Thursday, December 18, 2008

Someone Lay Hands on Khalood Bonjanowski

Khalood Bonjanowski is one of the mothers from NBC's Momma's Boys. In this mess, girls compete for 4 different guys, however they have to win their mothers over too.

Okay, reality trash. But the producers had to find a stand out mom and that mom, is Mrs. Bonjanowski.

Please listen to this tramp as she explains what type of girl she doesn't want her son to date.

Hera help this woman.


Christopher said...

Is this a joke? Oh, it isn't. What a bitch!

Anonymous said...

The classic line: ".. and even the dumbest people know that this is ignorant."

Anonymous said...

Okay, I love this show for two reasons:

1) Honestly portraying the bigots
2) Honestly portraying the bitches

In spite of the racism on screen, one of these girls manages to squeeze in some hate of her own: "I knew it was bad when I look over my shoulder and [blonde with dropped jaw] is appalled. Even the dumbest people here know how ignorant this woman is..."

Awesome, right? XD

David Dust said...

Seriously, you need to step away from this mess. It will poison your mind!

I LOVED Miss Thang in pink - rolling her neck/shoulders and telling it like it T-I-IZ.

But seriously, this kind of shit will give you dain bramage.


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