Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sexy Wolvie Ad

TV Channels that can Die

With the multimedia falling apart like good BBQ pork from the bone, I think it's time to get real. There are several TV channels and a network that can bite the bullet HARD and possibly put some money back in the Big Media's pockets.

So I have some ideas on have to save the dying multimedia.

  • Kill MTV and give it a Pheonix Effect: Return MTV to it's natural state of VJs and videos. If they do this, maybe folks will try to get their videos on the network versus Youtube. Some of us grew up watching the latest videos and performances. If MTV drop the dumb ass reality shows and promote artists and real music, they would save tons of money.
  • Drop CW: CW isn't making much dough. The network has been struggling for a while and is not making a bump in the big swing of TV. So move Supernatural and Smallville to Fox, move the American's Next Top Model and The Game to Bravo and WE, and drop the rest. Maybe they can put the other shows on the WB web channel.
  • Entertainment channel must die: E! and other entertainment channels can cease to exist. We can get the same info from blogs.
  • LOGO can go: This channel could be better, but it's not. They can save money if they join Bravo.
  • Here!: A stain to the gay community and common sense...Die!
  • Nickelodeon: At this point PBS, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network can handle it all by themselves.
  • American Idol: Not a network or channel, but it acts like one. It's still gets big ratings but their winners lose their contracts. It almost has no purpose anymore.
  • Spike TV: Men watch porn for free, ESPN for sports and Cinemax for action movies. Why go to Spike TV?
That's my ideas, crazy, but possibly helpful if considered.

Masters of The Universe movie becoming a Reality

Latino Review was the 1st to confirmed this info...He-Man is coming back on the screen.

Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver set "Kung Fu Panda" co-director John Stevenson to make his live action directing debut on "Masters of the Universe," a re-imagining of the signature Mattel toy line.

He-Man is a brawny prince who transforms into a warrior who becomes the last hope for a magical land called Eternia, which is being ravaged by technology and the evil Skeletor.

Silver is producing through his Silver Pictures banner. Mattel's Barry Waldo will be executive producer.

WB acquired the property in 2007, and Justin Marks wrote the first draft of the script based on a story he developed with Neil Ellice.

The Mattel property became iconic by way of the 1980s cartoon series "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe," and the property was previously turned into a campy flop by Cannon Films in 1987, with Dolph Lungdren as He-Man and "Frost/Nixon" star Frank Langella as the villainous Skeletor.

The film project is a big priority for Mattel, which licenses a high-end line of He-Man toys that are popular with hardcore collectors. Hollywood has become a magnet for branded toy-line properties, as DreamWorks and Paramount ready a June 26 release for "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and Paramount preps for an Aug. 7 release on "G.I. Joe," both of which began as toy lines that became hit animated series.

Stevenson said the first film came to mind when he was asked to consider the job, and the impression wasn't a good one. He changed his mind when he went to Mattel headquarters and was shown into a secret lair that contained the visuals created by the toymaker staff.

"There was this locked bunker that you had to be escorted into," Stevenson said. "It was filled with art, some generated by the Mattel artists, and I looked around, and said, 'I get it.' We started formulating a specific vision for costumes, creatures, architecture, and the creation of a mythology and look for a whole world we'll create."

Waldo said that Stevenson's vision to elevate the material matched with Mattel's desire to see He-Man become a big studio film. Mattel has also brought its "Hot Wheels" film to WB and Silver.

"John had such passion that we found ourselves trying to running to catch up with his vision," Waldo said.

Stevenson has also worked on "Shrek" and "Shrek 2," "Madagascar," and "James and the Giant Peach," and began his career working for Jim Henson on projects that included "The Dark Crystal" and "Labyrinth."

So the question will be: who will be the sexy Prince Adam/He-Man?

Basically, You're a Hooker, Melody

Desperate Married Men and stupid teenage girls are classic mix of a hot mess. But I can't help to wonder... Are women losing their damn minds? Watch this clip to understand my question.

We need a Feminist movement like a year ago.

New 'Joe'

G.I. Joe, the live action movie is coming and here's more proof

It could be good?

Interesting Quote: Betsy Palmer

"In all the 30 years, I think I've watched it four times. I've never seen the other films and I will undoubtedly not watch the new one. I can't imagine why they made a new film."

From the real Mother

Friday, January 30, 2009

Interesting Quest: Alan Cumming

“I think great leaders, charismatic leaders and men who are so confident and who have achieved so much, usually have big penises. I think there’s a correlation between the level of confidence, the level of the way a man can hold a room and the way he conducts himself in life, with his penis size — with his comfort with his penis size.”

“So much of male psyche is taken up with how big your cock is; it’s a huge deal in our lives, and so when you’re confident about your penis size, it shows. Well, just look at him. Just the way he’s so kind of elegant and very confident in his body and himself.”

“Also, someone told me that they worked out with him in a gym in Chicago, and it was big.”

Nightcrawler is a size queen

Black Love in the GOP

Michael Steele is chairman of the Republican National Committee after receiving the final ballot by a margin of 91 to 77.

Very interesting, considering the drama of the butthole, Chip and his racist CD. I guess the GOP wanted their own history making event, since they failed to make Moose Mess Vice President.

But with hatin' aside, congrats to Michael Steele.

No Love for Adams

During his first day back to work, Sam Adams was confronted by small group of protesters asking him to resign.

Sam Adams protest

They even have a website called No rest for the wary, right?

An Evening With Labelle

My partner is so wonderful. He got me a ticket to see the best girl group ever, Labelle. Made up of Nona Hendrix, Sarah Dash, and Patti Labelle, these divas rocked the house.

I was very lucky to have a seat in the 10th row center to these ladies in their glory. It was awesome! All of them are in their 60s and they still look and sound perfect.

I never thought I would ever see them live and back together. I encourage all of y'all to listen to a few of their songs. You know Lady Marmalade, but they have done many other great songs. Goddess, what a night!

Gay Soda Pop

Check out Pepsi's Gay Ad that could cause a Religious MELTDOWN

I See London, I See France, I Will See Who Voted for Prop 8

Poor 'Yes on Prop 8' supporters. They just lost the ability to hide their names from the donors' list. After complaining they were being harassed for donating towards oppression, they wanted to basically change the law.

But the courts wasn't hearing it, saying that we have the right to see who donates to what cause.

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld campaign disclosure laws in 1976 but ruled in 1982 that the Socialist Workers Party in Ohio could shield its donors' names because of a history of attacks and reprisals.

Protect Marriage argued that it was entitled to the same exemption because of retaliation against some of its contributors, but lawyers for the state said the two cases weren't comparable. They noted that the Prop. 8 campaign raised nearly $30 million from 36,000 donors.

If the Prop. 8 campaign was exempted from disclosure because of reports of harassments of individual donors, said Deputy Attorney General Zackery Morazzini, the same case could be made for any controversial initiative. Courts would have to "keep the entire California electorate in the dark as to who was funding these ballot measures," he said.

So folks, the moral or the story is: you can oppress, but you can't hide.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chip Saltsman Quits the Race, but he's still a F**ktard!

The best move ever. Chip Saltsman is withdrawing from the RNC chairmanship race. After all of his mess and racist songs, somebody told this idiot that his actions are killing the GOP.

Here is his letter

Since November’s election, I’ve had the remarkable opportunity to travel throughout thirty two states, share my vision for the future of our party, and listen to the advice of the nearly one hundred members who took the time to visit with me in their homes, their offices, their airports, and their coffee shops.

I’ve seen how the Clark County Republicans of Nevada are organizing online to defeat Harry Reid in 2010, as we defeated Tom Daschle in 2002.

I’ve heard how Republicans in the District of Columbia have expanded their membership simply by holding their meetings and spreading their message in communities that have long shared our values, but which have never felt welcome within our ranks.

I’ve witnessed how the hard work of Republican leadership in my home of Tennessee has given our state its first Republican General Assembly since 1869.

And I’ve met with Republicans in New England’s blue states who are ready to plant our party’s flag and prove that our coalition is broad enough, strong enough to compete everywhere and win anywhere.

But, while my travels make me confident in our party’s future, I wanted you to be first to know that I have decided to withdraw my candidacy to become your next chairman.

Thank you for your passion for our party and for the principles that make it great. I hope that you won’t hesitate to call on me as we rebuild our majority.



These Women Represent the reasons why the rest of World Hates Us

These tramps are complaining about how they can't waste money anymore or go out to eat in Rome. Their lives are so lost and in disarray, and while real families are struggling and going through murder-suicides, they complain about being a good girlfriend or wife.

These sad, sad sacks of flesh are a part of DABA girls which stands for Dating A Banker Anonymous. These poor women have come together to discuss how their lives have drastically changed due to the economy.

Here's an example of these...women. Dawn Spinner Davis, 26, a beauty writer, said the downward-trending graphs began to make sense when the man she married on Nov. 1, a 28-year-old private wealth manager, stopped playing golf, once his passion. “One of his best friends told me that my job is now to keep him calm and keep him from dying at the age of 35,” Ms. Davis said. “It’s not what I signed up for.”

Uh, it IS what you signed up for, tramp. VOWS, remember? You married him, now support him, is that too much to ask?

Then, then these hags have a blog to share their pain, stating foolishness like: “if your monthly Bergdorf’s allowance has been halved and bottle service has all but disappeared from your life.”

These women should be showered in shit! Are they that unaware to see that they have it good? Do they see what's happening? Do they care? I'm really upset about this mess. How dare they shed tears, thinking they are suffering. They are not losing their homes, health care, or civil rights. It's women like them are a disgrace. This is not what women fought for in the past.

Just thinking about this is wrong. I encourage y'all to check out their blog, see this malarkey and post a comment. They should really get over themselves.

And He's OUT

Rod Baloney Sandwich is out of a job! the Senate have barred him from holding any public office in the state forever. The overall vote was 59-0.

And he made history too, Rod is the first U.S. governor in 20 years or more to be removed by impeachment. Great job!

BackFlash Video Thursday

This is one of my favorites...Swing Out Sister's Breakout

Mike Jones...We should reach out to him

Mike Jones is known as the man who exposed Ted Haggard. He's also known as an escort who probably used this opportunity to make money. But do we really know the truth? Do we care to know? We should, because we are doing him a disservice by casting him out to suffer.

I was attracted to this story from a fellow blogger and bud, NG who talked about Mike Jones in his great blog. Later, I started reading more about him and then Queerty presented this article today. He went through a lot, after the Haggard Affair and instead of reaching out to him, he was shunned.

Most gay people said he was a media whore and wanted so much power. But I can't believe he would purposely put himself through that to gain Gay Superpowers. Funny, most of the hateful commitments were about his 'escort' past, but really, most of these same guys would fall over some twink, straight hot male or porn star(usually they are one in the same) in a hot minute.

I think we should reach out to Mike Jones. What he did was good for us, that church, and Ted Haggard, even Ted would agree. Mike should be welcomed in our community. Hell, who are we to judge him? I'm sure some of us have been down that road of sexual/self-hate/religious madness. We need to bring him in and help him. Mike needs us. We can't let him do this alone.

You WON'T Have Mail

What is this? The Postal Service is thinking about stopping mail on Saturday and maybe on the weekdays too!

Postmaster General John E. Potter said the economic fallout is causing a declining volume and revenue. Here's more:

In fiscal 2008, total mail volume fell by more than 9 billion pieces - 4.5% -compared to the previous year, Potter said. And the agency suffered a greater-than-expected net loss of $2.8 billion last year, he added.

"The real problem is that the Postal Service needs reform," said Michael A. Crew, professor of regulatory economics at Rutgers University, whose 2009 book "Handbook of Postal Reform" argues for USPS privatization.

"The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 was supposed to make the agency competitive and bring regulations into the 21st century," Crew added. "But it just painted over the cracks, and they're still struggling."

USPS is "a vital economic engine in our national economy," Potter said, noting that USPS is the country's second-largest employer and the mail affects both jobs and commerce.

"We could experience a net loss of $6 billion or more this fiscal year," Potter told the subcommittee. That shortfall would exceed the Postal Service's credit limit under current law.

"We believe that legislative relief is necessary to preserve the nation's mail system," Potter said.

Wow...What else is coming down the line

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I predict The Uninvited will SUCK Dragon's Balls

The Uninvited is coming out this Friday, and I will NOT see it. Why? Because it doesn't make any sense.

Here's the plot: Anna Rydell returns home to her sister (and best friend) Alex after a stint in a mental hospital, though her recovery is jeopardized thanks to her cruel stepmother, aloof father, and the presence of a ghost in their home. This ghost gives clues about the stepmother/babysitter character and want her to pay.

But here's my question: If a ghost wants revenge, why can he/she just do it the damn thing by themselves?

I've always hated the idea of a ghost who wants revenge, uses a living person to do it for them. If I was a ghost, I would handle my business without help. I'm a frakking GHOST, I'm supernatural! I wouldn't need a human's help.

And this movie...what silly crap is this? It looks like What Lies Beneath + The Babysitter + A broke ass The Ring. Come on, people...Give me Horror!

Sam Adams' Chief Spokesman Leaves Job

Sam Adams's spokesperson has quit. Wade Nkrumah, Adams' director of communications, did not say why he quit, but said it was a voluntary decision.

I wonder if the issue of lying to the public hit him in the gut. This very unfortunate because this could start a trend. Although Adams has decided to stay in office, the scandal is increasing scaring staffers and some supporters.

It will be interesting to see who stays and who goes.

Nubia's Brief Return to Comics

Wonder Woman's Black sister, Nubia, is back in the last chapter of Final Crisis, in her sister's role. I won't spoil the reason, but it is good to see her again.

Even if it's brief.

Rachel Takes a bite out of Baloney Sandwich

Here are some pieces of Rachel Maddow's interview with Bad Rod.

Please put him away

John 'Demon Teeth' Thain speaks

Ugh! This man is a canker sore

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chip Saltsman is a F**ktard pt 2

Please watch Super Fool, Chip Saltsman blaming the media about his sloppy distribution of the Barack the Magic Negro CD

Equality Summit pt 3: On the Black Hand Side

After the 'No on 8' literally deflected bullets in the first meeting, we broke off in our work groups. They announced to everyone to go to a group that is your weakness or where you need the most training. Since the big theme was the lack of effort towards the Black communities, folks showed up at the African American discussion room, and by folks I mean white folks.

It didn't matter to me or some others, but there were people who wasn't so happy about that. There were a few Black people who wanted time to discuss our issues and asked the non-Blacks to leave. We thought that notion wasn't an option and said everyone was welcomed to the table. After 15 minutes of this mess, we pushed for everyone to stay, however the ones who opposed that idea left the room.

I was very upset about this because it sent an horrible message about the Black involvement in LGBT issues. I understand we need a space, but this was an opportunity to discuss our issues and work together. The reason why there's misunderstandings is because we don't talk to each other. This spat only caused a divide, but no worries, I held it down.

I became the 'speaker on Black issues' (jk). I addressed Blacks in the Gay media, the lack of visibility of LGBT people of color and ways to improved this. We also talk about how the protest could've been in South Central and East LA. If people felt betrayed by Blacks and Latinos, then they should have came on down to those neighborhoods and told them. Protesting in WeHo was a safe choice, protesting on Crenshaw and East L.A. would have be more effective (I think).

Afterwards, we had our African-American discussion time, but we realized there is a huge difference in where we stand. Some people are not comfortable talking openly about Black problems. There's still some trust issues with non-Blacks stemming from the past. The other side (me included) wanted explore that Jim Crow/trust/L.A. riots muck that's still holding folks back, but we only had 30 minutes.

It was clear our (Black) community needs time to deal with our stuff. We are continuing that conversation at a later date. Also we hope to connect with other LGBT groups of color as well.

In all, I enjoyed the conflict, drama, and the discussions. I met some wonderful folks during the 'thunderdome' and will stay in touch. Hopefully, we can come together and continue the healing process. I didn't grow up here, so my perception of cross-culture outreach is different than the ones who grew up in the heart of L.A.

But this is the time for a movement and change. We as a LGBT community of color need to ensure our place at the table. If we're going to win gay equality, all of us need to feel a part of the team. But it will take some time and I'm committed in making that happen.

Interesting Quote: Nelson Branco

Did you catch DAYS’ lame ass and extremely sloppy send-off for inarguably its biggest super-couple ever this past Friday? If you didn’t, you were lucky. For those of us who did, Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn’s 20-minute send-off was simply sickening to watch. Let’s review: our hero John Black regained his memory but was castrated in every sense of the word due to his paralysis from the neck down. The definitive super-couple wed in the cheapest, most unimaginative and agenda-pushing wedding in the history of daytime. Just thinking of this shameful “story” makes me want to throw up.

John and Marlena has left Days of Our Lives...There is no need to watch this soap anymore

Diana will Attack the Earth again

Well, if you were tired of Horror remakes, Sci-Fi is next in line for the rehash bomb.

I give you, the return of ...V

ABC has officially greenlit a pilot for its reworking of "V," the 1980s miniseries about alien lizards coming down to Earth (Daily Variety, Oct. 10).

New adaptation of the franchise was written by "The 4400" co-creator/exec producer Scott Peters. Peters is aboard to exec produce along with HDFilms principal Jason Hall. Warner Bros. TV, which was behind the original longform, is producing.

The new "V" centers on Erica Evans, a Homeland Security agent with an aimless son. When the aliens arrive, her son gloms on to them -- causing tension within the family.

Like the original, show centers on visitors who say they've come to help the Earth -- but their motives are nefarious.

Original "V" writer-producer Kenneth Johnson is not involved in the new edition. The 1983 longform spawned a sequel and then a weekly series that lasted one season.

It could be good, so I'll keep an open mind

Should Comic Book movies be animated ONLY?

Question...Would it be better if Comic Book movies were animated instead of live action?

After the drama with Watchmen, and the hype Batman has to live up to, I think this could be an easier route. Imagine the money that could be save from using artists versus actors. Honestly, I believe we could benefit so much from that.

Here are the good things.
  • No egos from actors or studios.
  • The creators can actually tell the story of the comic and stick to what the fans want.
  • The budget will be cheaper and studios will save tons of money.
  • Nothing would be impossible to's animated.
  • The story will be 'THE STORY' for example: The Phoenix Saga would be The Phoenix Saga, not Brett Ratner's mess.
  • The art would be upscale and tight.
  • DC Comics cartoon movies are really good, think about the specific stories that could be told and done right.
  • We could see these movies faster within a year versus four years later.
I really think animated versions of our favorite Comic Book stories would be a great thing. It would be true to the comics and the fans. We wouldn't have sit through studios battling over who has what, actors wanting more money or screen time, and we may get a good story in the end. Just a thought.

Baloney Sandwich is Officially Insane

Much ado About a Dress

Remember when I blogged about Amnau Eele, the co-founder of the Black Artists Association, who was upset that Lady Michelle didn't pick a Black designer. Well, she back, claiming that she's getting death threats for her views.

I'm a little skeptical about the death threats, I can't imagine somebody threatening you over a dress...well, I can actually. But I wonder if this 'made up'.

Also, B. Michael, another member of BAA feels different about the issue.

I understand their sensitivity and respect their right to express it,” he said. “I personally believe it is an unfair expectation to place on the First Lady. Fashion is subjective and a matter of personal choice.

As a designer of color, I would encourage the fashion industry, editors and media to lead the way and be more inclusive. True change in America is going to be a collective effort. As an American designer, I am excited that Mrs. Obama, in her role as the First Lady, will heighten the awareness of American style, which resonates into business and jobs in the fashion industry. I applaud Mrs. Obama for her style and her choices. Most of all for wearing what really matters: dignity and grace.”

Amnau fired back: “B. Michael has a right to issue a statement. It doesn’t change the fact that he’s an excellent designer and he deserves to be considered to dress the First Lady, whether he stands with BAA or not. We don’t represent designers, we represent painters. We spoke up for black designers because we felt it was the right thing to do.”

Really? Or the right thing for attention. Not feeling this one, Amnau.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Now, they want to Get To Know Us

I learning from Joe.My.God, KABC will air the Gay ad they dissed last week.

This past Friday, GLAAD & the GetToKnowUsFirst group met with the station to talk about the ad. After the meeting, KABC agreed to air the ad in primetime starting last night.

GLAAD's prez Neil Giuliano said:
“We are pleased that KABC was willing to meet and discuss this serious issue with us so quickly and that this important message about our families will be seen by KABC’s audiences in the days and weeks to come.”

This is a good move and maybe we can see more of these ads in the future

More about the change of heart is here

Bad GOP joke?

What is this pulp free MESS? The RNC chairmanship is creating serious drama as the race heats up.

This was being circulated in some GOP's email, which proves how ugly this is getting. I wonder if they are trying to call out Katon Dawson, who was a member of a whites only club (yes they exist) or any other member with a similar situation.

South Carolina GOP spokesperson Rob Godfrey response:

Members of the national committee have come to disregard these anonymous attacks as sad attempts by cynical political insiders to manipulate the outcome of the chairman’s race. These attacks have proven to be as ineffective as they are uncreative. Those responsible for these attacks are clearly not interested in a Republican renewal and appear ready to embrace the failed political playbooks of the past. I hope candidates for chairman continue to hold their campaigns teams to higher standards than to circulate this material.

70 Sci-fi lives again posted this great image of the 70 sci-fi stars. So y'all recognize anyone from this?
Click on the pic to enlarge

Equality Summit pt 2: Highlights

Youtube has several moments from the Equality Summit, please enjoy.

Love Eva!

Thanks to Japhy/Queerty for the vids

This is Rocky?

Wow...Sly's 62 and can still get it.

Sammy's staying

Portland's sex scandal mayor, Sam Adams has decided to stay put in his role as mayor. Perhaps the rally fueled his spirit after 100s showed up to support him.

Randy Leonard, the city commissioner, said that Sammy left a phone message on Sunday saying he will stay in office.

Good for you, Sammy, however be aware...This will not be easy. With more GOP drama growing and Breedlove giving interviews to any and everyone, this can be a bad move. The media will not be kind and I'm afraid, Sammy's good works will diminished within a month.

Stay strong, Sammy because Katrina-like storm is coming.

Breedlove's Tale

Beau Breedlove is the other man in this Days of Our Lives gay drama. He finally talks about what happened with his former lover-ish, Sam Adams.

He said that Adams kissed him twice when he was 17 and they had "crossed the line" toward romance earlier than Adams has mentioned. Which is not so good for Adams.

Beau went into detail about their 'moments', saying they kissed on the lips on two occasions, once in a car and the other in the men's room in City Hall after a party.

Now, they didn't have sexual stuff until he was 18, and Beau welcomed the relationship. So in some ways, he knew what he wanted. I mentioned before if I had any chance with my older crushes, I would've done it. Hell, at 14 and had relations with a 19 year old. So I could understand Beau's point of view.

Still Adams should have known better. Here's more from Beau:

Breedlove on Saturday said the two met at the state Capitol while he was an intern at the Legislature and Adams, then a city commissioner, was meeting with lawmakers. He said they exchanged numbers and Adams eventually invited him to lunch in Portland.

They ate at Macaroni Grill in downtown Portland in May 2005. Breedlove says Adams asked him how old he was, and Breedlove told him 17.

Adams was surprised. "I don't date people that young," Adams says he told him. Adams has said that once he learned Breedlove's age, he told Breedlove that he wouldn't get romantically involved.

Breedlove, however, says that after the lunch, Adams offered to drive him to Union Station so he could catch a train back to Salem. He says that while stopped at a red light, Adams leaned over and kissed him.

"I saw it as a friendship that had crossed the line a couple of times, but I saw it as a friendship," Breedlove said. "When I say cross the line, I don't mean as an unwarranted or unwanted affection. I just didn't see it as something with any potential. ... I saw it as that was the line that we had crossed a couple of times, was 'friends' to 'friends with benefits.' "

"Friends with benefits" is usually slang for friends who engage in sex. Breedlove reiterated that the sexual part of their relationship didn't begin until after he turned 18.

Breedlove celebrated his 18th birthday on June 25, 2005, at his parents' house in Salem. He invited Adams, who arrived with a friend.

Breedlove says he and Adams agreed to have Breedlove come to Portland for the night two weeks after his birthday. He said they went out to dinner and spent the night at Adams' home on July 9, 2005. Breedlove said he planned to leave the next day, but his plans changed and he remained in Portland. He stayed at Adams' house a second night. Breedlove says their only sexual encounters took place that weekend.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Old Skool Crush

Back in the day, when Wrestling was 'real'. I had a crush on Jerry 'The King' Lawler.

Yes, I like the Bears

The Fall Season will have Witches

ABC has confirmed that The Witches of Eastwick or Eastwick will grace the screen next season. The script will be based from the movie, the John Updike novel, and 2002 script that included the Desperate Housewife, Marcia Cross as one of the witches.

As more info comes, I 'll keep you posted.

Moments from the Sam Adams's Rally this Friday

People were all over the place during Sam Adams's rally. Check it out

Sammy, they love ya.

Baloney Sandwich has lost it

Listen to this sad, sad man

Equality Summit pt. 1

So I got up early to be a part of the Equality Summit, an event involving community leaders in planning the next steps to winn back marriage equality in California.

The first meeting was with:
Staff and Executive Committee of Let California Ring (Geoff Kors & Vaishalee Raja)
Staff and Executive Committee of, and Experts on, NO on 8 campaign and (Chad Griffin, Yvette Martinez, Sarah Reece, Lorri Jean, Kate Kendall, Geoff Kors, Delores Jacobs, Marty Rouse, Chris Maliwat, and Julie Davis)
Staff from Marriage Equality USA (Pamela Brown, Policy Director and Molly McKay, Media Director)Proposition 8 Post-Election California Voter Survey, presented by David Binder, David Binder Research

About 200 or more folks were there, eager to hear about what went right and what went wrong.
Some of the info was pretty interesting. Like the 'No' campaign knew the polling results were not great for weeks, however they didn't release them until 5 weeks before the election. They felt that if they did release them, the 'Yes' campaign would use that info as a force against us.

Folks in the room were not happy about that. Most of us thought if we knew earlier we would have worked harder. Because we didn't hear about this, we thought were safe.

Lorri Jean talked about the issues they had with the professional consultants. Apparently, it was their(consaultants) fault with their faulty advise and strategies. But that came off as an excuse, maybe the 'No' folks should have kept a watchful eye on these professionals at all times.

Other issues that popped up were: Where's the money from the campaign? Who's going to hold the 'No' campaign accountable, and will they reach beyond their private circle for help.

The big story came from Molly McKay and Pamela Brown from Marriage Equality USA. Their passion and power point really hit home with the audience. They presented a power point that proved that maybe they should have been on the 'No' campaign.

Their research showed that there should have been outreach to LGBT communities of color, clergy and religious groups, also they should have used LGBT families and people in their ads, more use of grassroots groups and better outreach to Central Valley. The truth probably hurt the 'No' campaign, but it was good to hear.

People were wired after their presentation and demanded more answers from the 'No' campaign. Lorri Jean wasn't feeling it and became a little testy after a while. A little later, cards were passed out to every table for questions for the panel.

At first, they wasn't going to address the questions right away, until the audience demanded that every question get answered on a website or some form of media. The 'No' campaign and the rest of panel agreed to follow up. I have to say the crowd were fierce, they wanted explanations and answers, and made sure that each issue of the failed campaign was addressed.

David Binder, from David Binder Research talked about the Prop 8 Post-Election California Voter Survey.
  • We learned that we lost in LA county, there were more support for the 'Yes' campaign than 'No'.
  • Women opposed it, Men supported it (of course).
  • More educated folks voted no over yes.
  • The message that worked for the 'Yes' campaign was: marriage being taught in schools.
  • 9% of the 'Yes' voters now feel that Prop 8 is unfair and would vote differently.
It was alot more info but these were the pieces that surprised the audience. So that's pt 1.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

This is Sherlock, y'all

Look at Robbie playing Detective. Sherlock Holmes, is scheduled for release on Nov. 13. This looks good, I hope this movie is promising.


Equality Summit stuff coming soon

I have a lot to say about the Equality Summit. So I will post stuff tomorrow.

Poster of History

My partner found this and thought was cool. And I have to share it with y'all. It's interesting to think about the last 389 years.

If you want to see more stuff go here

I'm going to the Equality Summit today!

I'm so excited about the Equality Summit happening tomorrow at the LA Convention Center.
Here's a little bit about it.

What is the Equality Summit? The Equality Summit is a gathering of community leaders committed to winning back marriage equality in California to network, share information and resources, and plan next steps.

Who is invited to the Equality Summit?
The summit is open to community leaders, including new and emerging leaders, actively working to win back marriage equality in California. Because of space limitations, organizations are encouraged to send no more than two leaders. For interested people who cannot come to Los Angeles, the general sessions will be posted shortly after each ends on YouTube and at

So excited...I will report from the event and hopefully take some good pics. This should be a great place for dialogue and clarification about the Prop 8 drama and the future of gay rights.

For more about this, go here

Friday, January 23, 2009

Within Days...

That's what a spokesman for Sam Adams said to the press about whether he will resign or not. The fallen mayor is realizing how paramount this issue is.

The gay community is split about his decision and wonders what will happen next. Stay strong my Portland LGBT community. I hope this will pass smoothly.

What's Happening in Greenwich Village?

My buddy David Dust posted this earlier and I was appalled. I can't believe this happened in Greenwich Village!

Please look at this mess

Is this guy stupid? Please have him banished to Isle of Fools

Guess who are considered Terrorists?

The State Police of Maryland really have no idea about the difference between terrorists groups and activists. And while hate groups and gangs are growing wild, they made sure that one group stayed under heavy surveillance.

Equality Maryland.

The peaceful gay rights group is considered to be the dirty Cobra and Destro-like terrorist organization.

The Washington Post reported that the group are classified as terrorists in a Maryland State Police database. And Equality Maryland was also looked at as a "security threat" by the Homeland Security and Intelligence Division.

I'm a bit lost on this one, but I guess if you were in fear being turned into flag carrying queer, maybe in some warped world we would be a threat. I wonder who else is on this list. Comic Con? Fraternities? Book Club members? Who knows, but please check out the Equality Maryland's site to see how dangerous they are.

Gay For Pay on Tyra

The madness of boys and porn. I didn't see this yesterday, but I heard a lot about it.
It's interesting and not at the same time, GfP has been around for awhile (Jeff Stryker).

I don't know how they do it. I can't even think about having sex with a woman, for free or for money. So how do they get off on it? And we being played for letting them profit from us?

The other screens wasn't working so here's another one

Interesting Quote: Rev. James Forbes Jr.

“It’s important to grow to the point to where we iron out differences and wish for each of us the rights and privileges that are accorded to anybody else. I understand well that resistance to change is often based on limited understanding, and so I am delighted to think that we are beginning to challenge our limited understanding of human sexuality and beginning to challenge outmoded ways of trying to police various people with respect to their sexualities.”


It's Too Late to Apologize...well, not really

A fellow blogger, QueerCincinnati, posted this interesting piece of news from a Louisiana newspaper. They are apologizing for supporting George W. Bush.

When Bush first ran for president, he was governor of our sister state, Texas. We examined his track record as governor and decided to support him for the presidency on the grounds that he was a good man, honest, truthful, and compassionate and a good leader.

We knew he never won any prizes for being smart, but we thought he had good common sense and we supported him throughout his two terms. When he invaded Iraq, we immediately knew it was ill advised and a terrible mistake. Still, we supported him in the belief we didn’t know all the facts and he did.
We continued to support him through his two terms hoping against hope that he would correct his many misjudgments and mistakes. Sadly, we were wrong on every count.

Without Louisiana, Bush would have never been president of the United States. We believed he would continue the legacy of President Ronald Reagan who single handedly restored America and the Republican Party to new heights. Instead, Bush single handedly disgraced America and destroyed the Republican Party.

We supported Bush editorially for president not once but twice. We now believe he will go down in history as the worst president ever and deservedly so due to his ineptness, incredible incompetence, and his lack of truthfulness, intelligence and compassion. Throw in arrogance and you run the gambit of what it takes to be the worst president in history.

As to his compassion, out of the last 40 who petitioned for a pardon or commute of sentence, he miserly commuted only two and they were the border guards that carried the approval of over 90 percent of the people polled. Presidents Reagan, Clinton, Carter and Truman all pardoned up to five times more petitioners than Bush, no doubt confirming that with Bush it was always politics before compassion.

We are not the Bush haters you see or read about. We wish him well as he rides into the sunset and into oblivion. On the other side of the horn, we are happy that his presidency has ended.
We deeply regret having recommended Bush to our readers and profusely apologize for our mistake in character and judgment.


Cute, late but cute.

Not Really a Race Issue

So there are some Black designers who are upset that Michelle didn't pick their dress.

The co-founder Amnau Eele said this“It’s fine and good if you want to be all ‘Kumbaya’ and ‘We Are the World’ by representing all different countries. But if you are going to have Isabel Toledo do the inauguration dress, and Jason Wu do the evening gown, why not have Kevan Hall, B Michael, Stephen Burrows or any of the other black designers do something too?”

Okay, but really, is this a real issue? I say no. It's not that serious she didn't choose a black designer. To be honest, I can't name many black designers, except the ones on Project Runaway. Michelle has fours years of fashion. Perhaps if the designers work with her stylist then maybe something can happen.

But let's not waste time soft-punching Michelle for this. Maybe if there was some pro-activity about this, maybe she would've found a Black designer. Still, I don't want to get into place where if you are Black and Famous you have to wear Black labels and such. Sean John can only go so far.

Let's be open and see what happens.

Gay Family ads won't be aired in L.A. created 5 30-second commercials featuring LGBT families expressing the message of marriage equality.

The ads aired the spots in 42 of the states' 58 counties, except here in Los Angeles, thanks to KABC.

Here's more on this issue:

The media buy was attempted by the organization's ad agency, New and Improved Media. Its CEO, Keith Fisher, was surprised that KABC rejected the group's money. Fisher said, "We usually only see this with risque content, as in a trailer for a movie." He added, "If KABC thinks they have to protect the public from this family, something's obviously very wrong over there."

Chris Yokogawa, the ad agency's media buyer, worked with the station, attempting to ease any concerns they might have. He said, "We went back and forth a couple of times. I explained that this family is far from controversial. They were firm in their rejection. They said it was too controversial to air during the Inauguration, since 'many families will be watching.'"

The ad aired across California on Tuesday -- before, during and after the Presidential Inauguration on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Despierta America (Univision) and Levantate (Telemundo) broadcasts, as well as on a wide range of regional news stations, CNN and FoxNews during evening coverage of the day's events.

Interesting to say the least. I can't help but to think there's something going on. However, I have the ad they wouldn't air


Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Secret is Out: Here are the Executive Committee of the No on Prop 8 campaign

Queerty has reported that the somewhat secret list of the 'No' Executive Committee is now public.

It didn't take too much Nancy Drewing to get this info. Michael Petrelis, a known activist filed for access to the public records and just like that, he got the names of the committee.

So if you want to know, here they are:
  • Geoff Kors, executive director, Equality California;
  • Lorri Jean, chief executive officer, Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center;
  • Kate Kendell, executive director, National Center for Lesbian Rights;
  • Michael Fleming, executive director, David Bohnett Foundation;
  • Marty Rouse, national field director, Human Rights Campaign;
  • Heather Carrigan, ACLU of Southern California;
  • Oscar De La O, Beinestar Human Services in Los Angeles;
  • Sue Dunlop, Los Angeles;
  • Maya Harris, ACLU of Northern California;
  • Don Howes, Los Angeles;
  • Dennis Herrera, City Attorney of San Francisco;
  • Dr. Delores Jacobs, chief executive officer, San Diego LGBT Community Center;
  • Joyce Newstadt, San Francisco;
  • Tawal Panyacosit, director, Asian and Pacific Islander Equality in San Francisco;
  • Rashid Robinson, Los Angeles;
  • Kevin Tilden, communications/political consultant, San Diego;
  • Steve Mele, founder of ML Associates in West Hollywood.
My question is why are there so many folks on the Executive Committee. When I think of executive I think of exclusive, the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, or just 4-6 people on a board.

There are none, if any, grassroots folks on here. It almost looks like the popular kids in school were in charge. However, we should work with them and try to figure out what really wrong. I'm sure we can get something done at the Equality Summit this Saturday.

BackFlash Video Thursday

This is more of a performance, but nevertheless, here's Patti Labelle with New Attitude

The Falling of Sam Adams

Sam, Sam, Sam...things are not looking so great for him.

Within the 48 hours, Oregon's attorney general decided to investigate Sammy on his affair with Breedlove. Then a couple of newspapers are calling for him to resign, including the LGBT newspaper, Just Out.

Just Out acknowledges that over his two decades as a public servant Adams has risen to become one of Oregon’s most revered openly gay leaders. This publication has long admired Adams’ vision, his intelligence and his tenacity. Ultimately we have concluded that these qualities cannot overcome the weakness revealed in Adams’ recent admission.

Adams’ apology of yesterday, including specific reference to the gay community, while sincere, is not enough. The bond of trust and confidence has been broken. Adams has previously stated his hope that gay and lesbian youth might one day look to him as a role model and example. His own actions have now rendered this implausible.

Adams must resign his seat as Portland’s mayor.

This is sad because he's done great things, but this issue has almost destroyed those deeds. I'm in the middle about him resigning. In one part, this has nothing to do with his work, but at the same time, he will represent the negative views of gay men and the lying part ain't cute.

However, there are folks who will still stand by him and they are rallying up to show their support tomorrow at 5:30pm at Portland City Hall.

J. Crew is cashing in on the Obamas

This is something fun. As soon as the first girls came out in their J. Crew-designed coats, the J. Crew company website crashed from folks wanting those cute coats.

But many was disappointed when they learned they were made just for Malia and Sasha.

However no worries, the Crewcut kids line carries the same coat style, just not the colors of the girls' coats.

Funny, they are already becoming fashion plates before they're teens. Michelle, keep them in check.

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