Sunday, June 27, 2010

A transgender student was attacked at Houston Community College

I feel like this is a pattern.

Fox News in Houston

A transgender student was attacked at knife-point and beaten at Houston Community College and some are calling it a hate crime.

The true motive is still murky, since the suspect also stole the victim’s wallet.

But as a result, Lance Reyna is sorting out stolen credit cards and shaken nerves.

Reyna was born a female but began the gender reassignment process about five years ago.

On Tuesday afternoon, at HCC’s central campus, Reyna used the restroom. He was washing up at the sink when he says a man grabbed him in a headlock, calling out in a mocking voice, “Hey, queer.”

“I was about to say, ‘Okay, cut it out, Brandon,’ or whoever it was like one of my friends,” says Reyna. “Then all of a sudden he put a razor to my neck.”

Reyna remembers panicking as the stranger warned him to be quiet and cooperate.

“I was scared, I really was scared. He had the blade up there and he kind of made little strokes like he was going to cut me. And I'm just like, well, let me tuck my chin in so that way I don't bleed to death.”

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Kyle Leach said...

I agree V, the pattern does seem to be recurring very often, though I'm trying to figure out if it was occurring before at this rate and we didn't know that or if this is some sort of retaliatory escalation. I suppose it doesn't really matter; we just need to make it stop all together.

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