Thursday, October 27, 2011

7-Year-Old Transgender Child denied from the Girl Scouts, but now Accepted

Interesting turn of events

According to Fox News, the Girl Scouts Of Colorado have since admitted a mistake was made. Apparently the worker who turned Montoya away was unfamiliar with the group's policies, and Bobby is now welcome to join the group. It's unclear as to whether or not she has decided to join in light of the reversal.

Requests for transgender children to join the Girl Scouts have grown according to Fox News, and the group has been working to support them and their families.
Congrats to Bobby!


Bob said...

The Nat'l Girl Scouts stance has always been inclusive, it was just some local yokel who started the ruckus.

Kyle Leach said...

I was surprised to see this V. The girl scouts are normally very accepting. I think Bob is right. Local yokel gone wrong. I'm just glad Bobby can give back to her community in the way she really wants to.

Anonymous said...

I'm still out on this one.

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