Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Review: "Paranormal Activity 3"

Lord, I just saw Paranormal Activity 3 and I was like, WTF?

This movie didn't make sense. When you put all of the movies together, they really don't gel well at all. But I have to tell y'all about it, so here is my vague review.
  • The best things about this movie are the little girls.
  • The next best things are the ads and the trailer... IT'S A LIE! The whole promotional deal is trick, the movie is very different than what you've seen on YouTube and on TV.
  • The imaginary friend is named, Toby. He doesn't really have a purpose at all.
  • The force has a lot to deal with witchcraft.
  • PA3 borrows a lot from Poltergeist, Amityville Horror, The Spell and Insidious.
  • The timeline of the series is off. There are loop holes about the history and what happened to the girls.
  • The movie's concept makes no sense. If you see it, you will literally slap yourself.
  • Back on Toby, why was he there? Really, he didn't belong in the film.
  • The 'Bloody Mary' piece didn't make sense either.
  • There is no closure in this film. However, they set it up for more movies. And that will ruin the series, just like SAW.
  • The 'witch' piece of the story is way too vague.
I will say pass on this film. See it on Netflix or for free.

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