Sunday, October 23, 2011

WATCH: This Poor Man is afraid of Puppies

This is not funny, I actually felt sorry for him.

This cute bad boy is afraid of baby pitt bulls


Tiger Chanter said...

That poor man. :(

Stan said...

That's me with tall heights.

Ian said...

Hmm. I must have a jaded soul these days because it didn't move me. I just thought, "Really?"

Maybe if I had seen the whole episode.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what makes people afraid of domestic animals.

I love em' even through I'm allergic to dogs.

And I have friends who are afraid of cats. That one is a little easier to understand as cats have all the same capabilities as their larger cousins, except on a smaller scale.

Dogs though, they're not that far descended from the wolf. And they're natural mimics/empaths.

EMikeGarcia said...

That puppy is the cutest thing EVER. But speaking of fears, I can hang off a 2,000 feet cliff just to get a great photo, but I can't climb up a ten foot ladder to save my life.

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