Monday, June 28, 2010

My Crazy Idea for a 3rd Batman Movie

The 3rd Batman movie is coming in 2 years. And I got to thinking, what I would do if I had to make this flick?

I thought about it and came up with a crazy plot. So, here is my idea for Batman Trois:
  • Batman has been absent for almost a year. Bruce is afraid of causing more harm to anyone and ponders the need for a Batman.
  • Crime is back up and the crime lords are battling for control of Gotham.
  • One crime lord (I'll call him, Bam) has a powerful string of hookers doing more than just selling sex. Some of thieves and some are hit girls. Selina Kyle is one of his best girls. However, she wants more out of life.
  • A new criminal is using riddles and deadly mind games to gain control of Gotham. This person is also becoming the new vigilante of the city. After eliminating a few major criminals, 'The Riddler' is gaining clout, sending a strong message to the others mobsters.
  • Meanwhile, Bruce has been watching all of this and decides to sneak back into the madness, but not as Batman. Bruce takes on another persona (Jack).
  • Jack/Bruce meets with Bam in hopes to get close to The Riddler. Later he meets Selina. They become close.
  • Bam wants to take The Riddler out. He plans on sending in his girls to do it. One of the girls (Kip), a 13 year-old who very eager to please. Selina is also one of the girls.
  • Selina is close to Kip and really doesn't want her in this line of the business.
  • One of Bam's girls is a double agent and rats him out. The Riddler sends in a team to take out Bam.
  • Bam, Kip and several girls are killed. Bruce and Selina barely escape the attack, however Bruce doesn't know if Selina survived. She does.
  • Bruce realizes The Riddler must be taken down, so he comes back as Batman.
  • The word gets out that Batman is back. Selina decides to go after The Riddler too, but as a someone else... The Catwoman.
  • Then the show really starts.
So that's a crazy idea I had. Nothing award winning, but I thought it could be fun. I've always liked the idea of Selina being from the streets and super tough. Also having a book/street smart Riddler. But it's just a crazy idea.


EMikeGarcia said...

You have some awesome ideas... And, it could be award-winning... Who would you cast as all your characters?

Unknown said...

I like the focus on Catwoman, and I love the origin you gaver her.
But I don't think I'd enjoy watching Bruce not be Batman, or would I want to watch a bunch of story of some little girl and Catwoman, if it's a Batman Movie.
Now... If this is a Catwoman Movie... then I'm all game, and it's ok not to see Batman until the end.

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