Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Who could be Catwoman? My picks

I talked about the Catwoman rumors a few weeks ago and how Rachel Weisz was on top of that list. She would be good, but I hope Angelina Jolie is not considered. She may cheapen the appeal of the next Bat chapter. However, if they do go the Cat route, I think they should use the Catwoman year one version.

Selena (Catwoman) was from the streets. A petty thief/prostitute-like person who wanted more in the world of crime. I think this version would give her some meat as a character. The actress that plays her should carry the look and style of the Catwoman most of us know and love.

So here are some actresses, I think, could pull it off.

Olga Kurylenko- from Quantum of Solace

Zoe Saldana

Rosario Dawson

Morena Baccarin- from Firefly


Anonymous said...

I think you made a couple of great choices but for me, Rachel Weisz is the best pick for the role so far. She has the look and the acting chops to do the role justice.

EMikeGarcia said...

I have to say that my vote goes to Rachel Weisz, as well... But Rosario Dawson would kick ass too.

I agree with you about Angelina Jolie... I just saw Wanted and I was pretty disappointed to determine she was past her prime when it came to action movies.

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