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WATCH Anderson Cooper slam Silly Birther Rep. Leo Berman

Anderson had to serve dumb ass,  Rep. Leo Berman from Texas. He's a birther, so you know how this story goes.

President Obama's Statement on the DADT Survey

As Commander in Chief, I have pledged to repeal the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law because it weakens our national security, diminishes our military readiness, and violates fundamental American principles of fairness and equality by preventing patriotic Americans who are gay from serving openly in our armed forces.  At the same time, as Commander in Chief, I am committed to ensuring that we understand the implications of this transition, and maintain good order and discipline within our military ranks. That is why I directed the Department of Defense earlier this year to begin preparing for a transition to a new policy. 
Today’s report confirms that a strong majority of our military men and women and their families—more than two thirds—are prepared to serve alongside Americans who are openly gay and lesbian.  This report also confirms that, by every measure—from unit cohesion to recruitment and retention to family readiness—we can transition to a new policy in a responsible manner that ensures our military strength and national security. And for the first time since this law was enacted 17 years ago today, both the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have publicly endorsed ending this policy.
With our nation at war and so many Americans serving on the front lines, our troops and their families deserve the certainty that can only come when an act of Congress ends this discriminatory policy once and for all.  The House of Representatives has already passed the necessary legislation.  Today I call on the Senate to act as soon as possible so I can sign this repeal into law this year and ensure that Americans who are willing to risk their lives for their country are treated fairly and equally.  Our troops represent the virtues of selfless sacrifice and love of country that have enabled our freedoms. I am absolutely confident that they will adapt to this change and remain the best led, best trained, best equipped fighting force the world has ever known.

Quick Rundown of the DADT Hearing

Robert Gates kicks it off

Here more in detail from Washington Post

The conclusions published in Tuesday's report give a boost to President Obama and Congressional Democrats seeking to eliminate the ban before the end of the year and undercut the arguments of social conservatives and lawmakers, including Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who believe ending the law would harm the military as it conducts two wars.

"The risk of repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell to overall military effectiveness is low," said the report's co-authors, Defense Department General Counsel Jeh C. Johnson and Army Gen. Carter F. Ham. While ending the ban would likely bring about "limited and isolated disruption" to unit cohesion and retention, "we do not believe this disruption will be widespread or long-lasting," they said.

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, who requested the report, echoed their sentiments: "This can be done, and should be done, without posing a serious risk to military readiness."

"Now that we have completed this review, I strongly urge the Senate to pass this legislation and send it to the president for signature before the end of this year," Gates said. "I believe this is a matter of some urgency because, as we have seen this past year, the federal courts are increasingly becoming involved in this issue."
According to the results of a survey sent to troops this summer and cited in the report, 69 percent of respondents said they had served with someone in their unit who they believed to be gay or lesbian. Of those who did, 92 percent stated that their unit's ability to work together was very good, good, or neither good nor poor, according to the report.

Combat units reported similar responses, with 89 percent of Army combat units and 84 percent of Marine combat units saying they had good or neutral experiences working with gays and lesbians.
At the same time, the survey found that 30 percent of those surveyed overall -- and between 40 and 60 percent of the Marine Corps -- either expressed concern or predicted a negative reaction if Congress were to repeal the law. 

Those concerns are "driven by misperceptions and stereotypes about what it would mean if gay service members were allowed to be 'open' about their sexual orientation," the report's authors concluded. "Repeatedly, we heard service members express the view that 'open' homosexuality would lead to widespread and overt displays of effeminacy among men, homosexual promiscuity, harassment and unwelcome advances within units, invasions of personal privacy, and a small overall erosion of standards of conduct, unit cohesion and morality."

Such concerns are "exaggerated, and not consistent with the reported experiences of many service members," the report said.

About 115,000 of the 400,000 active duty and reserve troops who received copies of the survey responded to it, according to the report. The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 1 percentage point.
The Washington Post first reported earlier this month on many of the report's details.
With Tuesday's findings in hand, advocates for ending the ban are planning intense lobbying efforts to ensure Congress passes a defense policy bill that includes language ending the ban before the lame-duck session concludes. The bill's fate remains uncertain despite assurances by Senate Democrats that they will reconsider the measure this month.

Passage rests largely on securing support from about 10 moderate senators of both parties who are waiting to read the report before deciding how to vote. Already Sens. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) and Susan CollinsOlympia SnoweJohn Ensign (R-Nev.), James Webb (D-Va.) and others could also join repeal efforts after reading the report, according to Congressional aides and other officials familiar with deliberations on the matter. (R-Maine) have said they will vote to end the ban if Democrats permit a fair debate. Sens. (R-Maine),

That's a lot! For another perspective, go here

READ the DADT Survey Results

DADT Survey Findings                                                                

Thanks to JMG for uploading the results

WATCH Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga wants to Arrest Gays and Lesbians

I wish there was a real life Ororo, she would not let this happen. This is a mess!

The DADT Survey Results will be discussed with Congress Today

The DADT survey results will be the topic of discussion in Congress today. Adm Mullen and Robert Gates will bring the findings to Capitol Hill, hoping to move the repeal of DADT forward.

Here's more:
Officials familiar with the 10-month study's results have said a clear majority of respondents don't care if gays serve openly, with 70 percent predicting that lifting the ban would have positive, mixed or no results. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the findings hadn't been released.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen, who have both said they support repealing the law, were scheduled to discuss the findings with Congress Tuesday morning and with reporters Tuesday afternoon.

Republicans, led by Sen. John McCain of Arizona, have mostly opposed repealing the law because they say efforts to do so are politically driven and dangerous at a time of two wars.
"This was a political promise made by an inexperienced president or candidate for presidency of the United States," McCain told CNN's "State of the Union" last weekend.

"The military is at its highest point in recruitment and retention and professionalism and capability, so to somehow allege that this policy has been damaging the military is simply false," McCain said.
Democrats and gay rights groups counter that the study finally proves what they've known anecdotally for years: Most troops would accept an openly gay person in their units.

"It's what we expected. The atmosphere in the active-duty has changed," said a gay Air Force officer and co-founder of the advocacy group OutServe. The officer uses the pseudonym "JD Smith" to protect his identity.

The survey is based on responses by some 115,000 troops and 44,200 military spouses to more than a half million questionnaires distributed last summer. The study group, led by Pentagon General Counsel Jeh Johnson and Army Gen. Carter Ham, also visited various military bases and held town hall-style meetings with service members.

I will have more as the day unfolds

Torchwood Creator to Fans: No Ianto

Sorry Ianto fans. He won't be coming back to Torchwood.

Here's the scoop
Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has confirmed that he has no plans to resurrect Torchwood

The character, played by Gareth David-Lloyd, was killed off in the fourth episode of TorchwoodChildren of Earth.

Moffat wrote on Twitter: "Ianto fans only: Russell [T. Davies]'s character, and I thought his death scene was brilliant. Not reversing it. Stop asking. [sic]"

In response to a further fan question, the writer added: "Torchwood is Russell's - nothing to do with me."
character Ianto Jones. mini-series,

I thought his death was great. Keep him dead.

Interesting Quote: Johnny Depp

“I think it was Michael Eisner, the head of Disney at the time, who was quoted as saying, ‘He’s ruining the movie.’ Upper-echelon Disney-ites, going, What’s wrong with him? Is he, you know, like some kind of weird simpleton? Is he drunk? By the way, is he gay?… And so I actually told this woman who was the Disney-ite… ‘But didn’t you know that all my characters are gay?’ Which really made her nervous.” 

Johnny talking about how Disney didn't like his take of Captain Jack


Trailer: Wonder Woman XXX

This is the Trailer

And this is my reaction

Cases against Bishop Eddie Long are moving Forward

This may not be a quick as many had hope. They are moving forward with the case against Eddie Long Stroke.
The lawyer representing four young men, who filed lawsuits against Bishop Eddie Long, told Channel 2 Action News the lawsuits are moving forward, and she will soon begin taking depositions.

BJ Bernstein appeared in DeKalb County court Monday morning with one of the plaintiffs, Anthony Flagg, on an unrelated traffic case.Flagg, Jamal Parris, Maurice Robinson and Spencer LeGrande filed civil suits against Long, accusing him of using his spiritual authority to coerce the young men into sexual relationships.

Long denied the claims in court documents, but admitted serving as a mentor to the men.Bernstein would not let Flagg talk to Channel 2’s Tom Regan, and only spoke briefly about the Long case."We were in court last week. Discovery is happening right now. We're setting up deposition dates, so the litigation is proceeding,” said Bernstein.“We’re talking about getting forward and going through the case and planning for deadlines the judge set,” added Bernstein.Bernstein would not comment on any other pending lawsuits, or additional victims, according to Regan.
Well, this should be good.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Krystian Legierski becomes the 1st openly gay elected official in the Warsaw City Council

This is great news! Krystian Legierski made history by becoming the 1st openly gay elected official in Warsaw City Council.

Bay Windows has more:
Gay activist and club owner Krystian Legierski was elected to the Warsaw City Council from the city’s Mokotow district in the Nov. 21 election.

Although he is a member of the Green Party, Legierski was a candidate on the Social Democrats’ party list.

As in many countries, parties rank their candidates on a list and then the number of the candidates who win office is a matter of the percentage of votes the party receives overall.

Legierski also is black, "a very rare feature in Polish homogeneous society," said veteran gay activist Slawek Starosta.

In an interview, Legierski said: "In Poland there are so few blacks that nobody has ever done research on how many there are. It would not pay to do it. But without a black-emancipation movement, and without a strong organization of sexual minorities, after just 20 years of democracy, we have achieved what elsewhere sometimes took generations. Poland showed its tolerant and nondiscriminatory face."

Good luck to him and his endeavors

WATCH Tony Perkins and Mark Potok argue about the SPLC Hate Group List on Hardball

This is pretty good. Both leaders of the Family Research Council and Southern Poverty Law Center go at it about the updated Hate Group list

Robert Gibbs said Obama will meet with the Joint Chiefs Today about DADT

via JMG

Newsflash: Republicans are not Fans of ending DADT, especially the Tea Party

This isn't a surprise, but maybe it is to the silly gays who voted GOP this election. The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press and the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life found out how the Repubs really feel about repealing DADT.

According the poll, Republicans are divided on whether to allow open service by gays and lesbians -- 40% of Republicans favor it and 44% oppose. Perhaps as important, key groups likely to have an influence on Republican policies are even more opposed to allowing open service. The Pew report notes that among those who said they "agree with the Tea Party" only 38% favor and 48% oppose allowing open servece. Similarly, only 34% of white evangelical Protestants favor and 48% oppose allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly. Lack of Republican support could prevent the Obama administration from ending the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, especially if Congress doesn't vote on ending the policy before the end of this year's lame-duck session.

Hopefully, in the next 2 weeks of hearings for DADT and Prop 8; many gay folks will see how the GOP were never on our side. If Sen. McCain's rants and Sen. Graham's stance on DADT isn't enough, then the Tea Party folks should seal the deal.

This is very telling about the GOP and to those gays who voted for the Repubs, I hope you realized what you did.


New Trailer: Beastly

This movie has been held back for over a year. Hopefully, they have fixed the script or whatever. Anywho... here's the trailer

Question of the Day: Sex Edition

I was watching the Real Housewives of ATL and they were talking about a Freak Number.

What's that you ask?

It's a scale from 1 to 10 of your freaky side; 10 being the highest.  And I know all of you have one, I read your blogs.

So my question is... What is your Freak Number? What will you do under your Egyptian Cotton sheets, with the man or woman you love... Or just met.

Mine is 8, 9 with the right guy. What's yours?

Ninth Circuit has Announced the Panel for the Prop 8 Appeal

Next week kicks off the hearing of Judge Vaughn Walker’s Prop 8 ruling.

The panel, which includes Stephen Reinhardt (appointed by Carter) and  Michael D. Hawkins (appointed by Clinton), will hear the case on Monday the 6th.

See here:
Ninth Circuit Panel for Prop 8 Appeal                                                                                                                                   


A Lesbian Couple in Botswana risk everything to live Out and Proud

History was made in Botswana, a lesbian couple comes out to live their lives openly. However,  they face imprisonment, because homosexuality is illegal there.

Onkemetse Pule, 26, and Lawrence Kwataka, 24, met through the dating pages of their local newspaper, The Voice, ten months ago, and they have since informed family members of their relationship. 

Homosexuality is currently illegal in Botswana, but they felt the time was right for them to show the way for other gay and lesbian couples even though those found having been engaged in gay acts can face imprisonment.

Pule told The Voice: “We have nothing to hide. People should know that lesbian relationships exist.  It’s only that we are not being given a chance to express it in the same way as those in a heterosexual relationship. We want the same rights and freedom of expression. If we kiss and hug, hold hands in public, we don’t want to face the prospect of arrest for what society regards as a crime.

I wish these ladies best of luck and I hope they are safe.

WATCH Sen. Lindsey Graham: DADT is not going anywhere

Please watch Sen. Graham talk about DADT is staying through this session and how there should be another study.

Jump to the 12:03 mark on that subject

Where did the rumors about Batman & Robin being Gay Lovers start?

I just saw a feature about the book, The Seduction of the Innocent. This book basically painted some our beloved superheroes as all types of things.

Like Superman being a fascist, Wonder Woman being a virgin and a lesbian, and how Batman and Robin played hide the salami every night.

I looked at several pages and it's an interesting read. In fact, the pieces about Batman and Robin being lovers.

GFest highlights some of these 'findings'

  • "Bruce Wayne was rich. Several of Wertham’s patients said they wanted to live with Bruce and be rich too. "It is like a wish dream of two homosexuals living together" (p. 190). Here Wertham proposed that Bruce’s money was an aphrodisiac."
  • "Alfred served lavish meals and kept Wayne Manor filled with freshly cut flowers. This is called stereotyping. So we will address this point immediately and say that a person’s attitude toward flowers or breakfast is not a gender-based or gender-defining characteristic."
  • "Batman and Robin spent a lot of time caged, trapped or tied up while the other tried to save him. "Like the girls in other stories, Robin is sometimes held captive …. They constantly rescue each other from violent attacks by an unending number of enemies. The feeling is conveyed that we men must stick together because there are so many villainous creatures who have to be exterminated. They lurk not only under every bed but also behind every star in the sky" (p. 190-1). Wertham argued that danger could be stimulating, and that in the wrong circumstances that stimulation could take a sexual turn. He called such stories "erotic rescue fantasies." They were intended, he said, to make Robin more devoted to Batman than to anyone else on earth."
  • "Bruce and Dick must be homosexual because there were no women in their home. The underlying assumption was that these were sexually active characters and that, lacking appropriate outlets for their passionate urges (i.e. wives) they were compelled to sate those urges with each other. In response let the record show that Robin had been born a boy because the creators didn’t want their moral crusader living alone with an adolescent girl. They were trying to avoid even the appearance of wrongdoing. They had not anticipated this alternate interpretation."

Interesting... weird, a little sexy thinking about Bats saving Robin, training him, telling him about wet dreams... Okay, I'll stop there.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Question of the Day: Walking Dead Edition

EW says that The Walking Dead is the BEST new show. I actually agree.

So, what do you think?

Lord, John McCain thinks DADT is Working

Please watch this fool

Memphis City Council failed to Pass an ordinance to ban discrimination against Gays

After the 2nd attempt, Memphis City Council failed to pass an ordinance to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation by the city against employees.

Here's more:

The ordinance failed to gain the seven votes needed for approval on the Memphis City Council's consent agenda. 

If the minutes from Tuesday's vote are approved at the next council meeting, council rules prohibit the ordinance -- or one that is substantially similar -- from being heard for six months. 

Even though the ordinance failed, a study of discrimination in city government, including sexual orientation, will continue. 

"It's not dead," said Councilman Shea Flinn, who sponsored the ordinance and resolution. "We're still conducting the study and after six months, it will be back up for grabs." 

Flinn, Janis Fullilove, Edmund Ford Jr., Jim Strickland, Wanda Halbert and Myron Lowery voted to approve the ordinance on second reading. 

Council members Bill Boyd, Reid Hedgepeth and and Kemp Conrad voted against approval. Council members Joe Brown, Harold Collins and Bill Morrison did not vote. Councilwoman Barbara Swearengen Ware has been suspended from her seat after her felony indictment on a charge of official misconduct. 

Carolyn Witcover, who attended the council meeting in support of the ordinance, said the failure to approve the ordinance will harm the city's image, sending a message of "intolerance" to the world.
"It's their attempt to keep Memphis the old backwater it is," Witcover said. 

The ordinance has sparked heated debate since being introduced at City Hall. 

Some religious leaders have said they're in favor of the issue. Others, such as the Family Action Council of Tennessee, a faith-based organization that promotes the "traditional family," have opposed it. 
This is silly of Memphis, it needs to move forward and catch up with other major cities. The good news is, it will be back on the table in 6 months


Doctor Who turns 47

Last week, BBC America celebrated the 47th birthday of Doctor Who.  They have many things to share on the history of the Doctor, like actors who almost got the part, the Doctors before they were cast.

And, the first pitch of the series
For more of this great history, please go here

My Review: Burlesque

So... I went against my better judgment and saw Burlesque. I thought, I needed to see how bad this Showgirls mash-up would be.

Well, I say this... It wasn't superbad, but it wasn't supergood. To be real, it's a little cute, but truly forgettable. Here's my review Pro and Con style.

  • Cher was Cher. She looked good.
  • Christina can sang. The songs in this movie are better than the ones in her latest CD.
  • Some of the songs were pretty good. I think I liked about 3 songs.
  • Costumes were on point.
  • The story has been overdone. This was Flashdance, Mahogany, Showgirls and All about Eve. Funny thing, this was written by a gay man, so he used every gayisms on Earth. That's the worst form of writing by the way (USC Cinema School taught me that).
  • It didn't feel like a Burlesque show, it felt like I was watching the Behind the Music of the Pussycat Dolls. In fact, it was the story of the Pussycat Dolls.
  • One of the girls found out she was pregnant in the 1st 30 minutes of the movie. Months passed in the film, however she was still dancing and still looking thin.
  • The script was off in some places and needed a few explanations.
  • This was marketed to us (the Gays), but only had 2 gay characters in it. Their scene? A one night stand. 
  • REAL TALK Moment: I don't like when movies that are marketed to us, are only selling the gay stereotypes versus real gay content. It's like when they market the Friday sequels or movies like Soul Plane to Black people... It's only selling the Black stereotype and not real Black social content.
  • Stanley Tucci basically plays the same character from The Devil Wears Prada, the gay assistant to the Diva. In fact, this could have his early days before he left Cher and moved to New York to work for Miranda Priestly.
  • The romance between Christina and Cam felt rushed, not organic.
  • Very predicable and very boring half way into the movie.
  • It's campy, but not a good campy like Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. It's bad campy, like Glitter and Honey.
I wish it could have been at Dreamgirls level, but it wasn't even close. Actually, I can't believe this movie was made. It cost over 55 million to put together. And this was Screen Gems' biggest budget ever. So why did they take a risk?

Well, here's the scoop from Deadline
Why anybody bothered to make Burlesque or give it such a wide release might be a mystery. Until it's revealed that Screen Gems chief Clint Culpepper greenlighted his boyfriend's $55+ million passion project. (Their on-set strife over budget, schedule, and creative decisions resulted in the most expensive film in Screen Gems history, and word is they're now broken up after 20 years. Awkward).
Yes very awkward and possibly poor choice making. Now if my partner was chief of a studio and my script or idea was garbage, I hope he would be real with me and say "No, dear."

Perhaps, Clint should have done the same thing. Maybe their relationship and credibility could have been saved.

So, wait for it to come out on DVD.

Bill Cosby sending a message to Black families about Education

Earlier this week, Bill was out in the streets on New Haven, CT, hoping to raise awareness on education and helping the neighbor children succeed.

New Pics: Hugh Jackman get pumped for Wolverine 2

Here are pics of Hugh getting shape for Wolvie 2


Hot Rumor! 2 more Possibles for the Superman role?

New Superman rumors, gang.

2 new hotties are added to the supposed shortlist for Superman.

The first one is Anderson Davis - actor, model and performer. He was the voice of Supes in the DC animated 'All-Star Superman'.

The other is Scott Adkins - actor, stuntman and martial artist. He was Ryan Reynolds' stunt double in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Both are hot, but can they be the Man of Steel?


Saturday, November 27, 2010

'Ugly Betty' Actor killed his mother because he believed she had a Demon in her

This is very creepy and really sad. Actor Michael Brea murdered his mother due to the belief that something evil lived in her.
An unhinged actor Thursday calmly described hacking his beloved mother to death with a sword because he believed a demon had taken hold of her soul.

"I didn't kill her. I killed the demon inside her," Michael Brea said in a chilling hourlong interview with the Daily News in the prison ward at Bellevue Hospital.

When told his mother, Yannick Brea, 55, had died in the grisly assault early Tuesday, Michael was unrepentant.

"So be it. It was the work of God," he said.
He said that hear voices, telling him that he had to kill the demon. 
Later he stood above his mother, asking her if she believed in God, then he started hacking at her.
"I just kept cutting her. No one could stop me. I was doing the work of God," he said.
He is  being evaluated at Bellevue Hospital.

DADT Survey: The Marines are resistance to the repeal of DADT

The DADT survey reveals that it's the Marines who are not really feeling the repeal of the discriminatory law.
The Senate is supposed to consider repeal during its lame duck session in December, with many legislators favoring changing the law to allow gays to serve openly. A few staunchly oppose it, however, and both sides are expected to cite the survey in arguing whether to move forward with repeal.
The Corps is the youngest, smallest and arguably the most tight-knit of the enlisted forces, with many of its roughly 200,000 members hailing from small towns and rural areas in the South.

Marines are unabashed about distinguishing themselves from the rest of the military, with a warrior ethos and a religious zeal for their branch of service that they liken to a brotherhood.

"We've never changed our motto. We've never changed our pitch to new recruits. We have hardly changed our formal uniforms in 235 years," said Marine Reserve Lt. Col. Paul Hackett, 48, who has been in the Corps for 25 years. "We are a religion unto ourselves, and we pride ourselves in that."
Many Marines say they aren't bothered by the notion of serving with openly gay men and women. Gary Solis, a Marine combat veteran who teaches the laws of war at Georgetown University Law Center, says others have the misconception that openly gay Marines will not be as aggressive or "gung-ho" as their comrades in arms.
Okay, so hopefully their leaders will train them to protect and honor their gay & lesbian teammates. They will have to get over it and realize this is bigger than their egos and beliefs.


This is Why I don't participate in Black Friday

That, and Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton don't do Black Fridays.

The Interesting Burlesque Connection

You may not know this, but the director of Burlesque is in the pic above. He is Steve Antin and in the 80s, he played the bad boy in many movies like: The Last American Virgin, The Goonies and The Accused.

Here's a refresher

In this pic, he's with his lover at the time, David Geffen and Cher. Who knew, years later he would use every bit gayness, including Cher in Burlesque.

New Teaser Trailer: AGM Heartland?

This is from Neill Blomkamp, the filmmaker of the classic District 9

Is this a new project?

Bishop Kevin J. Boyd Sr. accused of forcing sex with a young man

Well, here we go again. Bishop Boyd has been accused of forcing sexual favors from a young man in his church.
The claims in the lawsuit in Hinds County Circuit are similar to allegations leveled against Atlanta mega-church pastor Bishop Eddie Long by four young men.

The local lawsuit was filed against Kevin Joseph Boyd Sr., senior pastor of The Apostolic Church, 1735 Shady Lane Drive, late last month. Boyd also operates a church in New Orleans.
"Defendant Boyd has a pattern and practice of singling out a select group of young male church members and using his authority as bishop over them to ultimately bring them to a point of engaging in a sexual relationship," according to the lawsuit.

Boyd hasn't responded to calls left at the Jackson church and at his New Orleans home for comments about the lawsuit.

Boyd and wife Karla are listed in court papers as having been served with the lawsuit, which represents one side of a legal argument, on Nov. 8. They have 30 days to respond. No attorney is listed yet for Boyd in court documents.
The man involved, claimed to had sex at church and later in hotels. The Boyds have not responded yet. so, there's more to come.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Tina Turner!

Happy Birthday to the Grand Diva Ms. Tina

To celebrate, here a few of my favorite Tina videos

Simply the Best

I Don't Want to Fight

Acid Queen

We Don't Need another Hero

Let's Stay Together

Private Dancer

Brainwashed Kids tells Us to: Respect and Obey

You know, with a little word change and a trip to The Eagle, The Yard Party, MAL and The Faultline... This song could take on a whole new meaning
Respect and Obey... Yes, sir.

Family Research Council Tony Perkins can't get over being in a Hate Group

Aww poor Tony, his feelings are hurt, because his little group is labeled as a Hate Group. In fact, he's so upset, he had to put out a press release, demanding an apology:
Washington, D.C. - Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement in response to slanderous attacks made by the Southern Poverty Law Center:

"Family Research Council has, for nearly 30 years, advanced faith, family, and freedom in public discourse. We do so with civility and compassion. We hold to the indisputable fact that the family - a Dad, a Mom, and children - is the best building block of a good society, which is why we oppose efforts to transform it based on personal sexual preference. 

"The Southern Poverty Law Center is a massively funded liberal organization that operates under a veneer of public justice when, in fact, they seem more interested in fundraising ploys than fighting wrongdoing.    

"This is a deliberately timed smear campaign by the SPLC.  The Left is losing the debate over ideas and the direction of public policy so all that is left for them is character assassination.  It's a sad day in America when we can not, with integrity, have a legitimate discussion over policy issues that are being considered by Congress, legislatures, and the courts without resorting to juvenile tactics of name calling. 

"The Left's smear campaigns of conservatives is also being driven by the clear evidence that the American public is losing patience with their radical policy agenda as seen in the recent election and in the fact that every state, currently more than thirty, that has had the opportunity to defend the natural definition of marriage has done so.  Earlier this month, voters in Iowa sent a powerful message when they removed three Supreme Court justices who imposed same-sex marriage on the state.  Would the SPLC also smear the good people of Iowa?

"Family Research Council will continue to champion marriage and family as the foundation of our society and will not acquiesce to those seeking to silence the Judeo-Christian views held by millions of Americans.  We call on the Southern Poverty Law Center to apologize for this slanderous attack and attempted character assassination."

Oh, Tony. The only messages Iowa sent was: Look at the outside money coming in to oust the judges. Look at how you manipulated tons of people, using lies and half truths.

And don't bring in the election, sweetie. The economy and taxes were strong pieces of the GOP's victories, not social norms and morals. So don't talk that jive to me.

Accept what you are, a Social and Cultural Terrorist, Tony.

WATCH the Beginning of Kayne West's Fall from Sanity

What in the Hell is this?

Interesting Quote: Brian Brown

"This is about protecting marriage. This isn't about being anti-anyone. The whole idea that somehow those folks who stand up for traditional marriage, like the Family Research Council, are hateful is wrong. [The law center is] trying to marginalize and intimidate folks for standing up for marriage and also trying to equate them somehow to the KKK." 
Oh Brian's upset because NOM is now noted as a Hate Group. Lick it up, Brian! The truth hurts.


Back Flash Video Thursday on Friday

Since yesterday was Thanksgiving (and I kinda forgot), I'm showing the video today.

So here is Cameo with Candy

Question of the Day

Did you see Burlesque?

What did you think?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Question of the Day

What are you thankful for?

A Suicidal Veteran wanted to kill Obama

Michael Stephen Bowden was arrested for threatening to kill the president.

Here's the story:

Secret Service agents arrested a 77-year-old South Carolina man after he told a VA nurse that he wanted to shoot the president, according to an affidavit.

U.S. Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan confirmed Wednesday that Michael Stephen Bowden of Woodruff, SC, was arrested Nov. 18 for the threats against Barack Obama.

According to the affidavit, a nurse at the Veterans Administration clinic in Spartanburg, SC, told authorities that Bowden "had made threatening statements" directed at Obama during a routine check-up. During the exam, the nurse reported she asked him if he had had any suicidal thoughts, and he responded, "Yes, I would like to shoot the President, then myself."
Now some folks wanted to write this off as a old man just talking, but when they went to his home; things were a bit scary:
During a search of his home, agents found three semi-automatic handguns and a semi-automatic rifle near Bowden's bed, all of which were fully loaded and ready to fire. In another bedroom, agents found nine rifles, two shotguns and a handgun, as well as a loaded shotgun near the front door.
Wow... He will go under psychological evaluation and he can't leave South Carolina. I feel bad for his family, especially since it's the holidays.


My Favorite Macy's Thanksgiving Floats from My Childhood

I used to be mesmerized by the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade as a kid. It was the best part of T-day for me, besides eating.

So come with me as I share some of my favorite Macy's floats from years ago:

He-Man and She-Ra

Marvel Comics - look at the White Queen

The Cabbage Patch Kids

Fraggle Rock

Happy T-Day

Although the history of this day is majorly screwed up, the reason for season is real.

Have a happy holiday, y'all.

The Original Buffy wants 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' on the screen... And she wants to act in it

The star of horrid, original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, Kristy Swanson thinks it's a great idea for Buffy to on the screen, especially if she's asked to be in it.

She said:
“If they wanted me to be a part of it, I think that would be fantastic and that it would be a blast.”

Well, here's the thing Kristy... We die hard Buffsters, wait I'll clarify, SOME of us don't like to acknowledge the original movie. In fact, we like to forget it, tabula rasa style.


So, Kristy... Thanks, but no thanks.


WATCH The Republican Jerry Springer-ish Feud

This is a mess! You got GOProud, Concerned Whores of America and one of the many Tea Party Cults trying to prove who's relevant... Just Watch

Again mess

First Pic: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Glee goes All Boys pt. 2

WATCH the possible lovers sing Hey Soul Sister... I hate this song BTW

Kamala Harris IS California's Attorney General

After a brutal election battle, Kamala Harris is the Attorney General of Cali-Cal.

Why is this important? Well, this Diva will NOT defend the overturn of Prop 8 (which is coming up soon) and she's a supporter of the fam.

For more on the story, go here

VOGUEING against Anti-Gay teachings of the Black Israelites

 Some twisted Black religious mess known as, ISUPK Black Israelites was talking about gay people, whores and how men needs to be men... Anywho, most of their speech was anti-gay.

But the Gay fam, let them have it, through vogueing.


Thanks to JMG

WATCH Roland Burris' Farewell Speech... Calls for more Diversity and the Repeal for DADT

thanks to Rod 2.0

Is Matthew Goode the next Superman?

Rumors are spinning like Diana Prince when she changes into WW about this. Matthew Goode has been linked to the role of Supes.

Digital Spy reports:

Matthew Goode is rumored to be the frontrunner for the lead role in Zack Snyder's Superman reboot.

According to Movie Newz, the Cemetery Junction star is the favorite to portray the Man of Steel in the DC Comics adaptation.

Goode and Snyder have previously worked together on Watchmen, in which the actor played Adrian Veidt and his alter ego Ozymandias.
Not a bad choice, but what do you think?

WATCH Pixar's Awesome "It Gets Better" Video

The Rev. John M. Fiala is Evil... Here's Why

The Rev. John M. Fiala was charged with sexually abusing a young boy in Texas. Once he was out on bond, he tried to have the boy killed...

According to the teen, John would raped him at gunpoint and told him that if he said anything, John would kill him and himself... So they can be in Heaven together.

The boy was happy to hear that John was arrested, however he dropped out of school because of the threats and fear of John coming to get him.

I hope this man rots in jail.

CNN has more on this horrible case

Question of the Day

Are you going to see Burlesque?

Me? No... It looks like Showgirl 2 with Naomi's cousin.

The Simpsons takes a jab at Fox News

Interesting Quotes: Justice Antonin Scalia

“The due process clause has been distorted so it’s no longer a guarantee of process but a guarantee of liberty. But some of the liberties the Supreme Court has found to be protected by that word - liberty - nobody thought constituted a liberty when the 14th Amendment was adopted. Homosexual sodomy? It was criminal in all the states. Abortion? It was criminal in all the states.”

“The way to change the Constitution is through amendments approved by the people, not by judges altering the meaning of its words."

Basically he doesn't in the idea of a “living constitution”.


WATCH Republican Gay Presidential Candidate, Fred Karger, puts out an Ad

Umm, good luck with that.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

READ John McCain's Letter, urging Robert Gates to Modify the DADT Study

In September, John McCain sent Robert Gates a letter, trying change the format of the DADT study
Well Gates responded saying:
I instructed the working group to obtain the input of Servicemembers so that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and I, as well as the Service Chiefs, can more fully understand how a change in the DADT policy may impact unit cohesion, military readiness and effectiveness, recruiting and retention and family readiness. [...] 
The Chairman and I fully support the approach and the efforts of the working group, as do the Service Chiefs. We are confident that the working group’s report will provide us with the information we need to appropriately advise the President, and, if requested to do so, to provide our fully informed views to Congress as it considers legislative action.

Good for Gates for holding it down, but John still wasn't hearing it. However, I find this very interesting how far McCain is willing to go on this. He was against DADT before, what made him change?


Interesting Quote: Meghan McCain

“I’m going home for Thanksgiving tomorrow. When we sit around Thanksgiving dinner, I’m not going to be talking about ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’


New Promo: The Doctor Who Christmas Special 2010

Get Excited

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