Thursday, June 30, 2011

BackFlash Video Thursday

I love this song. I kissed a boy while this song played at a sleepover. Here's Donald Fagen with 'New Frontier'

Question of the Day: Gay Marriage Edition

Evolve Already... This is a hashtag used to tell President Obama to evolve on Gay Marriage.

I would like to know your views on this. Should Obama Evolve Already, Evolve When Ready? What's your take?

Me, I think this is a political process. I feel in my heart he's fine with Gay Marriage, but he's playing the field until the numbers for support increase. But that's me, how about you?

WATCH: Police Investigates a Racial Incident at a Santa Monica High School


Some LGBT Coward Group Vandalized a D.C. HRC Store

A new group called “The Right Honorable Wicked Stepmothers’ Traveling, Drinking, and Debating Society and Men’s Auxiliary” (This reminds me of a Fiona Apple CD title) vandalized the Human Rights Campaign store in D.C.

Why? Well, they are mad at the HRC and to pay some type of respect to the Stonewall Riots.
Here's there press release:

(In the wee hours of June 29, 2011)

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) gift shop in Dupont Circle in Washington, DC is a god awful monstrosity. We were in there yesterday and between wiping our genitals on the clothing and discovering that the snow globes wouldn't properly fit up our bums, we got to thinking:

"This place would look great with a bit of shattered glass and splattered paint."

So we strapped on our riot chaps, poured pink paint into light bulbs, grabbed hammers, and went party party party! all over that tacky testament to the transformation of radical queer liberation into consumer junk.

We've got good reason. This week marks the 42nd anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

On the night of June 28, 1969, New York City's Public Morals Squad did a routine raid of an East Village gay bar called the Stonewall Inn. Everything was going fine until, in the midst of the standard genital check that police forced on draq queens, a lesbian beaned a cop straight in the head with a ripped-up parking meter. And so queer liberation was born.

The modern LGBT movement owes its success to three days of smashing, burning, punching, and kicking--all of it happily indiscriminate--and the confrontational tactics of groups like ACT-UP that followed in the decades since. Yet, somehow we've forgotten our riotous roots.

Gay Pride, for example, wasn't always a suburban county fair with less fanny packs and lined with banks and politicians. The first Pride was the 1970 Christopher Street Liberation Day march, a celebration of the riots the year before (and to this day, Pride festivals the world over are celebrated in June).

But we've been snorting ritalin and drinking whiskey all night and this manifesto tomfoolery is wearing us down so let's bring it home, shall we?

Why, you're asking, did we specifically target the HRC, a massive national gay rights non-profit as opposed to vomiting urine on Rick Santorum or something equally fun?

Put simply, they suck. What do they suck? Cash. Lots of it.

The HRC rakes in something approaching 50 million dollars a year in revenue--their executive director, Joe Salmonellamayonaisemanese pulls in a salary of several hundred grand. What have we gotten out of this bloated carcass? Not a thing worth mentioning and every now and then, they eagerly sell trans people up the river. Seriously, this is an organization that hordes money and does nothing useful. It's a sad, sick dinosaur.

Meanwhile, in Washington, DC violence against the LGBT community is on the rise; DC's only LGBT center is forced to go hat in hand to real estate developers and beg for space, only to face eviction a few years down the road; We lack a homeless shelter for queer youth and services for our community are the victims of budget cuts. Can you think of something better to do with a few million dollars?

(Did you know that 50 million dollars can buy about 300 thousand pounds of glitter?)

Everyone: We know you mean well, but stop giving these idiots your money. Stop putting that equal sticker on your car. Stop going to their lame galas. And for the love of Judy Garland's Ghost and Robert Mapplethorpe's Zombie Bones, stop saying "It Gets Better" and hoping for a miracle from up on high. We don't expect you to riot (although we swear you'll love it once you get going!) but it's time for us to quit with the passivity, move to action, build community and care for each other instead of hoping the Gay Non-Profit Industrial Complex will ever get anything done.


This is childish! They are acting like jealous, ugly school girls. I understand their frustration, but to stoop to these levels are ridic. Personally, they are cowards.

If you want to be taken seriously, step in the HRC face; don't hide, stand firm and upfront. Folks ain't got time for this high school mess.


Interesting Quote: Marcus Bachmann

We have to understand: barbarians need to be educated. They need to be disciplined. Just because someone feels it or thinks it doesn’t mean that we are supposed to go down that road. That’s what is called the sinful nature. We have a responsibility as parents and as authority figures not to encourage such thoughts and feelings from moving into the action steps…
And let’s face it: what is our culture, what is our public education system doing today? They are giving full, wide-open doors to children, not only giving encouragement to think it but to encourage action steps. That’s why when we understand what truly is the percentage of homosexuals in this country, it is small. But by these open doors, I can see and we are experiencing, that it is starting to increase.
Michele Bachmann's husband is talking about us (gays) being barbarians... So poof, I'm Thundarr!

VIDEO: President Obama at LGBT Pride Reception

President Obama held his annual LGBT Pride Reception, inviting leaders, students and couples to the event.

Please watch his speech

WATCH: True Blood's Marshall Allman REALLY get into his acting

Marshall plays Tommy 'Big Booty' Mickens in True Blood. In this Funny or Die clip, we get to see a lot more Marshall.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WATCH: Male Cheerleader Serves it on the Floor

No Charges for the Wrongful Death of DeFarra Gaymon

Way back in August, I blogged about DeFarra Gaymon's wrongful death. He was shot by Officer Edward Esposito in Newark's Branch Brook Park during an undercover investigation of a sex ring. Officer Esposito claimed DeFarra attacked and threaten to kill him. The officer responded by shooting Defarra. 

Well, they just had a hearing and the NJ Grand jury did not charge Officer Esposito with anything.

Here's more:
“We made an effort to find out if there was anyone who saw the events in the park,” said Katherine Carter, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office. “No witnesses ever came forward to say they saw all, or a portion, of the encounter.” 

Ms. Carter declined to comment on what evidence was presented to the grand jury, which decided on Friday not to indict the officer. The acting Essex County prosecutor, Carolyn A. Murray, told the Gaymon family late Monday, Ms. Carter said. 

The family is suing Officer Esposito and the sheriff’s office in State Superior Court in Essex County. Christopher W. Kinum, a lawyer for the Gaymons, said, “We don’t feel like we got a legitimate investigation out of the prosecutor’s office.” 

Charles J. Sciarra, a lawyer for the officer, said his client had testified voluntarily before the grand jury. “There was never a doubt that the use of force was an absolute last resort and justified in all aspects,” Mr. Sciarra said.
There are a lot of unanswered questions about this incident. I can't help but to think there's more going on. This story is not over.

WATCH: President Obama on Marriage Equality (Where is he on that?)

On New York's victory

On his own evolution

I know he's politically playing this, but hopefully he will be timely on this issue.

Read NOM's Broke Ass Plan to Save Marriage

Oh NOM, they just can't move on. A few days ago, I talked about their 'attack' on New York. Now, here is their 3 step plan:
We're putting together a 4-year campaign strategy that will reverse same-sex marriage in New York. We'll have many more details, and ways for you to get involved, in the days ahead but the overall plan will have three phases:
Elect pro-marriage majorities next November that will approve a marriage amendment in both the Assembly and Senate during the 2013 legislative session.

Protect pro-marriage candidates in the 2014 elections, so that the amendment can receive final legislative approval in the 2015 legislative session.

Successfully pass the ballot measure when it goes before voters in November 2015.
I guess they never watched 'Alias' or took a Strategy Planning course. All super villain knows you never post your plans in public, especially broke ass plans.

The marriage amendment is a bust. Who would really risk their political career over that? Then if the vote went to the people, well that's a bust. Over half of the NY peeps support gay marriage.

So just deal with it, you lost!

Interesting Quote: Anna Paquin

"There is probably something wrong with me, but I find it amusing to watch these men and women fawn all over him. It's not like anyone is really trying to do anything inappropriate. They just want him to hug them... or bite them."

She talking about the straight and gay fans of her boo, Stephen Moyer.

New Teaser Trailer: Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol

12 Things Black LGBT folks need to do NOW!

Okay, it's time for more Black LGBT folks to step up and represent. Now, I'm not saying that it's not happening, but we can do more. So, I have some ideas on what we can do to get on point.
  1. Vote in all elections. Yes, Obama is key; but we need to make sure the right congressperson or Governor is in office.
  2. Come Out!
  3. Mentor someone trying to find their way.
  4. Stand up to religious leaders and hold them accountable for their bigotry and lies.
  5. Be visible.
  6. Not only join LGBT organizations, but get on the board.
  7. Get involved in community organizing.
  8. Write a blog explaining your experiences. There are kids looking for examples, stories, and someone to connect with. 
  9. Become more savvy about current events, not just on Beyonce.
  10. Be proud of who you are.
  11. Learn LGBT history. We should learn where we been, in order to know where to go.
  12. Become more politically aware.

WATCH: Lawrence O'Donnell talks about the DREAM Act

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Character Posters: Fright Night


Party Down Will be a Movie? The Creator says 'Yes'!

One of the best TV shows (that was cancelled) just got another shot at life!'Party Down' the Starz comedy may be coming to the big screen, according to the creator Rob Thomas:

Yes! I'm excited for this! Good luck, Rob! We are rooting for you (and by 'we', I mean my partner and I)

VIDEO: HRC's Joe Solmonese on NOM and NY Marriage Equality

NY Sen. Ruben Diaz thinks he has Made History

Oh Ruben... After he gave his 'Best Actress in a Drama' scene last Friday; he is now playing a new role, History Maker.

But before I get there, Ruben goes on a rant about how Christians lost the gay marriage battle:
We have to organize better. The problem with the Christian movement, with the Christians and pastors, is that they pray too much and act too little," the Bronx state senator told CP.

Diaz has blamed the failure to block gay marriage in New York on switch-vote Republicans for "becoming a tool of the Democratic party" and in part on Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos for allowing the bill to come to a vote.
Don't you love it? You got to blame somebody, right? But here's the part that gets me:
I made history. I'm the only New York State Democrat that voted against the bill. I will wear it as a badge of honor," he said.

"No one will make abandon my faith. No one can make me change my life. I love Jesus. All what I am or what I do, all of what I have is because of His grace."

When asked what he thought about Republican Sen. Mark Grisanti of Buffalo, who went against his Catholic faith and original position to eventually vote "yes" on the gay marriage bill, Diaz said he would back any churches that wanted to "teach him a lesson."
Boy please, this mess right here

You didn't make history, you just made a fool of yourself.

Interesting Quote: Tony Perkins

Despite all of the disappointment, God is on the move. Regardless of how things appear, never doubt that He is at work behind the scenes. Rainbow colors may cut through the New York night, but shadows are where you and I are called to shine. The world takes advantage of the darkness, but only the church can set it ablaze. "Arise... for your light has come... See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and His glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn." (Isaiah 60:1-3)

Basically, he's upset about the gay marriage vote in New York.


Question of the Day: The Sexy Edition

When do you feel sexy?

Me, I feel sexy when a guy is feeling my intellect

WATCH: Thomas Roberts and Rev. Al Sharpton Vs. NOM's Brian Brown

Today is the Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots

Let's take a moment to remember 1969 and the riots at Stonewall. That night changed everything.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Polow Da Don is a Full Fledged Idiot

Some people are better silent than heard, and in Polow Da Dum's case, they are meant to be put in a closet and locked away.

This is what he tweeted this past weekend:

I didn't know that Jusus was a God? Maybe that's from Conan's world. Anywho, frak you Polow Da Dum! And I hope a gay person put spider eggs in your make-up case. 

VIDEO: Michele Bachmann compares herself to a Serial Killer

Oh, Michele! The John Wayne you're talking about is John Wayne Gacy... The serial killer! For proof of this, go here.

So for you tea party people and others: This is John Wayne Gacy

Get it together, Michele!

Is Ken Mehlman the Hidden Hero of the NY Gay Marriage Vote?

So when folks think of Ken Mehlman, they remember the guy who worked for Bush and led the campaign to federally ban gay marriage. Later, he came out and spent the last year trying to redeem himself. He has played some minor roles moving LGBT issues within the GOP. But his biggest role may have went semi unnoticed.

According to this latest piece from The Daily Beast, Ken may be the unsung hero of the NY gay marriage vote:
On May 6, Mehlman traveled to Albany to attend a meeting with the leaders of New York’s GOP-controlled legislature, and make his pitch. “There’ s a strong Republican and conservative case to be made in favor of the right to marry,” Mehlman told the room. “If we are all endowed by a creator with unalienable rights including the pursuit of happiness, how can that not include marrying the person you love?” And like any good campaign strategist, he buttressed his argument with poll data: nearly 60 percent of New Yorkers said in recent polling that they support same-sex marriage. The GOP should not, he hinted, wind up on the wrong side of history.

On June 6, two weeks before the legislative session was officially set to end, Mehlman was back in the state capitol to drive his argument home. He met one-on-one with 13 lawmakers, including the four Republican state senators who eventually voted in favor of the bill. Mehlman took pains not to draw too much attention to his efforts. As his friend, Bill Smith, political director at the Gill Action Fund, a gay-rights organization that orchestrated the conservative lobbying in New York, puts it, “he has been careful not to leave many fingerprints, like people who are looking for credit.” But the four Republican votes ended a deadlocked legislative session and made New York the sixth, largest, and most influential state to adopt same-sex marriage.
Ken is working hard to get in the gays' good graces. I'm kind of curious to see what he does next.

Lady Cray Cray Announces her 2012 Presidential Campaign

VIDEO: Chris Christie: I Wouldn't Sign A Marriage Equality Bill

Frak you, Chris!

A4A, Grindr, Bear 411... Let's Upgrade these Sites

Grindr, Scruff, Adam 4 Adam are just a few of the 50 gazillion sites where gays can meet (hook up).

 But I don't think they get to the heart of the matter. S,o I have some suggestions to upgrade these sites.
  • Guys can't post just cock and butt pics. It has to be full body (with face) pics. Don't hide, if you want to do the 'booty booty' you should be completely upfront about it.
  • Take the out the FRIENDS option. Let's be real, who is actually looking for 'friends' on Scruff? 
  • There should be a minute clip of you in action. Meaning, you should be required to post a minute clip of you giving oral, dancing, having sex and whatnot. I think it would be nice to see what you are getting and if it's worth it.  I think about it, you can see if they have the skills or not. Think about the time and drama you can save.
  • Only up-to-date pics. You can not post pics from 1998 in 2011, claiming that's how you look now.
  • There should be a chart that shows everyone who you've hooked up with. Then, you would know if your ex, friend or uncle have slept with your possible f**k buddy.
  • Location... True Location.
  • Only OUT gays. No closeted or married men allowed.
Maybe they already do these things.  I just saw some of these sites for the first time (from my roommate during Netroots Nation).  But if they don't, I think they should. Hooking up should be completely on the real tip.

Let the Cultural Wars Begin! NOM attacks New York

Still bitter about their lost, NOM has started their attack toward the senators who supported gay marriage. Brian Brown put out this mess over the weekend.

Last night we were sold out by the Republican Party in New York.  Shortly before 10:30 last night, the New York Senate voted 33 to 29 in favor of same-sex marriage. Four Republicans – Jim Alesi, Roy McDonald, Steve Saland, and Mark Grisanti provided the margin of passage.
But this fight is far from over. In response to last night's vote, I have doubled our pledge to New York, committing at least $2 million dollars to make sure that New York Republicans understand that voting for gay marriage has consequences.

Marriage isn't a partisan issue – in fact, the hero of the past month has been Democratic Senator Ruben Diaz, a courageous friend who has withstood threats, bigotry and hatred while working tirelessly to protect and defend marriage. NOM pledges to stand with Senator Diaz and any Democrat who would share his courage in standing for marriage.

But the responsibility today rests squarely with the Republican Party. The Republican Party has torn up its contract with the voters who trusted them.  When Democrats are in control, they regularly refuse to permit a vote on a marriage amendment. When they are in the minority, they may even leave the state to prevent a vote when their base disapproves. And yet tonight, the Republican Party has sold out, and it is the Republican Party that will pay the worst price for this vote to redefine marriage.
Don't they sound like super villains? Anywho, NOM is asking for $50, $100 to a $1000 dollars to... Well... Raise money for themselves. It's highly unlikely they can get this overturned. So why are they raising money? They hope to get those Repubs out of office. Well, good luck with that.

Question of the Day: True Blood Edition

A year and a half death, King Bill, and Eric (swoon). Well gang, what did you think of the season premier of TB?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

VIDEO: Chicago Gay Pride Parade survives Vandalism (Over a 100 tires slashed)

Gay Pride Parade Takes Place Despite Over 100 Punctured Float Tires:

New Pic: DC Comics' Justice League (Relaunch Version)

Left panel, top to bottom: Deadman, Atom, Elemental Woman, & “a” Firestorm.

Right panel, top to bottom: Green Arrow, Hawkman, a mystery woman and Mera. The mystery woman is being speculated to be Black Canary by DCWKA or Power Girl or Wildstorm’s Zealot by Rich Johnson.
Yes, Zealot from WildC.A.T.s


WATCH: Fox News' Chris Wallace asks Michele Bachmann: 'Are You A Flake?'

Yes, she is

Question of the Day: True Blood Edition

What do you hope to see in the True Blood's premier?

5 People were Shot near San Francisco's Gay Pride Festivities

Lighting struck twice in San Francisco. Five people were shot in near the Gay Pride events.

Here's more:
Police spokesman Lt. Troy Dangerfield says a gunman fired shortly after 6 p.m. Saturday night near Market Street and Sixth Street. Two people were hit in the torso and are being treated for serious injuries at a hospital. Three others are being treated for minor injuries.

The shooting was a few blocks from the city's Gay Pride festivities at the Civic Center, which had just ended for the day. There was no immediate word on whether the incident had any connection to the festival.
Later, the cops found a suspect, but they are not sure if there were more than one shooter.

It seems that San Fran's Pride is beset by shootings. Last year, a gang member shot into a crowd of people during Pink Saturday. I have to wonder, what's really going on in San Fran?

Two Years Ago We Lost a Legend

Rest in Peace, Michael

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Another New Trailer: Apollo 18

NOM's Brian Brown Threatens NY GOP for supporting Marriage Equality

After their huge defeat in New York, NOM's president Brian Brown vows vengeance against the GOP senators who supported gay marriage.

See here in their press release:
The National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM<>) president, Brian Brown doubled his previous pledge, promising to commit "at least $2 million" in elections in 2012 to make sure Republicans understand that voting for gay marriage has consequences:

“The Republican party has torn up its contract with the voters who trusted them in order to facilitate Andrew Cuomo’s bid to be president of the U.S. Selling out your principles to get elected is wrong. Selling out your principles to get the other guy elected is just plain dumb.

Gay marriage has consequences for the next generation, for parents, and for religious people, institutions and small business owners. Politicians who campaign one way on marriage, and then vote the other, need to understand: betraying and misleading voters has consequences, too. We are not giving up, we will continue to fight to protect marriage in New York, as we are actively doing in New Hampshire and Iowa.”

NOM’s pledge to commit at least $2 million in the 2012 elections to hold politicians accountable for their vote includes independent expenditures as well as through NOM PAC New York.
These haters are ridic. 2 million dollars? They could actually do some real 'Christian' work with that money like: feeding the homeless, helping schools stay afloat or send kids who can't afford college to school. But no, they want to keep the legacy of hate alive. Bastards!

For Your Pleasure... Joe Manganiello's Werewolf Workout

Okay, I need a handkerchief and fan.

WATCH: The NY Gay Marriage Saga

Brought to you by Anderson Cooper

DC Comics! What are you doing for Wonder Woman's 70th Birthday?

What in the Hell is going on? Wonder Woman just turned 70 this year and what is DC Comics doing about this?

So far, I've seen nothing. Nothing, from DC but this damn reboot and Green Lantern (which is considered a FAIL). They tried to make a series but that failed, they gave her a broke ass costume change and they continue to downplay her power in the DC Universe.

Great Hera, where is the love for Wonder Woman?

Where are the celebrations, the items, some type of comic collector editions... Where? Come on, DC Comics, you could release special figures, statues, artwork, Lynda Carter's cape... Something!

This is a real disappointment, for real! She is one of the big 3, show her some respect!

NOM Tweets their Loss in New York

Child Cheese, get used to it. There is more to come!

Friday, June 24, 2011

New York Has Marriage Equality!

The vote is done, kids! The gay marriage vote passes 33-29! New York has marriage equality!

WATCH: The Gay Marriage Vote in NY LIVE

If it happens tonight, you can watch it here
Watch live streaming video from nysenate at

VIDEO: Wonder Woman vs Goons from the Wonder Woman TV Pilot

It's short, but cute. Check it out.

LGBT Netroots Nation: It Gets Better

During Netroots Nation, Ian from One Angry Queer decided that we should make an IGB video. So he organized most of the LGBT writers and bloggers to participate in the project.

It was a great experience and I'm so proud of Ian and Carlos for putting this all together. So enjoy

Names and Twitter accounts, in order of appearance:
  • Markos Moulitsas @markos – straight ally
  • Pam Spaulding @pam_spaulding
  • Scott Wooledge @Clarknt67
  • Tom Torres @_floatingworld
  • Evan Haliburton @evanhaliburton
  • Viktor Kerney @wondermann5
  • Mark Snyder @ColageNational
  • Jason Haas @jasonlhaas
  • Zack Ford @zackford
  • Andy Szekeres @AndySzekeres
  • Cynthia Wright @cynisright
  • Noah Baron @noahbbaron
  • Joe Sudbay @JoeSudbay
  • Phil Reese @ReallyPhilReese
  • Christopher Edwards @xtopher1974
  • Daniel Villarreal @hispanicpanic79
  • Alvin McEwen @holybullies
  • Carlos A. Quiroz @CarlosQC
  • Jake Weinraub @jakeweinraub
  • Mel England @melengland
  • Scottie Thomaston @indiemcemopants
  • John Aravosis @aravosis
  • Michael Rogers @MichaelRogersDC
  • Ian Finkenbinder @OneAngryQueer

Today, On the 'NY Gay Marriage Vote'...

Majority Leader Dean Skelos
Here's an update the mini-series known as NY Gay Marriage.

From the NY Times
Frustrations flared in the Capitol on Friday as Democratic lawmakers and gay rights advocates suggested that the Republicans in the State Senate were deliberately delaying a vote on whether to legalize same-sex marriage in New York.

It was a marked change of tone from proponents of gay marriage, and it seemed to indicate that their collaborative relationship with the Republicans, in whose hands the fate of the measure rests, had begun to fray.

“It’s outrageous,” said State Senator Liz Krueger, a Manhattan Democrat. “We were sent home last night without really any explanation.”

But Thomas W. Libous, the Senate Republican deputy majority leader, said that negotiations were on track and that he expected votes on most issues early Friday afternoon. Asked whether gay marriage could be voted on Friday, Mr. Libous said yes.

“Nobody wants to stay here tomorrow,” he said.
So today, maybe?  We will see.

VIDEO: President Obama at the NYC LGBT Fundraiser

New Poster: Captain America The First Avenger

WATCH: Rachel Maddow discuss the NY Gay Marriage Drama

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

My Favorite Things

  1. Chris Evans
  2. Louis Vuitton

Thursday, June 23, 2011

WATCH: John Aravosis vs. Fred Sainz on President Obama and Gay Rights

BackFlash Video Thursday

This Diva can SANG!
Here is Angela Winbush with Run to Me

3 Different True Blood Covers for EW

VIDEO: David Tyree doesn't want his Kids to think Homosexuality is Normal

He said it, see here

Buju Banton Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

Well, anti-gay reggae singer Buju was given 10 years in prison for his cocaine charge.

Rolling Stone reports:

 Dozens of letters to U.S. District Judge James S. Moody are included in the court file for the 37-year-old recording artist, whose given name is Mark Myrie. Several of his 15 children wrote, as did a former Jamaican government official, an NBA player, other reggae artists and actor Danny Glover, who called Banton a "role model, philanthropist and spiritual leader in the community."

"Your honor, Mark Myrie is not a drug dealer," Glover wrote. "Society would not benefit from his incarceration."

Banton's attorney, David Markus, says federal sentencing guidelines call for a prison term of at least 15 years. In a court filing, Markus told Moody that is "way more than necessary" in Banton's case.

The judge did throw out a gun charge, lowering Banton's sentence from 15 years to 10. He was also ordered to serve five years of probation following his release from prison.
Hope he doesn't sing none of those anti-gay songs while he's there.

First Look: Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins

If you didn't know, this is from 'The Hobbit'


Interesting Quote: Michele Bachmann

This president has failed the Hispanic community. He has failed the African-American community. He has failed us all when it comes to jobs. The status quo certainly isn't working for the African-American community, with 16 percent unemployment, or the Hispanic community, with nearly 12 percent unemployment. It's even worse for the youth: For Hispanic youth right now, 26 percent unemployment; for African-American youth, 40 percent unemployment.
I didn't know she cared about the communities of color. That's news to me, honey.


What is Pottermore?

J. K. Rowling has a something new coming up. It's called Pottermore and everything around it has been hush, hush.

But what is it? A book, a movie and cartoon? Well, let J.K. tell you

WATCH: Anderson Cooper discuss the New York Gay Marriage Vote

Marvel Studios will NOT have a panel at Comic-Con

Comic Con received some interesting news or maybe a set back. Marvel Studios will NOT bring anything to Hall H (the big ballroom), making it the fourth movie studio to sit out of Hall H this year.

Hero Complex reports:
“Go big or stay home,” is how one Marvel insider put it, and that logic is seemingly embraced by rival Warner Bros. with “Man of Steel,”  the 2012 feature-film revival of Superman that is conspicuously absent (at least at this point) from the Hall H program. “The Dark Knight Rises,” Warner’s follow-up to its billion-dollar Batman film in 2009, is also M.I.A., but Gotham City filmmaker Christopher Nolan has never set foot in Hall H so this latest absence may add to his mystique, but it won’t shock anyone. 

The sci-fi epic “John Carter” is also a notable absentee in Hall H, but Disney is holding it back for a very specific reason — it will be a centerpiece (along with “The Lone Ranger“) at August’s D23 Expo, the Anaheim event that is being constructed as a Disney-dedicated rival convention.
This is not a total loss; they will be present at Comic Con, but the details are unknown.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The HRC lashes out on Chris Brown for his Gay Slur

Let's be honest, Chris Brown SUX! And in his latest act of foolishness, Chris used a gay slur when talking about N**GAS. See here

Classic, Chris.

Now, the HRC has responded to this mess:
A rep for the HRC tells us, "Invoking words meant to demean gay Americans is just plain unacceptable. Chris Brown should know better."

The rep adds, "He irresponsibly neglected to recognize the impact of his words and the unacceptable message that it sends to couple the word gay with negative actions."
 So far, there's no response from Chris' team.


X-Men Comic: Generation Hope #9 will address Gay Teen Suicide

X-Men writer Kieron Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie, will be collaborating on a story about gay teen suicides in, Generation Hope #9 (A X-Men Comic).

Kieron talks about the story on iFanboy:
It was directly inspired by the conversation around the very public gay suicide stories. It doesn't get much more sensitive."

"When the stories [about gay teen suicide] started to break, the first place I heard about it was actually from Fraction. We'd just passed the baton, and he said "If I was still writing the X-Men...". I read the news and could only agree.

It's not the type of story that fits in any other major superhero book. It's simply not what those books are about. But the X-Men? X-Men is a book about mutants, used as a metaphor about prejudice. And of the X-Men books, Generation Hope is fundamentally about new mutants trying to survive dealing with the fact they're mutants. With the metaphor in place, you can not just do a story about it - I dare say you should tell a story about it. In a real way, it's the sort of story Generation Hope exists to tell. If we can't tell this story and tell it as well as we can, the book may as well not exist."
The issue will be out on July 20th

Could the NY Gay Marriage Vote happen in a few Hours?

The NY gay marriage could happen today. On Sunday, I received word from a lobbyist in New York that today could be the day. Maybe they are  right? Here's more:

State legislative leaders said Wednesday afternoon there are no major obstacles to a vote on whether to legalize gay marriage.

Democrats and Republicans emerged from meetings with Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and said there is progress toward proposed additional religious protections that could bring a gay marriage bill to the Senate floor for a vote as early as Wednesday night. No deal had been struck as of Wednesday afternoon.

More protection for religious organizations such as adoption agencies and marriage counselors is sought by undecided Republican senators who are key to the vote.

Currently, the Senate appears to be one vote shy of making New York the sixth state where gay marriage is legal. It's viewed as a critical moment in the national gay rights movement.
Fingers Crossed.


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The 'Ultimate Spider-Man' Dies

A hero will fall. Marvel's alternative universe will lose a major player... Spider Man.
The lights are going out for Peter Parker, the high school student bitten by a radioactive spider whose wall-crawling and web-slinging antics have made him a touchstone of Marvel Comics' universe of heroes and villains.

The publisher said Tuesday that Parker's alter ego, Spider-Man, will finally succumb to one of his most pernicious foes in the final issue of "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man" due out Wednesday.

Fans of Spider-Man need not worry much, though, because the Ultimates imprint is separate from Marvel's bigger universe. Whatever fate may befall Ultimate Spider-Man won't count in the pages of the other series, including Amazing Spider-Man.
Will he stay dead? Marvel says yes, but we will see.


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