Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bobbi Kristina Brown was found Unconscious in Bathtub, now Breathing Again

From TMZ
Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's daughter was found unconscious in a bathtub in her home -- and taken to a hospital where she is now breathing ... TMZ has learned. 
Bobbi Kristina Brown's husband Nick Gordon and a friend found her in the tub ... according to police in Roswell, GA. We're told her husband and friend immediately started CPR on her ... until police and paramedics arrived. 
We're told police took over life-saving measures on the scene -- and then she was taken by ambulance to a hospital. 
Doctors have now stabilized her breathing.
I hope she gets some help.

RuPaul and Drag Race responds to Mary Cheney's statement about Drag and Blackface - WATCH

Interesting Quote: Mary Cheney

Why is it socially acceptable — as a form of entertainment — for men to put on dresses, make up and high heels and act out every offensive stereotype of women (bitchy, catty, dumb, slutty, etc.). But it is not socially acceptable — as a form of entertainment — for a white person to put on blackface and act out offensive stereotypes of African Americans? Shouldn’t both be okay or neither? Why does society treat these activities so differently?


Bruce Jenner is Transitioning Into a Woman

Word is getting out that Bruce Jenner is transitioning into a woman.

PEOPLE reports

"Bruce is transitioning to a woman," says a source close to the family. "He is finally happy and his family is accepting of what he's doing. He's in such a great space. That's why it's the perfect time to do something like this."

And according to a different Jenner insider, the 65-year-old reality star is filming his momentous journey, to be shared with viewers on a docu-series this year. "It will air when he is ready to be open about his transition," the source tells PEOPLE. "But he's acting more and more confident and seems very happy."

Congrats to Bruce for moving forward with promise.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Game of Thrones Season Five Trailer is Here!

2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial “Lost Dog” (You Might Tear Up)

Mitt Romney says NO to running for President

Today, Mittens decided not to run for president.

In a conference call, Mitt said:
"After putting considerable thought into making another run for president, I've decided it is best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next nominee."
Romney's aide confirmed the statement and his folks are making the rounds. Sad though, it would've been fun to see him and his mom jeans again.


I was feelin' this song this morning

Rod Stewart's Young Turks

AFA sends a letter "Renouncing Statements" from Bryan Fischer

With this Bryan Fischer drama heating up, American Family Association is really on the defense. They are in full damage control, addressing groups that are demanding the AFA to denounce Bryan.

For example, check out the letter they sent to the SPLC

SPLC responded with this quickness. They asked AFA to denouce other crazy claims from Bryan. Let's see if AFA will actually fix this mess.

Only in Texas... Christian Mad Woman interrupts a Peaceful Muslim Event

From the Austin Statesman:

What was supposed to be a rally at the Texas Capitol Thursday promoting political engagement and tolerance for Muslims and was largely derailed by sustained screams from protesters loudly advocating for something quite apart from peace and love.

Texas Muslim Capitol Day was organized by Texas chapters of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, whose members intended to raise awareness on issues, advocate on a number of bills and celebrate their right as Americans — and in one speaker’s case an eighth-generation Texan — to be part of the political process.

But not one of the 10 or so speakers at the hourlong event managed to finish a sentence without being heckled by noisome group of maybe two dozen that fanned out about 20 paces from the south steps of the statehouse. A patriotic song by the Houston Koran Academy didn’t even silence the screaming.

This woman is Christine Weick, a LOON, and known for hating Muslims. I think she claimed that the devil made energy drinks. Yeah, I real class act.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Interesting Tweet: Bryan Fischer

Brian Brown is excited about Losing in 2015

In his latest blog post for money, Brian talks about the "opportunities" this year may bring NOM:

I have to tell you, I am really excited about our opportunities this year. We're in the best position we've been in in years thanks to the support of you and other members of NOM.

With a solid pro-marriage majority in both the House and the US Senate, populated by real marriage champions like Representatives Raul Labrador and John Fleming in the House and Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and newly elected Thom Tillis and Tom Cotton in the Senate, we are in a great position to advance critical legislation.

In fact, our federal team is already hard at work on several bills including protecting the right of every American to be free of government punishment for defending the truth of marriage in the daily lives.

In addition to work in Congress, we're also working behind the scenes to advance critical legislation at the state level, where a huge majority of pro-marriage legislators and Governors now hold office across the land.

We're also working hard to make sure the next Republican presidential nominee is a trusted conservative and marriage supporter. We'll have an announcement soon about our new presidential pledge that we will ask every candidate to sign. It could be a game-changer in the presidential contest, because it is going to put candidates' feet to the fire.

Brian, I'm glad that you are excited about losing. This year will probably not be in your favor.

Rob Gronkowski is aware of the Erotic Fan Fiction about Himself - VIDEO

Diana Ross returns to Las Vegas

I'm so excited to hear that Diana Ross will have a mini-residency in Vegas!

The Diva Omega will start on April 1st at the Venetian. She will play nine dates for her new show called, “The Essential Diana Ross: Some Memories Never Fade”.

Tickets go on sale Friday!

We have already lost 3 Trans women 2015

Not a good start for 2015.
Lamia and Ty

3 Trans women have been murdered this month.

30 year-old Lamia Beard from Norfolk, Virginia was a talented artist and just earned a full scholarship to Bethune Cookman College. On January 17th, she was shot and she died in the Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.

24 year-old Ty Underwood from Tyler, Texas was just accepted to Kilgore College’s nursing program. On January 26th, Ty was found dead in her car from 3 gunshot wounds.

And late yesterday, I learned from TransGriot that 20 year-old Goddess Edwards, 20, of Indianapolis, Kentucky, was recently murdered. I will not post her mugshot, BTW

It's very sad that these women were murdered and we have no suspect in custody. But what's really bothering me is how the media continues to misgender these women. In the press, they are putting their male names in the articles! Is it so hard to use the names they want folks to know them by? It shouldn't be at all.

Then, cops and reports are linking their lives to prostitution. I'm sorry, but not all trans women are hookers. The fact that they were linked to prostitution is disrespectful. These women were murdered, killed for being who they are. Can the media and the cops show some respect?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

American Family Association has Fired Anti-Gay Loudmouth Bryan Fischer

Juicy news!

I was watch Rachel Maddow and she reported that anti-gay loudmouth Bryan Fischer was FIRED from the American Family Association!

Watch this clip

Bryan was on Twitter saying this isn't true, but on AFA website they have scrubbed his name and pic from the spokesperson's page.

Again, so juicy!

SPLC files ethics complaint against Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore

I posted earlier about the antics of Alabama's Chief Justice Roy Moore. Basically, he said that he would deny the law in Alabama once gay marriage is in the clear.

Well, the Southern Poverty Law Center took him to the carpet over his stance.

This is a press release from their blog:

The SPLC today filed a judicial ethics complaint against Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore over his public statements urging the governor and Alabama judges to defy federal law and enforce Alabama’s ban on same-sex marriages.

The complaint was filed with the Judicial Inquiry Commission of Alabama, which could recommend that Moore face ethics charges in the Alabama Court of the Judiciary. That court removed Moore from the office of chief justice 12 years ago after he refused to comply with a federal court order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the state judicial building.

“Moore is once again wrapping himself in the Bible and thumbing his nose at the federal courts and federal law,” said SPLC President Richard Cohen. “As a private citizen, Moore is entitled to his views. But as the chief justice of Alabama, he has a responsibility to recognize the supremacy of federal law and to conform his conduct to the canons of judicial ethics.”

Hit the link to read the rest.

Senator Graham Questions U.S. Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch over Gay Marriage

This confirmation has been very interesting to watch.

In this segment, Sen. Graham questions Loretta over gay marriage and Polygamy?

See for yourself

This is the 30th Anniversary of "We Are The World"

"We Are The World" was recorded 30 years ago today

Broadway Legend Joel Grey comes out

I woke up to see that Joel Grey has came out. I always thought he was gay, but his People magazine interview has confirmed it.

Joel is well known for his work in the classic Cabaret (both stage and screen). He has continued working in many forms of entertainment. I remember him most as a demon in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In his interview, Joel mentions how he's not a fan of labels.
Now, at 82, the Cabaret Oscar winner talks for the first time in PEOPLE's new issue about his sexuality. "I don't like labels," says Grey, "but if you have to put a label on it, I'm a gay man."

While it's not a secret to his friends and family, the entertainer's never spoken about it publicly before. "All the people close to me have known for years who I am," Grey tells PEOPLE. "[Yet] it took time to embrace that other part of who I always was."
Well, good for him.

New Ghostbusters Promo Image Released

It's happening

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore says he will continue to recognize the Gay Marriage Ban

Y'all hear about this Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore?

After the second time Alabama's gay marriage ban was struck down, this fool lost his damn mind. He stated that he will continue to uphold the ban and encouraged Gov. Robert Bentley to do the same.

Check out this his letter to the governor

Now, if you don't know, this Roy Moore is a loon. He has fought to keep the 10 Commandments in his courtroom worked with some shady folks and recently, said the the 1st amendment only works for Christian folks.

He has a lot of nerve doing this mess. A lot of nerve.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Meet the New Ghostbusters

Here are the new Ghostbusters:

Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, and Melissa McCarthy. They are ready and stoked to be in the Paul Feig-directed reboot.

Negotiations are happening and if all goes well, they will start shooting this summer in NYC.


Mormon Leaders will only support Gay Rights if Religious Freedom is also Protected

They ain't slick.

Mormon church leaders held a press conference over their possible support of gay right, but the catch is, they want religious freedom to be protected too.

AP reports:

The church is promising to support some housing and job protections for gays and lesbians in exchange for legal protections for believers who object to the behavior of others.

It's not clear how much common ground the Mormons will find with this new campaign. The church insists it is making no changes in doctrine, and still believes it's against the law of God to have sex outside marriage between a man and a woman.

But church leaders who held a rare news conference Tuesday said "we must all learn to live with others who do not share the same beliefs or values."

Watch the clip

Go here, to read the Mormon Leaders call to action

Tyrese Gibson starts an Instagram campaign to be the next Green Lantern, but I don't want him in the Role

For the past couple of weeks, actor Tyrese Gibson has been using social media to express his interest in being Green Lantern. Back in October, DC Entertainment revealed 10 films from now until 2020, which included Green Lantern. However, it wasn't clear on which Green Lantern the film would feature, so John Stewart could be the main character.

Seeing the possibilities, Tyrese has launched an Instagram campaign on his account to become the galactic superhero.

He has some street cred behind him, starring in two major film blockbusters like, "Transformers" and the "Fast and Furious" series. But can he truly bring John Stewart to the screen? John is an iconic character in the DC universe. Can Tyrese pull it off? Many fans thought that Ryan Reynolds could and we saw what happened there. Personally, I don't want him in the role. I think there are other choices who could probably do a better job.

I may do a post on the other actors for Green Lantern soon.

WATCH the Fantastic Four Teaser

Just Because... Eddie Spears

He's in Sleepy Hollow

God, he's hot!

Mike Huckabee: Conservatives Must Get Involved To Fight Gay Rights

Making a personal change... Soon

I'm thinking about cutting my hair. I've had my locs since 2001 (over 13 years). I'm thinking of cutting them off and try something different.

I don't know when I'm doing this, but I think it's time.

Yep, I think it's time.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Mike Huckabee believes there would be No School Violence With Bible and Chapel Services

Fox is looking to Create an X-Men TV Series

Interesting news from the comic book world.

Fox entertainment chairman Gary Newman reveals that an X-Men TV series is in the works. While many would rejoice over this, I'm a little bit skeptical (look at the mess at Gotham). Anywho, they are working on a show, however they will need Marvel's blessing.

If Marvel agrees, the series could move forward. Here's more:
“We’re cautiously optimistic, we had a good meeting with them,” Newman told the site, noting that any possible X-Men show “will not be on a fast track creatively.” Rather, it’d bow during the 2016-17 TV season at earliest. 
Because of the delicate particulars involved, “This is just the deal,” Newman noted. “[N]ow we have to find the creative.
It could be a good thing, but it could also be crap.  I guess we'll see.


TNT Correspondent tells Rashida Jones that she's 'Very Tan' at the SAG Awards Red Carpet - VIDEO

Watch Rashida's response

In Oklahoma: State Rep. proposed a Bill to end Marriage Licenses

New foolishness in Oklahoma.

State Representative Todd Russ proposed House Bill 1125. The goal is to make all marriages go through religious clergy and end marriage licenses.

Here's more:
Republican Representative Todd Russ says under House Bill 1125, a marriage would have to be signed off by a preacher, minister, priest, rabbi or ecclesiastical dignitary.

"Put it back to what it was supposed to be and was originally a holy matrimony and a very solemn and spiritual vow," said Rep. Russ.

If approved, Russ says the roles of judges or retired judges would change. They would no longer be able to perform marriage ceremonies. Some strongly oppose it because of what they believe it symbolizes.

"It doesn't put the county officials into the business of condoning it or approving it or licensing it," said Rep. Russ.

The court clerk's office would take record of the marriage certificates given to couples that would be recognized by the state. Those not wanting to get married by a religious official could file an affidavit through the court clerk's office claiming common-law marriage.

"They don't have a spiritual basis for a marriage and don't want to have a clergy member or a priest or someone involved in the spiritual aspect, then they can file an affidavit of common-law marriage," explained Rep. Russ.

Russ says this bill is a way for the State of Oklahoma to prove its independent rights as a state to make laws.
These folks are truly trying to fight against equality. It's a losing battle, but I guess that the thing for these haters. Keep fighting to the end? Who knows.


WATCH Viola Davis's Speech at the SAG Awards

SAG Winner Viola Davis had some words for the lack of diversity in the entertainment industry in her speech.

This is what she had to say

The Gay Marriage Battle in Alabama heats up, 14 Day Stay has been Issued

Folks are trippin' in Alabama.

After the gay marriage ban was struck down, the Alabama Probate Judges Association told local judges not to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. For some reason they believe the ruling doesn't apply to local judges (SMH).

But Alabama's Plaintiffs file opposition to this foolishness, stating:
Clarification is necessary as the Probate Judges association in Alabama have assumed the position like George Wallace at the schoolhouse door staring defiantly upon this Court’s order reasoning that not all citizens of Alabama are entitled to the same rights and privileges afforded under the Constitution of the United States and that as Probate Judges “it is [their] duty to issue marriage licenses in accordance with Alabama law and that means [they] can not legally issue marriage licenses to same sex couples.” Alabama Probate Judges Association statement to the press on January 24, 2015. It is respectfully submitted that this Court’s order declaring Ala. Const. Art. 1§ 36.03 (2006) and Ala. Code 1974 §30-1-19 unconstitutional for violation of the Due Process Clause and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment shall meet with immediate defiance and confusion without further clarification.
You can read the rest here

However, things got a little interesting when Montgomery County Probate Judge Steven Reed tweeted yesterday that he would be issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples unless the Federal judge issued a stay.

Then, some hours later, the federal judge issued a 14 day stay on the ruling.

US District Judge Callie V.S. Granade is allowing the Attorney General time to present his arguments to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. If the Circuit Court fails to act during that delay, the order will be lifted on February 9th.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bobby Jindal: If SCOTUS Strikes Down Gay Marriage Bans, We Should Amend Constitution

Sarah Palin is Thinking about Running for President again

The Clown Car Queen is thinking about running for president.

Sarah Palin told The Washington Post that she is “seriously interested” in running for the big prize in 2016.

Here's the scoop:

“You can absolutely say that I am seriously interested,” Palin said, when asked to clarify her thinking about a possible presidential bid.

Palin, the GOP’s 2008 vice-presidential nominee, said she stood by comments she made Thursday in Las Vegas to ABC News, where she first expressed enthusiasm about potentially competing for the Republican presidential nomination.

“I am. As I said yesterday, I’m really interested in the opportunity to serve at some point,” Palin said Friday, as former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, a potential 2016 rival, looked on.

She can't be serious. I mean, she has no chance in Hell to win. However, it would be so good if she runs.

Get out the popcorn and wings!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Federal judge declares Alabama's marriage ban Unconstitutional

Good news!

From the Equality Case Files FB page:

Federal judge declares Alabama's marriage ban unconstitutional, says it violates both the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses of the 14th Amendment

Read the Ruling below

Former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran files discrimination complaint against City

Former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran is still whining about being fired. Now, he whipped up a federal discrimination complaint over it. Kelvin still thinks that Mayor Reed fired him because of his religious beliefs, but in reality, he didn't follow protocol.

Here's more
Cochran swore out the complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging violations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by the City of Atlanta on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 
Attorney Jonathan Crumly filed an EEOC complaint Wednesday on behalf of Cochran, who was fired this month after complaints about his self-published 2013 book, “Who Told You You Are Naked?” 
“Americans are guaranteed the freedom to live without fear of losing their jobs because of their beliefs and thoughts. We are continuing to evaluate all available legal options to vindicate Chief Cochran after his unjust termination,” said Crumly, who is allied with the group Alliance Defending Freedom that has rallied to Cochran’s defense.
Mayor Kasim Reed fired Cochran over his distribution of his book, which condemns homosexual acts as “vile, vulgar and inappropriate,” at work. 
City spokeswoman Anne Torres said the City did not know of the complaint but intended to defend Reed’s decision to fire Cochran “whether, through the EEOC administrative process or in any other appropriate forum.”
The EEOC typically investigates a discrimination complaint to determine whether it plans to bring action on behalf of the plaintiff in federal court.
Reed has contended he didn’t fire Cochran because of his expressed religious viewpoints but for not obeying rules, including not getting clearance to write the book and failing to remain quiet while the city investigated him.
Kelvin, just accept that you were wrong, plain and simple.


Former Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams confronts Mike Huckabee over Beyoncé

Yesterday on The View, Michelle called out Mike Huckabee over his statements about Beyoncé in his upcoming book.

Huckles believes that Beyoncé shouldn't sing songs like “Drunk In Love” or “Partition”, and she should be a role model. In other words, she should be a good clean girl and never express herself.

Well, Michelle held him accountable for his words and this is what she had to say:

If Guys acted in Real Life the way they do on Gay Apps

This is why I stay away from apps

Meet the new Jean Grey, Cyclops and Storm for X-Men: Apocalypse

Well, we have a younger batch of X-Men in the next X-movie.

Alexandra Shipp (Storm), is known for playing Aaliyah in the Lifetime movie. Sophie Turner (Jean), is well known for being Sansa from Game of Thrones and Tye Sheridan (Cyclops) is known for his role in film, Mud.

I'm not excited about Alexandra playing Storm. I don't know Tye, but I'm good with Sophie being Jean Grey.

This casting has set Twitter on fire, mostly about Storm. In fact, I'm writing about her casting for Moviepilot as we speak. This casting is very interesting to say the least. However, I can't wait to see how they will look in costume.

The YouTube Interview with President Obama

This was interesting to watch

New Teaser Poster: XX

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Actress Melissa Benoist is Supergirl

Glee and Whiplash star Melissa Benoist has a new title under her belt. She is now Kara Zor-El, Superman's cousin, Supergirl.

Here's a description of the series from THR

The hourlong drama, which received a hefty series commitment, centers on Kara Zor-El, Superman's cousin, who was born on the planet Krypton and escaped amid its destruction years ago. Benoist will play Kara, who after arriving on Earth was taken in by a foster family, the Danvers, who taught her to be careful with her extraordinary powers (which she shares with her famous cousin, Superman).

Now 24, Kara feels un-empowered, a slave to having repressed her innate abilities. She's still pretty, but with her face hidden behind glasses and her hair pulled back, she doesn't know it herself. An unexpected disaster forces her to use her powers in public. Energized by her heroic deed, for the first time in her life, Kara begins embracing her extraordinary abilities. She begins helping the people of her city and they soon take notice — and she's even given a new moniker: Supergirl.

The series isn't on the Fall line-up yet, but it has a good chance to be.

Good luck, Melissa!

Mike Huckabee thinks States can Ignore SCOTUS' decision on Gay Marriage

So, Mike Huckabee believes that states can ignore SCOTUS if they side with gay marriage. He told radio host Hugh Hewitt:
Well, if the federal Supreme Court rules that same sex marriage is protected under the 14th Amendment, you still have to have Congress and the President act to agree with it, because one branch of government does not overrule the other two. This idea that a judge makes a ruling on Friday afternoon, and Saturday morning same sex marriage licenses are being given out, that’s utter nonsense, because there’s not been any agreement with the other two branches of government, so I just want people to go back to their 9th grade civics class, and remember there are three branches equal, and that all three of them have to be in concert in order for something to become law. And the courts can’t make a law, and they don’t have the power to enforce a law.
Hugh asked if he wanted the county clerks to invoke civil disobedience and Huckles said:
Well, the point is states would be in a position that their legislatures would have to go into session. They would have to create legislation that the governor would sign. If they don’t, then there is not same sex marriage in that state. Now if the federal courts say well, you’re going to have to do it, well, then you have a confrontation. At that point, somebody has to decide is the Court right? If it is, then the legislation will be passed. It’s not unlike we’ve seen other legislation. In my own state, when we had school funding legislation that had to be passed, the courts ruled, but we didn’t start sending out checks the next day. We called a special session, we negotiated through it. The courts didn’t tell us what the formula had to look like. They just told us the one we had wasn’t Constitutional. In that case, I agree with them. They were right. We fixed it.
Umm, good luck with that notion, Mike.

Anti-Gay Pastor Larry Tomczak Responds to Ellen DeGeneres - WATCH

Ellen addressed this quack on her show. Now he responds

So, The American Horror Story: Freak Show Finale...

What did you think?

John Barrowman says Torchwood may be Returning

John Barrowman revealed some interesting news at the Television Critics Association tour.

He said:
“I do know that we’re doing three or four radio plays for the BBC for Torchwood. My sister and I are discussing the possibility of writing one of them and whether or not that leads to something [on TV]… He adds: “I’m full-time with ‘Arrow’ now. It’s not a question of me not wanting to do it, it’s a question of the BBC wanting to do it or others wanting to do Torchwood. I know the fans are out there so I think they’d be silly not to. [The Arrow producers have] always said, ‘If you need to go and do a special, we’ll let you go do it.”  
Barrowman said there will be three or four radio plays, though they haven’t started recording them yet. One will feature the whole Torchwood team, the others will be “character-based.” He said executive producer Julie Gardner and head writer Russell T. Davies are both involved: “It’s the team back together.”
That would be so cool. I kinda miss Torchwood.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

DOJ: Darren Wilson will not face Federal Charges

Some interesting news from Reuters.

The U.S. Justice Department is closing their investigation on Darren Wilson and if he violated the civil rights of Michael Brown. According to them, he will be clear of any civil rights charges.

Here's more:
The paper quoted law enforcement officials as saying federal prosecutors had begun work on a legal memo recommending no civil rights charges against the officer, Darren Wilson, after an FBI investigation found no evidence to support the charges against him.

It would close the case of 18-year-old Michael Brown, whose death in August led to months of nationwide protests and sparked a debate on police use of force.
Well, I hope this is not the end.


Bjork is Back with a surprise Album, Vulnicura

Bjork dropped a surprise album last night.

If you are fan, you should check it out on iTunes. It's very interesting

When Bobby Jindal tries to Tweet

Joni Ernst delivered a Kooky Republican response to the State of the Union address

Interesting Quote: President Obama

"That’s why we defend free speech, and advocate for political prisoners, and condemn the persecution of women, or religious minorities, or people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender."

WATCH as President Obama throws the Perfect Shade during the State of the Union Address

President Obama threw some sharp shade at some of the GOP fools who cheered when he said “I have no more campaigns to run.”

He came back with, “I know because I won both of them.”


Texas Hate Group claims to have enough Signatures to repeal Plano's Non-Discrimination Ordinance

Haters are hellbent on stealing LGBT protections from the folks in Plano, Texas.

Yesterday, these bigots claimed to have gather the right amount of signatures to force the Plano City Council to repeal the the non-discrimination ordinance or put it on the ballot.

They needed about 3,822 signatures, they claim to have 7,000.

Here's more:
“We applaud the citizens of Plano who turned out to have their voices heard on this important religious liberty issue,” said Gregg Wooding, a spokesman for the Liberty Institute, a Plano-based non-profit legal organization. 
Plano City Secretary Lisa Henderson confirmed today that she received the petitions and now must verify all the signatures. 
On Dec. 8, the Plano City Council approved an ordinance extending anti-discrimination rights to people regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

WATCH the 2015 State of the Union

New Kids on the Block's Jonathan Knight and partner compete in The Amazing Race

In the upcoming season of The Amazing Race, New Kids on the Block member Jonathan Knight and his partner Harley Rodriguez will be a competing team, with other couples and singles.

The couple has been for seven years (congrats). I think it's cool that they are doing the show.

Interesting Quote: Lee Daniels

“Homophobia is rampant in the African American community, and men are on the DL. They don’t come out, because your priest says, your pastor says, mama says, your next-door neighbor says, your homie says, your brother says, your boss says [that homosexuality is wrong]. And they are killing African American women. They are killing our women. So I wanted to blow the lid off more on homophobia in my community.”
While I'm a fan of his work, I disagree with Lee.

I don't believe that it's rampant in our community. However, I think it's rampant in the South and in places where conservative views are on 10. I feel that Lee's assessment mirrors what was going on a decade ago, but now, I believe our community is coming around.

I also think that Empire won't blow lid off homophobia, but it may start the conversation.


American Family Association (Hate Group) wants Supreme Court Justices Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Recuse from the Marriage Case

This is from their press release:

The issue of same-sex marriage in America has divided the country this past year, with state, district and federal courts issuing ruling after ruling.

In light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s announcement that it will hear the issue, American Family Association (AFA, says Supreme Court Justices Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsburg should recuse themselves from making any same-sex marriage decisions because they have both conducted same-sex marriage ceremonies.

“Both of these justices’ personal and private actions that actively endorse gay marriage clearly indicate how they would vote on same-sex marriage cases before the Supreme Court,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “Congress has directed that federal judicial officers must disqualify themselves from hearing cases in specified circumstances. Both Kagan and Ginsburg have not only been partial to same-sex marriage but they have also proven themselves to be activists in favor of it. In order to ensure the Court’s integrity and impartiality, both should recuse themselves from same-sex marriage cases. Congress has an obligation to Americans to see that members of the Supreme Court are held to the highest standards of integrity. The law demands it, and the people deserve it.”

AFA sent an Action Alert to its one million-plus supporters, asking them to write a letter to their members of Congress, urging them to remind members of the nation’s highest court of their charge to maintain impartiality. Title 28, Part I, Chapter 21, Section 455 of the U.S. Code titled “Disqualification of justice, judge, or magistrate judge,” states that “Any justice, judge, or magistrate judge of the United States shall disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned.”


Rick Santorum takes a dig at Mitt Romney

Lord, Rick is throwing all types of shade at Mittens. At a tea party event yesterday, Rick said this about Mitt's new charge to protect the poor:
“Do you think wealthy people care whether their president cares about them? No. Who cares? Lower or middle income folks who are struggling. And guess what, our candidate only got [about] 19 percent of that vote. We better have a party and a movement that addresses and cares about the people who are losing hope and feeling like America doesn’t work for them anymore.”
It's 2012 all over again.


Ryan Murphy will 'reinvent' American Horror Story for season 5

If you are like me, you are hating this season of American Horror Story: Freak Show. It started off strong, but like most seasons, it falls apart somewhere in the middle. However, Ryan recognizes the chaos and promises a big change in the next season.

FX CEO John Landgraf said this at the TCA winter press tour:
Pressed to reveal the theme to follow Freak Show (which finales on Wednesday), Landgraf deferred, “I know what it is, but I can’t [say]. I have to let [series boss] Ryan [Murphy] do his thing on that. But it’s very different.” Landgraf went on to say of the franchise, “One of the things I love so much about that is that it can be radically, radically reinvented in terms of tone, setting, period, characters, cast.” And along those lines, “I think there’s going to be an unusually large reinvention in between Book 4 and Book 5 relative to, say, between Book 3 [Coven] and 4 [Freak Show]. The only Season 5 clue Landgraf perhaps let slip was when asked about the show returning to the present day (as it thus far has done with odd-numbered seasons). “That’s my hope, yeah,” he answered. As for Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jessica Lange being a part of the next cycle — a while ago, she hinted in an interview that Freak Show would be her swan song — Landgraf has no information, explaining, “Ryan is really, really independent in how he makes these shows and what he does. So I know the setting, I know something about the characters and something about the tone and the time period, but I don’t actually know the cast yet.”
Yes, fix this series up because we can't have another mess like Freak Show again.


Is the LGBTQ Community Separated by Gender and Race? - VIDEO

Monday, January 19, 2015

Flashback: When Coretta Scott King spoke out for LGBT Rights - VIDEO

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Day

Interesting Quote: Kevin Hart

“I can’t [play a gay character] because I don’t think I’m really going to dive into that role 100 percent, because of the insecurities about myself trying to play that part. What I think people are going to think while I’m trying to do this is going to stop me from playing that part the way I’m supposed to.”


Go and see SELMA

This weekend I saw Selma and I tell you, the Academy should be ashamed of themselves. This film was so emotional, so on point and very engaging. Ava DuVernay directed a strong story, filled with so much passion. It is so ridic that the Academy ignored her and her work.

The actors in the film were so good. David Oyelowo came alive as Dr. King. He was superb and in most the scenes he was in. And Carmen Ejogo played Coretta Scott King like a boss. She looked like Coretta and carried herself in the way I would imagine her to be.

There was certain scenes that were intense... I was totally lost in many of the moments. This film was inspiring, I can't express how this movie was so good. So, if you haven't seen Selma... SEE THIS MOVIE!

The 9 Wrestlers that Fulfilled my Teen Dreams

Back in the day, I used to watch wrestling. But not for the fights or show, just for my teen lust-ridden fantasies. OMG, I can't tell you the thoughts that ran through my mind every Saturday afternoon. Especially, when I saw these particular guys.

Check them out after the jump and if you were like me, maybe some of these guys filled you up with crazy ass fantasies too.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Friday, January 16, 2015

SCOTUS will hear all 4 Marriage Cases

SCOTUS announced that they will hear the marriage cases in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and my home state Tennessee.

They will rule on the state power to ban gay marriage. The cases are possibly set for April. Eric Holder has already stated that the Government will back the same sex marriage plaintiffs!

Read his statement:
“After the Justice Department's decision not to defend the constitutionality of Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act, the Supreme Court sent a powerful message that Americans in same-sex marriages are entitled to equal protection and equal treatment under the law. This landmark decision marked a historic step toward equality for all American families. 
“The Supreme Court has announced that it will soon hear several cases raising core questions concerning the constitutionality of same-sex marriages. As these cases proceed, the Department of Justice will remain committed to ensuring that the benefits of marriage are available as broadly as possible. And we will keep striving to secure equal treatment for all members of society—regardless of sexual orientation. 
“As such, we expect to file a ‘friend of the court’ brief in these cases that will urge the Supreme Court to make marriage equality a reality for all Americans. It is time for our nation to take another critical step forward to ensure the fundamental equality of all Americans—no matter who they are, where they come from, or whom they love.”
 This is going to be huge people! Fuc#%ng huge! 

Haters are already begging for money to fight it, but seriously, they can't do a thing ! I'm so excited to see how this will turn out!

The next NBC Live Music Event could be The Wiz

This could be good or a hot ass mess.

NBC’s entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt has optioned the rights for Music Man and The Wiz, but let's focus on The Wiz. The network could score huge ratings with The Wiz, if done right. I could see this working out if the cast is tight and the set is very creative.

Hopefully, they will choose The Wiz. It would check off the diversity box and NBC needs the diverse viewership. So, they should go with The Wiz.


Mayor Kasim Reed speaks out over Terminating Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran - WATCH

New Poll: New Yorkers are NOT feeling NYPD's Tantrums or Pat Lynch

The truth is out!

New Yorkers don't care much for the NYPD's temper tantrum, nor that crackhead Pat Lynch.

TPM reports

Now we have New Yorkers verdict - a new poll out from Quinnipiac. And New Yorkers have a resoundingly negative verdict on the back turning and the general behavior of the NYPD leadership over recent weeks.

New York City voters disapprove of police officers turning their backs on the Mayor at police funerals by 69% to 27%. 77% think police union President Pay Lynch's "blood on his hands" remarks were "too extreme" and no racial or gender subset of the population considers the comments "appropriate."

Though there are big differences across the city's racial groups 47% of New Yorkers say de Blasio's actions since he began his run for Mayor show he supports the city's police. 37% say the opposite.

Finally 52% of New Yorkers (versus 38%) says police discipline has broken down.

Pat Lynch is deeply unpopular, an accolade he shares with Al Sharpton.
Voters give Patrolmen's Benevolent Assn. President Patrick Lynch a negative 18 - 39 percent favorability rating and say 43 - 27 percent that he is a mostly negative force in the city.

Hopefully, this will snap these crybabies out of their foolishness and get Pat Lynch out on his ass.

Brian Brown cries Bigot Tears for the Marriage and Religious Freedom Act

"The Times has just declared war on Christians and members of other faith communities that serve in government position. It is open season, according to the New York Times, to make sure that we lose our jobs. The new authoritarians now state openly that we can have our beliefs—we simply can’t talk about them. And then they are going to actually have the gall to say that 'this is not about free speech or religious freedom.' This is OUTRAGEOUS. And I know you are as concerned as I am about this, because of the many emails and phone calls we've received. Now it’s time to turn outrage to action to stop the New Authoritarians. NOM is supporting legislation at the state and federal level to stop the attack on marriage and religious liberty. I urge you immediately to contact your Congressman and urge him or her to pass the Marriage and Religious Freedom Act which will help protect religious liberty at the federal level."

This is from his weekly email.

Joni Ernst give the GOP’s State of the Union Response

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) will deliver the GOP's rebuttal to President Obama's State of the Union address next week.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said "She is the perfect choice." I agree she's perfect! We get to see another fool to deliver a speech to Obama's address. This woman is a joke and I can't wait to see her!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy 86th Birthday to Dr. Martin Luther King

WATCH this Gender Swapping Video of JEM and the Holograms by Paolo Tuci

Go here for more

The Oscar nominations are Out... And the lack of Diversity is showing

The Oscars noms are out and it's not cute. Here are some of the categories:

Best Picture
“American Sniper”
“The Grand Budapest Hotel”
“The Imitation Game”
“The Theory of Everything”

Actor in a Leading Role
Steve Carell, “Foxcatcher”
Bradley Cooper, “American Sniper”
Benedict Cumberbatch, “The Imitation Game”
Michael Keaton, “Birdman”
Eddie Redmayne, “The Theory of Everything”

Actress in a Leading Role
Marion Cotillard, “Two Days One Night”
Felicity Jones, “The Theory of Everything”
Julianne Moore, “Still Alice”
Rosamund Pike, “Gone Girl”
Reese Witherspoon, “Wild”

Actor in a Supporting Role
Robert Duvall, “The Judge”
Ethan Hawke, “Boyhood”
Edward Norton, “Birdman”
Mark Ruffalo, “Foxcatcher”
J.K. Simmons, “Whiplash”

Actress in a Supporting Role
Patricia Arquette, “Boyhood”
Laura Dern, “Wild”
Emma Stone, “Birdman”
Keira Knightley, “The Imitation Game”
Meryl Streep, “Into the Woods”

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, “Birdman”
Richard Linklater, “Boyhood”
Bennett Miller, “Foxcatcher”
Wes Anderson, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”
Morten Tyldum, “The Imitation Game”

It seems to be a White male love fest for Directors and Best Actor nominations. I woke up to angry Twitter posts about how "fratty" the Oscars look this year and here's why.

No women were in the Best Director category this year, despite of the two most talked about films, “Selma” and "Unbroken" (both directed by women). Ava DuVernay would have been the first Black woman ever nominated in the Director category.

Also for Best Actor, there are no men of color nominated at all. That's not a huge surprise, but David Oyelowo's was super strong. I can't believe he was snubbed!

It's all very interesting, considering how Hollywood has been criticized for the lack of diversity lately. Oh well... you can see the rest of the nominations here.

The Season Premier of Looking fails to bring in the Viewers

The second season of Looking doesn't look so good. The season premier failed to bring in the numbers.

Deadline reports:
Ending the night of premieres for HBO, the Season 2 launch of dramedy Looking drew 183,000 viewers. That’s down 45% from its January 19, 2014 debut. Following a non-premiere episode of Girls, that 10:30 show had a then-slight 338,000 total viewers. The March 9 Season 1 finale of Looking pulled about 420,000 viewers, down from the 519,000 season high of February 23, which had a particularly strong True Detective as a lead-in for that night.
The first episode of the new season drew a lot on stereotypical pieces in gay genre. I wonder if the boring stories and unlikeable characters are to blame for the lack of Looking viewers.

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