Thursday, June 24, 2010

Someone Lay Hands on Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd... Hera, help this woman.

Earlier this week, Sherri said this about the spread of HIV:

Luckily, there were folks to correct her, but it still bothers me that this belief is still alive and being broadcast on TV.

Sherri may not know this, but her statements could continue this sad notion that "down low" Black men are completely at fault. There are many factors to this problem and with her national TV platform, she can change those beliefs. I don't believe Sherri meant any harm, but her statements are quite damaging.

So, I hope somebody sat down and talked with her. Sherri needs to understand and know the power of her voice.


SteveA said...

I thought she came across as ignorant in that interview, She did not seem knowledgeable and her view was guided by her personal belief - just my 2cw!

Prince Todd said...

I've been watching The View since I was in 7th grade (when it debuted) and I'm not going to "view" it anymore. Someone espousing that kind of rhetoric should not be allowed on the air.
Earth to Sherri...No one is telling these women to spread their legs for these men sans a condom!
What a dumb bitch.

Unknown said...


Ian said...

I won't justify any of her remarks, but I can say Sherri must be speaking from a place of pain in her own life. Hm. I wonder what she really might be trying to tell us with her own divorce? LOL.

All jokes aside, Sherri, get you some knowledge. Open a book. Talk to some gay men... Chica Please!
It's no excuse the way you portray yourself on television (making black women look incredibly ignorant)!

Sherri, you need to be ashamed how you threw gay men under the bus. Folks need to raise up, speak up, and speak their peace on this matter....

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