Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility

Celebrate and respect

Countess of New York No More!

Here's some reality dumpster diving for you.

The most hated 'Housewife' Luann de Lesseps, has been dumped by her Count. It's been reported that he's seeing a younger and sexy a beautiful Ethiopian woman (scandalous). It's also reported that her ways and attitude led to their separation.

Here's more from NYP:

A close pal said, "They decided to separate. She got wind he was seeing somebody and he didn't answer her when she called. He finally sent her an e-mail saying he was with an Ethiopian woman in Geneva and he was serious with her."

The revelation came as a shock to the countess, who celebrated her 16th anniversary with her husband on March 16.

"Luann was blindsided. She was just devastated," the close friend told Page Six. "They have basically lived apart for many years -- he lives in Europe and comes and goes as he pleases, but she never thought this would happen.

"It has been very rough for her and the children [Victoria and Noel], but she's taking the high road and will remain friends with him," the source added. "She has no intention of making it bitter or becoming angry. She's just trying to come to terms with [the separation and impending divorce]. She feels this is the ultimate test for her to handle this with dignity and grace."

Luann -- whose book, "Class With the Countess," comes out next month -- has told friends that, no matter what, "I will always be the countess."

I wouldn't care, but I can't watch the show because of her. She is the worst one from the 'Housewives' batch.

In West Virginia? I guess so

Well, I'm impressed.

For the first time in a long time, West Virginia's House of Delegates voted to kill this session's chances to ban gay marriage.

A Cultural terrorist (evangelical) group tried their best to pimp God's word on the issue, but failed in their efforts.

The delegates voted 67-30 to reject the attempt. And the 29 House Repubs voted to move the measure from the committee.

I have to say that's a big step for the place that promoted the Gay Snipers looking to destroy loving straight families. Perhaps the stupid haze is fading? Maybe not so fast, but who knows, WV may change the game and become the next gay marrying state.

We can dream, right?

New True Blood Promos

The REAL vampire series starts up June 14 on HBO.

Get Excited!!


No More Getting Our Groove Back in Jamaica

Well, the revolution will not be televised.

Just blogged...

The Boycott Jamaica site is live!

Human rights activists have given Jamaica the infamous title: “The Most Homophobic Place on Earth.” If you love your gay friends and family members, you won’t visit Jamaica. If you care about the human rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, you won’t buy Jamaican products.

Isn’t it time we stop rewarding this hate state with our tourism dollars? Isn’t it time to stop drinking Jamaican beverages, such as Myers Rum and Red Stripe Beer?

This nation should be avoided at all costs until the Jamaican government takes action to end the country’s virulently homophobic climate and draconian laws that persecute homosexuals.

So that's the push. Check out the site for more

Angel's Andy Hallett (Lorne) dies of Heart Failure

Sad, sad news for Angel fans.

Andy Hallett, Lorne, died of heart failure.

The actor passed away at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles after a five-year battle with heart disease, with his father Dave Hallett by his side.

Hallett, from the Cape Cod village of Osterville, Mass., appeared on more than 70 episodes of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff, Angel, between 2000 and 2004. The accomplished actor was also a musician and sang two songs ("Lady Marmalade" and "It's Not Easy Being Green") on the Angel: Live Fast, Die Never soundtrack, released in 2005.

The actor's character on Angel was Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan, or Lorne for short. Hallett's Lorne was a friendly demon, who, when not assisting Angel and his team in the investigation of various and sundry underworld mysteries, served as the host and headliner at a demon bar.

Back in 2001, Hallett told our own Jen Godwin that despite constant flirtation with David Boreanaz' character Angel, and the occasional sly Elton John reference, "We don't really know if he's gay. I don't really know. It's funny, because sometimes he's right in Angel's face, and that's when I feel it the most. And viewers would probably think, hmm, what's going on here? This guy's pretty curvy."

Hallett has spent his post-Angel years working on his music career, playing shows around the country. He had been admitted to the hospital three or four times in the past few years for his heart condition, according to Pat.

My heart goes out to the family.

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Letter from the Haters

Please read this mess.

March 27, 2009

Dear Friend,

The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) released a new statewide survey yesterday showing that Californians continue to oppose homosexual marriage. The survey found that 45% of voters support legalizing same-sex marriage, while 49% are opposed. This is a significant finding, coming as it does after our opponents spent $43 million opposing traditional marriage, and the state’s mainstream media supported those efforts with formal opposition to Proposition 8. The PPIC survey also completely undercuts the idea that same-sex marriage is inevitable and will ultimately be adopted in California. If anything, support seems to be eroding. ProtectMarriage.com is gratified that Californians continue to respond to our call for the preservation of traditional marriage.

New Ballot Initiatives Cleared for Signature Gathering But It’s Unlikely They Will Be Seriously Pursued
Two new ballot initiatives have been cleared for signature gathering by the Attorney General. One would eliminate all marriages in California, re-defining them as Domestic Partnerships. The other measure would legalize homosexual marriage and attempt to trick voters into believing that our public schools will not address alternative marriage, or that religious liberties won’t be weakened by the existence of gay marriage.

The “Domestic Partnership” initiative was authored by two college students, with no apparent support then or now. Despite the many news articles written about this new measure, it is highly unlikely that it will ever make the ballot. The homosexual lobby has spoken out against the proposal, and obviously the majority of Californians will not react well to eliminating the institution of marriage in our state. We expect this measure to quickly fade away.

The second initiative is of more concern because its language attempts to confuse voters into thinking there are no natural consequences of same-sex marriage. The measure says that it will not change California’s curriculum regarding teaching of same-sex marriage. However, that is a false promise because the statutes are already in place to teach children about gay marriage if it is legalized, just as it is taught to young children in Massachusetts. You’ll recall that during the period when homosexual marriage was legalized in California, a public school in San Francisco took a class of first graders to a lesbian wedding, calling it a “teachable moment.”

The initiative also gratuitously says that it will not force ministers to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies if it conflicts with their faith. There is no doubt that lawsuits would be filed in short order against clergy, but the more immediate issue is how legalized homosexual marriage will negatively affect religious liberties and freedom outside the pulpit. We will monitor this initiative but at present there does not appear to be significant support building for it.

Gay Activists Prepare for Next Battle, as Does ProtectMarriage.com
Equality California – one of the formidable proponents of gay marriage – has moved to beef up their staff for the next battle, whenever that may be. They have hired the man who twice defeated efforts in Massachusetts to overturn that state’s legalization of same-sex marriage. They have also brought on a top organizer with specific responsibility for reaching out to communities of color in California. Our opponents are preparing for the next battle, and so must we.

With the Supreme Court hearing behind us, ProtectMarriage.com has now turned its attention to planning for the future. We are developing outreach programs to a number of key constituencies – including churches and ethnic communities. You will be hearing more about those plans in coming weeks.

Whether or not the two current ballot initiatives have any chance to overturn Prop 8, they serve as an important reminder that our victory in passing Prop 8 will constantly be challenged. As a diverse coalition we commit to continue to work hard to protect our victory, and uphold traditional marriage. We look forward to your continuing support.

Thank you for your continued support of traditional marriage.


Ron Prentice
ProtectMarriage.com – Yes on 8

No, thank you for being a hater and fool...and for giving me a boost of anger for the day.

LGBT Iraqi people are in Danger!

This is very disheartening to hear. Over at JoeMyGod, I read about LGBT Iraqi people being executed!

Here at the IRAQI LGBT blog, I found this message:

Urgent action is needed to halt the execution of 128 prisoners on death row in Iraq. Many of those awaiting execution were convicted for the ‘crime’ of homosexuality, according to IRAQI-LGBT, a UK based organisation of Iraqis supporting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Iraq.

According to Ali Hili of IRAQI-LGBT, the Iraqi authorities plan to start executing them in batches of 20 from this week.
IRAQI-LGBT urgently requests that the UK Government, Human Rights Groups and the United Nations Human Rights Commission intervene with due speed to prevent this tragic miscarriage of justice from going ahead. “We have information and reports on members of our community whom been arrested and waiting for execution for the crimes of homosexuality,’’ said Mr Hili. “Iraqi lgbt has been a banned from running our activities on Iraqi soil.”

“Raids by the Iraqi police and ministry of interior forces cost our group the diapering and killing of 17 members working for Iraqi lgbt since 2005,” added Mr Hili. “Death penalty has been increasing at an alarming rate in Iraq since the new Iraqi regime reintroduced it in August 2004.

In 2008 at least 285 people were sentenced to death, and at least 34 executed. In 2007 at least 199 people were sentenced to death and 33 were executed, while in 2006 at least 65 people were put to death. The actual figures could be much higher as there are no official statistics for the number of prisoners facing execution,” he said.

IRAQI LGBT is concerned that the Iraqi authorities have not disclosed the identities of those facing imminent execution, stoking fears that many of them may have been sentenced to death after trials that failed to satisfy international standards for fair trial.
Most are likely to have been sentenced to death by the Central Criminal Court of Iraq (CCCI), whose proceedings consistently fall short of international standards for fair trial. Some are likely to have.

Allegations of torture are not being investigated adequately or at all by the CCCI. Torture of detainees held by Iraqi security forces remains rife.
Iraq’s creaking judicial system is simply unable to guarantee fair trials in ordinary criminal cases, and even less so in capital cases, with the result, we fear, that numerous people have gone to their death after unfair trials.

The Iraqi government must order an immediate halt to these executions and establish a moratorium on all further executions in Iraq, particularly since due process cannot be guaranteed. The state executing people for ‘morals’ crimes is also obviously unacceptable and deplorable.
Amnesty International has called on the Iraqi authorities to make public all information pertaining to the 128 people, including their full names, details of the charges against them, the dates of their arrest, trial and appeal and their current places of detention.

This is frightening to think about. Hopefully as we rebuilt Iraq, we can stop this madness from continuing.

Buffy-lite, I mean, New Moon Poster

Meeting a Great Gay Comic Artist...Belasco

So this Saturday, I took a little trip to WeHo (West Hollywood) to see one of my favorite artist, Belasco.

If you haven't heard of him, then you are missing out. He is the creator of his own gay erotic comics featuring men of color. The stories are fascinating and very sexy. I remember reading Brothers of New Essex when I moved to New York.

The art and story was alluring and completely stimulating. I was easily drawn to his work and hoped to see more. Over the years, I would run into his art in Meatman and various gay erotica, and he never disappointed me. Then, I found out that he had a blog and became a follower.

He announced that he would be at the Tom of Finland Erotic Art Fair, so I had to go and support. Once I met Belasco, I found out that he grew up in the South as well and he enjoyed the Wonder Woman animated DVD. I was also got him to sign one of his graphic novels for me. I would show y'all, but I can't find my camera. I was very pleased with Jail Trade Unleashed and I'm purchasing Boo vs Oasis today.

So folks check out his blog here, and I thank you Belasco for all the work you do to promote gay men of color erotic art.

Now...He's just not that in to you, Moose Mess

McCain was asked about supporting his former VP candidate, Sarah Palin, for a 2012 bid.

He said:

"Oh, I'd have to see who the candidates are and what the situation is at the time," he said, adding in the same breath his "respect, admiration and love for Sarah and her family."

He's being nice, but the truth is "no". I don't think he will support her. He saw the mess she brings with her.

And I'm not talking about the kids and pirate husband, I'm talking about the people. Moose Mess brings the worst of America with her and that foolishness cost McCain the presidency.

So I see why he's hesitant to support her. Her drama damn near destroyed him and that is hard to come back from.

Drama at the GayVN Awards

Drama and Mess...pure mess.

My fellow blogger, NG informed me about this story.

At GayVN Awards (the Oscars for Gay Porn), Michael Lucas stormed the stage and complained about, Brent Corrigan being a nominee and presenter. Since Brent has brought so much drama to the biz, Michael feels that Brent has put the industry in some deep mess.

I think he has a point, considering the murder trial and Brent's underage ass screwing on the tube.

Yet, the porn world awarded Brent with 2 awards, making it clear where their heads are. The industry should have taught about that decision. Brent's wins could send a bad message about the gay porn biz. However, they are awarding Brent for his work...which to be honest, ain't all that.

So I think there is more to come, as NG said, the backlash has just begun.


Question of the Day

Okay, here's a tawdry question

Have you had, or do you have a friend with benefits?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Maybe...DADT? Maybe not

How do y'all feel about this?

End One Tree Hill...Pronto!!! And end CW, too!

Pretty much every month, I will rant about the failed TV netmess, CW. I hate this channel for many reasons, but after seeing this mess my vision is clear.


Look at the promo for One Tree Hill, a show that NO ONE is watching, like most of their broke ass line-up.

What the F**K!

I expect that scene as a joke on 30 Rock or Robot Chicken, but for real...What idiot wrote that crap?

They canceled most, if not all, their shows of color for this bullshit (yes, I said a bad word)! And who is really watching One Tree Hill? That show is a dying horse in the desert.

Kill It Already!

For the fact that the show is reduced to cheap ass tricks and gimmicks is proof that this series is overcooked.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Do NOT make John Katehis a Celebrity!

This is truly ridiculous and disheartening. As the George Weber murder continues to blast through the gay world, his killer, John Katehis is trying to eat up the media's attention.

When visited by a Post reporter, Katehis greedily said he'd only tell his side of the story "for cash."

Wearing a light green jumpsuit and a menacing scowl on his face, Katehis again made clear there was only one way he'd spill the beans.

"Is this a cash offer?" snarled Katehis. "Cash offers only!"

Once it became clear no money would be exchanged, Katehis shot up and yelled again, "cash offers only!" and stormed out.

Where is this kid's parents? What has happened in his life? I hope there are people who can get to the bottom of this kid's madness. It's quite disturbing that John is looking for fame after this horrific incident. It's just doesn't make sense!


Marvel Studios offer the Dream Job

If you are a writer and looking to fulfill a childhood (or adult) dream, Marvel has the event of a lifetime.

Marvel wants writers, in fact, 5 writers each year to work on some of their comic projects.

These writers will work on plot points and pitches about lesser-known heroes like Iron Fist, Black Panther, Cyclops' son, Cable, and Doctor Strange.

The idea behind this project is to get a fresh perspective of these characters. The writers will be paid very well and if successful, Marvel may continue a relationship with them.

This sounds like a fun gig. It could be stressful, but if you are willing to deal with it, then go for it.


If I made TV Spin-Offs...

I posted this last year, but I thought it would be fun to share my dream spin-offs or TV series reboots with the new batch of y'all.
A Different World:The kids of the original cast are starting college at Hillman. With Dwayne Wayne as a professor and Jalesea as a Dean.

Bewitched: Tabitha's children are grown and dealing with their powers. Samantha has stop using magic after Darwin died. Their relationship has deeply strained, especially when Tabitha's brother, Adam becomes dangerous and demonic.

Willow: Buffy's best friend solving mystical crimes in the modern world.

Good Times: Keith and Thelma gets a divorce and JJ's actor son gets in too deep in the drug crowd in Chicago. Michael comes out and Penny changes her career from a store owner to a teacher in the hood.

Facts of Life: Eastland is re-opened by one of the past students, but which one and why? Plus Jo confesses a towering secret to her family. And Blair loses everything!

Punky Brewster: Punky learns the reason why her mother abandoned her and set out to get answers. Along the way, she meets her real family and the man who changed Punky's world.

SeaQuest DSV: A new race of sea people known as, the Ardanousans are attacking several underwater colonies. The new crew led by Captain Bridger's grandson, who has an alcohol problem. Also an Ardanousan has been secretly implanted on deck.

ISIS: the super goddess finds a new vessel in a transsexual male in Cairo.

He-Man: The King is dead and now Adam's the new ruler of Eternia, along with his wife Teela. He-Man is no more. But when She-ra's is left for dead by a new evil being, Adam must step into role that he was never comfortable with. Plus a mysterious deal between Evil-Lyn and the Sorceress is revealed and Greyskull's secrets are in Horak's hands.

Queer as Folk: Everybody dies, but Michael. Now he has to start over by opening a comic book store in the Bronx.

A Small Wonder: United Robotronics has gone rogue. They have upgraded other domestic robots into assassins and murdered Brandon Brindle. Vicki and her "father" Ted is missing. Now her brother, Jamie and Harriet must find Vicki and Ted and figure out the secret behind United Robotronics's new mission.

He Loves him some Short shorts and BSG

Sometimes it's best to express yourself through song

Tear it up, Jonathan Mann

Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm clearly in the wrong Field

Our leaders and supportive folks are truly making bank. Please take a look at the compensation paid to heads of 30 LGBT and AIDS organizations, conducted by the Washington Blade.

A Student Affairs' pay is nowhere near those salaries. My salary is pretty much petty cash to these folks...yes, I'm jealous.

Click on the pic to make it big.

How to Win a House seat in New York...

The National Republican Congressional Committee is trying their best to win the New York house seat. But how? Just watch

I thought the whole 'fear' tactic was done.

Face, Face, Face...I give Face Video

I am so addicted to this particular part and now, I can share this with y'all.

Here's BeBe with her part in Ru Paul's video

Love Ru's laugh.

Beyonce or Sasha Fierce's Tour Designs

Beyonce was so in love with Thierry Mugler's designs, that she made him the creative advisor for her upcoming world tour.

And to spice it up, here are some of the designs. These are better than Britney's tired entire. And I'm sure this tour will kick some serious booty.

Get Excited

New 'Harry Potter' Posters

Thursday, March 26, 2009

BackFlash Video Thursday

I wanted to be a member of this group, it's the Thompson Twins with Hold Me Now

George Weber's Murderer Arraignment

Joe Katehis, the 16 year-old murdered of George Weber, was charged as an adult with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon yesterday. Right now, he is being held without bail.

This case is bringing up a lot of issues, including the age difference of George and John. I spoke to a few folks about this incident. Most folks are wondering why a well-known 40 something person would indulge in any sexual acts with a kid. Others wondered if George knew that John was just 16.

I'm still at a lost here. If he knew John was 16, why he possibly jeopardize his career? And...if he didn't know, could he have done more research on John? I mean, if I was looking for a particular sexual fantasy, I would make sure I crossed every possible T and dotted every I. You can't prepare for everything, but I would still try.

George's entire career will be drowned in this murder. This is already drawing fire from conservatives and the crazies.

Joe's blog, has some interesting views from the crazies, believing that George deserved it. After reading some of these 'views', I fear that this incident, along with Sam Adams' mess will haunt us in the years to come.

Call Her...Miss Ross

It is one of the most powerful and inspiring Divas....Diana Ross turns 65 today.

Happy Birthday

This is the Live Action Cobra Commander

As a kid, I loved G.I. Joe. I loved the story, the action and the toys. Cobra Commander is one of my favorite characters.

However, when I learned about the live action movie, I was worried about how the characters would look.

Well today, my heart just sunk into the size of a prune.

This is the movie's version of Cobra Commander
I want the hooded version!

No High Time in Hawaii

What's really going on, y'all?

The drama in Hawaii has settled and we lost. The same-sex civil unions died, short of the 9 votes to pass.

The senators did not have the power to stop Senate President Colleen Hanabusa, who wasn't trying to hear it.

According to Miss Mess Hanabusa, she didn't want to override the lawmaking process by lifting the bill from its committee.

however, she is willing to break folks' hearts and deny their rights. Way to go, Colleen

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are Trailer

Get excited

Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas is a Hater!

Just when you wanted to party in Vermont, Gov. Jim Douglas just had to pull the plug.

The villan says he will veto a bill to legalize gay marriage if it passes the Legislature. Then to add a huge salt rock to a wound, he announced that he was against same-sex marriage.

To Jim, he believes that the economy and the state's budget deficit is more important, as if gay marriage has anything to do with the state's budget drama.

What a waste of a leader.

Interesting Quote: Steve Schmidt

“I’m personally supportive of [marriage] equality for gay couples and I believe that it will happen over time. I think that more and more Americans are insistent that, at a minimum, gay couples should be treated with respect and when they see a political party trying to stigmatize a group of people who are hardworking, who play by the rules, who raise decent families, they’re troubled by it.”

“I think one of the most tragic things in the world [is] when people are closeted and are denied their sexuality and this incredibly important part of their lives and the destructive potential of that action. And I’ve come to believe over time that, as Dick Cheney said, freedom for everybody means freedom for everybody.”

Steve Schmidt, chief strategist for U.S. Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign.


Glenn Beck weeps for America

This is mean, but it's kind of funny to me

Horror in Real Time: George Weber

This is all over the news and blogs. I'm sure most of y'all heard about George Weber.

He was the openly gay WABC newsman that was found slain in his apartment last week. George's body was bound with duct tape and blood was everywhere, with multiple cuts all over him.

Police believed he was killed by a online hook-up. At the time, folks didn't want to assume that, but the police stood their ground. Especially after finding photos depicting sadomasochism acts and George's ad looking for violent sex.

After heavy investigation, the cops found the killer. His name is John Katehis and he's just 16-years-old.
This is him

On his site, Katehis called himself "Extremist, an Anarchist, a Sadomasochist" and said he enjoys "long conversations, drinking, bike riding, hanging out."

The teen also listed more sinister hobbies like "roof hopping, hanging off trains" and claimed be into extremely violent video games.

"I am a very easy person to talk to," he wrote. "I like to do crazy and wild things ... I'm always looking for a big thrill.

Katehis was on the run in upstate Middletown, when cops picked him up just after midnight. He admitted answering an ad Weber placed on the Internet looking for a partner in rough sex, police and law enforcements sources said.

"He saw the victim's ad looking for violent sex and said, 'I can smother somebody for $60,' but it got out of hand," a source said.

The teen admitted he stabbed Weber, but couldn't remember how many times because he "blanked out" during the assault. He was in custody Wednesday at Brooklyn's 76th Precinct.

Cops found the suspect by combing through Weber's e-mail and Web browser history and tracking calls he made from his cell phone, sources said.

The two met in Brooklyn early Friday evening and then returned to the newsman's Carroll Gardens brownstone apartment under the premise of engaging in sadomasochistic acts, sources said.

I don't know what to think. I mean, you don't want to judge, but...I don't know. I've always been wary of on-line hook-ups just from my friends' and my own experiences. But this, this is really scary.

Folks, please be careful. There's nothing wrong with on-line hook-ups, but please just be aware.


My Favorite "Fame" moments

Fame...Goddess, I love this movie. I was inspired to do everything after seeing this flick on HBO back in the day.

I'm buying the DVD before the remake ruins my love for Leroy. But here are my favorite scenes from the movie

Love this Movie

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Diversify the Sexy: Please more 'roles' in Adult Entertainment

Warning: my rant/opinion time

Like most folks, I enjoy adult entertainment (erotica is a prettier word). I remember the very first gay movie I saw, it was called Cousins. Once, I realized that we can actually have sex, I was happy. Now I was 17, so I didn't know a lot about gay life.

Fast forward to my college years. I've struggled with the men of color in porn, particular Black Men. I was always upset at the quality of these films and the men. A good chunk of them were not cute and didn't inspire anything but jokes and eye rolling. But I had hope that things will change.

Now...things have changed, but I'm not really feeling it. We have more Black men in porn, but they are kind of playing the same roles. Thugs. To be real, I'm not a big fan of the thuggish role in porn, I like a little diversity in my Black men. However, the thug fantasy is very popular and accepted.

I just want to see Black men and men of color in different settings and roles. There are a few men of color in diverse roles and scenes, but I want more. I would love to see a sexy version of a 'Thrilla in Minilla' or a 'Beach Affair in Hawaii'. I would like more diversity in the scenery and quality.

CoCo Dorm has it's place, but I want to see other forms of Black gay erotica. A business man and his willing assistant, a football player and his tutor, a couple on an island or a captain on a ship with a lustful merman. These roles can be played by men of color. I think it would be sexy to see us in more intimate possibilities.

So in all, I don't want to get rid of the 'thug love', I just want see men of color in other forms of 'love' or lust.

That's my rant of the day. Thanks to J. Clarence and Ka-os for the inspiration.

Interesting Quote: Rick Ross

"I heard I offended the homosexual community recently with terms I've been using the last few weeks — terms, like 'fags,' 'punks,' 'homos,' gays,' we all know. And what I want to say is I apologize. I sincerely apologize to the gay community, to the people I offended with the words like 'fags,' 'gays,' 'punks.' You know, words like that. I apologize. And just to let the gay community know how sincere I am with my apologies, I'm offering and willing to do a record with a openly gay artist such as Curly, Curtis Jackson, 50 Cent. We all know he's gay. I'm willing to do a song … even Elton John … both two great gay artists … so I apologize to the gay community. That's from the boss … Now all the gays, we good. Peace."

Fake gangster, Rick Ross's apology to us...whatever

Face, Face, Face won the Drag Race

BeBe Zahara Benet (Face, Face) won RuPaul's Drag Race. She's truly worthy of this honor.

Congrats, girl!

It was Aretha Franklin's birthday this weekend...

she and that Hat is 67

Monday, March 23, 2009

Senate OKs Gay marriage in Vermont

Great News for family in Vermont!

The Vermont Senate voted 26-4 today in favor of the same-sex marriage bill.

The bill will have third reading and vote Tuesday. All bills have three readings. It is designed for people to reconsider or amend an item, but it unlikely that a vote would change on a third reading.

A similar measure begins moving through the House on Tuesday with testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. A full vote on that measure wouldn't come before next week.

The four senators who voted against the measure are: Randy Brock (R-Franklin County), Vince Illuzzi (R-Essex/Orleans), Hull Maynard (R-Rutland County) and Bobby Starr (D-Essex/Orleans).

Senators who had been undecided, including Sen. Dick Mazza (D-Chittenden/Grand Isle), Phil Scott (R-Washington) and Bill Doyle (R-Washington), all voted in favor of the bill.

Several senators made empassioned speeches on the floor in favor of and against the bill.

"We're not condoning homosexuality," Sen. John Campbell, D-Windsor, told the Senate just before the vote. "What we're doing is recognizing that some people are homosexuals."

Sen. Kevin Mullin, R-Rutland, who tried unsuccessfully to put the issue to a public referendum, said he believed a referencum would pass among Vermonters. "I fervently believe the people of this state are ready for this action," he said.

Sen. Randy Brock, R-Franklin, spoke out against the bill. He said he believes civil unions afford same-sex couples all the rights of marriage, that the majority of his constituents oppose same-sex marriage and that the legislation was too hastily passed.

'We have denied Vermonters the full opportunity to epxress their opinions," Brock said.

I'm sure the crazies are up in arms over this.


Rep. Michele Bachmann wants folks to be "Armed and Dangerous" over Obama's Tax Plan!

Can this heifer be committed already? She just loves being in a pot of mess.

Political misfit, Michele Bachman said that folks need to fight back against Obama's tax plan:

"I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue of the energy tax because we need to fight back. Thomas Jefferson told us 'having a revolution every now and then is a good thing,' and the people -- we the people -- are going to have to fight back hard if we're not going to lose our country. And I think this has the potential of changing the dynamic of freedom forever in the United States."

Just listen

People of Minnesota, please set this caged buzzard free

"This" could have Cost you your Job, Sam Adams!

Poor innocent Beau Breedlove makes his magazine debut for Unzipped. This is the guy, who I still believe, put Sam Adams in hot water for his benefit.

It's a shame what we will do for fame.

Question of the Day

Gay clubs are the topic of the day. Some of them are banning bachelorette parties. The reason...Some gays feel like it's "flaunting" their freedom or their right to marry.

Since the passing of Prop 8, some clubs and their gay owners are shutting their doors to brides-to-be.

So my question is...Should gay clubs ban bachelorette parties?

My top 5 Vampire movies

To be real, I'm not a huge vampire fan. I love witches, demons, and certain monsters but vamps...not my fave.

Buffy made me appreciate them and Twilight made me hate any outside notion of vampires. However, there are a few Vampire movies I will always love.


Not the best movie, but it was fun. Grace Jones played her part well and the story wasn't that bad.

Lost Boys

David...nuff said

Fright Night

This movie is one the best vampire movie ever. It's real, cute, and has good acting. You're so cool, Brewster!

Let The Right One In

This is one of the best. If you haven't seen it, please do.

Near Dark

This movie made me fear vampires. They were not sexy, glamorous or possibly gay. They were murderers and deadly. I personally like vampires to be...vampires.

So that's my list.

A Commitment Ceremony in Harlem

Chance Nalley, a 32-year-old math teacher from the Columbia Secondary School, is having a commitment ceremony with his partner...and he has invited the entire seventh grade to attend.

“They kept asking if they were invited,” he said of his students at Columbia, a selective public school that specializes in math, science and engineering. “Originally, I said no. But when I found a venue that turned out to be big enough I said, ‘O.K., you can come.’ I invited their parents, too.”

There are some haters, but others are open to it.

I think this is wonderful. It takes courage for him to open his life to his students. I think this can be a good lesson for them. This is life...and as the times change, it will be good for our children to see love and the celebration of love. I really hope this works out.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Twitter is the Worst Person in the World

Hot daddy, Keith Olbermann says that Twitter is basically evil.

Keith's cute.

Xanadu is like taking Ecstasy?

This is a mess! This billboard was posted in Chicago last month. Fire the PR people or someone involved with that billboard.

And Vanity Fair, you suck!

Hillary the Movie: presented by Crazy People (Citizens United)

I can't believe this, but it's real.

Here's the description:

Hillary The Movie is complete! The movie you’ve been waiting for is here and exploding onto the scene! With nearly 40 in-depth interviews with experts, opinion makers, and many of the people who personally locked horns with the Clintons, this is the film you need!

The cast to end all casts includes: Dick Morris, Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Jeff Gerth, Buzz Patterson, Michael Barone, Billy Dale, Cyrus Nowrasteh, Tony Blankley, Dick Armey, Bay Buchanan, Joe Connor, Mark Levin, Frank Gaffney, Peter Paul, Gary Aldrich, Dan Burton, John Mica, Michael Medved, Kathleen Willey, Kate O’Beirne, Larry Kudlow and more!

If you want to hear about the Clinton scandals of the past and present, you have it here!

Hillary The Movie is the first and last word in what the Clintons want America to forget!

Lord...mess, I tell you, just sheer mess!

Oh, the Citizen United made this movie...crazies.

Go here for more.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

SyFy 's New series Warehouse 13 sounds like Friday the 13: The Series

During BSG last night, SyFy presented Warehouse 13, a new series staring this summer. Here is the series description (via SyFy):

Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly and Saul Rubinek star in the one-hour dramedy, about two Secret Service agents who find themselves abruptly transferred to Warehouse 13: a massive, top-secret storage facility in windswept South Dakota that houses every strange artifact, mysterious relic, fantastical object and supernatural souvenir ever collected by the U.S. government.

Okay, a little X-Flies 1st season and a whole lot of Friday the 13th: The Series. If you never heard of it, here is the series description (via wikipedia):

An antiques dealer named Lewis Vendredi made a deal with the Devil to sell cursed antiques out of his shop, “Vendredi’s Antiques”, in exchange for wealth and immortality. He eventually grew tired of being the Devil’s puppet and broke the deal. The Devil came and claimed the soul of Vendredi for breaking the deal.

After Lewis' death, his shop was inherited by his niece, Micki and her cousin by Ryan. They sold off many of the cursed antiques before being stopped by Jack Marshak, Lewis' friend, a retired world-traveller and mystic who originally collected many of the antiques for Vendredi before they became cursed.

The series follows the protagonists as they hunt down the cursed antiques. Since the cursed antiques are completely indestructible, the ones that the group acquires are locked away in a vault beneath “Curious Goods,” the rechristened antique store. They use a special manifest written by Lewis as a guide as it holds the records of all the cursed objects sold.

I loved the F13th: The Series, I thought it was fun and a great Saturday night watch. But this new series is...well, I'm not sure. I wonder if some of the same ideas of Friday will bleed into this one.

I know I'm assuming a lot, but in this age of rebooting, re-imaging and remaking, who knows. I will probably check it out, but I hope I'm wrong.

Barney Frank Calls Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia a Homophobe.

Barney keeps it real every time. Now, he just needs to get into a steel cage match with Rush Limbaugh.

Sorority Row will SUCK to the 106th Power

THIS WILL SUCK! I mean they have reality stars from The Hills and The Real World in this...movie.

The original Sorority Row is nothing but a blur in Horror world, so who in the hell said 'sure remake this'.

Here's the trailer, rejoice in its stupidity

And is Carrie Fisher broke? Why is she doing this?

Is Jean Grey FINALLY Returning!

Comic fans, like me, have been hoping for Jean's return for a while. Well, I received a tip from someone that maybe she's coming back.

Above is a cover of Uncanny X-Men issue 511. I tried to find it on Marvel Comics' site, and it was gone.

So this may be removed, but I wanted to share this with you.

Long live JEAN!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Get Arrested, Get Happy

31-year-old Roberto Rodriguez, who's a para professional and a girls soccer coach was charged with having a sexual relationship with a student.

He is charged of sexual assault on a child and sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust.

Thanks to Jossip for posting this.

Joe the Plumber's Horny, but do you care?

How does he still get work?

Question of the Day: Battlestar Galactica style

Today, Battlestar Galactica ends. The 2 hour finale is tonight and finally, we will know the truth.

But I have to wonder, BSG is Sci----oh, SyFy's bread winner. Everything else they have is not cute.

I mean, it's bad, like a broken fridge with rotten meat bad. Some of their space shows are strong, but the movies are junior high class projects: Spring Break Shark Attack, Boa vs Python, Frankenfish?

So my question is...What will SyFy do once Battlestar Galactica is gone?

Interesting Quote: Suze Orman

"You blew up every single financial vessel we had and if you think you aren't personally responsible, well, the blame starts at the top. There is no higher top than you, SIR! If I were you, I would feel so absolutely horrific that I would take every penny I had and distribute it to anybody and everybody to help them in whatever way I could. You owe the American people every penny of your fortune and your family's fortune."

That's what Suze has to say to Former President Bush

We are Not as Fab as You think

The myth that gays have money to burn, is really a myth.

The truth was revealed in a study done by the Williams Institute at the UCLA. They found that lesbian and gay couples are more likely to be living in poverty than other couples.

The analysis found that 7 percent of lesbian couples are living below the poverty line, compared to 4 percent of gay male couples and 5 percent of opposite-sex couples. The study also found that after “adjusting for a range of family characteristics that help explain poverty,” same-sex couples are “significantly” more likely to be poor than opposite-sex married couples.

About 24 percent of lesbians and bisexual women are poor, compared to 19 percent of straight women, the study says. About 15 percent of gay and bisexual men are living in poverty, a rate that’s akin to the 13 percent of straight men who are poor, the report says.
“The myth of gay and lesbian affluence is just that — a myth,” the report says. “Lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals are as likely to be poor as are heterosexuals.”

The report also revealed a number of other findings related to poverty and gay couples:

• Children of gay couples are living in poverty at a rate that is twice as much as the children of straight married couples;

• Black people in same-sex relationships are gay couples who live in rural areas are much more likely to be poor than white or urban same-sex couples;

• Gay couples are more likely than straight couples to receive government support intended for low-income families.

So don't fooled by the Prada glasses, the True Religion Jeans or the Circuit Party trips...hopefully these folks are saving money. I know I have to for my Louis Vuitton obsession.

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