Monday, December 22, 2008

Family...Rick Warren ain't worth it so let's move on

For the past week, I have heard everything you can hear about Rick Warren this and Rick Warren's getting to the point that Rick Warren has conquered the world.

Yes, I'm disappointed that he's speaking at Obama's cotillion, but I'm not going to let that ruin my hope for the future. Many of our family are up at arms over this, saying that we have been thrown under the bus, and Obama don't care about us. But I beg to differ, he does care about us, all of us. It's not just our party.

However, I have a few points to make about this Rick stuff. It may be crazy talk, but I have to get this out.

  • Rick Warren is not in the cabinet or in Obama's smart team, he's giving a prayer. It's not a secret that Rick ain't a fan of us. But seriously, how many preachers are a big fan of the gays...not many. And how many of us are a big supporter of the Lord?
  • We are giving Ricky too much power. I remember at the end of A Nightmare of Elm Street, where Nancy told Freddy, that she will take back all the power she gave him to be real. And when she did, he disappeared. We have given him too much power over us. We need to realize he can't hurt us or say anything that we can't deal with. We can handle his views, we have been for quite some time. We should let him speak. He can't harm us if we let him, we are stronger than that. Remember Ricky is only a man.
  • Are we that fickle? After reading many articles and responses, many of our family are hatin' on Obama. Really, it's not that serious. Obama has said he is supportive of us, we have to trust in his words. To turn our backs this easily could backfire. We need to show that we can deal and continue to hold Obama to his word and support.
  • Rev. Joseph Lowery is also speaking too. He supports us and provides a balance to Ricky.
  • And it's a prayer, not a spell to cast out all of us from the world. Again, we are putting too much power in him.
I feel like this is getting way out of hand. Sure, I'm not feeling Ricky, but he ain't all that. We have dealt with tougher things than a damn prayer man. I know what Ricky thinks of us and I know what Obama thinks too. I'm holding on to Obama's words and promise. Ricky can't tell me nothing, I know who I am and I know what I believe. Okay I'm rambling, but I think we can deal with this. Obama will not let us down, we have to have's our greatest weapon.

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