Thursday, October 20, 2011

BackFlash Video Thursday - Chic

This song is so cheesy, but cute and classy. I feel like wearing linen in the wind when I hear it. Here's Chic with I Want Your Love


Alan Scott said...

Love disco music! Thanks for posting! :)

Daij said...

not cheesy at all. I LOVE CHIC. I have all their music, and still play it.

Allan S. said...

Love it! Once again we are in sink. I posted something on my blog I had in my head for awhile that you may find interesting. It's all about Niles Rodgers.

Immanuel said...

That's not cheesy. It's a great song -- I loved it from the minute I bought the album as a tween back in 1978.

It has a great string session and represents and age when African Americans were becoming upwardly mobile and wanted music at reflected their aspirations but still has a strong R&B beat.

Rest in peace Bernard! That dude was a monster on bass.

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