Sunday, June 20, 2010

Toy Story 3 is Big

Toy Story 3 just proved that original storytelling is key.

Just on Friday alone, it made 41 million and now it hit 109 million today.

I have to admit, I never seen any of these movies until 2 weeks ago. My partner had to forced me to watch the flicks; but I have to say they were pretty good. The Toy Story movies are great reminders of our childhood memories and life.

So please, if you haven't see any of the movies, see them soon.


Unknown said...


SteveA said...

Have not seen it - but I actually want to!

Unknown said...

Toy story 3 is retributory as simple as the early two films, and has the aforementioned main end (pass to Andy), but it feels like a untold many maturate and skilled play on the effort of the filmmakers. It was a omniscient pick to set the flick so some life after Toy Story 2, not fitting because it has been that eternal since the wrapper came out, but because it resonates with the audience on a level so some greater than anyone could wait

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