Friday, June 18, 2010

The Rick and Bubba Show is Hatin' on Gay Pride Month

A student just told me about this. This talk radio team is not a fan of Pride Month; but with a name like Rick and Bubba, I didn't expect much.

Please watch

My student also told me there's a Facebook boycott page


Anonymous said...

I left this comment on their video. I wonder what response I'll get.

Oh, now this is special. You want a Biblical world view? I'll give you one. Next time you eat shellfish, off with your head. I mean if you really want to live by the Levitical rules I can't imagine you'd like it very much.

kayman said...

Oh brother! Those two guys are from Central Alabama, the region I'm originally from, Gadsden to be exact. I would have never really tag them as those types until this incident. They broadcast their radio show from Birmingham, the city backdrop in the background.

It's sad and pathetic, but that's the mentality of some people for you. It's still quite common amongst those "Christian" types that think homosexuality or homosexual behaviors is some divergent sect of society from everything else. Also the majority of the population would agree with this ignorance still.

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