Friday, October 21, 2011

Queerty Uses a Tacky, Insensitive Title on a Tyler Clementi post

I haven't wrote about Queerty in a long time. I hoped after their breakdown and do-over, they would be on the good foot. Well, that hope just died. Check out how they celebrated Spirit Day:
Yes, this is real. That title is completely tacky and insensitive! I can't believe Queerty thought this was cute. Tyler died because of foolishness like this. Who approved this title? And, why is this still up? I hoped that Queerty was getting it together, but now... I guess, they are back to mess on top of mess.

I wish more blogs covered this, it's important to address this kind of foolishness.

Also, check out the responses to the post:

 This is truly sad.

Thanks to CroWolf for covering this first


WilsonW said...

This is sad. Something else that disturbed me was comment number 8 by Ewe, "Secondly and more important is for all of us to not support someone's right to live in a closet and call is(sic) privacy. There is nothing wrong with being gay or straight or black or white and gay people need to lead." Is that a pro-outing statement? Is that a statement denying a person the right to personal privacy about their personal affairs?? What's that about? And how does being black or white remotely compare to being closeted? I didn't think there was a closet for race unless you were mulatto or some variation therein.

Daniel said...

Today his piece on gays and "designer babies" is just as bad. The tenor of the piece is essentially that gays don't want to adopt to become parents (like I did in adopting a 15year old gay teen from his abusive parents). Villareal's sentiment is that we're all lining up to adopt because it's a fad, a designer accessory and pretty much - once again - spitting in the eye of every gay in the community.

Villareal needs to be glad I'm not the one that signs his paycheck because I'd have fired him and cleaned out his desk personally.

Musique's Poetry said...

Villareal really needs to be fired in my opinion. That title was very insensitive. A young man ended his own life because of ignorance such as this. Even with the designer babies piece. That was a slap in the LGBT community's face. I do believe that if the Mystery Lover wants privacy, he should be able to have everything private. I'm not for outing people. Yes I'm gay and proud, but I do value my privacy, granted I'm not in the closeted, but I'm not parading my sexuality.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read Queerty since they started hyping up Katy Perry's tour right after the "You're So Gay" song became infamous. I had no idea they were still around.

Anonymous said...

Where's the LOVE?

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