Friday, June 25, 2010

Somebody Lay Hands on Yvonne Moore

This woman is truly ridic!

So she did this out of anger and vengeance. Very God-like!

Hell, this cretin really needs Jesus! But not too much Jesus or she will be God Warrior.


Bob said...

First off, if she doesn't like gay marriage, and the fact that her church performs them, stop giving the church money and find a new, hate-filled church.
But you cannot ask for your money back.
I know God and she won't like that.

Anonymous said...

So by her math she was giving $129 per week to the church for 37 years.

If that's 10% then she was making $1,290 after taxes.

WilsonW said...

Which it seems is what she did Bob. She dropped the lawsuit and won't return to her former church. Which is her right to do. I disagree with her feelings but acknowledge her right to feel this way.

If she had moved forward with the suit I think it would have been thrown out. The church may currently support gay marriages, but I doubt they have been performing them for the entire 30 plus years she's been attending the church.

Also her tithes aren't by force, she chose to donate them, which makes them gifts. Anybody watching People's Court knows you don't get gifts back.

Bruno Laliberté said...

i don't know who the cretin is in the 2nd vid, but i've strapped down people for less intense psychosis before... she has to be comitted, not to god, but to an hospital, the psy ward...
i'm just saying!!
it all makes me only more grateful to be an atheist and not subjected to such crisis.
to think that people impose themselves such angst...
pretty sure their god wouldn't want to have anything to do with this.

Kyle Leach said...

V, it hopefully says a lot about where we are going, that half the congregation stayed and embraces the new policies.

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