Thursday, October 27, 2011

WATCH: A Horrible attack on a Gay Student at School

This attack took place at Union-Scioto High School in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Here's more info:
In the clip, which was filmed on a cell phone and then posted to Facebook, the attacker, who has not been named, can be seen waiting for the gay student, who wishes to remain anonymous, in a classroom.

Once the student arrives, the bully begins severely beating "the holy living crap out of him," says his mother.

Even though the boy tried to get away and asked "Why are you doing this?" the attack continued.

WSYX reports the student received a possible concussion and a chipped tooth.

The student also says that the perpetrator wrote "Check out the definition of a faggot" on his Facebook page two days earlier.

The attacker received three days suspension, but the mother of the gay student says that is not good enough and she is going to file charges.

She added, "For all those people that have hate in their hearts, they need to let it go because people are going to be who they are".
This is unacceptable! The student should be arrested and the school needs to act on the safety of gay students. It's such a shame this happening in the schools and no one jumped in to stop this! I have to ask... Is it getting better?

I hate to say this but, "no".

More to come on this tragedy.


Cubby said...

I want out of this state.

Bob said...

People have to start standing up for these kids and against the bullies, teachers, administrators and politicians who are doing NOTHING about this.

Kyle Leach said...

The only reason this can continue to happen is that too many people with the ability to change this(read every one of us) don't stand up and fight against this violence. If we don't help each other no one else will.

Stan said...

Chillicothe, Ohio? Good god almighty! I've been through that part of Southern Ohio. You wouldn't believe how fucking REDNECK it is!!

Anonymous said...

The gay folks I know would have a different out come.
This kid could have been killed.

Anonymous said...

Nothing short of financial restitution for the victim and jail time and an a** whoopin' for the perp is acceptable.

Unknown said...

The time really has come to stop telling everyone how it gets better, and to make it better now.

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