Thursday, December 24, 2009

Worst Horror Flicks of 2009

I'll say it, Horror movies kind of sucked this year. I'm hoping for better stuff in 2010.

But to get to it, here are my picks:

My Bloody Valentine 3D- They f**ked this up. I enjoyed the original

Friday the 13th- This was too campy and lackluster. It had Michael Bay written all over it.

The Uninvited - a crappy ghost/'I'm imagining this cuz I'm insane' type flick

Sorority Row- Take the cast of Real World/Road Rules & use a mediocre 80's film and you get this.


The Unborn- This movie was a gumbo of pure mess. David S. Goyer should've been ashamed of himself.


SteveA said...

I liked the Unborn....don't forget to add "Drag Me To Hell" as one of those bad horror flicks!

WilsonW said...

SteveA-I'm pretty sure he liked Drag Me To Hell. I may be wrong though. Drag Me to Hell was more fun than horror but it was classic Raimi. I think if you walk into it not knowing his horror history and style you probably would be dissapointed.

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