Saturday, December 26, 2009

Secret Crush

I think Guy Fieri from the Food Network is really cute.

Am I the only one?


Allan S. said...

I had the hots for him in the beginning, but it has worn off. He does a lot of corny fake hipster kinda stuff, like wear his sunglasses around his neck. And, he has a truck with those oversized wheels. Ick

Unknown said...

I've never looked at Guy in that way. But I do have a crush on Pat Neely.

Damien said...

I think this is a personal choice this one.

I dont see it mister - sorry :(

Anonymous said...

No he's not

WilsonW said...

Damien-Aren't they all personal choices?

Mr Enigma said...

I will stand with you and say... YES!! I think he's hot too.

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