Friday, October 30, 2015

Dave Welch: Churches Failed By Allowing Lesbian Mayor In Houston

V Magazine's Sexy Spread of Brad Pitt

These pics are HOT, HOT, HOT

What's NOM been up to Lately?

NOM has been quiet lately. Mostly, because they are going broke and there's no need for them anymore.

But they're not dead yet. They're are quietly behind the scenes. See below

Many people know that NOM plays a highly visible role in the fight from our high-profile organization of the annual March for Marriage in the nation's capitol, to helping organize and promote efforts to defend marriage champions like Kim Davis, our efforts to work with prospective presidential candidates and our leadership of state referenda and ballot measure campaigns. But you may not be aware of the quiet leadership role we play behind the scenes to nurture and develop a thriving marriage movement. Let me mention three such major initiatives:

Campaign for Houston is a campaign to reject the Houston special rights initiative and is the leading campaign to reject the special rights ordinance in Houston. NOM strongly urges you to support their efforts. The City Council has passed a notorious ordinance, pushed by the city's lesbian mayor, that gives special legal rights to people claiming to be "transgendered" — including men who claim to identify as women — the right to use the restrooms reserved for the opposite sex.

The coalition "Protect Life and Marriage OK!" includes community leaders, pastors, legislators, homemakers, employees and entrepreneurs who have united in support of Oklahoma's constitutional authority to protect natural, traditional marriage and to protect innocent, unborn children from the unjust, unlawful U.S. Supreme Court actions that have invented a constitutional right for same-sex "marriage" and that have led to the abortion of over 58 million unborn children. The coalition held a huge rally this past Sunday that gathered several thousand marriage supporters. NOM was proud to have helped promote this event.

For the first time, the World Congress of Families — a global nonprofit organization that promotes the natural family — is meeting in the United States. The Congress is the world's premier pro-family gathering and is being held this week in Salt Lake City. I am attending with others from around the world who are speaking the truth about marriage and the importance of promoting the natural family. We hope to learn from each other and broadly promote the importance of the natural family.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rep. Paul Ryan elected as the Speaker of the House - VIDEO

Well, it's official... Paul Ryan was elected as the Speaker of the House.

He received 236 votes, 18 more needed to be the speaker.

Watch his statement

Ben Carson speaks on Homosexuality at the GOP Debate

He said
“You don’t understand my views on homosexuality. I believe our Constitution protects everybody regardless of their sexual orientation. I also believe marriage is between one man and one woman. There is no reason you can’t be perfectly fair to the gay community.”
Ben, have a seat

Bearded Guys are 'more likely to cheat on their partner, steal and get into fights'

If you think bearded guys are hot (and they are)... This new study may change that a bit
Eva and Censuswide surveyed 2000 people to determine attitudes towards facial hair.

They found 47 per cent of men with facial hair had cheated on their partner, compared to 20 per cent clean-shaven men.

Additionally, it was bearded men who were more likely to be caught up in a brawl; 45 per cent had been in a fight compared to 39 per cent non-bearded men.

Finally 40 per cent of men with beards claimed to have stolen something, in comparison to the 17 per cent who admitted the crime, who don’t sport facial hair.
Hmmm, well I'll be aware now.


Marco Rubio reads Jeb Bush at the GOP Debate:

Jeb tried to come for Marco Rubio, but Marco was ready

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

WATCH LIVE CNBC GOP Presidential Debate 2015

Officer Ben Fields Fired!

Sheriff Leon Lott that Deputy Sheriff Ben Fields has been terminated for assaulting a young 16-year-old girl. And he also made sure the young girl realized that it was her fault as well.

HuffPo reports
"Deputy Ben Fields did wrong Monday," Lott said, adding that Fields had been terminated from the department roughly 20 minutes before the noon press announcement. The department's investigation into Fields' conduct was complete in just 48 hours.

But even as he announced Fields' firing, Lott appeared to defend the deputy's actions and shift at least some of the blame for the encounter to the student, whom he described as "very disruptive and very disrespectful."

"We must not lose sight that the whole incident was started by this student," he said.

The violent classroom arrest at Spring Valley High School in Columbia prompted a local investigation from the sheriff's department, the state's attorney's office as well as a federal probe into whether Fields, who is white, violated the civil rights of the 16-year-old student, who is black.
More to come

Ken Ham: If We Allow Gay Marriage, Will People Stop Wearing Clothes?

Jem's Original Songwriter speaks out about the Jem movie

Anne Bryant, the writer & creator of Jem's songs from the cartoon had this to say about the Jem movie.

No chill


Josh Duggar's Ashley Madison Handle revealed

Josh Duggar was caught in the Ashley Madison scandal a few months ago.

We learn a lot about his likes and dislikes. Well, now we have this handles

Ready4thisDC? Girl...


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Boxer Caught in Gay Porn, Claims he was Drugged

In today's foolishness...

Former boxer, Yusaf Mack was caught in a gay porn scene on DawgPound USA with two other men. However, he claims he was drugged into doing it.

Daily Mail reports
Mack, who is engaged to a woman, admits that he agreed to take part in a porno because he needed the money. He retired from boxing last year after losing a six-round fight to Cory Cummings. 
Mack said he was contacted with an offer to do porn on Facebook and traveled from Philadelphia to New York one night to make the video, believing it would be heterosexual. He went to an address in the Bronx, where he said there were naked women walking around. 
'I think, ''It's about to go down'',' he told
'I needed a drink or something. They gave me a pill and a shot of vodka.
'I took the pill down with the vodka.'
Mack claims he has no memory from that point.
The next thing he remembers is someone waking him up on a train at 30th street.
He then found $4,500 cash in his pocket, he says.
I feel like he knew what was up. No studio would take that type of risk drugging someone. Yusaf is just lying. He likes dick, and that's okay.

Officer Ben Fields has been suspended without pay

Officer Ben Fields has made headlines this week before literally slamming a high school girl to the ground because she wouldn't leave the classroom for chewing gum. This took place in Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina.

I won't show the video because some may be triggered by the actions of this particular officer. Instead, I want to focus on Ben's history but he's had in the last seven years, check this out:
1) In 2007, a couple sued Fields, fellow deputy Joseph Clark and Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, alleging false arrest, excessive force and violation of free speech rights in 2005.

According to the complaint, Carlos Edward Martin was driving home and got out of his car when Fields approached him and asked if he was the source of an excessive noise complaint that the officer was investigating.

Martin claimed that Fields "slammed him to the ground, cuffed him, began kicking him, and chemically maced him until his clothing was drenched and the contents of the can of mace was [sic] depleted," according to court documents.

When Martin's wife took pictures with her cell phone, Fields told a responding officer to confiscate her phone, according to the lawsuit.

But a jury ruled in favor of Fields.
2) Fields is one of 10 defendants in another case, scheduled to go to trial in January.

In that lawsuit, former Spring Valley High School student Ashton James Reese claims he was unlawfully expelled from school in 2013. At the time, Fields was investigating alleged gang activity at the school.

Reese claimed several offenses in the suit, including lack of due process, negligence, negligent supervision and a violation of the right to public education -- as mandated by state law.

The jury trial is scheduled for January 27-29

Right now, Fields has been placed on administrative leave. There is a case being built on this incident as we speak.

Officer Ben Fields has been suspended without pay.


So, this meeting happened: Sam Smith and Justin Bieber

Good guy

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Jem and the Holograms FLOPPED! And it's a good thing.

Jem and the Holograms made history... As the one of the worst opening ever.

Box Office Mojo reports:
Next we come to two of the year's biggest flops, Jem and the Holograms and Rock the Kasbah. I went as low as I comfortably could with my sub-$5 million predictions on both of these new titles, but even that proved generous as neither title managed to top even $1.6 million this weekend.

Coming in with an estimated $1.5 million from 2,012 theaters, Rock the Kasbah sports a paltry $750 per theater average. You might think that's bad, and it's certainly not good. In fact, that's the fifth worst opening ever for a film playing in more than 2,000 theaters, just a bit worse than August's We are Your Friends in fact. But it wasn't the worst the weekend had to offer.

Tallying a mere $547 per theater average from 2,413 theaters, Universal's Jem and the Holograms brought in an estimated $1.3 million, the fourth worst opening for a film in more than 2,000 theaters and the worst for a film playing in more than 2,400 theaters. Despite the lackluster result, the financial picture for Universal isn't at all troubling as the film was reportedly made on only a $5 million budget.
Personally, I'm glad it failed. It was a horrible idea and film. As a hardcore fan, I was insulted with this version. To see it crash and burn was great. It was proof that we will not accept any old movie. We want and deserve better.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Pat Robertson Insists Gay Marriage Is Still Illegal

In Houston: NAACP fully supports HERO!

The NAACP came out in support of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO). Using Twitter and radio ads, the organization is in stealth mode to get the message out.

Here's more from their site
As Houstonians head to the polls to cast their early votes on Proposition 1, the NAACP and Houston Urban League—the city’s most prominent African-American organizations—are urging a YES vote to protect Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance.In addition to the radio ads, the organizations have purchased ads in print publications across the city, including images harkening back tot he 1960’s Civil Rights Movement with the tagline, “We were about equality then. We are about equality NOW.”

There’s no denying that discrimination is a real issue in Houston. In the last year, more than 60% of discrimination claims filed under Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance were on the basis of race. Without an equal rights ordinance, Houstonians would be forced to literally make a federal case out of it—and bear the burden of a costly, drawn-out legal battle. 
We’re proud to stand alongside allies like the NAACP and Houston Urban League in supporting an ordinance that ensures all Houstonians are treated fairly and equally under the law.
Listen to the radio ad after the jump

Lord, WATCH this Ben Carson ad for President

Interesting Quote: Jeb Bush

“If this election is about how we’re going to fight to get nothing done, then I don’t want anything, I don’t want any part of it. I don’t want to be elected president to sit around and see gridlock just become so dominant that people literally are in decline in their lives. That is not my motivation. I’ve got a lot of really cool things I could do other than sit around, be miserable, listening to people demonize me and me feeling compelled to demonize them. That is a joke. Elect Trump if you want that.”

Mike Huckabee: Gun Dealers Should Wage Mass Civil Disobedience

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Happy Halloween! Beyoncé dresses as Storm from X-Men

Wow, Beyonce!

Last night in LA, Beyoncé showed up at Ciara’s Halloween-themed birthday bash dressed as Storm from the X-Men!

I wish there were more pics of this

Friday, October 23, 2015

HOT TRAILER: Marvel's Jessica Jones

Man Candy: Laith Ashley

Hot Trans man Laith Ashley get totally get it

A Summary of Hillary Clinton Benghazi Hearings

Adele drops New Album news

Hello video will be available tomorrow on

A photo posted by @adele on

Adele drops her new single, "Hello" today and her next album "25" hits the scene on November 20th. Reports say this is a make-up album, so not too many sad songs for you.

here's the tracklist

1. Hello
2. Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
3. I Miss You
4. When We Were Young
5. Remedy
6. Water Under The Bridge
7. River Lea
8. Love In The Dark
9. Million Years Ago
10. All I Ask
11. Sweetest Devotion

In Florida: An Extreme Religious Freedom Bill Introduced

Foolishness in Florida!

State Rep. Julio Gonzalez filed a religious freedom bill that is completely bogus and ridic. HB 401 is Gonzalez's response to (as he claims) the erosion of religious liberty.

This bill basically denies LGBT peeps regular access to everything things like, medical care and for-profit businesses.

Here's more from Equality Florida:
“This extreme bill doesn’t affirm existing law; it goes much further than that. In addition to churches, it would allow individuals, for-profit businesses, health care providers, non-profit adoption agencies and others to discriminate against anyone they want, for personal reasons.

Legal experts say this bill is even worse than the disastrous Indiana bill that sparked a nationwide backlash. Indiana’s governor called a hasty special session to repeal that costly mistake.

Not only would passing this bill tell the rest of the country that Florida is a mean-spirited, discriminatory state. It would also allow a healthcare provider to deny reproductive and contraceptive services to women; retailers to refuse service to LGBT people; a day care to refuse admittance of a child with LGBT parents, and many other outcomes we believe most people would find deeply unfair.”
Read it here:

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Olympic freeskier Gus Kenworthy Comes Out - VIDEO

ESPN reports
GUS KENWORTHY STARTED coming out to his family and closest friends nearly two years ago. His mom said she knew. His brother said he was proud. His best friend 
voiced unrelenting support. And if Gus Kenworthy were an average 24-year-old, the announcement -- the story -- might have ended there. But Gus Kenworthy is not an average 24-year-old. He is the top freeskier on the planet, an Olympic medalist, a face of the X Games. He is an elite athlete competing in the world of action sports, where sponsors -- and income -- are inextricably linked to image. In other words, he is an athlete with a lot to lose. But Gus Kenworthy is ready to tell that world, his sport, his truth. And so, as we sit down together in Los Angeles in September, he begins the only way he knows how: "I guess I should start by saying, 'I'm gay.'"

Pat Robertson: Leave Church That Backs Gay Marriage

Here are the Candidates for the CNBC Republican Presidential Debate

For next week’s GOP debate on CNBC, here are the candidates who made the cut. Rand and Chris barely made it, their numbers are pretty dismal.

Here is the stage setting

Will this debate finally set the playing field?

When I walk into the Office

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Laverne Cox stars in the 40th Anniversary Rocky Horror Picture Show Event

Laverne Cox will be Dr. Frank N. Furter in the 40th Anniversary Rocky Horror Picture Show Event.

CBS Las Vegas reports
According to SRO Media in Las Vegas, the “Orange is the New Black” star officially signed the deal. She will play the role of transvestite scientist “Dr. Frank N. Furter” in the remake celebrating the flick’s 40th anniversary.
She beat out Neil Patrick Harris, Hugh Jackman and Channing Tatum for this role.

Now, I'm thinking about Channing Tatum in fishnet stockings.

Joe Biden Will Not Run For President - WATCH

Happy 'Back To The Future' Day

If you don't know what today is... It's BTTF Day!

In the movie, Back To The Future 1 & 2, Marty McFly time travels to this day

According to the movie, we should have self drying jackets, hover boards, flying cars, double neck ties and TV/Phone sunglasses... Well I guess the Google glasses count.

Anywho, if you loved the films, or just the particular, watch it again and think about how far we've come or didn't.

Interesting Quote: Jeb Bush

“Two ways to look at Islamic terrorism: One is a threat that has to be taken out, as it relates to creating a strategy that calls it a war. Or we view it as a law enforcement operation, where people have rights. I think the Clinton administration made a mistake, of thinking bin Laden had to be viewed from a law enforcement perspective. Similarly, President Obama’s policies seem to be focused on that as well.”
So is he suggesting that Bill Clinton is the blame for bin Laden?

Go here for more

Paul Ryan will run for House Speaker if.....

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pat Robertson: Don't Let Your Gay Grandson Bring A 'Friend' To Thanksgiving Dinner

So, James Franco is working on a new Movie about a Gay Porn Murder

The film is called, King Cobra and it will focus on the murder of gay porn company owner Bryan Kocis. James Franco’s company, Event Films is producing the feature, with Christian Slater and Molly Ringwald and Garrett Clayton.

Here's a pic to give you an idea of what's going on
P.S. I need to make out with James Franco

My Review of the Jem and the Holograms Movie

The Jem and the Holograms movie is coming out this week and if you remember it was DRAGGGED across the floor when the trailer came out. Old fans including myself, were not feeling it at all. From the trailer, it seemed that they were butchering a very popular and amazing 80s staple.

However, I had a little bit of hope for what the film could be, but after seeing it I realized my hope was diminished. They took a lot of liberties with movie... a lot of liberties. There were some good parts and not so good parts to the movie.

Let's start with the good.

The Good

  • There's a strong family feel to the girls, I did enjoy seeing the dynamic between actresses, that was nice to see.
  • I enjoyed Molly Ringwald in the movie. She played Jerrica's aunt and also foster mother to Aja and Shana. I just wished there was more flashback scenes of them as kids.
  • It was nice to see Christy Marx in the role of Lindsay Pierce, that was a nice twist.
  • I appreciated that Jerrica, Aja, Kimber and Shana considered themselves as sisters.
  • I did enjoy some of the songs I think about two were really good the other one were 'meh'.
  • Aubrey Peeples has a very good voice and her acting was also pretty good.
  • They did use some of the videos that real fans made. Way back in the beginning of this project, there was a call for fans to make their videos. Seeing real fans express their love for Jem was very heartfelt and I thought that was a great addition to the film.

OK, so, here are the pieces that did not work for me at all.

  • Still not happy that Shana was not a chocolate sista.
    It would've been nice to Shana played by someone that looks like her.
  • Jerrica is very 'woe is me' in this film. She's self-doubting, pouty, insecure, basically a goth queen. In the cartoon we got a very strong Jerrica. She was in charge and she had a strong head on her shoulders. I know this is the beginning of the beginning, but I wish Jerrica was more confident in the movie.
  • Jem... The persona of Jem was very weak.
    There were no clear distinctions of who Jem was and why anyone would believe in her. The Jem identity was very secondary and almost unnoticeable.
  • The fashion was also a disappointment. There was nothing exciting about their look or their style. In the movie there fashion basically came straight out of Target and Hot Topic.
  • Not only did they gender swapped Eric to Erica Raymond (which is fine), they also added another interesting twist. Rio is her son! Yes, Rio is Erica Raymond's son! 
  • Erica's role in the film was kinda empty and predictable. 
  • By watching this film, you would've thought that Emmett loved Jerrica more than Kimber. He talked as if Jerrica was his only child. At least in the cartoon, Emmett recognized BOTH of his daughters.
  • The 'scavenger hunt' was an awkward addition to the film. It was useless and at times, misplaced. 
  • Rio's role has always been Jerrica's boyfriend and hero at times. However, in this film he basically is the White Knight. I discuss this more little bit later, but I didn't care for his 'Now Watch Me Save The Day, Ladies' character.
  • The big emotional part/conflict scene felt very rushed. In fact, most of the film felt rushed. Their rise and their fall was basically done within 30 minutes. It was hard to believe their disappointment, fears and excitement when everything happened in a flash. This film needed more time to flesh out their successes and failures.
  • One of the biggest disappointments of this movie was the overall male influence. Jem is the ultimate female driven event. It was created by a woman and the main characters are women. The essence of Jem was created from her mother, Jacqui.
    Synergy was made in Jacqui's image and the very reason Jerrica and Kimer were into music was because of Jacqui. But sadly, there was no mention of Jacqui at all. They only focused on Emmett, which is fine, but to ignore Jacqui was not cool.
  • Rio's role was pumped up big time. Not only was he Erica's son, he's the true owner of Starlight Music or Enterprises. I felt that this was a slap in the face to the fans. We all know that Jerrica is the owner of the record company. It was one of the major reasons she became Jem. However, the filmmakers thought Rio should be the one in charge. It was also interesting to see Rio come up with Jem and the Holograms. Yes, Jem fans, Rio suggested the band to be called the Holograms! How clever of him, right? Beefing up his role, snatched away some of the female empowerment we've loved about Jem. And one more thing, he knows Jem and Jerrica are the same girl.
For the true Jem fan, this movie will be a disappointment. It strips away the very thing we loved about her and replaced it with a character we don't know. This film is basically created for  10-16 year-old girls, but I hope they find out about the original series and watch that instead.

The Truth About Being A Gay Latino

It's the 10th Anniversary of Noah's Arc

10 years ago, we were introduced to Noah. He was a Black gay man trying to make it in LA. We were also introduced to his friends Alex, Ricky and Chance (ARC). Together, these men came into our lives, introducing the world to black gay characters we could believe in and enjoy.

Noah's Arc was a groundbreaking event. It was the first series to have black gay characters and lead roles. Patrick-Ian Polk created a series desperately needed in the LGBT community. We had two good seasons and a feature film that tied up the story quite nicely. Since then, we haven't had a show quite like it.

Happy 10th anniversary

Jill and Jessa Duggar Tear Up Over Brother Josh's Cheating and Molestation Scandals

Monday, October 19, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Full Trailer is HERE!

NFL Network Airs Several Nude Bengals Players [NSFW]

Here's a treat for you this afternoon

Sharon Valentine-Thomas wants to be the next Kim Davis

So, this woman would like to be the next Kim Davis.

In Pottstown, Pennsylvania Mayor Sharon Valentine-Thomas plans on running for the Montgomery County Register of Wills. Okay, that's fine... until Sharon said she will refuse to issue any marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Sharon said:
“I am opposed to gay marriages on religious grounds, and my conscience will not allow me to sign off on marriage certificates for gay couples. People should not have to violate their conscience to run or to serve. I am not an obstructionist and will not force my values on others.”
Girl, I hope you've been paying attention. Kim Davis isn't popular in the country. Her image is a joke and she will go down in history as a bigot.

If you want that legacy, Sharon, have at it. Remember, you have a choice. Think about it, and act wisely.


This is the Official Poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

33 Questions White People Have For White People

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Say Her Name: Zella Ziona

Zella Ziona is the 21st transgender/gender-nonconforming person murdered this year.

In Gaithersburg, Maryland, Zella was shot in the head in an alley between Montgomery Village Plaza and the Montgomery Village Crossing shopping centers.

Later on, Montgomery County Department of Police has identified and arrested Rico Hector Leblond in connection with Zella's murder. A witness claimed that 4 or 5 men surrounded and Rico pulled the gun.

He has been charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bond.

To Zella's family and friends, my heart goes out to you.


Friday, October 16, 2015

Pat Robertson Says Gays 'Want To Come Out And Stick It To The Christians'

800,000 Folks came out on Facebook Last Year

800,000 people came out as LGBT on Facebook this past year. They released new data to show that not only a lot of people are out but it's growing, here's more:
Over the past year, approximately 800,000 Americans updated their profile to express a same-gender attraction or custom gender. Further, not only has the total number of Americans who have come out on Facebook risen dramatically, but so has the number coming out each day. As the chart demonstrates, the number of people on Facebook coming out per day is on track to be three times what it was a year ago.

This graph also shows periods in which there are sharp increases in the number of people coming out on Facebook. The most obvious increase is seen following the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, indicated by the red vertical line. On a typical day, one out of every ten people who change their “interested in” status on Facebook do so to reflect a same-gender interest. On the day of the Supreme Court ruling, this ratio was double, one out of every five people. Additionally, in the days following the June 26 Supreme Court decision, we saw more than 26 million people display a rainbow filter on their profile picture.

Currently, more than 6 million Americans have come out on Facebook (based on the criteria used in Figure 1). Since we only consider those who have expressed a same-gender attraction or list a custom gender on their Facebook profiles, it is likely that this figure is an underestimate of the total number of “out” Americans. Strikingly, of those who are out on Facebook, approximately 78% made this change to their profile since the beginning of 2012. While this figure may be somewhat conflated by growth in the number of people on Facebook, the sheer magnitude of this increase suggests that the LGBT movement has made significant strides in recent years.
Amazing, right? Despite of the a few setbacks, Kim Davis and hate groups being... Well, hate groups, more people are coming out.

Keep it coming!


I’m Bisexual, But I’m Not…

Buzzfeed put together a great vid about being bisexual, check it out

Cute Pic Moment: Chris Hemsworth

The family who trains together, stays together!

A photo posted by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hot Cover: Ebony Magazine


Philly Gay Bashers face No Jail Time

Y'all remember them, right?

They are the three cretins who attacked a gay couple back in September 2014. The woman, Kathryn Knott, was quickly called out for trying to get her father (a cop) involved to help her.

Fast forward to now, where the two guys plead guilty and Kathryn, well, she's willing to take her chances.

Here's more
Philip Williams, 25, of Warminster, and Kevin Harrigan, 26, of Warrington, were sentenced to probation and ordered to stay out of Center City after pleading guilty to simple assault and conspiracy.

A third defendant - Kathryn Knott, 25, of Southampton - has decided to take her chances with a jury.

Both Williams and Harrigan apologized to the court and the victims and said incident was not about sexual orientation. They had been charged with a more serious count of aggravated assault.

Williams' probation and ban from Center City will last five years; three years for Harrigan. They also perform 200 hours of community service at an LGBT facility.
No jail time? Interesting, to say the least.


That time when Hillary Clinton threw marvelous Shade at Rand Paul with a Tweet

So, the other day Rand Paul said this

Later, Hillary tweeted

So good, so good

Can You Name 7 Superheroes of Color?

Decoded's host Franchesca Ramsey went to New York Comic Con and asked "Why aren't there more superheroes of color?" and "Is there a double standard to accepting, and supporting, stories featuring people of color?"

Gay Porn Star Blue Blake has Died

Old school folks may remember Blue Blake. He was a popular porn star in the 90s. He was in many scenes and later had his own company.

Here's more

Blake, who reportedly died in London, performed in several gay porn scenes between 1993 and 2003 before taking a more active role behind the scenes, according to the website. Blake, whose real name is Glenn Marsh, ran his own studio, Big Blue Productions, and in 2008 published an autobiography "Out of the Blue; Confessions of an Unlikely Porn Star."

"With a career spanning nearly 20 years in the gay adult industry, Blake earned his status as a beloved icon among fans, peers, and co-stars," St8UpGayPorn writes, adding Blake was inducted into the GayVN Hall of Fame in 2005.

Blue Blake was a former Royal Marine and he studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

RIP Blue


Warner Bros. announce Godzilla vs. King Kong in 2020

In 2020, get ready for the big monster events of all time. Well, not for all time because it's been done before, but anyway King Kong and Godzilla or face-off in a big movie extravaganza.

Warner Bros. made the announcement yesterday and now everybody is taking the social media to express how I feel about it. Some people are excited, some people are "meh". However, it will be fun to see how they'll put this together in the next five years.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Shade Moment: Hillary Clinton's response to Chafee's Rant - WATCH

First Look at NBC's The Wiz Live

NBC's The Wiz is coming on December 3rd.

And now, we have an idea of what they will look like.
We have David Alan Grier as the Cowardly Lion, Shanice Williams as Dorothy, Ne-Yo as the Tin Man and Elijah Kelley as the Scarecrow.

I'm excited to see this.

So Mike Huckabee tweeted during the Debate

Mike made it clear that he's not running for president anymore. Look at these tweets.

Question of the Day

What did you think about the Dem Debate?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Watch the 2016 Democratic Debate LIVE

Go here for all the drama

VH1 to host Roundtable Discussion on being Gay in Hip-Hop

VH1 will host a special on being gay in Hip Hop!

Next week (the 19th), VH1 will premier “LHH: Out in Hip Hop”. It's an hour-long roundtable discussion focusing on LGBT issues within the hip hop community.

Sexy and smart T.J. Holmes will moderate the discussion with a studio audience and a plethora of noted guests that include:
- Big Freedia- is considered the “Queen of Bounce,” which is a subgenre of hip hop music born out of New Orleans that is known for its call and response style and lightning speed booty shaking dance.
- Buttahman- is a former MTV/ BET executive and TV/ Radio personality who is currently doing stand-up in LA.
- Cakes Da Killa- is a 25-year old New Jersey rapper who is often on the shortlist of up and coming emcees.
- Chuck Creekmur- is the co-Founder and co-CEO of and a journalist.
-Clay Cane- is the Entertainment Editor at He is also the creator and producer of the documentary “Holler If You Hear Me: Black and Gay in the Church.”
- D. Smith- is a transgender music producer, artist and songwriter who has worked with many artists, including Lil Wayne and Katy Perry.
- Fly Young Red- is an openly gay hip hop artist; his video “Throw That Boy P*ssy” became a viral sensation.
- Pastor Kevin Taylor- is the Pastor of “Unity Fellowship” in Newark, NJ. He is openly gay and an LGBT advocate.
- Sharon Lettman-Hicks- is the Executive Director of the National Black Justice Coalition. She is featured in a documentary called “The New Black,” which explores traditional church attitudes toward the LGBT community.
- SIYA- is a rapper who stars in Oxygen’s “Sisterhood of Hip Hop.”
This could be good or a hot ass mess. I'm hoping for a happy medium.


Planned Parenthood Is A Cover For Satanic Child Sacrifice - VIDEO


In Kentucky: Hate Group will meet with Gov. Beshear over Kim Davis

These f**kers...

So the Family Foundation of Kentucky are going to Frankfort to speak, no, demand Gov. Beshear to give Kim Davis a pass on her job duties.

This hate group, accompanied with Rev. Randy Smith, plan to meet with the Governor at 10am, so they have already met (for us West Coast folks). I would love to hear if this meeting actually happened and if the Governor shut the door in their faces.

BTW, Kim Davis has a strong negative rating in this country, so I really don't see any accommodations heading her way.

Extra Note... If you haven't heard of Rev. Randy Smith, here he is


Happy Birthday, Hugh Jackman

He was born on October 12, 1968. Thank you for the hotness

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