Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WATCH: The Anti-Gay Teacher, Viki Knox's SILENT Interview

You know why she's silent? Because she knows she's wrong. Ignorance is a good look for you, Miss Viki!


Anonymous said...

I say a little of both for her, prosecution and persecution. Knox should keep her religious bigotry to her damned self.

WilsonW said...

How do you remedy this? No matter what you do acknowledging the rights of one person ends up stepping on the rights of someone else. If we say it's ok to be gay and get that expressed in schools then they feel like their feelings and beliefs are being stepped on. When they say things like she did then we feel like we are being stepped on. In truth we both have the right to express our opinion, but it has to be acknowledged that her opinion compromises what I feel may be a part of her role as a teacher. If I was out in her school and had her as a teacher, I'd scrutinize every paper or grade I got from her to see if she was judging based on my work or her prejudice against my sexuality. I'd know that if I was being bullied in her class, she may not stand up for me and protect me like she's supposed to. Or maybe she would. And I think that's the bigger problem. Not that she has voiced that she feels this way, but how it may compromise her ability to perform her job at the utmost of her ability. Without prejudice. Is there a standard she has to uphold in regards to these types of things within her job description? Does this compromise her true roles and responsibilities or just the ones we imagine a teacher has? Has anyone seen a teachers job description? What duties are they expected to perform as part of their jobs? And then how do her feelings compromise her ability to do those things? What do you think Vik?

Wonder Man said...

Her actions has pegged her as non-supporter of all students. This can be problematic for many gay students at the school. I feel as a teacher myself, we have to be aware of our actions. Her views could make gays students feel worthless or worse. I admit it's tricky, but she should've known better. I don't know if this helps.

WilsonW said...

I agree, but sadly she'd never see it that way. If a teacher was making racist or sexist comments on their facebook page what would she say about that?? There are many religious groups who use the Bible as justification for racial bigotry and misogyny. (In fact, in regards to misogyny the Bible has more examples of gender inequality than it does sexual.) That's their free speech too. Would she support that? It's the same thing! I hate that a black female, someone who is a double minority herself, who I'm sure has faced bigotry and racism. Would then turn and use the same theology base to justify doing it to someone else. People don't seem to learn. Sad.

I am curious though how much difference there is between the idealized role we have of a teacher versus what's actually on paper and are their rules, expectations and responsibilities. What kind of moral clauses are included as well, if any. Would those standards be country wide or localized by school district, or what? Could be something to research.

Thanks Vik!!!!

Kyle Leach said...

Educators have to help protect all of there students. Everyone has a right to think what they will, but a good educator knows when to be discreet, unbiased, and help their students excel. Most of the people I know who work in the media or who are educators try to be as worldly and intelligent about many topics, ideas , and opinions. Many don't do any kind of public advocacy, but are privately socially ans politically active, which makes it easy for them to be discreet, unbiased, and help their students excel, without imposing a gag order on themselves. Mrs. Knox made this situation. It didn't have to be this way.

Anonymous said...

Free speech has consequences.

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