Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another Teacher puts their Anti-Gay Feelings on Facebook

Viki Knox is another stupid teacher who put her anti-gay feelings on Facebook.

There, she said homosexuality "a perverted spirit that has existed from the beginning of creation," and it's a "sin" and it "breeds like cancer." How nice of that tramp, right?

Well, Miss girl got some heat about those statements and town is speaking out:

What Viki said is hate speech and she should be fired. Why would any student feel comfortable around a person like that? That's not a teacher, that's a hater. Fire the hussy!



Prince Todd said...

*sigh* of course she black.

Anonymous said...

NIGGER! heh heh Now how does that feel Vivkless Bitch! Me and Black women don't get along that well, it's always a moment of truth when I look at a Black girl/woman. It seems that the black man that caused these women to act out towards me because I am black and they are carrying baggage. I wonder if her husband left her for another man??? I would.

Jamie Paisley said...

And I love her blatant hypocrisy.

Under her Religious Philosophy, you can read that it says "God is not surprised by anything I do or say. He already know. It was HE who made me. I’m good."
For her to justify her actions, she must think God created just her and everybody else must be molded to her exacting expectations.

What a terrible role model.

Dale Who. said...

Odd how you can vilify her for her homophobia, and in the same post call her a tramp and a hussy. That too is demeaning, hateful speech.

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