the 3rd movie I got to see in the theaters. I remember being so caught in Leia's outfit and Han's sexy smile. Anywho, this film defined the meaning behind the word TRILOGY and gave us the adorable Ewoks.

Do you remember the first time you saw Return of the Jedi?

Bryan Fischer: Boy Scouts Are Now The "Boy Sodomizers Of America"

Puerto Rico Legislature passes sweeping Nondiscrimination bill protecting LGBT people

Yes Ma'am!

Puerto Rico is doing big things!

See the NGLTF press release:
The Puerto Rican House of Representatives today approved a sweeping nondiscrimination bill that protects lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in employment, housing, governmental services, public accommodations and private entities. Last week, the Senate approved the bill in a 15-11 vote and Gov. Alejandro GarcĂ­a Padilla has vowed to sign the bill into law. 
The House today also approved a bill to add protections for sexual orientation, marital status and gender identity to the domestic violence law. It now moves to the Senate.
LGBT rights are advancing in Puerto Rico as a consequence of decades of activism and a change in government last November. 
The Task Force has been at the forefront of this struggle for the past seven years. These efforts include speaking out against hate crimes and anti-LGBT violence; standing in solidarity with the Puerto Rican LGBT community; meeting with Congressman Luis Gutierrez to ask for support in this struggle against anti-LGBT violence; and the Task Force's National Religious Leadership Roundtable convening in Puerto Rico to express support.

Jonathan Capehart reminds Everyone why the Path to Equality is Ongoing and Winding

This week has been eye opening about how folks handle wins and losses in the fight for equality.

Honestly, it's been powerful and yet, disappointing to see how others get derailed and a bit myopic instead of motivated and energized for change.

However, yesterday on MSNBC, I was pleased to see Jonathan Capehart sum up the reality of the civil rights battle. What he said is totally how I feel, check it out:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

My Top Movie Characters who could've been Charlie's Angels

I'm thinking to crazy today.

Imagine if Charlie could recruit these women to be Angels, how fun would it be to see these particular women saying "Good morning, Charlie!"

Check them out, after the jump.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Patti Labelle

This is a true legend and diva

Ugh!! Google+ Comments! I hate it! UPDATE

Hi All,

This Google + stuff could be affecting comments.

Please let me know if you having problems leaving comments on my blog by sending me an email. I'm trying to get rid of it, but I don't know how.


It's fixed, back to normal

Celine Dion/Daft Punk Mash-Up is EVERYTHING - WATCH

This is making my day

Interesting Quote: Rick Perry

The Boys Scouts of America has been built upon the values of faith and family for more than 100 years and today's decision contradicts generations of tradition in the name of political correctness. While I will always cherish my time as a scout and the life lessons I learned, I am greatly disappointed with this decision.

Real Talk...

Keeping it real, I didn't want to join the Boy Scouts, I wanted to be in Shirt Tales

Virginia's Candidate for Lt. Governor E.W. Jackson's Greatest hits

This is who conservatives want in office?

Gay Marriage leads to Animal Sex

We are evil

No Federal Aid For Natural Disasters

The Murderer of Mark Carson uses the Sexual and Drug Abuse Excuse

Elliot Morales murdered Mark Carson this past weekend. He shot Mark in the head and later, laughed and bragged about it.

Yesterday, he was supposed to be in court. He didn't show, however his attorney did and he claimed there were reasons why he killed Mark.

NY Daily News reports:
The lawyer, Kevin Michael Canfield, later said Morales is not guilty of the slaying and is "devastated by the charges." 
"He didn't murder anybody," Canfield said, suggesting there were other factors at play."He was sexually abused as a child by a male authority figure which led to a lifetime of alcoholism and drug abuse," Canfield told the Daily News, adding, "It's a terrible tragedy."
How dare this attorney take this route? It is the biggest and worst excuse used every time murders like this happens. Many people have been sexually abused, but they don't turn into murderers! Elliot murdered Mark and was proud of it!

I don't give a damn about his hardships. It is the cheapest of excuses, and we should not let him hide behind it!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Boy Scouts of America pass Resolution admitting Openly Gay Scouts

Here's a quick hit

The Boy Scouts of America has voted to rescind its policy banning openly gay scouts. With more than 60% of vote, the deed was done however, they will still ban gay adult troop leaders.

The lift takes place by Jan. 1, 2014

More to come


BackFlash Video Thursday: Diana Ross

She knew her audience. Here's Muscles

Evan Peters is Quicksilver in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

This is very interesting. Bryan tweeted this

If that's the case, which Quicksilver will be in The Avengers 2?

Question of the Day

What is the hottest thing anyone has said to you?

Benedict Cumberbatch's Deleted "Sexy Shower of Evil" Scene From Star Trek Into Darkness -WATCH

This scene was deleted from the Star Trek movie. But as you can see this Benedict/Khan taking a sexy shower of EVIL.

And Once More with Feeling

Check Out President Obama's 1979 Prom pic

A Word from Brian Brown

Dear vik, 
For months and months, NOM has been fighting hard to protect marriage in Illinois.
That's why, with less than ten days left to go in the legislative session, gay activists are still scrambling to twist arms and strike backroom deals in Springfield. 
Yes, even in this deep blue state where Democrats hold a supermajority and the governor is pushing for gay marriage, we've managed to stop them in their tracks — at least, so far.
NOM has joined forces with the African American Clergy Coalition and other allies on the ground, investing upwards of $125,000 to support a variety of activities including calling the constituents of wavering Representatives, alerting the citizens of Illinois to the threat to marriage in their state, and helping them take action to protect marriage." 
We are achieving results, but we have so much more to do. 
Dear vik, it's make-or-break time in the Land of Lincoln!

I Fight so They can do This...

MSNBC's Chris Hayes discusses why removing LGBT Protections from the Immigration Bill was a Good Thing - PLEASE WATCH

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I agree with Chris

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

THE WOLVERINE makes the Cover of Entertainment Weekly

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld thinks Gay Marriage will lead into Polygamy

My Two and Half Cents about Same-Sex Marriage and the Immigration Bill

Most may know that the LGBT binational couple amendment in the Immigration Bill was taken out yesterday. It was done in order to get the bill passed and into law.

Many gay activists were highly upset and blamed everyone under the sun. However, I looked at this very different than most.

Yes, it is truly upsetting that the couples will face difficult matters if this bill passes, but if you look at the bigger picture there are some winning pieces. There are over 260,000 undocumented LGBT people that will gain some rights in this deal. They can actual be someone recognized in our country. Many people don't realize that the undocumented have NOTHING. They are here, usually by no fault of their own, trying to work, live and for some, earning an education. Many of them are afraid to come out because it can be used as blackmail or some other insidious act which threatens their safety.

A few years ago, I was fortunate to hear the personal stories from the LGBT undocumented youth at Netroots Nation. Through those stories, I gained a bigger understanding of what we are fighting for and what's really at stake. It was there, I realized they needed our support and our vigor for civil rights.

And this is not just for the LGBT undocumented, this is for all of them who are here. When you look at the bigger picture, this bill will save lives, and revive the hopes and dreams of many citizens. As an activist, I have to see that, I have to fight for that. So when I see folks 'flip over tables' about the couples piece, I have to remind them this is not the end. If we get all broken up at this point, we lose focus. This is an ongoing battle... It is a civil rights battle. And none of these battles are clear wins or losses, they are just continued.

I didn't get upset over the loss because I saw what we will gain. If this bill passes, thousands of LGBT undocumented people will finally have a shot at life. If I just focused only on the LGBT binational couple amendment failure, then I have forgotten why I am an activist.

Here's some perspective

Some HATE Rock Band has a song called "Livin Outside Of God's Word"

I saw this at Joe My God, so I had to share this with y'all.

This hate rock group called Surrender has a song that is anti-gay and quite silly. "Livin Outside Of God's Word" and here are some of the lyrics:

-When a man loves a woman,a woman loves a man
-It's all a part of God's family plan
-As Adam to Eve,a man takes a wife
-But as Bruce is to Steve (Oh,Lord),it's bound to take your life **{chorus} It's called Livin' Outside of God's Word Ain't it the strangest thing,you've ever seen or heard You keep on doin' as you please (laugh) Now that's your choice,here comes your disease (yeah) Someday soon my God will bring you to your knees Oh,oh oh,oh Oh...........................

Listen for yourself

New Trailer for MAN OF STEEL featuring Zod

New Poll: 59% Americans find the GOP UNFAVORABLE

Americans are not feeling the GOP.

In a new CNN poll, 59% view the GOP unfavorably and the number of favorability falls at a new low of 35%. Funny, because the GOP don't get it. They are still using old tactics, like teaming up with the Tea Party. They need to understand that most Americans don't like them either, so the bad tactics ain't winning them any points.

Another piece of the poll shows that 42% believe that the GOP is overreacting over the IRS drama. Which is key, since the GOP knew about this for over a year!

Maybe the GOP should try another plan, because none of the scandals or team-ups are working.


Interesting Quote: Bil Browning

The current bickering over the fate of gay and lesbian couples who have one foreign-born partner compared to the basic human needs of thousands of LGBT people is distasteful and unseemly. By pitting the two groups against each other, we look petty and overwhelmingly biased against the poor and most vulnerable if we insist on the explicit inclusion of a very small subset of our community instead. 
Binational gay and lesbian couples have very real problems that need an immediate solution. Threatening to jeopardize relief for thousands of less fortunate queers isn't it.

Bil has a solid piece about Binational couples, LGBT undocumented people and the immigration bill

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wingnut Coach Dave Calls on Obama to 'Admit He's the First Openly Gay President'

Just watch

More Attacks in NYC Gayborhoods

Three more people have been gay-bashed since Mark Carson's death.

Dan Contarino was jumped last night at Avenue D and 4th Street. And a gay couple were attacked between Prince and Houston streets early this morning.

NYPD are beefing up patrol in the NY Gayborhoods: the Village, Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen. Fam please, be safe and careful walking the streets. I can't believe this happening in the I love.


New Trailer for THE WOLVERINE

This is the 10th Anniversary of the Series Finale of BUFFY the VAMPIRE SLAYER

I think it was one the best series ever made.

10 years ago we watched the final episode of Buffy as she saved the world from the First.

That was a hard season because you knew it was over. Everything they went through came together in this final clip above. It was a great series, and there will be nothing like it ever again.

New MAN OF STEEL poster featuring Jor-El

Archie Comics' Kevin Keller gets his First Kiss

In the upcoming story, Kevin first public kiss with his boyfriend becomes ugly when a nosy mother disapproves.

The story was inspired by the writer's (Dan Parent) experience with the horrid One Million Moms.

I'm very interested in seeing how this story turns out. Dan has taken Archie Comics to the next level with the introduction of Kevin. I know this comic story will be good.

Kevin Keller No. 10 wil be released Aug. 7.

VIDEO of the Mark Carson Rally and March

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