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WATCH: Rick Santorum gets Blasted by a Penn State Student

False Preacher Eddie Long puts out a Statement of Lies

False preacher and closeted gay Eddie Long releases a statement this week. He basically lies and still denies the truth about the men he seduced. This statement is to keep the fools believing and the money coming.

Remember, he was going to use his 5 rocks to fight this thing. I guess the truth was a bigger giant. Here is the lie, uh, I mean statement.
New Birth Members,

We have a long history of dutifully serving those in need in the local and global communities and we will continue to do so. We are committed to the calling of a strong, viable and relevant ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, we are in the media again and people are wondering what I am going to say. All I have to say is what we stated earlier. All parties involved decided to resolve the civil cases out of court. The decision was made to bring closure to this matter and allow us to move forward with the plans God has for this ministry.

I will continue to honor and abide by my commitment of confidentiality and restraint as it relates to the resolution of the civil litigation and will not be diverted from the important work of the ministry.

I thank God for your faithful support of my journey to South Africa where thousands where blessed and more than 700 people gave their lives to Christ. We also were able to sow more support into the HIV/AIDS Hospice in Johannesburg that we partnered with last year. We built a wonderful bridge of relationships with pastors and community leaders to further establish the Kingdom and bless others.

I love you and thank you for your continued commitment and dedication.

Your Pastor,
Bishop Eddie L. Long
Whatever, bitch!. Read more on this here

source and Rod 2.0

VIDEO: Equality California ties Tony Perkins and his Hate Group to the KKK

This is an aggressive strike from EQCA, as they point out the lies and connections of Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council

(San Francisco) Last week the Family Research Council, a virulent anti-LGBT organization with ties to the Ku Klux Klan and recognized as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, joined the effort to overturn the FAIR Education Act in California and released a video message to fundamentalist churches on behalf of the campaign. In it, the group’s executive director, Tony Perkins, blatantly lied about and grossly misrepresented the FAIR Education Act, which requires California schools to include factual, age-appropriate information about the contributions, social movements and current events of, people with disabilities, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT), and Pacific Islander people in already existing social studies lessons.

Don Lemon spoke to NPR about being a Gay Public Figure

Don spoke to NPR about his new responsibilities as a gay pubic figure and role model.

The new role is one that Lemon seems to have embraced. He said, "I think it's important for me to have a presence there and for me to actually walk in and own it and for all those journalists who are there, to say to them, like, not only that it's okay, but thank you for your support." 
Don has been on scene, holding different LGBT discussions and pointing issues that affect the LGBT community in his interviews. He is also embracing his newly found role and encouraging others to do the same. I'm so proud of him and I hope his story motivates more men of color to come out.

Here's the NPR interview

New Pics: Man of Steel - Superman Full Frontal

These are Frakking HOT!

 Super Booty!

via CBM and Facebook

New Video/Promo: Foo Fighters - Hot Buns

I think it is cute... I've always had a crush on Dave Grohl

Thanks Mecha

Guess Who's in The Avengers movie? The Skrulls

If you take a look at the IMDb of The Avengers. You will see this:

Notice, that Cobie has another name listed... Anelle. Who is that? Well, Anelle is this:

She's a Skrull Princess. So I think the Skrulls will make an appearance in the film.

Good looking out Bleeding Cool

LISTEN: NC House Majority Leader Paul Stam Compares Gay Marriage to Polygamy and Incest


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Surprise! Gay College Students are using Sugar Daddies to pay Debt

Lord, this was something I knew was true, but I didn't want to know. Gay boys are using Sugar Daddies to pay their debt.
Of Sugar Daddy For Me’s 3 million members, Sharma says that about 2 million are sugar babies. Men seeking a gay sugar daddy account for about 80,000 of the site’s members and of these, about a quarter list some combination of “school,” “college,” “university,” “money for school,” “student debt,” “college debt,” “tuition,” and “college expenses” in their profile.

Another site,, which boasts over 800,000 members, has seen a sharp increase in users that it defines as “college sugar babies.” The site's 41-year-old founder, Brandon Wade, estimates that about 35 percent of its members are college students and 90,000 are gay male sugar babies. In 2007, the site said it had 5,239 gay male sugar babies who were also enrolled in college. Today, that figure stands at 35,682.
Kirk tries to abide by a few basic ground rules when getting sex for money: he refuses to perform oral sex, always wears protection, and will only have sex as a top, never a bottom. Whenever possible, he tries to avoid having sex with supposedly straight, married men looking for a “discreet” hook-up.

“I don’t want to feel objectified because of an exchange of money for sex. I want to feel equal and empowered, but I’m also really explicit that I’m just there for the money,” says Kirk, who estimates that he’s received money for having sex with more than 100 men in the last few years.
Please check out the rest of the article... Eric Arvin could probably write a hot story about this.


80s Classic Heroes Joins the New ThunderCats

Check out SilverHawks and TigerSharks! They are now a part of the ThunderCats

Get More: MTV Shows

New Poll: 43% View the Tea Party as Negative Label

I'm feeling this info. New reports are showing the growing negative views about the Tea Party in this country.
Rasmussen Reports periodically asks Likely U.S. Voters to rate political labels, and the latest national telephone survey finds that 38% consider it a positive when a political candidate is described as “conservative.” That’s consistent with surveys for several years but down slightly from 42% in January. Twenty-seven percent (27%) see conservative as a negative political label, up six points from the prior survey. Thirty percent (30%) rate it somewhere in between.

“Tea Party” has suffered much worse. Considered a positive political label by 29%, 43% now think Tea Party is a negative description for a candidate. That’s a net rating of negative 14, making it the worst thing you can call a candidate. Twenty-three percent (23%) put it somewhere in between.
Last September, 32% viewed Tea Party as a positive label and 38% a negative one. That was the previous low point for the grassroots smaller government movement. But that negative finding fell to 32% in January. 
I bet you that the GOP candidates will start moving away from this title as the main campaign goes forward... Watch.

WATCH: Hate Group's Spokesperson wants Recriminalize Homosexuality.

American Family Association Bryan Fischer called today for the recriminalization of homosexuality... See here:

New Pics: Man of Steel - Superman without the Cape

 You can blow up the pics to see a little bit more.

from the MoS Facebook

Diva Moment... Emmanuelle

I want to take this time to pay respect to the one diva who taught me how to seduce men... Emmanuelle.

If you had Cinemax in the 80s, then you know what I'm talking about. Emmanuelle was the main play in the Cinemax After Dark series. This movie was basically about an international harlot; but she was like a teacher for me. I learned how to seduce a couple of boys in my neighborhood (kissing in the closet or dry humping in an empty dog house).

Emmanuelle was my introduction to pretty sex. I wanted to be sexy, but not trashy. I had this weird belief that being a classy ho is the best way to be a ho (too much thinking for a 10-year old). Anywho, I loved Emmanuelle; and thank her and the movies for introducing me to sex appeal.

So here's to you, Emmanuelle and Sylvia Kristel for making her real to me.

Things I Learned from Comic Books

Comic Books taught me a lot over the years. I learned how to use big words, fashion, and how to give a grand entrance with a long monologue. But I also learned how to be an effective and strong person.

So, here are a few examples of what I've learned that shaped me in my life.

 Sometimes you have to make TOUGH decisions.

 Sometimes you have to step aside and the better person lead.

 You will need to leave the past behind and move forward with an open heart and open mind.

You have to be honest about yourself... Sometimes to others

Hero Realness


VIDEO: Judy Shepard on Lawrence King Murder

Monday, August 29, 2011

VIDEO: Martin Bashir Calls Out She-Mess Bachmann's Hurricane Joke

Over 500 Folks are Scared of Gay Sex in Torchwood

This is some bull mess. As Torchwood: Miracle Day continues, more folks complain about the gay sex scenes in the show:
More than 500 viewers complained directly to the broadcaster about ‘soft porn’ scenes in Thursday’s episode, which they said were ‘pointless’, irrelevant to the plot and out of place in a sci-fi show.

Dozens of fans vented their fury online and several have vowed to boycott the BBC1 show.

One viewer wrote online: ‘This show is meant to be a sci-fi show. I had to turn it off as my grandson, an avid sci-fi fan, was in the room.

'I am sure both myself and others are disgusted at last night’s show. Leave the gay scenes for the programmes more suited – not sci-fi.’
Another accused the BBC of turning the show into ‘gay porn’ and a third wrote: ‘The homosexual content is totally out of proportion and so we have decided not to watch anymore.’
Then don’t watch! And when did sci-fi mean, for straight people only? This is so silly. In any other shows, like True Blood, Entourage, Skins or whatever, no one complains about the sexual content in those series. So please, save it for a meteor shower. If gay sex scenes scare you, get over it. Gay sex happens even in sci-fi worlds.

Question of the Day: True Blood Edition


Okay, I'm alright, but what did you think about last night episode?

VIDEO: Michele Bachmann Loves White People

Beyonce Announces Pregnancy... The Future is Safe

The Queen of Pop announced that she's preggers on the MTV VMAs!

BTW, MTV need to hire real people to run these events.

Sen. Roberto (Grindr Name: Booty-Hole) Arango Resigns

After being caught on Grindr, flashing his butt hole to the world, Sen. Roberto Arango resigns:
Sen. Roberto Arango, a Republican who represents the capital of San Juan, presented his letter of resignation after a weekend meeting, Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz said.
Schatz did not release the lawmaker's letter, but said the circumstances that led to the resignation "are very lamentable."

Local news media published photos from the application showing a man's nude upper body with a cellphone obscuring his face. Another photo showed a rear view of a nude man on his hands and knees. Another showed a fuzzy image of a face that seemed to match Arango's.

Arango has neither confirmed nor denied suggestions by local media that the photos might be of him and apparently was not asked if he had posted them. During a recent interview with WAPA TV in Puerto Rico, the senator said he has taken pictures of himself with a cellphone to document his recent weight loss.
Well, maybe Roberto can work for Nasty Daddy or Men Over 30.


Interesting Quote: Brian Brown

But you and I have always fought together under the banner of truth. Together, truth and love will prevail, as Maggie says. Not Truth without the love of God and our neighbor in our hearts. Nor a Love which is afraid to speak truth for fear of being labeled a bigot or a hater by those who wield scorn and hatred as a weapon to suppress the truth and those who speak it.

They win by making us afraid to speak and to act for marriage in the public square.
They can only win if they can get us to accept and internalize the second-class status they propose for us. To accept our own marginalization, to be quiet, to stand down and keep our heads down. To live in fear, instead of acting, with courage, out of hope.
Brian thinks Crazy ass Christians are Second-Class citizens 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Iowa Family Policy Center BUSTED for using Taxpayers Money for Hate

The Iowa Family Policy Center used federal grant money to fund their anti-gay marriage campaign.
The $2.2 million received by the Iowa Family Policy Center between 2006 and 2010 helped hundreds of Iowans receive education and counseling, according to the documents. But it also paid for part of the salaries of five employees, rent, telephone, Internet and other expenses while the group was fighting legalized gay marriage in Iowa.

A University of Iowa researcher who was a consultant on the grant also told AP the group declined to provide same-sex couples education and counseling with the money.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services officials approved the grant budget, and there's no indication the costs run afoul of federal guidelines. Still, critics said the grant was potentially troubling because it was involved in a high-profile effort to respond to the Iowa Supreme Court's 2009 ruling legalizing gay marriage at the time, and the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa is investigating. A public backlash led Iowa voters to oust three justices last year.

The Iowa Family Policy Center and its political and advocacy arms, all housed in the same office as its marriage program, were outspoken on the issue. The center first called for blocking the ruling from taking effect and then called on lawmakers to amend Iowa's constitution to ban same-sex marriage.
This Iowa Family Policy Center is a part of the Family Leader, the group that had the stupid Marriage pledge. I hope this is taken to court. They can't use this money this way.


VIDEO: Rick Santorum - The Gay Community waged Jihad against me over Gay Marriage

New Promo: American Horror Story

Lord, Why is this 4 Year-Old Preaching?

This is some 'Children of the Corn' mess right here

My Rant: Joe Solmonese, Understanding HRC and Playing the Political Game

I know many gays are glad Joe Solmonese is leaving the HRC in March. But to be honest, I really don't see what the hate is all about.

Some of the comments I've read are not really anything of substance. They blame him for the failure of ENDA and DOMA, or the dragging of DADT. But seriously, what do folks think the HRC is, the Masters of the Universe?

The reality is many people had an unrealistic view of the HRC's power. They were a consultant group to the major political peeps and they raised awareness to many LGBT activities. Yes, they gave pretty parties, but that's what fundraising is. If they were going to lobby, fight for ballot initiatives and keep the organization running, they had to raise money. And those $1000 a plate event paid the bills.

Also when it came to DOMA, DADT and other issues; many gays believed Joe was a Shaman or Wizard. I guess he was going to weave a spell to make all things gay pass every vote. That's not how politics works. It is a game; a hard, tough serious game. I'm sorry, but some of the gay bloggers and activists would fail badly trying to play this game. You can't bring grassroot philosophies on a true political playing field. I believe Joe knew that, but many within the community didn't get it. The sad part is, I don't think they would understand the game until it was too late.

So, please think about what leadership of a powerful org like HRC entails. It's not like running your local letter writing campaign, it's serious wheeling and dealing. This job ain't for the 'Pollyannas', it's for the true strategic players of the game. Joe may not have been the best leader, but for 6 years he took the HRC to a better place. He understood the responsibilities of the job. I'm not so sure that we actually do.  

Question of the Day: Doctor Who Edition

Interesting intro to the next part of the season, right? Well, what did you think?

WATCH: Loki vs Captain America in The Avengers


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The Rock would Love to play Luke Cage

Well, this could be interesting. On Twitter, Dwayne said he would love to be Power Man a.k.a Luke Cage.

I can see it and yes, I would LOVE to see him crush it.

via CBM

HRC Confirms Joe's Departure, Will stay to the end of his Contract

HRC confirms that Joe will not renew his contract.

Here some of the press release:
The co-chairs of the Human Rights Campaign Board of Directors and the HRC Foundation Board today announced that HRC President Joe Solmonese has informed the boards that he will not renew his contract which expires March 31, 2012. Solmonese will remain at the helm of the organization until the completion of his contract to ensure a smooth leadership transition.

At the same time, the co-chairs announced the formation of a search committee to be co-chaired by board members Joni Madison of Hillsborough, N.C., and Dana Perlman of Los Angeles.
"Joe Solmonese is an outstanding leader," said Anne Fay who co-chairs the Foundation Board of Directors with Andy Linsky. "While we will miss his extraordinary leadership, we enter this next phase, thanks to Joe, in the best place the organization has ever been. Not only has our community secured historic victories, but our membership is larger and more active than at any time in our history, and our financial health is secure even in these difficult economic times."

"From the repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell', to the recent passage of marriage equality in New York, Joe has made sure that HRC is an effective and strategic force for positive change," said Tim Downing, who co-chairs the HRC Board of Directors with Rebecca Tillet. "Over the course of his tenure, he's set the tone for delivering real reform that matters in peoples' everyday lives."

"Leading HRC has been an inspiring experience and a complete privilege," said Solmonese. "I could not be more proud of our staff, our volunteer leadership and of the extraordinary progress we've made together as a community."

Solmonese's leadership has taken the organization from 750,000 members and supporters to more than 1,000,000. Additionally, he oversaw significant expansion of HRC's public education and outreach programs including the launch of the Healthcare Equality index, a more robust Religion and Faith Program and wider reach and success of the Corporate Equality Index. The HRC Foundation also launched the Welcoming Schools program to address family diversity, gender stereotyping, bullying and name calling in schools, as well as the All Children All Families initiative that helps open up adoption agencies to prospective LGBT parents. The grassroots field operation also expanded – most recently mounting the largest state-level campaign in LGBT movement history resulting in the passage of marriage equality in New York.

Hot Rumor! Joe Solmonese may be Stepping Down from the HRC

Metro Weekly reports that Joe Solmonese may be stepping down earlier than his contract.
On Friday night, Aug. 26, Pam Spaulding at Pam's House Blend reported that Human Rights Campaign president Joe Solmonese will be stepping down in the coming months from his leadership role at the nation's largest LGBT political organization, a fact confirmed by Metro Weekly. His most recent contract expires in March 2012, and an informed source tells Metro Weekly that "a full candidate selection process will take place" to find his successor.

A second source familiar with the situation said that a board conference call that originally was scheduled for Aug. 29 was rescheduled on the evening of Aug. 26 to take place later today, Aug. 27. The change was made after Spaulding published her report, which stated that an announcement about his departure was to be made public on Aug. 30.
So, I guess we will know more on Tuesday; however if he leaves, will this be a change in the organization? Honestly, I'm not so sure. Joe made the HRC a powerful money making machine and donors kept giving even when LGBT activists were up in arms about every move they made. I wasn't always pleased with EVERYTHING the HRC did, but I give them credit for they staying firm our their beliefs and tactics.

So I personally think (if this true) the HRC will stick close to a Joe Clone with slight changes. But the real question is... Who will lead?

VIDEO: Parents Show their Support for the Anti-Gay Teacher Jerry Buell

Look at these people and see the foolishness unfold

These people and this school board basically spat in the LGBT community's faces

Did You Know that Marvel almost owned DC Comics?

Comic book writer and legend Jim Shooter put some interesting news on his blog the other day. Back in 1984, Marvel almost owned DC Comics.

Bill Sarnoff was the Big Cheese, I forget his exact title, of the publishing arm of Warner Communications. Among the operations under his purview was DC Comics.

Bill introduced himself, as if that was necessary. What he wanted to talk about was licensing the publishing rights for all DC characters to Marvel Comics.

Holy hegemony, Billman!

Bill said, more or less, that Marvel seemed to be able to turn a substantial profit on publishing comics, as opposed to DC, which consistently lost money, a lot of money, and had for a long time. On the other hand, LCA (Licensing Corporation of America), Warner’s licensing arm did very well with the DC properties, while Marvel “didn’t seem to do much licensing.”

I guess the few million a year we made from licensing, mostly from Spider-Man, seemed paltry to him, what with the fortune that just their big four, Superman, Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman brought in. 

Jim had a memo about this idea

 Now, I can't help but to wonder what Superman or Wonder Woman would be like under the Marvel Universe.


Republican Politician Bends Over for Grindr

Sometimes I wonder if it's a requirement for a Republican politician to be God-fearing, corporate loving and closeted. It feels like every other month some Republican is caught with his pants down (no pun intended). This week, our lucky winner is Puerto Rican senator Roberto Arango.

Last week, a Puerto Rican TV show Dando Candela found some very revealing pictures of Arango on the gay hook-up site, Grindr.

The TV show confronted Arango and instead of coming clean about it, he said this:
"You know I've been losing weight. As I shed that weight, I've been taking pictures. I don't remember taking this particular picture but I'm not gonna say I didn't take it. I'd tell you if I remembered taking the picture but I don't."
Okay, but how do you explain the bent over picture and the active Grindr account?

The interesting thing about Arango is in 2004, he was the vice-chair of George Puerto Rico campaign. That was also the campaign where Bush threatened a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Oh Roberto...I'm sure we will see more "weight loss" pictures as time progress. Keep up the good work, senator.


Marti Noxon wants Wonder Woman

Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer Marti Noxon would love a shot to write for WW. In an interview with, she talks about her wish:

You've always had a penchant for strong female characters. Do you have a dream project? Do you want to, like, create the next female action hero?

I would love to. To be honest - as scary as it is - part of me wishes I could take a crack at Wonder Woman. There was a moment where it looked like I might get involved in the TV version. She is one of the few in the canon that hasn't been exploited. There are reasons for that; there is stuff in her mythology that are really silly. The costume - she's in a star-spangled bathing suit! And she uses a "lasso of truth" and rides around in an invisible plane. But they don't have to be that way. I definitely have a point of view about that. If I could do it, and nobody could "yell at me"... if the internet wasn't poised to explode in hate, no matter what you did, I would be out there, really pushing for it.
I would more faith in Marti than David E. Kelley anyday.

Who's on the Cover of Uncanny X-Men #1?

I have the first of many reveals to come for the X-Men. In the first issue of UXM, we only saw this:
Now we know it's....
Emma Frost, Cyclops, Danger, Colossus (with the power of the Juggernaut), Magneto and Magik 

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Pic: Avengers Assemble

Family Research Council Attacks California's SB 48

Watch this silly clips

Rick Perry Signs NOM's Hateful Anti-Gay Marriage Pledge

Continuing his downward spiral of mess, Ricky signs NOM's stank ass pledge against gay marriage.
The Republican presidential hopeful signed the National Organization for Marriage's pledge Friday.

It states that, if elected, Perry will send a Constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman to the states for ratification and appoint U.S. Supreme Court and federal judges who will "reject the idea our Founding Fathers inserted a right to gay marriage into our Constitution."
Perry had said that though he doesn't support gay marriage personally, it is a states' rights issue. He even suggested New York's decision to legalize it was therefore fine with him.

VIDEO: Candlelight Vigils for Marcellus Andrews

Many people gathered in honor of Marcellus Andrews last night in Waterloo.

Who Asked For This: Deadman the Series?

Since Smallville is gone, I thought CW would get another STRONG DC comic show on the air. Well, they threw around 'The Graysons' and 'Raven', but the possible winner is... Deadman?
With Smallville ending its 10-season run this past May, the CW has made launching a new superhero franchise based on a DC property a priority. The network’s first effort this development season is Deadman, a drama based on the DC Comics books by Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino, which will be written and executive produced by Supernatural creator Eric Kripke. 

The project is about the spirit of a murdered man, Boston Brand, who lives on as he inhabits other people’s bodies and helps them solve crises in their own lives. It is produced by Warner Bros. TV, which handles the mining of the DC catalog for TV series.
Deadman? Nobody wants to see Deadman. Let's roll the dice again, please.


Question of the Day: The Witch Edition

Who would win in a battle?



WATCH: Megachurch Pastor Bill Hybels talks about his views on Gays

This is 7 minutes of Mess, but check it out though

Where the Gays Are

In a new Census report, we are learning where the gays are living and settling down.

See here
 What, no New York City?
New York is too big to figure prominently in top city rankings for same-sex couples per capita (it was 67th in 2010, Mr. Gates said), but it does rank by county, alongside more the more traditional locations. Manhattan is No. 5, after San Francisco County, Hampshire County, Mass., Monroe County, Fla., and Multnomah County, Ore. 

The city ranking is a barometer of the changing demographics among the population of same sex couples, which has grown more diffuse throughout the country over the past 20 years.
In interviews here this week, several couples said that social attitudes had softened overt time and that living farther afield was now easier to do. Mr. Gates compared the phenomenon to immigrants who no longer sought the safety of an enclave. 

Steve Elkins, who runs a nonprofit community center called Camp Rehoboth, which acts as a liaison with the gay community, said cultural training classes for the summer police force would be met by stony stares in the early days. More recently, when he asked the police officers if they knew a gay person, two people in the class raised their hands to say they were gay. 

“It’s a generational change in thoughts and attitudes,” he said. Rehoboth, he likes to say, used to be an island of tolerance in a sea of homophobia, and now is an island of tolerance in a sea of outlet malls. 


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