Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kim Davis talks about the Pope Francis Meeting - WATCH

Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards Shuts Down GOP Chair Over Abortion Chart

Miss Richards SLAYED this fool

Interesting Quote: Michele Bachmann

“When we raise our fist to holy God and say that we are going to redefine marriage, we are going to be okay with paying a Planned Parenthood to cut up innocent baby parts and sell them for research, that clearly is a problem. As we have seen God render judgment in the days of Noah, in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah and so forth throughout history, what the prophets have told every generation is that there is a just God and the people must repent and turn to him. So, too, in this day of wickedness in our own culture, we need to do the same.”


Liberty Counsel says Kim Davis Met the Pope

So this came out yesterday evening.

The site used in these tweets is not legit. It just a regular blog, and notice... No pictures, no video. You know, after being called out for lies and false claims you would think Liberty Counsel would provide some proof.

I mean, if I met Diana Ross, I would have video, Beta, pictures... The works.

Update, the Vatican confirms there was a meeting but no details. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

WATCH Memories Pizza Just Catered My Gay Wedding

The premise
On Friday, September 25, 2015, GayCo Ensemble Member Robin Trevino drove to Walkerton, IN. GayCo's current production of 50 States of Gay celebrates the Supreme Court decision which made same-sex marriage the law of the land in the US by choosing a different state out of a hat each week. When Indiana was chosen, Robin decided to have a vow renewal/first legal ceremony in the state where he resides - Illinois. He drove to Walkerton; to Memories Pizza, where he purchased a couple pizzas, froze them in a cooler and brought them home. On Saturday, September 26, 2015 we was married to his husband before a legal officiant. After the ceremony, the happy couple (and their one year old daughter) served Memories Pizza to all their guests. Congrats to Memories Pizza for (unknowingly) catering your FIRST GAY WEDDING!

Trump for Halloween? Really?

MESS ala Mode

Matthew Dempsey: I'm Gay, White & Racist - VIDEO

Psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey talks about racism and owning his racist views. He also talks about how the gay community fetishizes people of color.
Matthew says:
Growing up gay and feeling like an outlier for most of my life easily lends itself to greater empathy for others who've felt the same. My experience also lends itself to the illusion that I couldn't possibly continue discriminating against others, including people of color. Watch my latest video on how I own racism in an effort to heal.


Incentive Program to Support and Encourage Film and TV Projects from Women, People of Color and Members of the LGBTQ Community

Hey, here's a project for creators.
Big Vision Empty Wallet, a company that acts as a film and media incubator, is proudly launching their new incentive program, Kick-Start Diversity, designed to support diversity in storytelling and to make it easier for the work of women, people of color and LGBT individuals to get made and be seen. Projects selected will receive exclusive discounts, education and distribution opportunities. On October 5th, submissions will open for feature films and series with diverse teams. In order to qualify for the program, the writer, director or producer must be a woman, person of color or member of the LGBTQ community. BVEW will also announce the inaugural projects, selected from private submissions held this Summer.

In Hollywood, only 6% of film directors are women and 18% are people of color and the statistics for writers and producers aren’t much better. Big Vision Empty Wallet is intent on making a difference by cultivating work from a more diverse pool of creators. Said BVEW co-founder Alex Cirillo, "It's wonderful that the inequality in Hollywood has become a more mainstream conversation recently, but the industry needs programs like ours to incentivize companies to work with 'minority' filmmakers to help make it easier to get their work made and seen."

BVEW’s Kick-Start Diversity program will encourage diversity in storytelling at the independent level. Said BVEW co-founder Dani Faith Leonard, “Tweeting from your couch isn’t the same as taking measurable action. We have structured the program so that recipients will be seen as better investments at the independent level than they currently are viewed as.” Selected projects will receive significant discounts from vendors and service providers nationwide to create savings in all stages of production, including AbelCine, Hive Lighting, Gotham Stages, and Nice Shoes. Recipients will be granted access to an exclusive Distribution Lab, presented in both NY and LA, focusing on audience building and distribution strategies. Participating companies include Lionsgate Films, FilmRise, Seed & Spark, VHX, Zeitgeist Films, and Cinetic.

This sounds like a great opprotunity, please check out more about this program here

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 8 Trailer is here!

Stonewall BOMBED at the Box Office

I knew it. Stonewall bombed this weekend. It grossed $112,414 from 127 theaters. The reviews were so bad and the movie... This film is a mess. I have a lot to say about this messy film because it sends so many messages.
For example, you need a White savior, the White savior has to be pretty, pretty enough for gays to want him and straight folks to support him. Then let's focus on his struggles vs the ones who lived through it in order to make the non-gays happy.

This film is a reflection of Roland Emmerich's sorry self-esteem, because any self-respecting gay director wouldn't have put this mess out. And how dare he use his white privilege to retell history?

Let me explain, in a Buzzfeed article, Roland said: “As a director you have to put yourself in your movies, and I’m white and gay.” And by doing that, he created Danny, which was clearly problematic. He later said: “I kind of found out, in the testing process, that actually, for straight people, [Danny] is a very easy in. Danny’s very straight-acting. He gets mistreated because of that. [Straight audiences] can feel for him.”

So, instead of telling the correct story, he created this White Knight and altered history. I understand that most historical films do this, but to add a White character with no true links to the actually events and give them the hero role (He throws the first brick) is very disrespectful and crass. But Roland thought nothing of it, because he wanted 'his' character, his golden boy to shine.

I know some of you want to see it for yourselves. But I told you then, and I'm telling you now, this movie is a fraud and a sad attempt to address one of the most important times in our history.

Man Candy Post: Thor Shirtless Deleted Scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Please enjoy

Matt Damon thinks Gay Actors will do better staying in the Closet

Matt Damon has been saying a lot lately. A few weeks ago, he talked about diversity, or rather Damonsplained it. And now, he's suggesting that gay actors do better if they stay in the closet.

Pink News reports
He said: “I don’t want to, like [imply] it’s some sort of disease – then it’s like I’m throwing my friends under the bus.”

Going on, he made comments about Everett, suggesting he could have been more successful if he was not openly gay.
“But at the time, I remember thinking and saying, Rupert Everett was openly gay and this guy – more handsome than anybody, a classically trained actor – it’s tough to make the argument that he didn’t take a hit for being out,” Damon went on.

Later in the interview, the star said he thought all actors should be more private about their sexual orientation.
“In terms of actors, I think you’re a better actor the less people know about you period,” Damon explained. 
“And sexuality is a huge part of that. Whether you’re straight or gay, people shouldn’t know anything about your sexuality because that’s one of the mysteries that you should be able to play.”
What is happening to him? I hope he was misquoted, because this is messy.

Mike Huckabee: We Will Not Survive Gay Marriage

Interesting Quote: President Obama

We affirm that we cherish our religious freedom and are profoundly respectful of religious traditions. But we also have to say clearly that our religious freedom doesn’t grant us the freedom to deny our fellow Americans their constitutional rights. And that even as we are respectful and accommodating genuine concerns and interests of religious institutions, we need to reject politicians who are supporting new forms of discrimination as a way to scare up votes. That's not how we move America forward.

President Obama speaking at the DNC LGBT Gala


Did you see the Supermoon?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Rafael Cruz: 'Appalling' A Lesbian Woman Was Elected Mayor Of Houston

John Boehner is Resigning from Congress

Early morning news!

John Boehner is resigning from Congress by the end of October.

The reason it hasn't been revealed yet, however sources are saying it has a lot to dowith the pressures on the right wing of the GOP, and possibly from the Pope's visit. 

The last piece is rumor, however it does make you think that maybe his conscience got to him. More to come on the story.

Pope Francis on Family

I cannot hide my concern for the family, which is threatened, perhaps as never before, from within and without. Fundamental relationships are being called into question, as is the very basis of marriage and the family. I can only reiterate the importance and, above all, the richness and the beauty of family life.”

Cristiano Ronaldo's burning up Instagram

Relaxing time! Guess who's peeking⁉️😂

A photo posted by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Protest causes a Dramatic EPIC Meltdown of James David Manning - WATCH

Caption This

Pope Francis on Immigration

Pope Francis addressed and challenged Congress on their stance on immigration. He killed them with kindness but held it down.

NYT reports
“We, the people of this continent, are not fearful of foreigners, because most of us were once foreigners,” Francis said. “I say this to you as the son of immigrants, knowing that so many of you are also descended from immigrants.”

“On this continent,” he continued, “thousands of persons are led to travel north in search of a better life for themselves and for their loved ones, in search of greater opportunities. Is that not what we want for our own children? We must not be taken aback by their numbers, but rather view them as persons, seeing their faces and listening to their stories, trying to respond as best we can to their situation.”

He cited the do-unto-others Golden Rule. “The yardstick we use for others will be the yardstick which time will use for us,” Francis said. “The Golden Rule also reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development.”

Megyn Kelly to Kim Davis: Your Critics Ask, 'Who Are You to Judge Others?'

Kim Davis loses ANOTHER Court Battle

Kim Davis keeps trying and keeps losing.

I've lost count, but she lost in another attempt to stop granting marriage licenses. reports

U.S. District Judge David Bunning refused to grant Davis an emergency stay that she requested for the preliminary injunction he issued last month, ordering her to resume issuing marriage licenses. Davis stopped issuing marriage licenses in June because of her religious opposition to the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage, prompting roughly a half-dozen local couples to sue her.

At a hearing Sept. 3 in Ashland, where Bunning sent Davis to jail for five days for contempt of court, the judge expanded his mandate to include all eligible couples in Rowan County, rather than just the couples who sued Davis.

Davis challenged Bunning's expanded order before the 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. Her lawyers argued that because most of the couples who sued received their licenses from one of Davis' deputies during her time in jail, she should not have to issue any more while the case is pending. The appeals court rejected her request a week ago because Davis failed to first ask Bunning to stay his order, as federal court rules require.

In a five-page order Wednesday, Bunning denied the stay motion that Davis subsequently filed with him. The judge said he had no intention of letting Davis grant marriage licenses to eligible couples who are plaintiffs in the case while denying licenses to others.
In other words, DO YOUR JOB

The Guy who created 'Homeless Jesus' is Hot

Pope Francis wants us to focus on the homeless. In fact, he addressing the homeless with Congress today. Back in November, he was inspired by this piece of art called 'Homeless Jesus'. The pope saw the smaller version of the sculpture and he blessed it.

The sculpture was created by Timothy P. Schmalz.

Now, I wouldn't have taught twice about it, until I saw Tim.

I know this is shallow, but Tim is hot AF! Hot!

Hot Cover: Michael B. Jordan for GQ

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pope Francis: Climate change can't 'be left to a future generation'

Not caring about the conservative views or opinions, Pope Francis doubled down on his environmental concerns that climate change "can no longer be left to a future generation."

UK's Popular Gay Weekly puts Hot Trans Man on the Cover

Whoever he is, he very sexy

Did you watch Scream Queens?

Let me know what you thought about it?

Me, I thought it was a mess, stupid and not worth it.

Interesting Quote: Roland Emmerich

“Danny is a very straight-acting kid. They can relate more strongly to him and through Danny’s eyes they’ll experience the more extreme situations depicted in the film. We had a lot of discussions about the sexual scenes and how far we should go or not go, and it was always very interesting.”
How Roland describes his White Knight character, Danny from Stonewall


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This is the 20th Anniversary of Showgirls







This movie had it all

Ted Cruz gets BOOOED on "The Late Show" over Gay Marriage

Ted talks to Stephen Colbert about how he wants to be like Reagan and then, gay marriage.

However, he wasn't ready for the crowd. Jump to the 3:08 mark

ABC News Interviews Kim Davis

ABC News talked with Kim Davis about her mess. Interviewer Paula Faris asked Kim about what hurts her the most.

Check it out:
"What people say about me does not define who I am. That’s everybody’s opinion and that’s everybody’s right," Davis told ABC News.

Davis said she's been "called Hitler, I’ve been called [a] hypocrite, I’ve been called a homophobe."

"I’ve been called things and names that I didn’t even say when I was in the world. Those names don’t hurt me," Davis said. "What probably hurt me the worst is when someone tells me that my God does not love me or that my God is not happy with me, that I am a hypocrite of a Christian."
Here's a sneak peek

Morning Candy - Lucien Laviscount: How I Got My Body

Lucien Laviscount is a actor and who stars in Fox's Scream Queens. Let's enjoy his video, shall we?


Monday, September 21, 2015

Scott Walker is Out of the Race

NYT reports
Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin has concluded he no longer has a path to the Republican presidential nomination and plans to drop out of the 2016 campaign, according to three Republicans familiar with his decision, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Mr. Walker called a news conference in Madison at 6 p.m. Eastern time.

“The short answer is money,” said a supporter of Mr. Walker’s who was briefed on the decision. “He’s made a decision not to limp into Iowa.”

The supporter said Mr. Walker’s fund-raising had dried up after his decline in the polls and that campaign officials did not feel they could risk going into debt with the race so uncertain. The governor, who was scheduled to be in New York and Washington this week, partly to raise money, had built up an expansive staff, bringing on aides and consultants detailed to everything from Christian conservative outreach to Super Tuesday states. But his fund-raising did not keep pace with the money needed to sustain such an infrastructure.

Mr. Walker’s intended withdrawal is a humiliating climb down for a Republican governor once seen as all but politically invincible. He started the year at the top of the polls but has seen his position gradually deteriorate, amid the rise of Donald J. Trump’s populist campaign and repeated missteps by Mr. Walker himself.
And take out the trash on your way out.

Soap Opera Actress wanted to Trash Viola Davis' Emmy Speech, Got DRAGGED Instead

Soap Opera Actress Nancy Lee Grahn (General Hospital) had the nerve to get on Twitter and hate on Viola Davis' speech.

She got rid of it, but this what she said:
Im a fucking actress for 40 yrs. None of us get respect or opportunity we deserve. Emmys not venue 4 racial opportunity. ALL women belittled
— Nancy Lee Grahn (@NancyLeeGrahn)

Girl, please! Nancy has won 2 daytime Emmys... TWO and yet, she had the nerve to come for Viola. Mind you, she has more Emmys than Susan Lucci!

She continued her rant and Twitter took her to church. Folks read her for FILTH! I bet she learned a quick lesson last night.

Pic of the Day

Viola Davis makes history being the First Black Woman to win Best Lead Actress Emmy

Viola Davis won for her awesome role in How To Get Away With Murder. When she got on that stage, she said this.

She also thank Shonda Rhimes for letting her be sexy and Black. It was a great speech. Congrats to her.

Aydian Dowling Opens Up About Being A Men's Health Ultimate Guy Finalist!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mike Huckabee is Mad about Obama's pick for Army Secretary

President Obama nominated an out gay man as Army Secretary. If chosen, Eric Fanning will be the first gay man to hold this position.

We love idea, but guess who doesn't, Mike Huckabee. Continuing his silly anti-gay parade, Huckles said some stupid things about this nomination.
“It’s clear President Obama is more interested in appeasing America’s homosexuals than honoring America’s heroes. Veterans suicide is out-of-control and military readiness is dangerously low, yet Obama is so obsessed with pandering to liberal interest groups he’s nominated an openly gay civilian to run the Army. Homosexuality is not a job qualification. The U.S. military is designed to keep Americans safe and complete combat missions, not conduct social experiments.”
Huckles... You need to join the 21st century.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Novelist Jackie Collins dies

Novelist Jackie Collins dies of breast cancer, she was 77.

We all know Jackie from her steamy-trashy novels. My mom read them and I'm sure some of your moms did too.

She had a good life and she will be missed.


Mat Staver Says Gay Marriage Is Leading America 'Into The Very Pit Of Hell'

Friday, September 18, 2015

In Tennessee: lawmakers create a bill to Deny Same-Sex Marriage

Lord, Tennessee.

Two fools, or state representatives, introduced a bill called the "Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act."

This bill will not recognize gay marriage as legal. In fact, it says that laws, policy and judicial interpretations that don't define marriage as a contract between one man and one woman "is contrary to the public policy of this state and shall be void and unenforceable in Tennessee."

These fools also believe that SCOTUS forced a "lawless opinion" that isn't based in American law or history. So, basically, they are making shit up and hope it passes. This act is illegal and won't pass, but I'm sure they will try.

WSMV Channel 4

Check out the bill here

Question(s) of the Day

Should Tom Hardy answered the sexuality question?

Was it a fair question?

And was Tom Hardy right or wrong in his response?

Donald Trump Asked About President Obama Being "A Muslim"

Interesting Quote: Blister Palin

In case you missed it. The President invited Ahmed Mohamed to visit the White House to show the President his homemade clock. The fourteen year old was arrested after someone reported that he was building a bomb. This is the kind of stuff Obama needs to STAY out of. This encourages more racial strife that is already going on with the “Black Lives Matter” crowd and encourages victimhood. The police made a mistake, clearly. But why put more people against them? Why egg it on? Childish games like this from our president have divided our country… even more today than when he was elected.
Um, you worry about your own child, girl.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hot or Not, the Mystery Man at the GOP Debate

Lord, some of y'all need Lasik.

Folks were falling over this man during the debate.Twitter hashtags were calling him #MysteryHottie and #HotDebateGuy. His name is Greg Caruso, some rich kid.

Is he hot? Not to me, he looks like a serial killer and he has no lips. I guess to each their own.

Mike Huckabee defended his side piece Kim Davis last night - VIDEO

Last night, Huckles defended his sideline chick at the debate. And just as expected, he was over dramatic.

Here's the kicking part
“We made accommodations to the Fort Hood shooter, to let him grow a beard. We made accommodations to the detainees at Gitmo. I’ve been to Gitmo and I’ve seen the accommodations that we made to the Muslim detainees who killed Americans. You’re telling me that you cannot make an accommodation for an elected Democrat county clerk from Rowan County, Kentucky? What else is it other than the criminalization of her faith and the exaltation of everyone else who might be a Fort Hood shooter or a detainee at Gitmo?”
Girl, please

Hot Cover: Lupita on Vogue

Interesting Tweet: Ann Coulter

George Pataki: I've Would Have Fired Kim Davis

Caption This

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


New Teaser: American Horror Story: Hotel - Above & Below

In Texas: A 9th-Grade Student arrested after bringing Homemade Clock to School

This is just ridiculous!

14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed is a smart kid. He invent things and makes his own electronics. Whiz kid, right? Well, Ahmed wanted to impress his teachers, so he created a clock and brought it to school to show his work. This is where the foolishness begins.

As soon as he shows his invention, the teacher immediately thinks it's a bomb. So, the cops arrived, Ahmed was handcuffed and taken to juvenile detention. Ahmed was there for hours, until his parents came for him. The police say they might charge Ahmed for making a hoax bomb, even though they know it isn't. At this time, Ahmed’s been suspended. The Council on American-Islamic Relations is looking into this incident, and Irving ISD officials and Irving police will hold a press conference at 11am.

Here's Ahmed telling the story

Trans Teen Landon Patterson crowned Homecoming Queen at Missouri High School

Hart to Hart reboot features a Gay Couple

The TV classic Hart to Hart series s getting a reboot. A gay reboot. The ABC mystery/adventure drama, that starred Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers will feature a gay couple as the Harts.

Deadline reports
Written by Christopher Fife (Revenge, Private Practice), based on the Sidney Sheldon-created original, the new Hart To Hart is described as a modern and sexy retelling of the classic series that focuses on “by the book” attorney Jonathan Hart and free-spirited investigator Dan Hartman, who must balance the two sides of their life: action-packed crime-solving in the midst of newly found domesticity. The project, which has received a script commitment plus penalty after interest from multiple networks, is executive produced by Fife and Carol Mendelsohn Prods.’ Mendelsohn and Julie Weitz.
Could be fun.

Jamie Lee Curtis channels her Mother

From Jamie's Instragram
Just recreated, with help from the amazing crew, a shot by shot of my mother's famous shower scene from Hitchcock's PSYCHO for @screamqueensfox #screamqueens Ryan Murphy and co. wrote it into a special episode and it felt right! Honoring the Royal legend that is/was/will always be, Janet Leigh. Thought all fans of the genre would love it! #honorthymother 📷@joaquin_sedillo show debuts in a week on FOX 8pm 2hour premiere!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Teaser Trailer: The Jungle Book

Washington Post-ABC Poll: 63% Believes Kim Davis should do her Job

Kim doesn't have the big support she hoped for. Majority of Americans thinks she should do her damn job and stop whining over her faux religious freedom.

In the Washington Post/ABC poll, 63% said Kim should do her job

Here are some other findings
  • 49 percent — of conservatives say Davis should not be compelled to violate her religious beliefs, 45 percent say she should be required to perform her duties. People who identify as “very conservative” sided with Davis by more than a 2-to-1 margin. In a bit of irony, Republicans who support Davis’s defiant stand also say they have a clear favorite in the GOP primary: Donald Trump. According to the poll, he gets 38 percent support among Republicans who say Davis should not be required to issue marriage licenses.
  • White evangelical Protestants, of which Davis is one. They are more likely than others to prioritize religious beliefs over equal treatment under the law. And they are far more likely than others to side with Davis, with 61 percent saying she should not be required to issue licenses.
interesting stuff

Meet Mason Darrow, Princeton Football's openly gay offensive lineman

Cyd Zeigler of Outsports provides an in-depth interview of Mason Darrow, an offensive lineman at Princeton who shares his story of being an openly gay Division 1 collegiate athlete.

Michael BAE Jordan...

Lord, why is he tempting me?

Tom Hardy Shuts Down Reporter Who Asks About His Sexuality

Kentucky Governor said Marriage Licenses issued from Rowan County Clerks are Valid

Here's the latest
Kentucky's governor says the altered marriage licenses issued in Rowan County from the office of an embattled clerk are considered valid.

Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear said Monday that the licenses issued "are going to be recognized as valid in the Commonwealth."

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, also a Democrat, has refused to authorize licenses for same-sex couples because of her religious beliefs. She spent five days in jail for refusing to follow a federal judge's ruling ordering her to issue the licenses.

On Monday, her office altered the marriage licenses to remove her name. The licenses also say they're "pursuant to a court order." Deputy clerks, not Davis, are granting them.

Kentucky state law requires that "every license blank shall contain the identical words and figures." But Beshear noted that the federal judge overseeing Davis' case has not raised any objections to the licenses.

The Republican president of Kentucky's state Senate again called for a special session of the state legislature to change state law to exempt Davis and others who share her beliefs from jabbing to issue licenses. But Beshear again rejected that on Monday.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Liberty Counsel's Theodore Shoebat Says 'Sodomites' Will Be Forced To Submit To Christianity

Theodore Shoebat says that gays want to kill Christians and so the "sodomites" must be suppressed and forced to submit to Christianity.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the New Boss on Celebrity Apprentice

NBC is putting a real politician as the boss on Celebrity Apprentice. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been named as the new mentor on NBC’s reality show.

Deadline reports:
“I have always been a huge fan of The Celebrity Apprentice and the way it showcases the challenges and triumphs of business and teamwork,” Schwarzenegger said in today’s news, adding, “I am thrilled to bring my experience to the boardroom and to continue to raise millions for charity. Let’s get started!”
Interesting choice

Meanwhile, in the Rowan County

Kim Davis will not Authorize marriage licenses - WATCH

This morning, Kim Davis said that she would not interfere with her clerks issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. However she will not authorized the licenses.

Every appeal, every suit, everything she's put up has all fallen apart, so maybe she knows the gig is up... but again, this is Kim Davis

I'm crushing on JJ Watt's Men's Health Cover

This guy is huge and quite sexy

Miss America finally gives Vanessa Williams an Apology

Finally, after all this time, Vanessa Williams received an apology from Miss America. So, if you didn't know... almost around 30 years ago, Vanessa Williams had to give up her crown due to some older nude photos of her resurfacing.

It was very bitter sweet that our first black Miss America had to give up her crown,  when so many Miss America-universe-USA contestants has done far worse. But Vanessa press through and has had a very strong career. In fact, she is the most successful Miss America ever! And since one of the queens of entertainment, the Miss America Corporation finally got on board with the rest of us and gave Vanessa her props.

Miss America's CEO Sam Haskell said this on stage:
I have been a close friend to this beautiful and talented lady for 32 years. You have lived your life in grace and dignity and never was it more evident than during the events of 1984 when you resigned. Though none of us currently in the organization were involved then, on behalf of today’s organization, I want to apologize to you and to your mother, Miss Helen Williams. I want to apologize for anything that was said or done that made you feel any less than the Miss America you are and the Miss America you always will be.
Vanessa is Miss America and the most successful one at that.

Hail to the Queen!

In Rowan County...

Kim Davis goes back to work. Gay couples will be waiting on her like...

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Oath Keepers will not be protecting Kim Davis after all

So, a couple of days ago, the Oath Keepers had this plan to down down to Kentucky and defend Km Davis from JUSTICE? Okay, that bit of news didn't go so well with the public, in fact, the Liberty Counsel told them to keep their treason-ish asses home.

Later, OK posted some info about the exchange:

Oath Keepers has been contacted by Kim Davis’ legal team at Liberty Counsel, and they have, on her behalf, declined our offer of assistance in protecting her from a possible repeat incarceration by Federal District Court judge David Bunning. We will, of course, respect her wishes, and are hereby issuing a stand-down for our security volunteers who were planning on deploying to Morehead, Kentucky on Monday.

Oath Keepers will NOT be conducting a security detail for Mrs. Davis. We always seek the full consent and cooperation of anyone we protect, and we must respect their wishes if they decline that protection. Anyone who was planning on going to Morehead, KY to serve on the security detail are now asked to not do so. We do thank you most sincerely for your willingness to step up, as unpaid volunteers, in defense of due process. That was a very honorable intent, and we commend you.

This is a free country, and of course you are free to still go there on Monday and peaceably assemble to express your support for her due process rights and your opposition to arbitrary arrest if you want to, but Oath Keepers will not be conducting a security detail, and she apparently does not want anyone else to do so. Therefore, we encourage you to save your gas money and time off work for another security detail, at another time (such as for our planned upcoming operation to guard Texas border ranches against drug cartel violence and invasion).

These people... I almost wanted them to go to Kentucky and the folks, who are ride or die Kim, could see what their foolishness can stir up.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Glenn Beck Says 'Sarah Palin Has Become A Clown'

That's what he said

Interesting Tweet: Donald Trump

He deleted it, but I got it

Psycho Alert! Oath Keepers offer ARMED protection for Kim Davis - VIDEO

From their page
We believe Federal District Court Judge David Bunning grossly overstepped his bounds and violated Mrs Davis’ due process rights, and in particular her right to a jury trial. This judge has assumed unto himself not just the powers of all three branches of government, but has also taken on the powers of judge, jury, and “executioner.” What matters to us is not whether you agree with her position on gay marriage or her decision to not issue marriage licenses. What matters is that the judge is violating the Constitution in his anger and desire to punish her for going against his will. We are already being subjected to an unconstitutional imperial presidency, that grew exponentially under both Bush and Obama, expanding the claimed war powers of the president to swallow up our Bill of Rights and circumvent jury trial. The result is an executive branch that claims the absurd power to declare any American an “unlawful combatant” on the say-so of the president alone.

Now we see the rise of an imperial judiciary that not only legislates from the bench but is attempting to expand their “contempt” power to likewise swallow up our Bill of Rights and circumvent jury trial. Both methods are used to allow the powerful office holder to merely point his finger and have his opponent thrown behind bars without a grand jury indictment and without being found guilty by a jury of their peers. No innocent until proven guilty before a jury. Just “guilty” because the leader says so. That is a dictatorship, whether done by a president or by a judge. No one man should have that kind of power in his hands alone to decide guilt and impose a sentence of indefinite detention. Under our Constitution, that dictatorial power does not exist. We must stand against this. And so we will protect her and prevent it from happening again.

So, these traitors want to protect Kim Davis... I hope they're arrested

In North Carolina: County Magistrates Opt Out of Performing Marriages

Wow, McDowell County....

Their religious exemption law, which allows any magistrate to opt out of performing any and all marriages based upon any religious objection, is fully in effect.

The officials in that county are NOT performing any marriages there. In fact, they are shipping magistrates from other counties.

Newsweek reports:

The magistrates invoked their rights not to perform marriages under the state’s religious exemption law, which allows every magistrate “the right to recuse from performing all lawful marriages…based upon any sincerely held religious objection.” “Every single one has said they will opt out and won’t do the marriages,” Chief District Judge Randy Pool told local television station WLOS. A Rutherford County magistrate told WLOS that he and another magistrate have been driving back and forth three times a week to perform marriages in McDowell. State law requires the county to provide magistrates to perform marriages a minimum of 10 hours per week.


Lesson of the Day

Stop sleeping with mediocre men

How To Get Away With Murder - Official Season 2 Trailer

Thursday, September 10, 2015

HOT TEASER: American Horror Story: Hotel - Hallways

In Tennessee: Anti-Gay Merchandise sells at a Hardware Store

From WATE News 6
At Jeff Amyx’s hardware store in Grainger County there’s no smoking and no service without shoes and a shirt, but what’s causing all the commotion is his “no gays allowed” rule.

Amyx said he has received bundles of hate mail after he posted a controversial “No Gays Allowed” sign outside his store in Washburn. However, he says the sign has only brought more people in to the store. Now, he’s printing anti-gay messages on hats and bumper stickers.

Hot Teaser: Marvel's Jessica Jones

This Mess

Grace Jones reads Madonna, Miley and Rihanna

In Grace's memoir, I’ll Never Write My Memoirs dishes some deep truth to the masses. In a piece in Timeout, Grace tells it like it is:
In an excerpt published by Time Out, an uninhibited Grace completely lays into today’s crop of stars, criticizing them for being mere copycats without long-term vision and more. And yes, she absolutely name-drops. Trends come along and people say, ‘Follow that trend’. There’s a lot of that around at the moment: ‘Be like Sasha Fierce. Be like Miley Cyrus. Be like Rihanna. Be like Lady Gaga. Be like Rita Ora and Sia. Be like Madonna.’ I cannot be like them – except to the extent that they are already being like me.

I have been so copied by those people who have made fortunes that people assume I am that rich. But I did things for the excitement, the dare, the fact that it was new, not for the money, and too many times I was the first, not the beneficiary.

Rihanna… she does the body-painting thing I did with Keith Haring, but where he painted directly on my body, she wears a painted bodysuit. That’s the difference. Mine is on skin; she puts a barrier between the paint and her skin. I don’t even know if she knows that what she’s doing comes from me, but I bet you the people styling her know. They know the history.

I remember when one of the singers on the list of those who came after me first said that she wanted to work with me. Everyone around me is going: ‘You have to do it, it will be so good for you, it will introduce you to a whole new audience, you will make a lot of money’. No! It will be good for her; she will draw from everything I have built and add it to her brand, and I will get nothing back except for a little temporary attention. No one could believe that I said no, but I am okay on my own. I am okay not worrying about a new audience. If the fuck don’t feel right, don’t fuck it.
Love it!!! More here.

Tony Perkins Defends Kim Davis With Bad History

John Kasich on the Kim Davis Mess

"We have a lot of young people that have walked away from, or are confused or uncertain about personal faith. And one of the things that I know that's so great about it -- being a flawed man -- is that, thank God we have grace. In this case, when young people, or people who are looking at what is religion all about, what is faith all about -- when they see dust-ups like this, my concern is they would go the other way and say, 'Look, I don't want anything to do with that.'
 John thinks this foolishness will turn folks away from Christianity.


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

At least Somebody will do their job in Rowan County

Deputy Clerk Brian Mason will continue to do the work Kim Davis won't do.

Thank you, Deputy Clerk Brian Mason.

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