Friday, October 31, 2008

Question of the Day

If Joe the Plumber is scared of losing his money to the Evil Obama, why did he hire an entertainment manager?

And how can he pay for a manager, when he can't pay his taxes?

Kay Of Arc Attacks the Demon Dole

Basically she is saying, It's on heifer!

Horror Faves

One of my favorite scenes from When A Stranger Calls

No Al, No!

Al Roker should be slapped for this costume. Are a cookie or are you trying to tell us something?

6 Reasons why The Haunting of Molly Hartley will FAIL this Halloween

The Horror mess known as The Haunting of Molly Hartley is coming out today. I don't know why this was green lighted, but I guess someone gave good head for this to be released.

It suppose to be a movie about a girl who will be Satan's booty call or something. But I feel that this is a failure, and here's why:
  1. This story is played out. We've seen the Devil's bride, child, cousin movies already. There's nothing new that Satan can do at this point.
  2. Satan doesn't need a soul, he has many souls to choose from. Challenge Satan's reasons to exist. I want more than 'We want Satan to support us through your soul' stance.
  3. It uses the 'when you turn 18' motif. It's tired, most spells don't determine age.
  4. The cast is the pretty white kids who are playing teens when they're 20 somethings. Diversity, please.
  5. Real scary movies are playing on cable channels for free.
  6. The son of Scott Tracy from The Thunderbirds, Chace Crawford is in it.
So with all of that, added with crappy acting gives us this anal leakage of a movie.

Anne Rice is a God fearing woman now

The woman who brought gays and vampires together is taking a new path in life. The Lord's path. Yes, Ms Rice has found God and she's quite happy about it.

In her memoir, "Called Out of Darkness: A Spiritual Confession," showcases her goal to become a true Christian writer.

Recently at her home in Cali-Cal, she said:

"To be able to take the tools, the apprenticeship, whatever I learned from being a vampire writer, or whatever I was -- to be able to take those tools now and put them in the service of God is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful opportunity. And I hope I can redeem myself in that way. I hope that the Lord will accept the books I am writing now."

The memoir follows the release of two books in a planned four-part, first-person chronicle of the life of Jesus.

And in this new 245-page memoir, Rice presents her former life as vampire writer as that of a soul-searching wanderer in the deserts of atheism; as someone akin to her most famous literary creations -- Lestat, her "dark search engine," Louis the aristocrat-turned-vampire and Egyptian Queen Akasha, "the mother of all vampires."

"I do think that those dark books were always talking about religion in their own way. They were talking about the grief for a lost faith," she said.

Rice returned to Christ in 2002, but this will be her true beginning as a Christian writer. I wish her luck and I will miss the Mayfair witches.


A Good Sarah at Work

True Diva for Obama

Interesting Quote: Moose Mess

"If [the media] convince enough voters that is negative campaigning, for me to call Barack Obama out on his associations, then I don't know what the future of our country would be in terms of First Amendment rights and our ability to ask questions without fear of attacks by the mainstream media."

Girl, stop! There is a difference here. You can say whatever you want, however don't get mad when we check your facts and call YOU out on your claims. If you are wrong, then you are wrong. Next time, check your facts. Don't hate on the media for calling you out your foolishness. All we are doing is exercising our rights as Americans, sweetie. Get it together.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hey, National Republican Trust PAC! You just wasted $2,000,000 Dollars!

Since McCain won't talk about Rev. Wright, the National Republican Trust PAC will. These turds just paid 2 million dollars to run this ad to the nation about Obama's past with Rev. Wright.

But here's the thing


None of this is new and it's played out. Hill-Hill played this card in the primaries. Are you kidding with this mess? You just shelled out 2 million dollars for this?
Idiots! Pure Idiots!
This won't change a thing and everybody knows about this crap! Now if you had an Obama sex tape or Obama and me making out, then you would have something. But this ain't nothing new, and the networks just took your money. So I hope y'all spent your moonshine funds well.


Fire Michael Goldfarb!

Who are they hiring at McCain car dealership? They never know anything and they have the right answers. These frat boys are the worst of McCain's campaign. Look here at this foolishness

Mikey, maybe you need to stick to blogging, because you are not ready for big screen.

Senator Elizabeth Dole is Godless!

Senator Dole has hit an all time low. So desperate to hold on to her seat, she is pimping Christianity to do it. Here is Campbell Brown talking about this ad, and when you see it, you will be amazed.

Godless? Please! Senator, what do you think your actions are? They sho ain't blessed with the blood of the lamb.

Stood Up!

Our one night stand, Joe Worcestershire Sauce managed to stand up his date, McCain the other day. He was campaigning in Ohio and called up Jo-Jo, but Jo-Jo wasn't there. An aide of McCain's party said, he "decided not to come" and may join McCain later. See here

But the CNN folks went to his house to find Joe and when they did, he said "it was news to him". He was never told about going to an event, but he did show up at Moose Mess's soirée yesterday. Which makes me wonder if there's more to the story. Since Palin's stepping out from McCain's shadow, could there be any secret sabotage going on?

Days of Future Past?

Is this the future? I hope not, but the website CNNBC, has an alternative look about what could happen if you don't vote.

Looks like Cord is the new Senator Kelly (X-Men fans will get it).
And the sponsors are

Interesting Quote: Sen. Kit Bond

“Just this past week, we saw what Barack Obama said about judges. He said, ‘I’m tired of these judges who want to follow what the Founding Fathers said and the Constitution. I want judges who have a heart, have an empathy for the teenage mom, the minority, the gay, the disabled. We want them to show empathy. We want them to show compassion.’”

That's his warning to folks about Obama’s judicial beliefs. Also what is 'the gay'? Is that plural for us? Or dumb speak as usual.

Back Flash Video Thursday

I forgot last week, but here is one my favorites videos and kind of a crush. It's Rick Springfield's Don't Talk to Strangers

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Moose Mess is at it AGAIN!

Moose Mess has jumped from Ayres to somebody new from Obama's past. She's now talking a Columbia University professor who she believes is a former spokesperson for the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Who told her that? Probably her Witch Doctor pastor.

But who is the new person of attack? Rashid Khalidi, of course. He is a leading scholar of Middle Eastern studies at Columbia (an Elitist School, gasp). Like many folks, he has been criticial of U.S. foreign policy toward Israel and he has denied many times that he was the PLO spokesman.
And people believe him enough to...GIVE A FREAKING JOB AT A COLLEGE!

Moose Mess said:

"It seems that there is yet another radical professor from the neighborhood who spent a lot of time with Barack Obama going back several years," Palin said at an event in Bowling Green, Ohio.

"This is important because his associate, Rashid Khalidi ... in addition to being a political ally of Barack Obama, he's a former spokesperson for the Palestinian Liberation Organization."

Poor Sarah, not only is still speaking mess, but she's continuing this belief about Muslims and Middle Eastern people. Because Khalidi was critical about the treatment his country, that makes him a terrorist? This is getting out of hand. Again, Moose Mess should look at her husband if she wants to see a "terrorist". Not too long ago, he want to leave America and join some secret world. Maybe we need to start questioning him.


No Melting Pot in this LGBT Community

Today, I ran into this article which gave me more insight about the diversity of Cali-Cal's LGBT community.

According to Los Angeles based multicultural market research company New American Dimensions, Blacks and Hispanic gays and lesbians completely consider themselves to be members of at least two minority groups: one defined by sexual orientation and the other defined by race or ethnicity. Lesbians face discrimination on an additional front, as women. To which group do they really belong? Many respondents suggested that they feel comfortable in no traditional group at all.

Both Black and Hispanic gays and lesbians confessed they felt at odds with the "gay community," which many said is very Caucasian in its focus.As a result, these gays and lesbians of color often prefer to develop their own small, personal, multicultural communities.

I haven't explored this community as much as I like to. It is very different than New York or Georgia, but hella better than Arizona. However, I would like to get to the deeper root of the issue. I'm sure money is a factor; West Hollywood is fun, if you have the money to waste. But I also believe morals play a part as well.

For most Blacks and Latinos, morals and religion are strongholds. The LGBT community loves some sexual taboo-exploration things, so I'm sure that conflicts with a lot of personal beliefs. I remember some of my friends being afraid to hang with white gays because they believed that they were...nasty. Silly belief? Yes. Do people believe that? Yes.

But I'll follow up on this article. I would like to learn more about this diversity problem and why in a large cultural rich place like L.A., continues to struggle with this issue.

Is this Angry God, Galactus?

...Because the real God care less about this

His Choice

Obama is hitting hard with his new ad.

I think it's cute

Identity Crisis

The Repubs are having a time trying to figure out their next step. Instead of going up, they've been running around in circles. Mostly because of Moose Mess and the civil war she kinda caused.

One side believes she killing the McCain machine, others believe she represent the core base, and others believe that core base is the dirty secret Repubs want to move away from. That secret is the group of evangelicals, joe dumb-packs, and misinformed. While they serve a purpose during election time, they are quickly shunned once things are over. Almost like that one night stand you liked for an hour and then you're done.

But with all of this mess, the new question should be: Who are the Repubs? Are they the new reformed folks McCain talks about? Are they the common man that Palin represents, or are they still the Reagan Repubs hidden somewhere just waiting for the right time to return.

Moose Mess has created something in the GOP party. She is the example of the stereotypical GOP. However, that's a scary thing. That base is, what I believe, the broken part of our country. That base represents the fear of change, ignorance, and foolishness. While the GOP are happy to have an energized base, they fear the curse that Bush brought on them may continue.

So I wonder, will the GOP figure out their group in time? Will they embrace the Palin variant of the Repubs or will they wipe her out like a stain after the election is over?


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Footloose? Hell Naw!!!

I have to get into the Cinema School right now. I've heard they wanted to remake Footloose, but I thought it was a dirty rumor. But now, that damn Zac (Demon child) has cause rotten crux in the movie world. They want to do, now!

After watching Zac Efron and director Kenny Ortega deliver a $42 million opening weekend for "High School Musical 3," Paramount Pictures has fast-tracked "Footloose," hoping to get the film ready for Efron and Ortega to start production next spring.

The studio has brought on "Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist" director Peter Sollett to rewrite the Jon Hartmere script and hired Craig Zadan and Neil Meron to join Dylan Sellers as producer.

Unlike "HSM3," "Footloose" will aim for an older teen and adult demo. Efron is just about set in a deal that will pay him a mid-seven-figure salary and give him script approval.

Why! Why! Why! How are they going to tell the same tale. What town bans dancing these days? Remake Xanadu or Fast Forward, but not Footloose, I hated Footloose...but loved Kevin Bacon.


Old Skool Crush

John Cusack is the anti-guy in a good way. He seems to be the one that would take you places in so many ways. Such an awesome man.

What About The Children?

Yes for Prop 8 is bringing out the ugly in Christians, Mormons, and other people. And now, they're using kids to spread their hate and mess.

This is sad and desperate folks, stop the madness!

One of the Buffy Boys comes Out!

Yeah! Tom Lenk (Andrew from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) comes out!

Welcome home, Tom!

Kwame Kilpatrick is going to the Phantom Zone!

Prince of Foolishness, Kwame Kilpatrick has been sentenced. The former mayor will be spending four months in jail with no early release under any plea deal.

As you may remember or know, Kilpatrick pleaded guilty to two felony obstruction of justice charges from trying to cover up an affair with his co-worker. However, the star of the hearing wasn't Kilpatrick, it was Judge David Groner.

He had this to say today: "That night, the community expected to hear a message of humility, remorse and apology. Instead, we heard an arrogant and defiant man who accused the governor, among others, for his downfall."

"Many defendants have stood before this court. However, this case is different, and you are not the typical defendant...You were expected to lead from the front and set an example."

Such a sad fall for a Black man


Letterman's view of The Hills

LC went on Letterman yesterday to talk about her show, The Mess (Hills). But maybe she should have been warned that Letterman isn't some trendy Perez Hilton crack up. In fact, he can be a bit too real.

Check it out.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Bizzaro version of Jem and the Holograms are dead or Danity Kane 2006-2008 R.I.P.

And thank good, the faux group Danity Kane is officially Damaged (Ha, joke). Thanks to the egotistical Dippy and Aubrey being a hot trailer mess, they are no more. So note to the world...DO NOT WORK WITH DIPPY, you are doomed even if you speak his name.

Big Mess in my Home State

Great Hera! I can't believe this mess...well, I actually can .

Town idiots, Daniel Cowart, 20, and Paul Schlesselman, 18, planned to do the unthinkable...kill Obama. But that's not all, these fools wanted to kill more than 100 African-Americans and behead14 of them. Then they want to dress up in white tuxedos and attack Obama.

I kid you not, y'all. That's what they wanted to do.

Cowart and Schlesselman were arrested outside Jackson, about 75 miles east of Memphis, Tennessee, after an aborted robbery attempt last week, according to court records.

Though they told investigators they would be willing to die in their mission, the men backed out of their October 21 attempt to rob the gun dealer after spotting two cars and a dog at the home, the affidavit states. The men also shot out the window of a church on their way back to Cowart's grandfather's home, where they were arrested the next day.

Cowart and Schlesselman made their initial appearances before a federal judge Monday and are scheduled for a bond hearing Thursday in Memphis.

Both men have been charged with illegal possession of a sawed-off shotgun, conspiracy to rob a federally licensed gun dealer and making threats against a presidential candidate.

I hate this and I hate that this happened 30 minutes from my hometown. That's the South for ya.

High School (Hate)ical

For most of us, high school was like a haunted house of our secret crushes, bullies, and pinned up emotions.

And for the most part, nothing has changed especially for the LGBT youth. Last week, GLSEN sent out their National School Climate Survey, which follows LGBT young people's experiences in school. What they found was not cute.

The survey of 6,209 middle and high school students found that nearly nine out of 10 LGBT students (86.2 percent) had experienced harassment at school in the past year.

The survey also found that three-fifths (60.8 percent) felt unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation, and about one third (32.7 percent) skipped a day of school in the past month because they felt unsafe.

Even with a more opened society and cultures. People are still treating our students like trash. Hopefully this will stop or at least change pace.

Kevin Jennings, director and founder of GLSEN, said: "Still, not enough places are doing the right thing to move the national needle. Only 11 states have comprehensive anti-bullying laws that include specific mention of sexual harassment and gender identity. And only 20 percent of students said they had any curriculum that dealt with LGBT concerns. As we've seen throughout history, more visibility brings more attacks."

Get it Together,

Someone was not doing their job at Amazon. If you want an Obama mask for Halloween, don't just type in his name, type TERRORIST COSTUME.

Yes, these fools are really trying to get on my last nerves with this foolishness. Amazon has changed the search, but still, WTF? Ridiculous, I tell you, just ridiculous.

Nuff Said

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Batman and Biden?

Love this

When you come for Joe Biden, you better come CORRECT

Newscaster and Sea Hag, Barbara West, tried to ambush Joe Biden with silly questions that obviously proved her Repub strategist husband, Wade West, had something to do with it.

She start spitting out mess about ACORN and Marxist crap that was not really questions. It was an attack. An attack that failed.

Jennifer Hudson

This is just breaking my heart. Jennifer Hudson has lost her mother and her brother in a horrible way. Now she is hoping we can help her find her nephew.

Our girl is using myspace and other outlets. I hope they can find him soon. This tragedy has to end. I can't imagine what she is going through right now.

This is her message

"Please keep praying for our family and that we get Julian King back home safely. If anyone has any information about his whereabouts please contact the authorities immediately."

Hudson and her family are offering a $100,000 reward her nephew's safe return.

New Harry Teaser!

Get Excited

Kid Power!

I can't believe it, but hey, that's life.

Millions flocked to see Zac (Half-breed elf and demon) Efron in High School Musical 3. This movie made history by making
$42 millions across North America and grossed $40 million internationally.

So with this madness, there may be more of this earth shattering mess. But I shouldn't hate, I'm sure folks felt the same way about Nightmare on Elm Street.

Interesting Quote: John Magoo

"Those polls have consistently shown me much further behind than we actually are. It all depends on the voter turnout ... we're doing fine. We have closed in the last week."

Keep on believing, Jonny, keep on.



Bill's on Board

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Moose Madness!!!

Since she's been released from the trunk, Mad Palin's just talking from the side of her neck. Today, she pretty much said if Obama is elected we will be in a COMMUNIST country. Listen to her

What's happening with her?

McCain, there are others suffering out there!

Okay, although Joe the Plumber is kinda cute, he's getting on my nerves. And McCain is riding him as much as he can to reach the people. But he has forgot there are real people who really has it rough. And they can't even think about owning a business or a house for that matter.

I'm talking about Shaneka the single mother, Carlos the Janitor, Melba the school teacher, Jack the farmer, Tina working 2 jobs, and Robert the newly freed man from jail trying to change his life.

What about them, McCain? Did you forget about them? Joe ain't broke and he ain't suffering. Hell, there are silly ass folks raising money to pay his back taxes. How about raising money for the folks who need it. That's the real American way.

Trouble on Witch Mountain?

The Truth is coming out! McCain aides and insiders are clashing with Moose Mess so much that it's leaking into the public.

Several McCain advisers have suggested to CNN they have become increasingly frustrated with what one aide described as Palin “going rogue” recently, while a Palin associate says she is simply trying to “bust free”.

For example: labeling robo calls “irritating,” even as the campaign was defending the use of them and telling reporters she disagreed with the campaigns controversial decision to pull out of Michigan.

A second McCain source tells CNN that, “She is a diva. She takes no advice from anyone. She does not have any relationships of trust with any of us, her family or anyone else. Also she is playing for her own future and sees herself as the next leader of the party. Remember: divas trust only unto themselves as they see themselves as the beginning and end of all wisdom.”

Woo, spicy right? Well, we will see how "rogue" Moose Mess gets as the election closes.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Satan Continues Fooling Christians Through, James Dobson

Hera help this poor fools. Today, the wicked, James Dobson created this article called, Letter from 2012 in Obama's America.

For some reason he was bless with the ability to put this letter to print. Here's a basis of this madness.
  • Six liberal justices sit on the Supreme Court after the immediate resignation of John Paul Stevens and Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the later resignations of Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy.

  • Homosexual marriage has been ruled a constitutional right that must be respected by all 50 states.

  • The Boy Scouts have disbanded rather than obey a decision forcing them to allow homosexual scoutmasters. (The Scouts already had been kicked out of public facilities because of an expansion of the 1964 Civil Rights Act to cover people who engage in homosexual behavior.)

  • Elementary schools have compulsory training in varieties of gender identity. Courts rule parents cannot opt out their children, because the training is deemed essential to psychological health.

  • Evangelical and Catholic adoption agencies cease to exist after the Supreme Court rules they must agree to place children with homosexuals or lose their licenses.

  • Church buildings are now considered a "public accommodation" by the United States Supreme Court, and churches have no freedom to refuse to allow their buildings to be used for wedding ceremonies for homosexual couples.

  • High schools are no longer free to allow "see you at the pole" meetings where students pray together or any student Bible studies even before or after school.

  • The Supreme Court barred public schools in all 50 states from allowing churches to rent their facilities, even on Sundays, when school was not in session.

  • Obama signed the Freedom of Choice Act, as he promised the Planned Parenthood Action Fund last year, nullifying hundreds of state laws that had created even the slightest barrier to abortion.

  • The Supreme Court in 2011 nullified all Federal Communications Commission restrictions on obscene speech or visual content in radio and TV broadcasts, and television programs at all hours of the day now contain explicit portrayals of sexual acts.

  • As a result of a reversal of its 5-4 decision in the D.C. gun-ownership case, it is now illegal for private citizens to own guns for self-defense in eight states, and the number is growing with increasing Democratic control of state legislatures and governorships

  • Parents' freedom to teach their children at home has been severely restricted nationwide after the Supreme Court followed the legal reasoning of a Feb. 28, 2008, ruling by the Second District Court of Appeal in California.
Satan also comes back and Magneto too.

I can't believe this. This is the religious bondage used to steer fear in these people. James should be ashamed of himself for this. Hijacking religion is the greatest evil because it purposefully pit people against each other and causes chaos. I can not express Jesus and what he meant. He would shun James for this tactic. It's an embarrassment to our country and to the Christian faith.

Christians, real Christians...TAKE YOUR FAITH BACK!


Fire Peter Feldman!

This idiot works for the poo-putt McCain's campaign as the Pennsylvania communications director and this same idiot claimed that America's Sweetheart, Ashley Todd was attacked by the big black man earlier this week.

He was so right in his claim that he went on record saying the "B" carved into the tramp's cheek stood for "Barack,".

Well, we all know it was a fat lie so my question is: Why would this fool run with this story with no proof? And why would be so quick to respond without proper info?

Peter, are you high? Are you even thinking clearly? I know y'all are desperate but messes like this don't help McCain at all. So I think it's time to give you the pink slip, sweetie.


Demon Queen's Apology

Well, I'm running too!

Joe the Plumber thinks because he was used and abused in McCain's mess of a campaign, he should run for Congress.

Our one night stand, told conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham he may run for Congress in 2010.

Boy, please are you crazy? You can't even pay your taxes let alone hold your money together. What makes you think you can run for Congress? I guess if Moose Mess can be considered for VP, he can dream too. Well, if he thinks he can get a seat in big house, I will try as well. So look out, y'all.

Divo for Congress '10.



My girl Jennifer Hudson just had a major blow in her personal life. Her mother and brother were found dead in their home in Chicago. They were shot. There's not much info right now, but I hope Jennifer is alright.

My heart goes out to her and her family.


He's Okay

Gale Harold is out of intensive care and improving pretty well after suffering serious injuries from his motorcycle accident. They think he will be fine.

America's Best: Ashley Todd

This piece of hot mess made news this week for foolishness.

First, Ashley Todd calmed she was mugged and beaten near an ATM last night by "a dark-skinned black man, 6 feet 4 inches tall, 200 pounds with a medium build, short black hair and brown eyes." He robbed her because she had a McCain bumper sticker (how dare that Black man)
She said he took $60 from her.

So then all of the classic hate the black man marches started, was revealed to be a hoax, lie, attention grabber!

Todd initially told police that she was robbed at an ATM in Bloomfield and that the suspect began beating her after seeing her GOP sticker on her car. Police investigating the alleged attack, however, began to notice some inconsistencies in her story and administered a polygraph test.

Investigators asked Todd to return to the police station today for more questioning and to help them release a composite sketch of the suspect. When she did, police say she admitted that she made the whole thing up and that it snowballed out of control.

"She indicated that she has prior mental problems and that she does not remember how the backward letter B got on her face," Pittsburgh Police Spokeswoman Diane Richard told reporters today.

Todd told police that while she did not remember how the backward "B" got on her face, she may have done it herself since she was the only one in the car.
According to police, Todd said she thought of Barack Obama when she saw the "B" in her rearview mirror.

So mental issues and Obama hatin' leads into racial malarkey.


The Goblin Queen Apologizes

Demoness, Rep. Michele Bachmann will tape an ad apologizing for her evil face and calling Barack Obama anti-American. Personally, she should tell him to his face during a live tele-cast and tap dance for him, but that's me.

She-Demon's campaign spokeswoman Michelle Marston said then ad will be out this afternoon, however, she didn't say if the heifer would be apologizing in the spot.

I think the people of Minn-Minn should force her to do it live.

Faux-Christians are among us!

Sometimes, if I believed, I think one of the Satan's greatest tricks is fooling Christians to judge and hate.

It's the biggest slap in the face, basically. How do I fool Christians? Make them think they're are just and completely right.

I can't believe these Christians don't realize what comes out of their mouths. It's so hateful and frightening, nowhere near the love or compassion they suppose to teach or promote.

What will it take for them to see how misleading they are? I know it's not all of them, but the worst ones have the loudest voices. If these Faux-Christians continue, less people will not take them seriously. And I'm sure that wasn't Jesus's plan.

Someone lay hands on Normandy High School in St. Louis, Missouri

This is heart shattering to read.

Students at a suburban St. Louis high school headed to the gymnasium for HIV testing this week after an infected person told health officials as many as 50 teenagers might have been exposed to the virus that causes AIDS.

Officials refused to give details on who the person was or how the students at Normandy High School might have been exposed, but the district is consulting with national AIDS organizations as it tries to minimize the fallout and prevent the infection -- and misinformation -- from spreading.

"There's potential for stigma for all students regardless of whether they're positive or negative," Normandy School District spokesman Doug Hochstedler said Thursday. "The board wants to be sure all children are fully educated."

A teacher in a neighboring district singled out a girl who dates someone at Normandy High and instructed her to get tested, Hochstedler said. A competing school's football team initially balked at playing Normandy's 8-0 team.

Jasmine Lane, a 16-year-old sophomore, said her boyfriend from a neighboring high school broke up with her on learning of the news -- after she bought them tickets to homecoming.

"I cried so hard," she said.

Sad stuff, y'all. My heart goes out to them.


Trick R' Treat is best Horror Flick within the last 15 years!!

I just attended a semi-private screening of Trick r Treat. This movie was amazing! it takes me back to the 80s watching Creepshow with the babysitter.

The movie is consist of 4 stories that intertwined with each other. Each stories tells a lovely creepy tale mixed with a Halloween theme. The use of legend and lore is fantastic. I found myself following each story with ease. It's very simple storytelling and classic in its use of make-up and style.

I don't want to say too much, but I want this movie to be widely released. It's needed in the Horror genre. The only movie with a Halloween theme in it is...well, is Halloween. But that's caught up in Michael Myers. This fright flick is so much more.

Thank Hera for this movie, it's not a remake or a sequel. It's an instant classic and I'm glad to have had the experience. And I got the movie book signed by the creator and cutie, Michael Dougherty.

Thank you Ain't it Cool News for hosting. Oh and the guy who played Iceman was there too, so cute.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bloody Valentine Trailer

My friend, Christopher mentioned the trailer of My Bloody Valentine, but I have it here for all to see.

Get Excited

No to Prop 8 + Vote = Child Hookers?

Tony Nassif, who is the author of Jesus, Politics and the Church and president/founder of the Cedars Cultural and Educational Foundation unleashed pure foolishness today. This human waste said that if Prop 8 fails, then child prostitution is just around the bend.

Child prostitution in America is a major component of human Trafficking. One root is the break up of the central family of mother, father and children.
Many young girls fall victim to domestic trafficking by not having a loving father and mother and a secure family structure.

Prop 8 Marriage Protection Amendment will help hinder human trafficking of children by reinforcing the social structure of the traditional, nuclear family.
Human trafficking occurs right here in America. Every year nearly 800,000 children are reported missing.

Child prostitution is exponentially growing.
Most hear of trafficking overseas. Now there is "reverse trafficking". Predators come to the United States to have sex with children.

He also believes that child prostitution comes from broken homes...which is not completely true. Some whores come from rich families like Paris Hilton.


NO, NO Power Ranger!

Time to lay hands on this young man. Skylar Deleon or the Black Ranger was convicted of murdering three people, including a couple who were tied to an anchor and thrown off their yacht off the California coast.

Deleon's attorney Gary Pohlson told reporters that he plans to convince the jury to spare his client's life by having Deleon's relatives and doctors testify during the punishment phase about his troubled past.

"He's had a horrible, horrible life," Pohlson said, noting that Deleon's father abused him and later died of AIDS.

Tom and Jackie Hawks were thrown from their yacht in 2004 during a cruise to show the vessel to Deleon, whom they believed was a prospective buyer.

Deleon was also found guilty of murdering Jon Jarvi, of Anaheim, in 2003. Prosecutors had said Deleon met Jarvi in a work furlough program while serving jail time for burglary, and killed him in Mexico after Jarvi gave him $50,000.

Prosecutors said Deleon feigned interest in buying the boat and took a test cruise where he and two other men overpowered the Hawkses, forced the couple to sign over ownership of the boat, tied them to the anchor and dumped them into the Pacific Ocean.

The Hawkses' bodies were never found.


Reserve Your Copy

If you like it rough (music, that is) then look out because Guns N' Roses is finally releasing their super delayed album Chinese Democracy next month (Nov. 23)

This is their first album since 1991's Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II.

This could be good, y'all. I may not buy it , but I will listen to the sound bites on iTunes. We will see what happens as the date gets closer.

Get Excited

Full Friday Trailer

Friday The 13th

What Did We Ever Do to You?

The Mormons are in full attack mode! I thought they were the nice ones, but I guess I was wrong. Check this out:

Mormons are being asked by their church leaders to step up their already considerable efforts to pass a ballot initiative to ban same-sex marriage in California.

Senior elders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made a televised appeal to members Wednesday night and laid out a week-by-week strategy for boosting Mormon involvement before the Nov. 4 election.

They urged Mormons to man phone banks, distribute campaign materials and intensify voter registration efforts during an hourlong meeting, which was broadcast to church buildings in California, Utah, Hawaii and Idaho.

What did we do to them? Was it our undying love for Donny Osmond? Was it the fear of the tight long underwear? I don't know, but I realized there's a lot hate coming from God's chosen group.


Well, Somebody wants Her

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: demon, lost cause, the cheerleader you love to hate will be a special guest at Moose Mess’s rallies.

She will be introducing Sarah at two rallies in Florida. So if you're in Florida and have rotten food in your fridge, that's a great place to put them at use.

Interesting Quote: State Sen. Tom McClintock

'If you call a tail a leg, how many legs has a dog? The answer is four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it one. And calling a homosexual partnership a marriage doesn’t make it one."



Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The New Madonna and Guy

Watch this...interview. There's no feeling, no passion between the two. Why in the hell are they running together. No wonder why they're losing.

Greek Life Gone Wrong

Try to Learn, Not Guzzle

The View Smackdown

Watching this show reminds me of the Lovely Ladies of G.L.O.W.

America's Best: Miss Teen Louisiana

Miss Teen Louisiana lost her crown 11 days early after being arrested on charges of leaving a restaurant without paying and carrying marijuana. RPM Productions Inc., the sponsor, took back the title on Tuesday after learning that Lindsey Evans, 18, of Blanchard, had been arrested, president Paula M. Miles said Wednesday.
Evans will have to return her sash and crown, but won't have to return any other prizes or cash equivalents.

"She's done a good job this year," Miles said.

A perfect job, representing her people. Great job, Lindsey!

The Goblin Queen loses support

This heifer is a stain on our government system and the reason why Repubs can't catch a break. She is Rep. Michele Bachmann and she's an idiot.
In fact she such an idiot, that she wanted go on a witch hunt about Obama's secret ties with Ayres, The Kingpin, and Dr. Doom.

Well, because of her stark raving madness the National Republican Congressional Committee may be pulling its media purchases from her race. With the negative responses Repubs are getting recently, I guess they're cutting their dead weight. And guess what, She-Mess, you are it.


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