Monday, December 28, 2009

Losers of the Year

Well, 2009 is ending soon, so I thought I would start my 'Of the Year' listings.

We will dive into the Losers first.

Beau Breedlove- this He-ifer got his 15 minutes by blasting his underage affair with the Mayor Sam Adams. Then posed nude in Unzipped to 'set the record straight'. Yeah, he was your typical famewhore.

Sarah Palin-Quitter, Liar, Mess

Carrie Prejean- This She-Mess tried to be Anita Bryant and ended up a Pam Anderson reject.

Jon Gosselin- Typical nerd with a power breakdown...I secretly feel sorry for him.

Perez Hilton-Karma slapped him this year. Hopefully, he has learned from his foolishness.


Larry Ohio said...

I have a standing invitation for Jon Gosselin to come live with me. I will give him the love that bitch Kate denied him.

Unknown said...

I hadn't heard of Beau Breedlove. Where have I been this year.

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