Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Are Michael Sam & Vito Cammisano Over?

The streets are talking and their saying that Michael Sam and Vito are over.

TMZ Sports gave a few clues to fuels this rumor.

Clue #1 -- Michael has REMOVED several affectionate photos of himself and Vito from Twitter and Instagram recently, including their famous engagement pic taken at St. Peter's Basilica. 

Clue #2 -- The couple hasn't been spotted together in almost 2 months ... even when Sam left the Montreal Alouettes under mysterious circumstances earlier this month. Bizarre for an engaged couple, right? Also, no tweets of concern or support from Vito. 

Clue #3 -- Vito, an aspiring video blogger, just published his very first YouTube video this week ... and he's not wearing his engagement ring. Again, unusual for Vito, who had been sporting the ring EVERYWHERE ... from the Vegas pool scene to hikes at L.A.'s famous Runyon Canyon.

I hope this isn't true, but if so, I hope they find happiness.

Bill O’Reilly: White House Rainbow Lights ‘Wrong and Insulting,’ Slap in the Face

Bryan Fischer Says SCOTUS Justice Are Leading Millions To Hell With Gay Marriage Ruling

Caitlyn Jenner Out and About

She looks so happy and free... Get it Miss Caitlyn, this is your time!

Check Out the New GHOSTBUSTERS Uniforms

Monday, June 29, 2015

NBCUniversal to Donald Trump: You're Fired!

Finally NBCUniversal drop this fool.

After his rant against the Latino community, NBCUniversal said, "Bye Felicia"

TIME reports
NBC will no longer be the home of the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, which Trump produces, and Trump has already stepped down from running his reality show The Apprentice to run for president. “At NBC, respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values,” the network said in a statement, NBC News reports. “Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBCUniversal is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump.”

During his presidential announcement speech earlier this month, Trump called the U.S. “a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems” while speaking about immigration. “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

A representative for Trump did not immediately respond to TIME’s request for comment.
I'm glad NBC stood their ground. They didn't lose anything, but they've gain a lot respect for this.

Roy Moore orders Alabama judges to not issue Same-Sex Marriage licenses for 25 Days

Just when you thought Roy Moore was down, he quickly popped up with new mess to share. He's stalling marriage equality in the Alabama for 25 days.

Here's more AL.com:
Moore said his view of the order is that the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Friday ending the gay marriage order is stalled in Alabama.

Seven of the nine justices concurred with the order. Only Moore and Supreme Court Justice Greg Shaw joined Moore did not sign on.

"I am not real clear what it's saying .. it's very unclear," Jefferson County Probate Judge Sherri Friday said. At this moment, they are still issuing licenses to same-sex couples as her attorneys review the order.

Part of the order, Friday said, states parts of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that were appealable for rehearing.

The order stems another issued by the state supreme court in March.

"As it has done for approximately two centuries, Alabama law allows for 'marriage' between only one man and one woman," the order issued in March stated. "Alabama probate judges have a ministerial duty not to issue any marriage license contrary to this law. Nothing in the United States Constitution alters or overrides this duty."

That order, called a writ of mandamus, had been requested by the Alabama Policy Institute and the Alabama Citizens Action Program in February.
You can read the ruling after the jump

Jennicet Gutiérrez speaks out on why she interrupted the President and LGBTQ Immigrants - VIDEO

Where's Levi Johnston?

Since Bristol Palin is back in the news, I start to wonder... Where is Levi Johnston?

He reached his peak in 2008 and 2009 with his Playgirl spread, but not much after that.

His DWP (Dirty White Boy) status gave him some sex appeal, but where did that go? I heard he got married and moved on, but he could come back... Maybe.

Time for a new Look

I'm excited and nervous about my new look. I've had my locs since 2001, but I think it's time for a change for so many reasons.

I will post my new look soon.

Looking Back

Has the world ended yet?

Has the demons ran wild on Earth?

Take a moment to look back at all of things said about Marriage Equality. How Hell was going to come and wipe us out. Everything those so-called-Christians said to us.

All of the hate they spewed and all of the money they spent on the hate campaigns like Prop 8 and the religious freedom laws. Their fear of our love was so much, but in the end, they failed and we won.

There is still more to fix, but for a moment let's look back at the mess they told us. And how in the end, it was nothing but dust.

CNN host to Donald Trump: ‘What’s traditional about being married three times?’

Sunday, June 28, 2015

NOM vows to fight on... And Begs for Money

From their blog
"If you believe that our next President of the United States must be a champion for true marriage, then we ask you to donate today so that we can make this a reality in the future. There are other elements of our plan to go forward, and I will discuss these in future communications. For now, rest assured that NOM is in this fight for the long haul, and we trust you will be there with us. This is a dark day, but we are not defeated. Indeed, we have been reenergized and are more determined than ever to reverse this injustice and restore God's institution of marriage to its proper place in American law and culture. Our opponents are now counting on you to give up, and so is a majority of the US Supreme Court. Remember it was Justice Ginsburg who violated judicial ethics to comment publicly that the American people will easily accept this illegitimate decision. Please act today to prove her wrong! Your contribution of $25, $50, $100, $500 or $1,000 or more will be an investment in the next phase of this struggle and allow us to begin to fight back and ultimately reverse this terrible decision."

Saturday, June 27, 2015

That time when CNN reported an 'ISIS' flag at a Gay Pride, but it was a Flag of Dildos - VIDEO

The White House covered in a Rainbow

So good... So good

WATCH An Activist Takes Down the Confederate Flag at SC State Capitol UPDATED

Activist Bree Newsome took down the Confederate Flag at the South Carolina State Capitol this morning.

Bree and a white ally, James Tyson, were arrested for their efforts. Bree said:
"It's time for a new chapter where we are sincere about dismantling white supremacy and building toward true racial justice and equality."
Hopefully, she is released soon.


Michael Moore is paying her bail

Friday, June 26, 2015

In Louisiana: A Black Gay Couple denied a Marriage License despite the SCOTUS legalizing Gay Marriage - WATCH

WATCH as President Obama Sings 'Amazing Grace' during Eulogy at Clementa Pinckney Funeral

Conservative Woes over Marriage Equality

Tony Perkins
"Five justices on the Supreme Court have overturned the votes of 50 million Americans and demanded that the American people walk away from millennia of history and the reality of human nature. In reaching a decision so lacking in foundation in the text of the Constitution, in our history, and in our traditions, the Court has done serious damage to its own legitimacy. No court can overturn natural law. Nature and Nature’s God, hailed by the signers of our Declaration of Independence as the very source of law, cannot be usurped by the edict of a court, even the United States Supreme Court. Americans will not stop standing for transcendent truth, nor accept the legitimacy of this decision. Truth is not decided by polls or the passage of time, but by the One who created time and everything that exists therein. We will not lapse into silence but will continue to speak uncompromisingly for the truth about what marriage is, always has been, and always will be: the union of one man and one woman."

Ryan T. Anderson
"Today is a significant setback for all Americans who believe in the Constitution, the rule of law, democratic self-government, and marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The Court got it wrong: it should not have mandated all 50 states to redefine marriage. This is judicial activism: nothing in the Constitution requires the redefinition of marriage, and the Court imposed its judgment about a policy matter that should be decided by the American people and their elected representatives. The Court got marriage and the Constitution wrong today just like they got abortion and the Constitution wrong 42 years ago with Roe v. Wade. Five unelected judges do not have the power to change the truth about marriage or the truth about the Constitution."

Brian Brown
"Though expected, today's decision is completely illegitimate. We reject it and so will the American people. It represents nothing but judicial activism, legislating from the bench, with a bare majority of the Justices on the Supreme Court exercising raw political power to impose their own preferences on marriage when they have no constitutional authority to do so. It is a lawless ruling that contravenes the decisions of over 50 million voters and their elected representatives. It is a decision that is reminiscent of other illegitimate Court rulings such as Dred Scott and Roe v Wade and will further plunge the Supreme Court into public disrepute. Make no mistake about it: The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and countless millions of Americans do not accept this ruling. Instead, we will work at every turn to reverse it. The US Supreme Court does not have the authority to redefine something it did not create. Marriage was created long before the United States and our constitution came into existence. Our constitution says nothing about marriage. The majority who issued today's ruling have simply made it up out of thin air with no constitutional authority. Today's decision of the Supreme Court lacks both constitutional and moral authority. There is no eternal or natural law that allows for marriage to be redefined." - Hate group leader Brian Brown, in a press release stained with bitter impotent tears.

Bobby Jindal
"The Supreme Court decision today conveniently and not surprisingly follows public opinion polls, and tramples on states’ rights that were once protected by the 10th Amendment of the Constitution. Marriage between a man and a woman was established by God, and no earthly court can alter that. This decision will pave the way for an all out assault against the religious freedom rights of Christians who disagree with this decision. This ruling must not be used as pretext by Washington to erode our right to religious liberty. The government should not force those who have sincerely held religious beliefs about marriage to participate in these ceremonies. That would be a clear violation of America’s long held commitment to religious liberty as protected in the First Amendment. I will never stop fighting for religious liberty and I hope our leaders in D.C. join me.

Rick Santorum

“Today, five unelected justices decided to redefine the foundational unit that binds together our society without public debate or input. Now is the people’s opportunity respond because the future of the institution of marriage is too important to not have a public debate. The Court is one of three co-equal branches of government and, just as they have in cases from Dred Scott to Plessy, the Court has an imperfect track record. The stakes are too high and the issue too important to simply cede the will of the people to five unaccountable justices.
“But leaders don’t accept bad decisions that they believe harm the country, they have the courage of their convictions and lead the country down the better path. Marriage, the family and our children are too central to a healthy society to not fight for what is best. I realized that fact early on and that is why I lead the charge against some in my own party in 2004 to ensure the Federal Marriage Amendment received a vote and I continue to stand for marriage, for families, for freedom.
“As President, I will be committed to using the bully pulpit of the White House to lead a national discussion on the importance to our economy and our culture of mothers and fathers entering into healthy marriages so that every child is given their birthright- to be raised by their mother and father in a stable, loving home. I will stand for the preservation of religious liberty and conscience, to believe what you are called to believe free from persecution. And I will ensure that the people will have a voice in decisions that impact the rock upon which our civilization is built.”

President Obama Congrats Jim Obergefell - SCOTUS Marriage Ruling

Same-sex marriage is now a constitutional right in America

No more gay marriage issues!

SCOTUS has given the country marriage equality! How awesome is that? It was 5-4, but read the excerpt from Justice Kennedy
This is a great day, but the battle isn't over. We have more to fight for, so stay ready and alert!

#BobbyJindalIsSoWhite trended in India for Hours

Here's some good news.

If you are on Twitter, search the hashtag #BobbyJindalIsSoWhite. Trust me it's worth. It trended in India for several hours. Check it out

Interesting Post: Blister Palin

I wanted you guys to be the first to know that I am pregnant.Honestly, I’ve been trying my hardest to keep my chin up on this one.At the end of the day there’s nothing I can’t do with God by my side, and I know I am fully capable of handling anything that is put in front of me with dignity and grace.
Life moves on no matter what. So no matter how you feel, you get up, get dressed, show up, and never give up. When life gets tough, there is no other option but to get tougher. I know this has been, and will be, a huge disappointment to my family, to my close friends, and to many of you.
But please respect Tripp’s and my privacy during this time. I do not want any lectures and I do not want any sympathy.
My little family always has, and always will come first.Tripp, this new baby, and I will all be fine, because God is merciful.

So much for teaching abstinence.


New Trailer: Do I Sound Gay?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Interesting Quote: Jennicet Gutiérrez

Immigrant trans women are 12 times more likely to face discrimination because of our gender identity. If we add our immigration status to the equation, the discrimination increases. Transgender immigrants make up one out of every 500 people in detention, but we account for one out of five confirmed sexual abuse cases in ICE custody. The violence my trans sisters face in detention centers is one of torture and abuse. The torture and abuse come from ICE officials and other detainees in these detention centers. I have spoken with my trans immigrant sisters who were recently released from detention centers. With a lot of emotional pain and heavy tears in their eyes, they opened up about the horrendous treatment they all experienced. Often seeking asylum to escape threats of violence because of their gender identity and sexuality, this is how they’re greeted in this country. At times misgendered, exposed to assault, and put in detention centers with men.

Jennicet on why she interrupted the president

SCOTUS upholds Obamacare

Today, the Supreme Court upheld the nationwide availability of tax subsidies that are a part of Obamacare. The court ruled on a 6-3 vote. After the victory, President Obama spoke to press

Mark Wahlberg Joins New Kids on the Block in Concert for First Time in 20 Years - WATCH

Are Russell Tovey and Sam Smith together?

Lord, this is messy.

British tabloid, Mirror, claims that Russell Tovey and Sam Smith are boyfriends.

From their site:
Is there love in the air for Sam Smith and actor Russell Tovey? The two chums were getting on like a house on fire backstage at Hyde Park on Sunday night.

But our party source says there is nothing going on because Russell, 33, has a new boyfriend.

“Sam and Russell know each other through the party scene,” the source says. “But Russell is smitten with his new man so there isn’t room for romance.” What a shame.

Sam, 23, and Russ were hanging out with Strictly judge Bruno, 59, and TV presenter Lizzie Cundy, 45. Other stars included former Radio 1 presenter Chris Moyles, 41, who is still enjoying his “retirement”.
Trashy, but you never know, right?

Glenn Beck and David Barton Warn That Gay Marriage Will Legalize Pedophilia And Outlaw The Bible

Hot Cover: Chris Pratt for Men's Health

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

White House Pride Event Interrupted Over LGBTQ Detention

During the White House Pride Event, Trans activist Jennicet Gutiérrez. Jennict interrupted the president over LGBTQ Detention.


Jennicet was escorted out of the White House. Later, GetEqual released this statement

First Look at Taye Diggs as Hedwig

Bryan Fischer Calls For The Removal Of 'The Rainbow Flag Of The Gay Reich'

More for this fool... This is a symbol of oppression? Does he know what oppression is?

New Study: White Americans are the Biggest Terrorist Threat in America

This is some interesting news today.

A study by the New America Foundation has note that White Americans are the biggest terror threat in the United States. The research group looked at the attacks from Sept. 11, 2001 and according to their findings, these attacks came from radical anti-government groups or white supremacists.

Here's more
Almost twice as many people have died in attacks by right-wing groups in America than have died in attacks by Muslim extremists. Of the 26 attacks since 9/11 that the group defined as terror, 19 were carried out by non-Muslims. Yet there are no white Americans languishing inside the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay. And there are no drones dropping bombs on gatherings of military-age males in the country's lawless border regions.

Attacks by right-wing groups get comparatively little coverage in the news media. Most people will struggle to remember the shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin that killed six people in 2012. A man who associated with neo-Nazi groups carried out that shooting. There was also the married couple in Las Vegas who walked into a pizza shop and murdered two police officers. They left a swastika on one of the bodies before killing a third person in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Such attacks are not limited to one part of the country. In 2011, two white supremacists went on a shooting spree in the Pacific Northwest, killing four people.
Check out the link for more info.

New Trailer: Paranormal Activity - The Ghost Dimension

Hot Pics: Aaron Taylor-Johnson for 'Flaunt'

LGBT Groups pens a Letter to Remove the Confederate Flag

Here's the letter:
The Confederate battle flag and versions of the same do not stand for heritage. It is, as South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley said, “a deeply offensive symbol of a brutally racist past.” In the America of 2015, it does not belong on state or federal property, and it should not be flown in a place of honor as a part of any state flag.

In South Carolina, these words take on particular resonance, as calls for the removal of the Confederate flag from the grounds of the state capitol come just days after a white supremacist opened fire on a Bible study in a historically black church, killing nine black Americans, including a state senator. It is no wonder Republicans and Democrats are crossing the aisle to join in support of taking down the flag from the front of the State House.

As organizations that stand for equality and justice for all people, we are united in our opposition to the usage of such offensive and violent symbols. We support efforts to remove the Confederate flag as a contemporary symbol in the public square, beginning in South Carolina. But we also recognize that our work isn’t done with the state’s disavowal of a racist symbol.
Even as we stand side-by-side with those who wish to see the confederate flag removed from South Carolina— and in all public spaces across the nation—we also stand committed to addressing the hard truths that divide us, to finding solutions for the inequities facing people of color, and to ensuring access to fairness and to justice for all.

ACLU of South Carolina
Center For Black Equity
CenterLink: The Community of LGBT Centers
Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals
Family Equality Council
Freedom to Marry
Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD)
Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund & Institute
Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC)
Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN)
Human Rights Campaign
Lambda Legal
Los Angeles LGBT Center
Marriage Equality USA
National Black Justice Coalition
National Center for Lesbian Rights
National Center for Transgender Equality
National LGBTQ Task Force
New York City Anti-Violence Project
Out & Equal Workplace Advocates
PFLAG National
Pride at Work
SC Equality
Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE)
South Carolina Black Pride
The Pride Network
Trevor Project

Mike Huckabee: If Elected President, will Block Gay Marriage

This is my face anytime Huckles speak

During a convo with Iowa radio host Steve Deace and  Bob Vander Plaat, he claimed that if elected (which will never happen) he will block every gay marriage in sight!
"Until the Congress of the United States puts on my desk a bill that basically defies the laws of nature and nature’s God and defies the longstanding tradition of marriage, the federal government will not recognize same-sex marriage because there is no law that requires it and that would be true for the military and it would be true for all federal institutions. If the Congress decides that they want to pass enabling legislation, they could put it on my desk and I would veto it, and they can attempt to override it. That’s the process. If liberals were subjected to a conservative court that forced them to tithe their income to scripture or forced them to go to church or forced them to believe something that they don’t want to believe, they would say, ‘We can’t do that, that would go against our conscience.’ And I would say, ‘You are exactly right and we can’t have such a ruling.' This is why I find this very unsettling is because liberals will rue the day when the sword they use to enact their agenda is the sword of the court rather than to do it by way of the people’s elected representatives."
Again, my face in the pic above.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pic of the Day: Take It Down

art by Lalo Alcaraz

Mike Huckabee: God solved Racism

After Nikki Haley's presser, Mike... Well, Mike was being Mike and said:
“I keep hearing people saying we need more conversations about race. Actually we don’t need more conversations. What we need is conversions because the reconciliations that changes people is not a racial reconciliation, it’s a spiritual reconciliation when people are reconciled to God. When I love God and I know that God created other people regardless of their color as much as he made me, I don’t have a problem with racism. It’s solved!”
Of course it is, even though 9 people were killed over race. But hey, Mike, you're right. "It's Solved!:


Bryan Fischer Insists The Confederate Flag 'Is A Democratic Issue'

Caitlyn Jenner posts a Great Family Pic

Check out... Uniquely Nasty: The U.S. Government’s War on Gays

I got this email the other day to check out this doc. It's pretty interesting to watch. It's called Uniquely Nasty: The U.S. Government’s War on Gays

Here's more
The film explores a dark and little-known chapter in America’s recent political past, when gays and lesbians were barred from working for the federal government and the FBI, through its “sex deviates” program, secretly collected hundreds of thousands of files on the sex lives of American citizens.

“Uniquely Nasty” includes never-before-seen government memos by legendary FBI director J. Edgar Hoover (read by George Takei) and John Steele, a top lawyer for the U.S. Civil Service Commission (read by Matt Bomer) asserting that gays were “not suitable” for federal employment.

Yahoo Studios worked in conjunction with the Washington, DC based production company Long Story Short to produce Yahoo's first original documentary. This film kicks off the relaunch of Yahoo's short-form docuseries Viewfinder. The series will be available on Yahoo's video platform, Yahoo Screen, and social media site Tumblr.
Check it out

Monday, June 22, 2015

Gov. Nikki Haley Announces Removal of Confederate Flag from State Grounds

Marvel Hires Ava DuVernay to Direct Black Panther

This is so good!

Ava DuVernay will be the director of the Black Panther movie! Miss Ava will be the first woman of color to direct a Marvel film. I just hope that she doesn't run into the issues Joss Whedon and Edgar Wright had with Marvel. However, if she does, I think she can hold it down.

Good Luck, Ava.

Gov. Nikki Haley to hold a Press Conference to Remove the Confederate Flag

Gov. Nikki Haley will be holding a news conference at 4 pm EST, where she will call for the removal of the Confederate flag from the Statehouse. This will also, kick off a longer discussion on legislatively removing the flag completely.

Personally, I don't know why this issue needs so much attention. She could be a goddamn leader and remove the flag. However, this old clip may give you some insight on why this is an issue for her.


President Obama gets real on Podcast, drops the N-Word when talking about Race Relations

President Obama kept it real on Marc Maron on the comedian's "WTF" podcast. In lieu of the Charleston shooting, President Obama said this about race relations:
"It is incontrovertible that race relations have improved significantly during my lifetime and yours. What is also true is that the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination in almost every institution of our lives -- that casts a long shadow and that's still part of our DNA that's passed on. The United States is not "cured" of racism. It's not just a matter of it not being polite to say nigger in public. That's not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. It's not just a matter of overt racism."
The media is all over this, which is kinda funny to see their response.

Fox News' reaction is priceless though

Hot Music: Janet Jackson - No Sleeep

It's here! It's here! Janet's new single

Alex Jones: Charleston Shooting A Set-Up To Start Race War

Social Media drags Chuck Todd over Insensitive Video

Chuck Todd stepped into some hot ass water yesterday.

During 'Meet The Press', Chuck used a video of testimonies of convicted killers and gun use, he called the segment "color-blind." The overall goal was to address the killings in Charleston. But in the "color-blind" piece, the killers were all Black men.

See here

The video pissed off a lot people and they took to social media to drag Chuck through the fields. Later, Chuck released this response:
We've gotten a lot of feedback about the gun video we showed on Meet the Press today. Some were upset it only featured African-American men talking about their regrets of pulling a trigger. All of the men in the piece volunteered to be a part of the video and the larger project it is a part of.

But the last thing we wanted was to cloud the discussion of the topic.
The original decision to air this segment was made before Wednesday's massacre. However, the staff and I had an internal debate about whether to show it at all this week. When we discussed putting it off, that conversation centered around race and perception - not the conversation we wanted the segment to invoke.

We decided against delaying the segment because we wanted to show multiple sides of what gun violence does in this country. We thought the issue of gun violence in our culture and society was an important conversation to continue -- too important to put off for another week. The consequences of gun violence should not be hidden.

As I say to all audiences, Meet the Press should make all viewers uncomfortable at some point or we are not doing our job. I hope folks view the gun video as a part of the conversation we should all be having and not the totality of it.
It was foolish of him to do this segment. Once again, he proven to be an asshole. What happened, Chuck?


Question of the Day

Do you remember the first guy to tell you that he liked you?

How did you feel?

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mitt Romney tweets for the Confederate Flag to be Taken Down

I'm actually surprised to see this. Mitt Romney? Really? Is he running for president after all?

Westboro Baptist Church plans to Picket Funerals of Charleston Shooting

These assholes are planning to picket the funerals for no good reason. It's so disrespectful, but then again, it's Westboro Baptist Church.

Question of the Day

Please tell me why the Confederate flag is still flying in the air? It is a symbol of oppression, treason and failed ideas. This flag has always been and will continue to be a symbol of losers. So, again, why is it still up?

Friday, June 19, 2015

VIDEO - The family of the victims confront Dylann Roof at Bond Hearing

Interesting Quote: Mike Huckabee

“The one thing that would have at least ameliorated the horrible situation in Charleston would have been if somebody in that prayer meeting had a conceal carry or (if) there had been an off duty policeman somebody with the legal authority to carry a firearm and could have stopped the shooter."


Loony Loon Rev. Ronnie Floyd speaks to Southern Baptists about same-sex marriage

NOM's Presidential Marriage Pledge is back

NOM is back to force the GOP to sign their Hate Pledge.

On their site they have this silly pledge against gay marriage. It reads:

Marriage is Under Attack

Marriage is under unprecedented attack by gay and lesbian activists and federal judges who have illegitimately ruled in at least twenty states that it is unconstitutional to recognize marriage in the law as it has existed in reality for millennia, the union of one man and one woman. These judges have ignored the decision of countless elected officials and over 50 million voters who have participated in the democratic process to define marriage. Now the US Supreme Court is considering ruling in a case that could impose gay ‘marriage’ on the entire nation.

It is critical that the next President of the United States be a champion for marriage and commit to take specific actions needed to preserve marriage and restore a vibrant marriage culture in America. The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has asked each Republican candidate to sign a pledge committing the candidate to particular actions if elected.

And here's the pledge
The Presidential Marriage Pledge

I, _____________ _____________, pledge to the American people that if elected President, I will:

One, support a federal constitutional amendment that protects marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Two, oppose and work to overturn any Supreme Court decision that illegitimately finds a constitutional "right" to the redefinition of marriage. This includes nominating to the U.S. Supreme Court and federal bench judges who are committed to restraint and applying the original meaning of the Constitution, and appointing an attorney general similarly committed.

Three, conduct a review of regulatory, administrative and executive actions taken by the current Administration that have the effect of undermining marriage and work to restore our policies to be consistent with the proper understanding of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Consistent with this, prevent the promotion of a redefined version of marriage in public schools and other government entities.

Four, support the First Amendment Defense Act and other legislation that recognizes the right of organizations and individuals to act in the public square consistent with their belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman without fear of retaliation from the government.

Five, direct the Department of Justice to investigate, document and publicize cases of Americans who have been harassed or threatened for exercising key civil rights to organize, to speak, to donate or to vote for marriage and to propose new protections, if needed.

Girl... Please.

E.W. Jackson Wonders Whether Charleston Shooting Part of ‘War on Christians’

Magic Mike XXL on the cover of EW

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Say Their Names! The Victims of the Charleston Shooting

A Woman calls Don Lemon and President Obama Uncle Toms on CNN - WATCH

Alveda King Links Charleston Shooting To Abortion, Downplays Racial Hate Crime

Terrorist caught and arrested in the Murders of 9 people in Charleston, South Carolina

In Charleston, South Carolina, 9 people were shot and killed in the historic Emanuel AME Church. The act of terrorism happened last night around 9pm. The killer is Dylann Roof, a 21-year-old While male. He was arrested in Shelby, N.C., after someone saw Dylann's car.

At this time, we do not have a reason for the killings or a motive. We do know that there are over 15 hate groups in the state and the Justice Dept. will conduct a hate crime investigation.

More to come

Cliff Kincaid: Gays Are Going After Our Kids

Question of the day

Do you believe in monogamy?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Google releases a Video focusing on the Trans Community

Good job, Google

In North Carolina: A Teacher steps down for Reading a Gay Children's Book to Students

A teacher, from Efland-Cheeks Elementary School, had to resign for reading a gay children's book in the classroom.

Third-grade teacher Omar Currie read a gay children's book called , "King and King" to his students. He did this because one of the students was being bullied and he thought it would be a good learning tool. The book is just a children's book there is nothing graphic about it. In fact, it was given to him by Assistant Principal Meg Goodhand (who also resigned).

Well, that pissed off a bunch of rednecks in the town of Efland and they held a meeting to discuss it.

Queerty reports
More than 200 parents and residents of the small 750-person town attended an open meeting to discuss Currie’s use of the book in class.

Some parents stood up to publicly tell Currie he’d die an early death and spend eternity in hell. We wonder where the kid who sparked the incident by calling another student gay learned that kind of attitude? 
But the hate didn’t stop there. Currie received anonymous mail saying that being gay is a “birth defect” and accusing him of indoctrinating children through “psycho-emotional rape.”

Though Currie wasn’t officially disciplined by the school, he says administrators became hostile towards him, and he was upset the principle enacted a rule that teachers must inform parents of every book read in class, giving them the option to opt out.

“My reading of King & King was the 100% right thing to do,” he said.

“There was no way I was going to have the support I needed to continue teaching [at the school].”
It's sad that Omar had to leave. However, it probably for the best. Being Black and possibly gay in a town like Efland, doesn't seem to be a good idea. I hope he leaves and finds a place that will be open to real education and diversity.

Jeb Bush 'Slow Jams The News' on Jimmy Fallon

So awkward looking

Alveda King: Gay Rights Harm Kids

Dallas BBQ Brawler turns Himself In

Bayna-Lehkiem El-Amin, the attacker in the Dallas BBQ incident, turned himself in to detectives yesterday. He is charged with felony assault and attempted felony assault. However, he's not being charged with a hate crime.

Bayna has a history with crime, so this will be interesting to watch as it plays out.

FIRST LOOK at Kerry Washington as Anita Hill in the HBO film Confirmation

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

CBS' Big Brother will have their 1st Transgender Contestant

This season of CBS' Big Brother, we get our first transgender contestant. Her name is Audrey Middleton and she was inspired by Caitlyn Jenner to do this. She hopes to be a positive role model for the community.

I hope she can do this without being a mess.

Good luck, Audrey

Rachel Dolezal Breaks Her Silence: 'I Identify As Black'

Glenn Beck Says Gays Are Making 'The Same Demands As Were Happening In Sodom And Gomorrah'

Melissa Harris Perry will talk with Rachel Dolezal

Melissa Harris Perry will sit down with Rachel Dolezal and talk about her "Blackness". Now, I'm not sure how this is going to go, but I hope Melissa really gets in there and break this down.

Rachel Dolezal has caused a lot of drama lately and finally, her little game has come to an end. I want to know how she did this, why she did this and did she really think she would get away with this.

So, this interview should be something to see. At least I hope so,

Miley Cyrus launches an Instagram project focusing on the Transgender Community

Miley Cyrus has launched a two-week Instagram campaign called InstaPride. The goal is to spread stories about transgender and "gender expansive" people. It started yesterday and it's already gaining a lot of attention.

Magic Mike XXL Cast Shares Their Porn Names

Donald Trump's 19-Point Plan To Make America The Best... In his Mind

This fool is running for president, BTW

From HuffPo

Dumb Man Losing

Monday, June 15, 2015

LIVE: Jeb Bush to announce US presidential election candidacy

Rachel Dolezal resigns from the NAACP

From Facebook

Dear Executive Committee and NAACP Members, It is a true honor to serve in the racial and social justice movement here...
Posted by Spokane NAACP on Monday, June 15, 2015

OMG! Janet Jackson Announces 'Unbreakable World Tour'

OM F**king G!

Janet Jackson has announced her tour!

Billboard reports:
Tickets go on sale June 22 at JanetJackson.com, with an American Express pre-sale beginning Monday, June 15 at 10 a.m. EST through Friday, June 19 at 10 p.m. “American Express is thrilled to partner with an iconic artist like Janet Jackson on the Unbreakable World Tour and bring our Card Members an opportunity to purchase tickets before the general on-sale date,” Walter Frye, V.P. American Express Entertainment, said in a statement. “Adding Janet to our industry-leading ticketing partnerships is rooted in our mission to serve our card members’ deep passion for music.”
Here is the full list of US Unbreakable World Tour dates below:

Aug. 31, 2015 Pepsi Live at Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BCSept. 2, 2015 Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary, ABSept. 4, 2015 Rexall Place Edmonton, ABSept. 5, 2015 Revolution Place Grande Prairie, ABSept. 7, 2015 SaskTel Centre Saskatoon, SKSept. 8, 2015 MTS Centre Winnipeg, MBSept. 11, 2015 Van Andel Arena Grand Rapids, MISept. 12, 2015 PNC Pavilion at Riverbend Music Center CincinnatiSept. 15, 2015 Air Canada Centre TorontoSept. 17, 2015 Walnut Creek Amphitheatre Raleigh, NCSept. 18, 2015 PNC Music Pavilion Charlotte, NCSept. 20, 2015 American Airlines Arena MiamiSept. 23, 2015 Amway Arena OrlandoSept. 24, 2015 Amalie Arena Tampa, FLSept. 26, 2015 Chastain Park Amphitheatre Atlanta, GASept. 27, 2015 Ascend Amphitheater NashvilleSept. 29, 2015 Fedex Forum Memphis, TNSept. 30, 2015 Smoothie King Center New Orleans, LAOct. 9, 2015 Axis @ Planet Hollywood Las VegasOct. 10, 2015 Axis @ Planet Hollywood Las VegasOct. 13, 2015 Bill Graham Civic Auditorium San FranciscoOct. 14, 2015 Bill Graham Civic Auditorium San FranciscoOct. 16, 2015 The Forum Los AngelesOct. 17, 2015 Viejas Arena San DiegoOct. 19, 2015 Comerica Theatre PhoenixOct. 21, 2015 Santa Barbara Bowl Santa Barbara, CAOct. 22, 2015 Santa Barbara Bowl Santa Barbara, CAOct. 24, 2015 Energy Solutions Arena Salt Lake City, UTOct. 25, 2015 Pepsi Center Denver, COOct. 27, 2015 Sprint Center Kansas City, MOOct. 29, 2015 Chaifetz Arena St. Louis, MOOct. 30, 2015 CenturyLink Center Omaha, NENov. 1, 2015 Target Center MinneapolisNov. 3, 2015 Chicago Theatre ChicagoNov. 4, 2015 Chicago Theatre ChicagoNov. 12, 2015 Neal S. Blaisdell Center Arena Honolulu, HI

Me after watching Game of Thrones last night

Girl, Transracial is a Lie

I don't believe in Transracial, I just don't! And I don't think it's right to compare transracial with transgender. Some folks are trying to do it, but I'm here to tell you it's wrong.

I don't think you can be trapped in the wrong race. I get growing up in a certain neighborhood or country, and you have several unique experiences in those spaces. But at the end of the day, you can't turn around and claim you were born in the wrong race.

Now, Rachel Dolezal hasn't claimed to be transracial, because I think she knows better (maybe). But because of her, many people are questioning if it actually exist. Again, no it doesn't. It's make-believe, a lie and a weak argument. And to say it's the same as transgender... Girl, hand me your badge. Transgender is real. Trans women are not trying to pass as women, because they are women. The same for trans men. They are not passing or trying fool you intentionally. They are not lying to you, or stealing stereotypical pieces of your culture. So, don't get it twisted.

What Rachel did stems from her troubled life. Don't compare her foolishness with a trans person simply trying to live their true.

Alveda King: Gay Marriage Is Impossible!

Tramp, you are impossible!

Friday, June 12, 2015

NAACP released a statement on Rachel Dolezal

Baltimore, MD – For 106 years, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has held a long and proud tradition of receiving support from people of all faiths, races, colors and creeds. NAACP Spokane Washington Branch President Rachel Dolezal is enduring a legal issue with her family, and we respect her privacy in this matter. One’s racial identity is not a qualifying criteria or disqualifying standard for NAACP leadership. The NAACP Alaska-Oregon-Washington State Conference stands behind Ms. Dolezal’s advocacy record. In every corner of this country, the NAACP remains committed to securing political, educational, and economic justice for all people, and we encourage Americans of all stripes to become members and serve as leaders in our organization.

Hate language sent through mail and social media along with credible threats continue to be a serious issue for our units in the Pacific Northwest and across the nation. We take all threats seriously and encourage the FBI and the Department of Justice to fully investigate each occurrence.

Rick Joyner Says Legalizing Gay Marriage Is A 'Trial Run' For The Mark Of The Beast

So, there is an American Hogwarts!

JK Rowling has revealed that there's an American Hogwarts and we will see it in upcoming spin-off movie Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

I want to say that I've heard about the idea of the American school in the books, but I haven't them in years. But how cool will it be to see the US version of the witch campus. And what will be the name of the school?

I'm intrigued.

NAACP Leader Caught lying about her Race - VIDEO

Okay, this is too much, just too much!

This woman, Rachel Dolezal, is the president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP. Now, looking at her, I would think she was possibly mixed... Possibly.

Now, she has been in this role for awhile and was on KXLY4 to talk about the hate crimes she's reported over the years. But here's the tea, this woman is WHITE. She has claimed that her father is Black, but the truth is her daddy is White. Her parents start calling her out on her mess and then this happened

It's sad and a bit funny in some ways. How and why did she do this? And she did think she could do this forever?

This woman needs some help

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