Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Spirit didn't Move

I wanted to see this movie and I wanted to believe that it had a shot in hell, but I guess I was wrong. The Spirit saved nothing in the theater.

In fact, it came in 11th place, behind movies that were released a couple of weeks ago. What went wrong? What it the unbelievable hero, the overuse of femme fatales, or Samuel L. Jackson?

I still may see it, but if I can get it bootlegged version first, I'll save $10 bucks.


Joie Mayfield said...

It sure looked a lot like Sin City in the previews. I would like to see it, though!! :)

Unknown said...

these type of movies are either too much 4 the audience or they fall flat there never seems to be a middle ground

Jonathan Pizarro said...

I think tonally it should have been somewhere between Dick Tracy and the Tim Burton Batmans. He seemed to take a genius concept as an excuse to make a poor man's Sin City, as he missed out on the glory the first time round.

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