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Eagles Football Player Riley Cooper: "I Will Fight Every Nigger Here" - WATCH

He is apologizing fiercely on Twitter

New X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Pic featuring Mystique

Who is she fighting?

In South Carolina: Teacher links LGBT inclusion in Schools to Using Crack

Only in South Carolina...

On a Conservative radio show, Ira Thomas (a teacher and pastor), said this foolish and stupid statement that LGBT inclusion in schools is like teaching folks how to do crack.

It started when the host, Sandy Rios said this:
“I think that we can lay at the feet of the National Education Association the reason why this culture has been slouching toward Gomorrah. The NEA has been for the last twenty years indoctrinating our children.”
Then this fool said:
“To me it’s like teaching people about how to use crack. It’s a dangerous game to play on.” 
Crack and Gomorrah... There's a joke in there somewhere, but I'll leave that alone.


Sarah Michelle Gellar: If the story's Right, I'll do a Buffy Movie

E! News asked SMG if a Buffy movie could be made through Kickstarter?

She said:
"Joss and I always talk about [a movie]. But the thing with Buffy is that Buffy was a movie, and it ultimately didn't work as a film. And I mean, we had such miles to overcome when we were trying to do a TV show based on a movie. And one of the reasons is that the story works better over time. If there was ever the right story, we would do it. At this point, the stake would be my walker and I would be hobbling in."

Russian LGBT Network says go After the Politicians, not the Olympics

Russian LGBT Activists are clearly not on the same page as American Activists.

On their Facebook page, they state:
In light of the recently enacted Russian law on ‘propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations among minors’ that renders illegal statements and actions that acknowledge LGBT equality and in response to the growing violence against LGBT people and allies in Russia, the upcoming Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Sochi have already become a subject of an international debate both over the impact of this context on the athletes, spectators, staff, and volunteers of the Games and over compliance of the Sochi Games with the Olympic values of diversity and non-discrimination.

The Russian LGBT Network applauds the actions of individuals and organizations who address the escalating official and societal homophobia in Russia, and we are with them in the commitment to the protection of the rights and freedoms of LGBT people and allies. Numerous initiatives in regards the 2014 Winter Olympics are successfully garnering support worldwide, with the centerpiece of the debate being the pro- / counter-boycott considerations. We would like to join the momentum and share our vision.

While we value diversity in approaches and welcome all efforts that forward justice and equality, we will contribute the work of the LGBT Network to the promotion of proactive participation in the Games instead of a boycott.

We believe that calls for the spectators to boycott Sochi, for the Olympians to retreat from competition, and for governments, companies, and national Olympic committees to withdraw from the event risk to transform the powerful potential of the Games in a less powerful gesture that would prevent the rest of the world from joining LGBT people, their families and allies in Russia in solidarity and taking a firm stance against the disgraceful human rights record in this country.

In retrospect, the record of the Olympic boycotts is not utterly promising in regards the potential to bring a change; look at the 1980 boycott of the Moscow Olympics, the 1984 ‘retaliation’ boycott of the LA Games, or at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. What is remembered from 1968 is neither the number nor the names of those who boycotted the Games, but the ‘human rights salute’ by Tommie Smith and John Carlos who rose black-gloved fists and bowed their heads on the victory stand as a sign of resistance to racial injustice and solidarity with everyone who fought for equality and human rights.

The Olympic Games are a unique and powerful occasion for individuals, organizations, diplomatic missions, and governments to come together and voice, in tune with the Olympic ideals, the ideas of human rights, freedoms, equality and justice – regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Participation and attendance of the Games in Sochi will not indicate endorsement of injustice and discrimination; they will only if they are silent. We hope to join forces and succeed in raising everyone’s voices for LGBT equality in Russia and elsewhere. We hope that together with those who share this vision, we will succeed in sending the strongest message possible by involving athletes, diplomats, sponsors, and spectators to show up and speak up, proclaiming equality in most compelling ways.

We call for organizations and individuals who are attending the Games to exercise freedom of expression and freedom of assembly and to not fall accomplices to the homophobic policies by censoring own beliefs, statements, and identities.

We will work for greater visibility of LGBT pride before, during, and after the Games in all domains possible, and we hope for the support of national organizations in making sure that the athletes publicly take a stance against violence toward LGBT people and stand strong for LGBT equality; that the national houses fill the gap of the banned Pride House and support LGBT athletes, staff, spectators and their allies on their grounds; that sponsors follow through with their policies and visualize their commitment to justice and observance of human rights in regards LGBT people at the Games; and that the broadcasters display all this in a positive and supportive way.

The Olympics in Sochi should embody the ideals and values of the Games and should demonstrate to everyone who is watching that the greatest athletes stand strong with their LGBT competitors and partners, out or closeted, and that together they stand strong with LGBT people and allies everywhere.

Do not boycott the Olympics – boycott homophobia! Stand in solidarity with people in Russia and bring LGBT pride and values of human rights and freedoms to the Games in Sochi!

MSNBC's Chris Hayes discusses Dangerous White Culture - WATCH

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

In Uncanny X-Men: Dazzler is called - “The Uncle Tom Of Mutants”

In Uncanny X-Men #9, this happens

The Quick & Dirty: Dazzler works for S.H.I.E.L.D. and Cyclops ain't feeling it.

Didn't see that coming, but it makes for interesting conversation. In Bleeding Cool, they point out how the issues of being Mutants has been a touchy subject as of late.

The X-Men has always dealt with this, but I feel it has been very strong in past few months. With the current social issues, I wonder how deep the writers will take our merry mutants.

I will try to write a post about some of the racial/mutant moments in X-Men later this week.

Interesting Tweet: Hugh Jackman

Gay Adult Stars + Karaoke = Funny Madness

My friend Jasun Mark loves to makes these crazy, funny traveling videos... I might do this someday.

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X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Pics and Teaser Viral Video

This is cute, check out the pics and teaser video featuring Bolivar Trask and Sentinels


East Baton Rouge Sheriff apologizes for Arresting Gay Men over Unconstitutional Sodomy Law

This past weekend I told you about Baton Rouge cops targeting gay men over consensual sex. They were using an outed piece of a sodomy law to justify their means.

It was wrong as Hell and finally, the sheriff office issued an apology.

Sheriff Sid J. Gautreaux III said:
“to anyone that was unintentionally harmed or offended by the actions of our investigations.” The sheriff said that he had instructed his employees to no longer use “this unconstitutional law,” and that he was conducting “a comprehensive evaluation of undercover operations made by our deputies and will make changes to ensure better supervision, training and guidance.”

The sheriff’s office will be working with the Capital City Alliance to address the gay men who lives were jeopardized in this mess.


Bradley Manning Guilty on Most Charges, Not Guilty on Aiding the Enemy

From ABC News
Bradley Manning, the source of one of WikiLeak's largest disclosures of U.S. secrets, was found guilty of most of the charges against him today, but not the most serious charge of aiding the enemy. 
Manning had already pleaded guilty to 10 of the less serious of the 22 charges in a deal that got him an expected 20 years in prison. Today a military judge announced the court's finding on the rest of the charges, a majority of them guilty verdicts. However, Manning managed to avoid the charge of aiding the enemy, which could have carried with it a life sentence. The sentencing face of Manning's trial begins Wednesday.
More to come

Pat Robertson on How to Handle a Haunted House of Exorcism

UPDATE: A 'Flash' Series is in Development, will be Introduced as Barry Allen in Arrow

What is this?

I just read over at Deadline, that CW is fast tracking a 'Flash' series.

Yeah, a Flash series. First we hear about a possible movie for him and now a series?
The Flash will come from the co-creators of Arrow, Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and director David Nutter. We may hear more about this during Television Critics Association conference. The plan is to introduce Flash in the second season of Arrow and then, spin him off into his own series.

The Flash... I'm not feeling this at all. I guess somewhere down the line, The Flash has become a hot idea to market. But why can't they put this energy into a Wonder Woman series/movie... Hell, everything about her? I don't want to make this into another Wonder Woman rant, but after hearing this, I can't help but to think that she will never get the respect she deserves.

I can't see the appeal of a Flash series, unless they make him uber sexy and shirtless. That's what they had to do to Arrow. He was shirtless in most of the marketing and partly in the first few episodes. I'm curious how they will push The Flash.

Hmmm.... Now, I'm sad.

CW Big Wig Mark Pedowitz confirms that The Flash is in development and that Barry Allen will first be introduced as a recurring character on Arrow.

5 Things the Black Community should always Think About

Okay, Don Lemon stepped it. He said some things that many people weren't happy with. And while folks were highly upset and jumping on Twitter with silly hashtags, it really didn't change a thing. Don Lemon still stands firm with his beliefs.

But let's move on from him and get into the facts... We have issues in the Black community. Regardless of what we think or feel, there are still issues we need address. So, I thought I would create my list of 5 things we should be thinking about as a community (I also added facts/links to these issues):

Black Women and Obesity
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 60 percent of Black women are obese, the highest of all other groups of women. This matter is lowering life expectancy of Black Women and increasing their chances of developing a myriad of health problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and arthritis.

The Incarceration rate for Black people now six times the national average. In fact, it's so high that Black men with no high school diploma are more likely to go to jail than to find a job.

The latest CDC estimates show that Black people account for almost half of all new infections in the country each year (44 percent), as well as, almost half of all people living with HIV (44 percent). And Black men account for 70 percent of new HIV infections. Black Women account for 30 percent.

Black people still die almost four years earlier than White people. According the the study, a lot has to do with health and a lack of education.

Gay Youth
According to a survey conducted by the National Strategy for Black Gay Youth in America, 43% of Black gay teens have contemplated or attempted suicide due to issues related to their sexuality.

While there are other matters to discuss, I thought these issues would be a great place to start.

Interesting Quote: Bernice King

"People have labeled me homophobic. If I was homophobic, I wouldn't have friends who are gay and lesbian, so that can't be true. But because I have a certain belief system, I am now the enemy. And I'm not the enemy. I have love for everybody, period. I don't think it's my role and responsibility to take on a platform unless God calls me to do it. That's not something I feel called to do. 
"When my mother was living they tried to pit us against each other. I love my mother and she loved me. They couldn't divide true love. We had good conversations concerning this whole issue. But I think we have to be careful in our nation that we don't demonize everyone who doesn't agree with us. … I value marriage between a man and woman. Spiritually I value that. Psychologically I value that. I know that the absence of my father in my life had its cost."

International Trailer For Insidious 2

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Question of the Day

Would you watch a mini-series about Hillary Clinton?

Pat Robertson: Gays Destroy Society, Want Christians in Jail

In Iowa: Five Suicides in Five Years at the same High School over Gay Bullying

Another teen took his life because of gay bullying. But the truly sad thing about all of this is, he is the fifth suicide from the same school.

16-year-old AJ Betts was a student at Pleasant Hill, Iowa’s Southeast Polk High School. When he was outed, he was harassed regularly until he took matters into his own hands.

Interesting enough, AJ helped many gay teens throughout their struggles in school. But I guess he didn't have someone to help him process what was going on with him. AJ's suicide is the 5th one in 5 years. So I have to ask, "What's going on there?"

Why are these students suffering like this? And, what are the staff and administrators doing to help these students? They should be ashamed of this outcome and the behavior of these bullies. I really hope that AJ's family hold this school accountable for this. This has to stop.


Pope Francis will not Judge Gay Priests

Pope Francis gave an interesting answer about Gays in his first press conference.

In this news conference, the pope was asked about non-sexually active gay clergy members in his ranks and how he would deal with them.

Pope Francis said:
"Who am I to judge a gay person of goodwill who seeks the Lord? You can't marginalize these people."
That's a first... No, really, it is. He didn't go all, "Gays are a from God," but it was a big deal. The pope seems open to gays in the clergy.


Aaron Taylor Johnson swiftly talks about the 'Ouicksilver' Role

Great Hera, he's sexy... Anywho, Aaron briefly talks about the Quicksilver role and his former Kick Ass partner playing him the DoFP film


Hot Trailer: Veronica Mars The Movie

Lady Gaga's Single Cover for APPLAUSE

She says
“It’s interesting how you view things, and you look at it like, I’m a pop icon, and [you wonder] ‘Is this the image of the album? Is this the direction? Who came up with it?’ I think that’s so interesting because it’s exactly the kind of thing we’re trying to destroy. This is one jacket. This is one image. This is one moment. This is one statement.”

This reminds me of the Smile X commercial on Batman... Love That Joker

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Baton Rouge Cops arrested Gays under Invalid Sodomy law

What the Frak, Baton Rouge?

So an undercover cop or deputy was staking out a park, played a gay guy into possibly hooking up and then, he was arrested.

But for what? No money was exchanged, no public sex happened, so why was the guy arrested? Well, he was arrested due to a piece of Louisiana’s anti-sodomy law which is dead and inactive. How can they do that? The sad thing is they have been doing this for about 2 years now.

Here's more:
District Attorney Hillar Moore III said his office refused to prosecute each one of the cases because his assistants found no crime had occurred. After inquiries from the newspaper last week, he arranged to meet with Sheriff’s Office investigators to discuss the implications of the Supreme Court ruling.

Casey Rayborn Hicks, a Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman, denied that investigators had been misapplying the anti-sodomy law, which remains among the state’s criminal statutes.

“This is a law that is currently on the Louisiana books, and the sheriff is charged with enforcing the laws passed by our Louisiana Legislature,” Hicks said. “Whether the law is valid is something for the courts to determine, but the sheriff will enforce the laws that are enacted.”

Moore noted that public sex acts and the solicitation of “unnatural carnal copulation” for money remain illegal. But those elements were lacking from these 12 cases, and most of the men were arrested after agreeing to have sex away from the park at a private residence.

“The Sheriff’s Office’s intentions are all good,” Moore said. “But from what I’ve seen of these cases, legally, we found no criminal violation.”

Advocates for civil rights and the LGBT community expressed outrage last week, saying the task force unfairly targeted gay men who were humiliated by their arrests. “It is frustrating that the police are using their resources to pursue issues like this and arrest people for attempting to pick someone up and go home with them,” said Bruce Parker, of Equality Louisiana. “It’s perfectly legal, and we would have to close down every bar in Baton Rouge if that weren’t the case.”
This crap needs to stop. It feels like they are purposely looking to arrest gays.


Ted Cruz wants folks to Pray against Gay Marriage

The Wolverine didn't Break Records... What does it mean for the other X-Men Movies?

This weekend was good for The Wolverine... But not great.

The film fell below expectations and it didn't get better over the weekend. In fact, the f*ck-up known as, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, did much better. With that said, does this send a message out to Fox about the rest of the X-Films?

This has to hurt their ego a bit. This film was kind of a lead-in to the other X-Films. If folks wasn't excited about Logan's solo affair, will they be excited for him leading the Days of Future Past flick? In the upcoming film, Wolvie is the one traveling in time, not Kitty. I was never sold on this idea. It comes off as another Wolverine story.

But now the jury has spoken, which could spell disaster for X-Men DoFP. I'm probably completely wrong here; X-Men: DoFP could blow up the box office. However, this weekend has possibly changed the game. Are folks getting tired of Wolverine? Will he hurt X-Men: DoFP?

I guess time will tell.

Don Lemon's Statement about Black People causes a Huge Stir

Don's commitments on race and the Black community caused some issues last night.

Watch here:

Interesting... I see what he was trying to say, but using Bill O'Reilly as a jump off wasn't the best plan. Yes, there are issues within our community, but his 5-point rule isn't a way to address the issues.

This is a larger conversation we need to have

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Is this Russian Vodka Boycott a Waste of time?

I've been hearing a lot about boycotting Russian Vodka because of Russia's treatment of gays. But I'm not sure if this makes sense.

I mean, what dent is this going to make, right? And when I read this piece from a Russian gay activist, Nikolai Alekseev, it really didn't inspire me to get on board.
Alekseev, in the heart of fighting against the homophobic law, described the boycott as a ‘symbolic gesture doomed to failure’. 
‘To be honest, I don’t see the point in boycotting the Russian vodka,' he said.
'It will impact anyone except the companies involved a little bit. The effect will die out very fast, it will not last forever.’ 
Alekseev added: ‘And what is the aim of this boycott? The producers, even if they become bankrupt because of the boycott (which is unlikely) will not be able to influence Russian politics and President Putin as well as the decisions of the State Duma.’ 
The human rights campaigner said if people around the world want to do something that will actually help Russian gays, then they should target the homophobic lawmakers.
It sounded nice, but I agree with Nikolai.

This is the 30th Anniversary of Madonna's debut album

This was the beginning, the album that started it all. So many classics, so many messages from her style and glitz.

This was Madonna's debut and this is how she introduced herself to the world.

Gif of the Day

Interesting Quote: Desmond Tutu

“I would not worship a God who is homophobic and that is how deeply I feel about this. I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven. No, I would say sorry, I mean I would much rather go to the other place.”

Comic Book History: Wolverine was supposed to be Blonde?

I just saw this on John Byrne's Tumblr page. This is his original idea for Wolverine in 1976!

This is what he had to say about it:
Ah, yes — that was my original suggestion for Wolverine’s face. I sent that to Chris and he responded “You blew it! Dave has already designed Wolvie’s face." 
Not sure how that constituted me “blowing it", but that seemed to be Chris’ favorite phrase at the time. (When he asked me to draw his mother into an issue of MARVEL TEAM-UP, but sent no reference, I did the best I could based on having met her once before, and his response was “You blew it!") 
Later, I modified that Wolverine face considerably, and it became Sabretooth.
Dave’s design was, of course, based on Timberwolf, who he’d been drawing for a while in the Legion of Superheroes.
Hmm, Interesting. I wonder how it would've been with a Blonde Wolvie?

Pic of the Day: Tina and her Man

Friday, July 26, 2013

In Kentucky: The First lawsuit has been filed against the State's Gay Marriage ban

Folks are trying to change it up in South, when it comes to gay marriage. In Kentucky, a couple is challenging the state's gay marriage ban.

Gregory Bourke and Michael Deleon are fighting to be recognized and respected. They have been married for over 30 years and have children together. The couple are being represented by Louisville attorneys Shannon Fauver and Dawn Elliot, and earlier today, filed a lawsuit against the ban.

Gregory and Michael are claiming that ban denies their ability to fulfill their life goals and it robs them of  legal protections that are available to straight couples.

I am so excited to see this. It's good to see the South rise up for equality.


Gordon Klingenschmitt: "The Demonic Spirits Inside The Homosexual Agenda" Are Trying To Recruit Your Kids

Pic of the Day: Professor Xavier and Magneto - Past and Present

My Vague Review of The Wolverine

So, I just saw The Wolverine and it was very good. A huge improvement from X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

This film is loosely based from the Wolverine mini-series back in the early 80s. While the story and characters changed, the film was pretty decent. Here is my vague review of the Marvel mutant film.
  • This film takes place about 3 years after X-Men 3.
  • Logan is hot as a long haired caveman.
  • Nice reference to Logan's sensibility to animals.
  • Jean is in it... a lot.
  • This is true stand alone story.
  • I like that they didn't cram a lot useless characters in this film. Everyone had a purpose.
  • Viper has all the sass of her comic book character. But the tongue was a bit much.
  • Yukio has some of character traits from the comics. It was very good to see that.
  • The fight scenes were on point and amazing.
  • There was good chemistry between Logan and Mariko.
  • The story was fresh, pieces did fit very well.
  • The dialogue wasn't too hokey, in fact, it felt like I was reading a comic book.
  • The bathing scene was nice.
  • Glad that Mariko wasn't weak.
  • The Silver Samurai was interesting.
  • It was so good see Logan become a hero again.
  • Stay to the end... There are a couple of characters waiting for Logan.

Hot Trailer: 47 Ronin

Did Target just give $50K to Anti-Gay VA Candidate Ken Cuccinelli?

Target, you're in trouble.

Apparently the store donated $50,000 to the Republican Governors Association, an organization that gave almost $3 million to Ken Cuccinelli's campaign.

Now as most of you know, Ken is very anti-gay and anti-women. Why would Target support someone like this? They are usually pro-LGBT, so what is this about?

Hopefully, Target will explain themselves.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

BackFlash Video Thursday: Sheena Easton - The Lover In Me

Juror B29 says George Zimmerman 'Got Away With Murder'

I can't with this news!

In an upcoming interview on Good Morning, America. The Juror B29 and the only one of color speaks out about the Zimmerman trial.

In the interview, Maddy said this:
"George Zimmerman got away with murder. But you can't get away from God. And at the end of the day, he's going to have a lot of questions and answers he has to deal with. [But] the law couldn't prove it."
Originally Maddy wanted to convict Zimmerman of second-degree murder, but felt there wasn't enough evidence to prove that (REALLY?).

She also said:
"I was the juror that was going to give them the hung jury. I fought to the end. That's where I felt confused, where if a person kills someone, then you get charged for it. But as the law was read to me, if you have no proof that he killed him intentionally, you can't say he's guilty."
I am really struggling with this. What evidence proved he was defending himself? He lied, it was clear and he didn't want testify, which was also telling.

I really can't accept their logic.


Question of the Day

How is your day going?

In Russia: LGBT Teens are being publicly Bullied and Tortured by Neo Nazis on Video

This is disheartening to watch

What if there were a Live Action DARIA movie?

Y'all remember MTV's Daria? The cool cartoon that showcased the original hipster Daria Morgendorffer. Well, College Humor has created a cute trailer starting Aubrey Plaza.

Foolishness Alert: Black Conservative Summit to tackle the 'Homosexual Agenda'

This should be a joke, but it ain't.

Some group of anti-gay Black conservatives are holding some type of summit in St. Charles, Illinois. This mess is called the Black Conservative Summit and it's sponsored by the Heritage Foundation, World Congress of Families, and Coalition of African-American Pastors. Pretty much, a bunch of backwards ass bigots.

The summit will discuss many things, but one of their topics is the “homosexual agenda.”

Note that their guests are: Herman Cain, Bishop Harry Jackson, Allen West, Star Parker and Alveda King,


My Top 5 Actors who could Play the New Batman in the "Man of Steel" sequel

Rumors are running amuck about who will be the next Batman. As I promised yesterday, I have created a list of actors that could take on the role for the Man of Steel sequel.

Check them out after the jump and let me know what you think

Interesting Quote: Brian Brown

This illegal action by Montgomery County officials is an insult to voters, legislators and the rule of law. We demand that state judges put an immediate end to this lawlessness. In addition, we call on the Pennsylvania Legislature to act immediately to pass a proposed marriage amendment preserving marriage as it has always existed throughout the state's history as one man and one woman. These county officials are brazenly flaunting the law; substituting their personal views for those of the people as expressed through their elected representatives in state government. Their actions go beyond marriage and implicates the integrity of the rule of law. This cannot be allowed to stand. We will explore every opportunity to hold these officials responsible for intentionally violating the law, including paths leading to their removal from office. In the meantime, we call on the state Legislature to put an amendment on the ballot preserving marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Such a proposed constitutional amendment will give voters the ability to decide this issue for themselves, rather than allow state officials to impose their own views with no say so from the people."
Brian whining about new developments in Pennsylvania


Did Steve King just compare Immigrants to Dogs?

How did I miss this foul ass statement from Steve King?

How does he stay in office?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Lynda Carter

She is 62 today

Supernatural's Jensen Ackles might take a shot at being the next Batman

Since the announcement of the Batman/Superman film, folks are wondering who will play Batman.

I will create a list of actors soon, but one actor might take a shot... Jensen Ackles.

At Comic-Con, he said:
"Any guy in his right mind would die to play Batman. It would be a dream come true. I won't hold my breath"

I think he could do it, he has the look and the acting chops. What do you think?

Source from E! News

Check Out this Live-Action Wonder Woman short film

So I got this tweet from an actress named, Hailey Bright. She wanted me to check out this short film.

The video is called First Impressions.

As you can see it's about Wonder Woman and it's caught my interest. The short was directed by Leo Kei Angeleos and written by George H. Ruiz & Leo Kei Angelos

Hailey is Diana.

This is really good!

New Trailer: GRAVITY

Interesting Quote: Ted Cruz

“If you look at other nations that have gone down the road towards gay marriage, that’s the next step of where it gets enforced. It gets enforced against Christian pastors who decline to perform gay marriages, who peak out and preach biblical truths on marriage, that has been defined elsewhere as hate speech, as inconsistent with the enlightened view of government. I think there is no doubt that the advocates who are driving this effort in the United States want to see us end up in that same place.”


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lifetime remakes Flowers in the Attic

Lifetime is remaking one of the books that changed my life as a teen... Flowers in the Attic! The movie will star Ellen Burstyn and Heather Graham.

This story was a motion picture back in the 80s and it was pretty good, but this remake should be fantastic! I am soooo excited about this and I can't wait for the trailer!

Pic of the Day: The Debut of the Royal Baby

Zimmerman tries to be a Hero, Still a Murderer

So Zimmerman's trying to be a hero now?

Last week, he helped save a family trapped inside their overturned SUV. This happened at the intersection of I-4 and route 417 in Florida. Actually, this happened less than a mile away from where he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

To be honest, it looks like a PR move; like in the movie, The Contender.

I'm glad the family is safe, but he's still a murderer.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson tweets his latest HERCULES pic

Reince Priebus: GOP Not Embracing 'Tolerance'

Investors’ Business Daily posts an Al Sharpton Lynching Cartoon

Investors’ Business Daily posted this a political cartoon about the Zimmerman case. As you can see, they are taking a dig at Rev. Al Sharpton.

This cartoon points out incidents or cases Al Sharpton has been a part of. I guess they're saying he's the caused all of this.


7 Reasons why WB is dicking around on a Wonder Woman movie

Real Talk... WB/DC Entertainment is screwing over Wonder Woman big time! It just seems that they don't have a handle on her and making up tired excuses to keep her off the screen.

It's frustrating that they can't get this together. But to shed some light into my rant, I will provide some evidence to my case.
  1. DC changed her completely in the New 52. Unlike Bats or Supes, Diana gets a whole new make over, making her more warrior and less likable.
  2. WB handed Wonder Woman to David E. Kelley, a writer that had no idea how to write her. And the result was a failed pilot.
  3. WB executives keeps claiming WW is a strange bird. They are always using that excuse, making it hard to get Diana on the screen.
  4.  They are willing make a Flash film before hers. Really, WB? The Flash? Who's beating down the door to see that superhero?
  5. And continuing on with that notion, WB is willing reboot Batman... for the 5th time. The 5th time! Can we get at least one shot for Diana?
  6. WB has shot down a few plans for WW films and TV series over the years. Did you know there were 3 TV ideas for a WW series? All of them were very different incarnations. 
  7.  WB can't find a top director or writer for WW. They go out of their way for Bats and Supes, but for Diana, they would probably give the project to an intern.
Those are just a few reasons. If I continue, I'll get upset.

Cindy Jacobs: God will Punish us for Gay Marriage Rulings

Monday, July 22, 2013


The Royal Baby has been Born

The Royal Baby has been born! Miss Kate and her husband Prince welcomed their first child. The baby boy was born at 4:24 p.m., weighing over pounds. 

This is the 30th Anniversary of Diana Ross' Central Park Concert

Today (or yesterday) is the 30th Anniversary of the iconic Miss Ross' Central Park concert. It was a big deal because Diana performed in the rain and her fans stayed with her. In fact, 450,000 fans were there in the rain with the Queen.

Eventually the show was stopped, but Diana was a trooper.

Beyonce gives a Fan the Holy Ghost

He couldn't take it

Comic-Con 2013 Recap

So, another Comic-Con is done. It was really fun this year and I didn't overspend. I'm learning how to do this fiscally now.

The hustle of this event never gets old and it was a bad ass experience. Let's me share with you the biz.

  • The goal was to get the Glitter 'N Gold Jem doll and let me tell you, it was not easy. In fact, I waited over 4 hours in line to get her. Then, it got really interesting because I was trying to get 2 of them, however the limit was one. So, this cute geek helped me out by getting the second one for me. I also helped him by giving him a kiss (jk) I got him a Boba Fett figure.
  • I met a few people who follow me on Twitter and Facebook. One guy could actually tell me about all the Wonder Woman posts I wrote.
  • It was super crowded this year. Tons of people.
  • I saw two students I mentored over the years. One from Murray State and one from USC.
  • I watched the Agents of SHIELD pilot. It's going to be awesome!
  • I love working the PRISM Comics booth, it's truly a great experience to be around LGBT comics and creators.
  • The Gaslamp area in San Diego never seems to be prepared for Comic-Con.
  • Over 2,000 people camp out overnight to see 1 minute film clips. Just think about that for a minute.
  • Preview Night, should be called Hasbro Night because everyone goes to the Hasbro toy booth on Preview Night.
  • I'm not feel the Superman/Batman film. Where's Wonder Woman?
  • Gay geeks are truly amazing.
  • The Gays in Comics panel wasn't as good as it could've been. A couple of egos spoiled the whole bunched.
  • The Comic-Con staff needed more training. They never seemed to know what was going on.
  • There were a lot of writers panels that are really good.
  • Packing your own lunch is key.
  • The best times to walk the floor is on Sunday after 4.
  • Celebs love to drink.
  • I am tired.

Melissa Harris-Perry discusses Privilege and Race

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Interesting Quote: John McCain

"No one I know of has said this case is flawed or corrupt, or that there's anything wrong with the system of justice. I can also see that the stand your ground law may be something that needs to be reviewed by the Florida Legislature or any other Legislature. But to somehow condemn the verdict, you would have show me where the jury was corrupted."


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hot Trailer: True Blood - What's Coming

Question of the Day: Who is Geraldo Rivera trying to attract in this Selfie?

CHECK IT OUT: Out in the ‘Hood: Young, Gay and Hoping for Something Better

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Preston Gannaway documents Tavaris “Teddy Ebony” Edwards, a young gay man who's trying make his life more than what's expected.

Tavaris is from the hood and at the age of 16, dropped out of school. Now, he is trying to better himself:
I grew up in the hood. When you’re staying in a rough neighborhood, you always gotta keep your guard up. 
I’m the first openly gay person in my family. As a young boy, I was always feminine. I always liked boys. I had to hide it, because people expected me to be who I wasn’t. Before I came out, I was the captain of the football team. I was living a dream that everybody wanted me to live. I came out when I was sixteen. I guess I got tired of hiding who I really wanted to be.
This is an interesting piece. Please check it out and let me know what you think


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The Title of Avengers 2 is...

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