Friday, October 28, 2011

VIDEO: 'Real World' Cast Member threatens to 'Beat the Gay Out' of another Cast Member

This is mess!


Ian said...

The only reason I'm not too bothered by this is because I'm 99% sure the "Real" World is scripted and since gay-bullying is the hot topic du jour, well they to had stay on point with current events, right? Please. Like V said, a mess.

Stan said...

From what I've seen watching the show a few times this guy Zach is a real A-hole that the producers put there to act as an antagonist towards the two gay housemates.

Anonymous said...

I know this type, he just wants some dick in him.

Bob said...

Let's make bullying LGBT people Must See TV.

Damien said...

This guy is gonna turn into the BIGGEST HUNGRIEST POWER BOTTOM you have ever seen!

Expect him in Gay Porn 2012

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