Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Boys will be Boys

My friend just told me something quite interesting.

Back in his college days, he and some of his frat brothers would jack off together. They would watch some straight porn and just jack away.

Now, they wouldn't touch each other at all. They would just do their own thing (as a group). However, he did say they would cheer each other on when they got close to popping their corks.

I was floored to hear this. I mean, I thought this was an urban legend. How could they do something like this without breaking into full orgy mode?

And the cheering piece? If I was there, I would slip up and say something like: Yeah, John! Let me help you out! or Yeah, Dave jack that fat hard hot cock for me! I would have blown it and not in a good way.

He said it was no big deal and they thought nothing of it. I have a hard time believing that statement. I know some of them had to hook up after those "bro" sessions.

Have any of you experience something like this?


Larry Ohio said...

I wish! It would have killed me to see all that good spunk go to waste.

Eric Arvin said...

I had some friends who did that as well. From what I hear, it's pretty common in fraternities.

Anonymous said...

I never lived in a frat, but if I had I would have loved this. My friend Travis told me a very similar story. Of course, he wanted more to happen, but he said it never did.

I wonder if these are the same guys too afraid to shower at the gym. It's so interesting what is okay and what isn't.

Greg Blackshear said...

Yes. The neighborhood white kids used to do that with their cousins. I was WAY to gay to join in on a straight boy jack session. A circle jerk with straight guys? Thats just wasted HEAD opportunity (sorry just keepin it real)

SteveA said...

I've heard of it before as well - I think it might be possible for Strt guys!

Unknown said...

For me, it seemed more urban legend than anything else. Most of the str8 boys I knew in college were way too paranoid to get naked in front of one another, let alone jack off.

Joy said...

I've heard of it and always thought it was strange. No way straight women would do that around each other and probably not lesbians, either. Some 9th grade male students I taught would compare sizes in the restroom before they got to my class (after lunch break). They didn't say it during class but in the hall and when they got in the room before the bell rang. I pretended I didn't hear them because it makes things easier. They were joking and bragging. Weird.

Unknown said...

This is some great journalism. I've never heard of this.

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