Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You have to believe we are magic...

My favorite movie, now my favorite Broadway show is staying put for another full year and a half!
Xanadu is here! I saw this show during my winter vacation in New York.

Check out the news:

Xanadu producers Robert Ahrens, Tara Smith, Brian Swibel, Cari Smulyan and Dale Smith announced April 30 that the stars of their new musical have all renewed their contracts through January 2009.

Kerry Butler (Kira), Cheyenne Jackson (Sonny), Tony Roberts (Danny), Jackie Hoffman (Caliope) and Mary Testa (Melpomene) have signed on through Jan. 25, 2009. Xanadu, based on the film of the same name, plays the Helen Hayes Theatre.

In a statement producer Ahrens said, "We are so thrilled that our cast has all extended their contracts. We have an incredibly talented group of actors that make magic eight times a week. They have taken Douglas Carter Beane's sophisticated book and have made audiences of all ages laugh for 90 minutes. We see them leave the theatre with smiles on their faces. What more could we ask for?"

Xanadu boasts a book by Little Dog Laughed playwright Douglas Carter Beane — a 2007 Tony Award nominee — and utilizes songs from John Farrar and Jeff Lynne's film soundtrack. The musical, according to press notes, "tells the story of one of the nine muses of ancient Greece who comes to earth to inspire the greatest of artistic achievements – a roller disco. Along the way she falls in love, bumps into an old acquaintance and for the first time, feels the desire to create herself." Xanadu plays the Helen Hayes Theatre.

Xanadu recently received six Drama Desk nominations, including Best Musical, Best Book (Douglas Carter Beane), Best Director (Christopher Ashley), Best Actor (Cheyenne Jackson), Best Featured Actress (Mary Testa) and Best Choreography (Dan Knechtges). The show also received Best Musical nominations from the Outer Critics Circle and the Drama League. Kerry Butler and Cheyenne Jackson are nominated for Outstanding Performance Awards from the Drama League.


I was so scared of this as a kid, but now I love this. If you love thrillers please check out the movie, Magic. Great film, wonderful thriller.

Moo-donna's going Black, and she may NEVER come back!

So the future Vegas act, Moo-donna is going on BET's 106 & park. My question is...Why?
There's no real R&B track on this CD so what is she going to say? Yes, this is a historic moment (supposedly) but to be real...Why has it taken over 20 years to go on BET? Tom Cruise been there twice and he doesn't even sing, well she doesn't either, but still why now?

Since she bringing her vampiring ass on the black folks tube, here are some questions they should ask

  1. What made you decide to come to BET?
  2. Have you ever said the n-word before?
  3. Who many DJs did you sleep with to get played in the 80s?
  4. Did you ever give credit to the New York ball scene and Willie Ninja for Vogue?
  5. Will you ever stop changing yourself?
  6. Will you teach your new African boy all about his culture or your fake one in England?
  7. Why didn't you work with Chris Brown?
  8. Are you afraid of Janet Jackson?
  9. Did you always want to be Black? And do you still want to be Black?
  10. What do you think of Beyonce?
I'm sure there's more but I think those are good enough

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Photos Macabre

Everyone, I have stumbled on some great photos besetting childhood fears. They are taken by Joshua Hoffine and he has a myspace if you're interested to see more.

These are haunting, but beautiful pictures. I will share some of them, but please check out the website posted here

Who needs a job?

Rev. Wright, shame on you. You are truly a hot mess going on TV and shooting off your mouth. If you wanted things to get back to normal, you would have kept your wannabe somebody important ass out of the headlines.

I'm not understanding your views of politics, or the fact that you had to mention Obama in your speech, but you are not helping things. I think you have accomplished a lot and you have great aspects about you, but you are just hogging the spotlight.

Your speech was a borderline Creflo Dollar monologue. Please go back to your church and think about the impact of your foolishness.

Hard Candy is nothing but Coco Puffs

I listened to Hard Candy and I wasn't surprised. This is over-produced and over-hyped. I felt I was listening to a midlife crisis on steroids. Moo-donna worked with too many people on this CD. And it sounds like them, not her. It was like she was trying to keep up with the times.

If you can, remember when Ethel Merman did a Disco album in 1979? Well, that's what Hard Card reminds me of. An old broad still trying to hang on. The songs are lackluster, half cute, and Britney-ish. I wanted more from her. I hoped her CD would be good, actually it's better than Janet's and Mariah's CDs. But to be honest, they all disappointed me. They are almost irrelevant in the biz. Sure they bring in big numbers, but their music sucks to me. And Moo-donna... I secretly wanted to like this CD, but I didn't. It's not bad, but it's not her best. I haven't bought any songs from this CD. In fact, I just bought the song True Blue from way back. I guess I liked her non-hip-gansta-ho/go-go approach to music.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Girl, Please

Sabrina (Ashley), the post teen-age hooker has the audacity to sue. Here the news:
Ashley Alexandra Dupré, the New Jersey woman at the center of the New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer call-girl scandal, filed suit Monday against Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis and his film company. The lawsuit seeks more than $10 million in damages. In legal documents, Dupré claims that Girls Gone Wild representatives approached her while she was vacationing in Florida in 2003. The representatives offered her alcohol, the suit alleges, before inducing her to expose her breasts for cameras and to sign a release form – even though she was 17 years old and not of legal age to properly enter into any contract. Since then, the suit claims, Girls Gone Wild has illegally exploited Dupré's name, picture, voice and likeness in a number of deceptive advertising campaigns and on Web sites.

Girl stop it. You can't sue them. Why? Because you agreed to do it. No one forced you, no one threaten your life. They supposedly offered you alcohol, which you were probably already drinking when you got to Florida.

And that's somewhat show business to bank on your GGW stint. The minute your card was played, of course Joe and his molester gang were going to cash in. Are you crazy to think otherwise. You're in the oldest profession in history and you feel wronged?

And why now? It's been 5 years! Since then you been a girl-for-hire and peddling your Puddycat Doll career.

Miss Dupre, just stop, we can see through your see through shirt. You can't be famous and play the victim, that's not going to work, girl. That's like saying I'm rich, but I need financial aid. You just hire a publicist, you're looking to write a book, and you're pushing your crappy music out on the scene. You know what you're doing. You have been since you hit the streets. The nerve of this maid of mess. Your 5 minutes of fame is so over. Get some counseling, learn from your mistakes, and get out of our lives.

Warners, Joel Silver, get it together!

Check out this article about Wonder Woman's big screen debut

'Wonder Woman' to hit the big screen?
Producer vows Amazonian heroine will see the light of day
By and -- Sun Media

Apparently convincing a statuesque model or actress to parade around in star-spangled underwear for you is harder than it looks.

Who knew?

Just ask Joel Silver, the producer behind The Matrix and next month's Speed Racer, who has been labouring for the better part of a decade to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen.

Despite years of shelved scripts and rumoured starlets (Catherine Zeta-Jones, Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullock among them), he says he doesn't expect to find Lynda Carter's successor anytime soon.

"Warners was going to make a movie about the Justice League with all the characters," he says, referring to the proposed blockbuster that cast Australian model Megan Gale in the role. "But I think that's tabled for the time being."

Before that, Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon had written a script for a solo film, but it was put on hiatus before the lead was cast.

Despite these setbacks, Silver says he's still optimistic it will be made.

"I'll make it one day. (Speed Racer) has been 20 years in the making, so sometimes these things take awhile."

Did Silver compare Diana to the stupid Speed Racer? Is he on crack or just silly? She, if anyone, should have her own movie by now. I don't think the Warners deserve to have DC under their wing. They just crap on the spirit of comics. And Silver isn't helping, he's willing to put some unknown sex-pot as our own favorite amazon.

I can't take this, it just tears out my heart anytime they mention the WW movie. It almost unfair. But I have hope for her. And I promise if I win millions of dollars, I will find a way to get her out there. I mean, they made Speed Racer and before that, they made Mod Squad.
It's her time now.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cartoon, Cartoon


My nickname from the 70s

I was just thinking about my Grandmama Louise and her boyfriend, Mr Jesse. He had nicknames for all the grandkids, but mine was Egghead Jr. Mr. Jesse gave me that name because I was super short, smart, sassy, and had a big head.

That's pretty much how I am now.

I thought we were DONE with this subject

There's a new book coming out soon about Gays in Hip Hop. Here's the plug

Everyone wants to know the truth about their favorite celebrities’ heart’s desire. Within the masculine culture of Hip Hop and Hollywood, there is a well-known gay subculture that industry insiders are keenly aware of but choose to hide. Terrance Dean worked his way up for more than ten years in the entertainment industry from intern to executive, and has lived the life of glitz and bling along with Hollywood and Hip Hop’s most glamorous. With a family full of secrets and working in an industry founded on maleness — where one’s job, friendships, and reputation all depend on remaining on the down low and in hiding — Dean writes a revealing account of the journey of coming out from hiding.

Full of startling anecdotes and incredible true stories, Hiding in Hip Hop is not a traditional tell-all. A personal and poignant memoir, it is also one of the most provocative and honest looks at stardom and sexuality.

Ok, I haven't read the book, so I really making a huge assumption. However I see some issues with this book that can do more harm than good.

My views (even though I haven't read book)
  1. Books like these are nothing but tabloids. They are exposing people's private lives without their consent and possibly hurting friends, family, and others. To do a book like this means that you are out to make money at all cost. If you want to help someone discover their sexuality, then present positive role models to show them that it's ok to be gay. But to put them on front street only reinforce the fear and negativity besetting gay issues and gay people.
  2. If this is a memoir, then focus on you, not people that may not have anything to do with you.
  3. Don't market this as a Tell All, it's tacky and trashy. And why do you need to tell other people's business if it's not your own. That's how you get slapped!
  4. Superhead wrote a tell all book and it made her a stain as a black woman. Please be aware of the outcomes. This could make you a target for mess and foolishness.
  5. Please have something in there, that inspires black closeted males to come out, not go back in.
  6. JL King...think about it.
  7. I could care less about who's closeted, I care about who's leading us forward.
  8. And if they're closeted, lets move on. We're out, now what are we going to do. Write about that.
I hope this book don't cause a big stink. This may push us back and dress our community as spiteful, greedy, and silly gays. I hope this brother thought about that before he wrote this book. I don't think it will solve anything that's important to us. It will be another gossip rag to talk about at the salon. And to be honest, I rather hear about hairdresser's wedding plans than who suck cock with a 40 in one hand and sweaty balls in the other.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

If you are a Jean Grey fan

From the new Cable comic stands a teaser on who the Messiah Complex baby is.

Just look in the eyes!

Horror, Porn, and Clive Barker

Well I went to the Fangoria Convention today and I tell you, it was good. There was a lot to see, buy, and talk about. Pretty much next door, or next building was the Adult Con, which somewhat blends with horror. The whole sex and gore thing is almost a marriage from heaven, that I don't want to attend. I also realized that I stood out. There wasn't a lot of gay black guys with True Religion jeans and a Fendi bag walking around. There were goth kids, heavy metal lovers, big busted girls, and me the neighborhood fashioneek.

While I was combing the aisles, I saw Jaws from Moonraker, the writer for Jeeper Creepers, the two cute guys from the Doom Generation, Johnathon Schaech and James Duval, Danielle Harris from Halloween, Tony Todd from Candyman, Dante from Clerks, and Sid Haig.

But the big charm for me was Clive Barker. I love him for so many reasons. Besides being gay, smart, a good writer, a horror overmind, and creative, he's actually funny. However, the main thing I took from him was his view of horror. Clive said that horror is suppose to challenge us, get into our taboos and f*** us up. I agree with that. Horror is suppose to make us uncomfortable, squirm, and hope for Sunday mornings, but I don't get that feeling anymore.

The only time came from this picture from the infamous Scary Stories you can Tell in the Dark. Till this day, I cringe at this pic, but it has inspired me and pushed me to think about my fears. Although I hate this pic sometimes, I also love it. Because of this book, this picture of the skull woman, my love for horror continues to be strong. In fact, this pic has haunted me since I was 9 years old.

But that's how good horror should be, it's suppose to f*** you up, reshape you, and challenge your comfort zones. It sticks to you and pushes buttons. It can be a cheap thrill, but I want more than a scary mask, I want an experience and chance to understand my fears. Maybe even face them and see what was really holding me back. In other words, I think horror has been very therapeutic for me.

So thanks, Clive! Thank you for the reminder of why I love horror. Now who said you can't learn something from a horror convention.

Friday, April 25, 2008

SFF tour updated

That tour I was talking about...maybe I need to start in July. This is a bunch of malarkey! Jonesville Church of God, it's obvious you are not following the righteous path. Churches suppose to be a place of worship, community building, and fellowship. Not foolishness, ignorance, and pure stupidity.

Are you there God? It's me, Viktor. And you need to get your kids back in the house. The streetlights are on!

Orana: the forgotten Wonder Woman


A red-haired Amazon who challenged Princess Diana for the title of Wonder Woman. She succeeded but was killed in her first mission, battling a terrorist called Warhead, after which Diana avenged her death.

I liked her, but I guess DC didn't know what to do with Orana...oh, they did about 20 years later. She became Artemis!


National Day of Silence

Hundreds of thousands of students are expected to take part in today's national Day of Silence to combat school bullying just months after Lawrence King's tragic killing inside the walls of a school.

Cartoon, Cartoon


911 is a Joke

Everyone's talking about this already but I have to commit on it.
ABC News did a social experiment using two men showing PDA

Here's the news piece
Two years ago, ABC News hired two actors, a man and a woman, to publicly display their affection for each other by kissing in public at a restaurant.

This year, we once again decided to explore how the public responds to public displays of affection -- but this time, our couples were gay.

ABC News asked two couples, Kaolin and James, and Ashby and Leslie, to sit on park benches in Verona, N.J., and then in Birmingham, Ala., to see if there were any differences in reaction among passersby in the two regions of the country.

Instead of a public park, ABC News brought the couples to a bench in the popular Five-Points section of Birmingham. During the two days of filming, hundreds of people walked by and noticed the couples. A police officer even arrived at the scene after a woman called 911 because she saw Kaolin and James kissing each other in public.

ABC News obtained a copy of her call:

Operator: "Birmingham Police operator 9283"

Caller: "We have a couple of men sitting out on the bench that have been kissing and drooling all over each other for the past hour or so. It's not against the law, right?"

Operator: "Not to the best of my knowledge it's not."

Caller: "So there's no complaint I could make or have?"

Operator: "I imagine you could complain if you like ma'am. We can always send an officer down there."

And they did. One of Birmingham's finest came to Five-Points and spoke with Kaolin and James. Though city officials and the police department signed off on ABC's social experiment, this officer was somehow not in the loop. The officer told our couple that the police dispatch received a call because the two of them were making out.

"Just don't do that in public," he told them before leaving the scene.

It wasn't long before a local Fox news station was reporting that "a national television show was spying on Birmingham."

Leave it to Alabama to make such a huge deal. Out of all things to call the cops for. What if someone was truly dying or being attacked, and because of this heifer's 911 call, that person or people died. I know that was extreme, but so what the 911 call. She should have been arrested for that foolishness. I think I'm going down South to stop this mess. I need to gather a coalition because we got to save the South from foolishness. In fact the movement should be called SFF and we start in August.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Remake Hell 2: The Invasion of Movie Snatchers

They're on a roll, Hell Night, It's Alive, and Happy Birthday to Me have been assimilated into trashy remakes.

O' Mighty Isis please save us!

Remake Hell

I hate remakes, especially horror remakes. But according to Ain't it cool News they are remaking a classic...The Fury.

Here the news from Variety:

Fox 2000 is set to bring Brian De Palma’s “The Fury” back to the bigscreen.

The label has tapped Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman to pen a contemporary reimagining of the 1978 supernatural horror film.

New version will center on a young man with heightened kinetic powers who is abducted by the government in order to take advantage of his special gifts.

Original, starring Kirk Douglas and John Cassavetes and released by 20th Century Fox, was based on John Farris’ 1976 novel of the same name.

Why? Why? This movie don't need a remake! Farris wrote other books... Could they bank on those novels? Lord, I need a drink!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just a thought on why the JLA won't work

Reason 1

Smallville screwed the idea up with that A&F version of the JLA. Look at this
And reason 2
Using a sex-o-mek underwear model as a superhero will never be accepted in the geek community.

So this right here... can't be this at all

Weekend excitement

I'm looking forward to my first Fangoria Convention. I'm going on Saturday since I have tons of banquets to attend Friday and Sunday (I'm a somewhat administrator at USC).

But I'm there! I hope this is good. I'm sure it will be.

Great News!!!

This hot mess is tabled, canceled, finished. And I am a happy divo to say the least. The JLA was doomed from the start. As soon as I heard about it, I rolled my eyes. Especially after they shelved Wonder Woman and chased away the writer of forever, Joss Whedon. But here's the news if you don't know what I'm talking about

Producer Joel Silver tells the beleaguered Justice League has been “tabled,” which means we’re unlikely to see any movement on the movie in the near future.

That undoubtedly comes as a relief to a significant chunk of fandom — and probably a few Warner Bros. executives.

The George Miller film has been beset by problems almost from the start: It was rushed into production to get ahead of a potential summer 2008 actors’ strike, criticized online because of its rumored casting (”Justice League 90210“), shelved because of the writers’ strike, and then finally entangled in a dispute with the Australian government over tax incentives — which could’ve sent the $200 million project packing to Canada.

Meanwhile, Sci Fi Wire talks to Silver about the often-discussed Wonder Woman movie, whose history is longer than the Justice League’s, and just as pock-marked.

The last we heard, the stalled Wonder Woman was officially put on hold so Warner Bros. could focus on the ensemble project.

“It’s sitting there, and when I figure out a way to do it, I’ll do it,” Silver tells the website.


Well, I'm telling you to stop kool-aiding with Wonder Woman and get her on the screen. This is wrong to deny us the amazon. If you don't get to work on her project. I think I will come to Warners and take it. It's just up the street from me.

What do you think happened?

I shouldn't gossip, is not cute but damn it's fun sometimes. So today, Miss Jones files for divorce from her "husband" Al Reynolds. After the endless plugging and crazy stories of their love, it ends after 3 years. And Star...I'm mad at you.

Why did you do this when your self-esteem was low and Al was still questioning his sexuality. The signs were there and it was crazy to believe this faux-Cinderella wedding was going to be a cure all.

Al's gay! It wasn't going to work.
You lost your job over it, another clue to this marriage.
And when you dropped the weight, your need to be loved was at a stand still. You got the body you wanted, now Al was obsolete.

I knew this was coming, but not so soon. But if it was about Al's sexuality, I like the fact that it's kept classy and less dramatic like Terry "that's what I get for finding a boy on the street" McMillan.
Okay, that's it for gossip, back to comics, horror, and gay stuff.

This looks fun

This movie called The Strangers looks pretty good. It doesn't seem like a another useless remake and the story is somewhat different, but cool.

Plus the website is fun. I'm looking forward to the fright this movie may hold. If you get the chance horror hams, check out the website and the trailer.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Mutants breeds randomness

You go Dani!

Today, instead of being inspired by Ororo, I'm bringing some wisdom from another favorite X-character of mine, Dani Moonstar.

It seems that individualism is a rarity today. With pop culture telling us what to wear, what to eat, how to act, and how to breathe, it's easy to lose yourself sometimes. I have learned to cherish the quirks and important aspects about myself. It hasn't been easy, but I'm enjoying the journey.

Maybe some of you remember the things people teased you about. My love for disco, V.C. Andrews novels, Wonder Woman, She-ra, and comic books were my teasing points. But they were also pieces that defined my character. They brought out creative sides of me and challenged me to think outside the box.

I also cherish my southern and racial heritage. My family's upbringing is still apart me and paramount to my moral being. My culture is a symbol of my pride and honor. And my sexuality is an important piece that gives me that edge.

Those things above gives me hope, strength, power, security, and sense of humor with a side geek. We all have different variance of these attributes, which makes us individuals. But without any acknowledgement of these attributes, I think we are barely alive.

Penny scares me

So tonight is the Pennsylvania primary and I'm a little bit worried. This place, so far, has not been the state of openness and change. It seems this wonderful state is home to the people I ran away from in Tennessee and Kentucky. My partner is from there, and even he hates it.

Regardless of this being the home of the diva omega, Patti Labelle, there's the spot in this state that fears diversity, gay people, and modern living. Sure there are plenty of states that have these spots, but this is critical. The media has played on the people's ignorance in this state. The ads, the messages about elitism, the color lines, and guns made headlines instead of the failing economy, education, and increasing arrest among men.

Penny, get out of the dark ages! Put the issues that are crucial to your existence! Gun control and backwoods thinking are empty carbs, get some substance in you. Think about why Hell-hound Hillary put out an ad with Bin Laden in it. She didn't do that anywhere else, why do you think she did it in your state? Because she thinks you will cling to your fear and hide in your homes. And she will save you...well she ain't Wonder Woman. She's more like Orana, headstrong, but doesn't think before doing things.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Favorite Comic mini-series...The Milkman Murders

I was a bit disappointed with the Friday the 13th comic book series, but I was glad to come across, The Milkman Murders.

Comic kids, if you love horror, or disturbing stories, this is the one for you. It came out about 3 years ago, it's such a great read.

The description goes like this: After an assault by a mysterious and monstrous milkman, a typical American housewife has finally had too much of her hideous, deranged family, in this twisted parody of a Norman Rockwell image as painted by serial-killing folk-artist John Wayne Gacy. She takes a simple word of advice from her idol, the perfect 1950's mom on her television screen-"Discipline."

I loved this story. It was smart, sad, but creepy. I made me think about what really goes on in our homes. If y'all get the chance, check it out.

Gossip Girl: W.G.A.F. (Who Gives A Frak)

This is why the we need My So-called Life back. The Mess-o-drama is back tonight for no reason. Y'all can tell I don't like this show. Over the years, we have seen the best and worst of teen shows. The best ones (Buffy, My So-called Life, A Different World, Dawson's Creek the first 3 seasons) actually challenged people and were intelligent shows to watch. However, this crap is beneath most human thinking.

I saw an episode and that's all it took. Basically, this is a rehashed 90210 mixed with Melrose Place, Titans, and Sweet Valley High novels without the twin sisters. It's so stupid, just utterly stupid. It's beyond guilty pleasure, it's High Fructose Corn Syrup that clogs up arteries.

But why do I hate this show? I'll tell y'all right now:
The tired storyline of rich white kids is zombie-over. It's been done so many times it needs a STD test. You can't make this storyline any juicier, because it's not interesting. Here's an idea, do a story about rich kids losing everything, then move them to Arkansas, the Bronx, or south Philly.

It's a horrible, horrible ripoff of Manchester Prep. If you don't remember that natural disaster, here's a link to learn all about it:

It's makes a mockery of New York and is trying to follow in the Sex and the City heels. In fact, every SATC copy needs to cease and desist.

No diversity, I'm sick of these colorless shows, seriously in another 10 years we will truly be colorblind. It time to get with it.

The ads are desperate and I could care less about a character being gay. That's also a tired ploy to use. Give me something more than a character being gay, make him a serial killer, a Skrull, or a satanist...something.

We got The Hills, which is actually better to watch (sorry to admit that)

It's poorly written. There's nothing interesting in these characters, hell, I get more from the Rock of Love girls.

But what could work? Well, if you revamped the show and put in students of color, lose the tease of sex, get someone pregnant, make them middle class, and someone's parent has a sex change. I may consider watching it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Looking back in 1991

In 1991,

  • I was working at McDonalds
  • I spent way too much on the Dick Tracy's hat
  • I was truly into comic books
  • I liked two boys, but only fantasized about one of them
  • Was hanging out in Martin, Tn for no reason
  • Took a lot of fashion risks
  • Getting ready for college
  • Slept with the TV and radio on
  • Dreamed of living in New York City (and I did 10 years later)
  • Wrote the best stories of my secret comic book, Amaron
  • Made out with a guy in my mom's car

Random Questions

I was asked a few questions while I was at work, and I thought I could share them (Since a blogger said they know nothing about me)

When did you know you was gay?
At 17, when I saw a gay adult movie for the first time. The movie was called Cousins

When did you kiss a guy?
When I was 8. His name was Scott and we kissed in his empty dog house

Did you have a girlfriend?
I did, in college for two years. But at the same time I was having an affair with my roommate

What is the craziest thing you've done?
Followed a crush (a guy) to college

What are your most shallow item(s)?
Fendi bag, Gucci sunglasses, Versace eyeglasses, 2 pair of True Religion jeans

Next big purchase?
42" flat screen TV

What job taught you a lot about people?
My 7 month side job at Papa John's last year (My therapy from working at ASU)

Scariest moment?
Walking through a graveyard at night...scary and fun actually

First sexual experience?
Just kissing Scott in the dog house

How many relationships?
4, 1 with a woman

First successful written project?
Eve and Eve: a play about Zeus falling in love with Eve, a young Greek girl. Hera gets jealous and creates and evil twin of Eve to cause chaos. It was a crazy play. I wrote it in the eighth grade and it was actually put on for my class.

The first time you heard the n-word and f-word?
The n-word from my grandmama at 7, and the f-word from a classmate at 9

Once in a lifetime comes the Diva Trinity!

This is once in a red moon! I just found out that Diva Trinity: Patti Labelle (the real diva), Diana Ross (alpha diva) and Chaka Khan (diva of voice) are doing a concert together!!! I have officially died and been reborn as Madelyne Pryor and then the Phoenix. Stuff like this just don't happen! Moo-donna has nothing on these real queens of music! The concert is called, Divas With Heart and it's in New York City (of course) at the Radio City Music Hall and it's one night only on May 4!!

Damn, I wish my tax rebate check was already here. I'm seriously thinking about going to NYC.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I think I got it

So as I figure out this query letter thing, I realized I needed to get to the meat of my story. I think I mentioned before that I wrote a book about a gay guy's drama in his final months of college. It was a 3 and half years labor of love and two months of rewriting half of it.

When I got it together, I struggled with the query letter. But after some great feedback, I finally got it. I needed to focus on the meat. I don't know why it took me so long to get it, but I think I can do it now.

And speaking of writing, I need to get the Final Draft program and get these horror scripts written. I have two main ideas so far, one I shared in an earlier blog and the other is mix of mystery, witchcraft, and bunch of frat boys.

That one script will probably take forever to write, but it will be worth it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

What's really going on in the southwest

With these polygamous sects getting raided and their inbreeding hitting an all time high. Do you think it's time to truly look at the power of religion?

It's very scary to see this on the news. These women and children are abused, brainwashed, and lost. And a good chunk of it revolves around religion or the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...and what is that anyway.

Well, The FLDS practices plural marriage, a spiritual ritual that is arranged by the group's prophet through what the church teaches are revelations from God. Having multiple wives, members believe, gives them access to the highest level in heaven, the Celestial Kingdom. Today, the fundamentalists claim a membership of 10,000 to 12,000, most of them living in the twin cities of Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Ariz., where they run their own schools, police departments and businesses and boast families that include dozens of wives and dozens of children. In other words, foolishness, that's what it is.

Check out some of the issues with this sect:

  • Up to 1,000 teenage boys have been separated from their parents and thrown out of their communities by a polygamous sect to make more young women available for older men. Many of these "Lost Boys", some as young as 13, have simply been dumped on the side of the road in Arizona and Utah, by the leaders of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS), and told they will never see their families again or go to heaven.
  • Laurene Jessop, a member of an isolated polygamous sect in Arizona, says she was sexually abused by her father, who had four wives and 56 children, and mistreated by her husband, who was already married to Laurene's sister.
  • Authorities raided the alleged polygamist sect's Eldorado, Texas, compound in early April after a 16-year-old girl allegedly called a hotline claiming of abuse. The girl, who authorities still have not found, reportedly claimed she was beaten and raped by her 50-year-old husband. Members of the sect deny the children were abused. They claim they are being persecuted for their faith.
  • A Phoenix, Arizona woman, who was once a member of the sect in Colorado City, escaped the night before she was to be married to an older man. She was 14 at the time. Pennie Petersen, at age 14, found out she was to be married to a 48-year-old man who she said had previously molested her. She ran from the sect and has become an advocate for the under-age brides in Colorado City.
This is really happening, this is really happening. And the sad thing is, this is a product of male privilege and abuse of religious beliefs. I hope that the women and children can recover from the years of this mess. The madness has to be erased and thrown away, as well as those hideous dresses and hair styles.

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