Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tucker Bounds...This was NOT a Good Year for you

This poor, foolish child was McCain's spokesperson. He was so hard to watch sometimes, very entertaining. Y'all could tell he was not experienced or ready for the real deal. Through this campaign he struggled to explain anything and was eaten alive in interviews.

Tucker, honey, take this time to strengthen your skills, okay. And I will take this time to showcase your "greatest" moments.

Tucker...maybe you will be ready in 2012.


David Dust said...

I think he was eaten alive because he was reciting total B.S. most of the time. All the experience in the world couldn't have overcome all the negatives of the McCain/Palin fiasco.

Marker said...

Oh, man I hate that twit.

Cammpbell Brown kicked his whiny bitch ass.

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