Monday, December 21, 2009

Maybe I should start sucking Pickles

Great Hera, this is proof that this "show" won't go away.

One, the show has high ratings:
Ratings for the third week of “Jersey Shore” continued the buzzworthy MTV series’ upward trend, further establishing the reality series as a hit performer for the network.

The episode jumped to a viewership total of 2.5 million with a 1.4 in adults 18-49. The female 18-34 demographic number was a solid 2.2.

Two, the main girl, Snooki will make decent bank for appearances:
Snooky, everyone's favorite star from everyone's favorite television show, has representation from Neon Entertainment, handling everything from her press inquiries and requests for personal appearances, to spelling her name wrong. So just how much will it cost you to have Snooky appear at your sister's birthday party, for example? NYC The Blog inquired via email, and Scott, “El Presidente” at Neon Entertainment, fielded our request. He replied: “Her price is 2000 + transportation.
Am I in the wrong field?


Unknown said...

Well, I would guess you are not only in the wrong biz, but also have too much self-worth to allow yourself to do such a thing as that show...

Larry Ohio said...

I totally didn't get the "sucking pickles" reference.

Wonder Man said...

LOL, Snooki sucks on pickles, she loves them on the show

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