Saturday, December 13, 2008

Someone lay hands on Michael Jackson

I love Michael, I still do. But what was he going for with this look?
Janet please check up on him.


Anonymous said...

Oh Michael. There are two discs/albums of his that I love. "Off the Wall" and "Thriller".

I just wish he wasn't such a freak.

David Dust said...


She is working the Gay Muslim Zorro look!!

Lordy - that's just tragic.


Butch said...

Poor Michael is either trying out for a new movie called: "Zorro, the Gay Blade", or by looking at that dress, I'm guessing an extra on "Little House on the Prairie!!"

I think he really wants to draw attention by doing this. It is really a shame having to watch what was once, an hughly talented person turn into this.

Joie Mayfield said...

I feel bad for him. He's such a cartoon now.

Allan S. said...

I think he's beyond the healing powers from laying of the hands. He's need some meds and a stay at a nice quiet place, where he can talk to somebody, while reclining on a comfy couch.

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