Monday, December 21, 2009

Interesting Quote: Jeff Johnson

"If we're gonna be serious, we want to lift up this notion that there's a problem, and there's a crisis with down-low brothers — that down-low brothers are leading the AIDS epidemic — and not recognize that we have a community that is unwilling to embrace its own brothers that are gay.

So if I can't go home to see my mama, because she's going to kill me, because I'm gay, you're damn right I'm going to be down-low. So how are we going to start having honest conversations about the fact that these are our brothers, our sisters, our fathers, our sons, our daughters."

Jeff talking about the power of homophobia.


Ian said...

Hey V, I was gonna do this for MALE. I loved what Brother Jeff had to say. Hey man, I have a task for you if you're up for in. I need your help! I'll be in touch trough email or Facebook man.

Happy Holidays!

J. Clarence said...

I've always appreciated his honest journalism and critique of African-American life.

Nice words.

kayman said...

Well put, Cousin Jeff! If more were like him then fewer people wouldn't be so paranoid to take those who impede progress to task.

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