Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This is Wonder Woman's New Costume? Hell Naw!

I'm NOT feeling this!!!

Newsrama cover this news:

Wonder Woman has a bold new look, one of the most dramatic costume changes of her 70-year history.

Criticized for years for fighting crime in effectively a one-piece swimsuit — often considered either sexist or simply impractical — the DC Comics icon has a new costume as of this week's Wonder Woman #600, and it's one considerably less revealing, complete with long pants and a jacket. Signature elements such as the character's tiara and magic lasso remain. The costume was designed by noted penciler and DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee.

DC Comics announced the change Tuesday evening, with new writer J. Michael Straczynski quoted by the publisher as saying, "It’s a look designed to be taken seriously as a warrior, in partial answer to the many female fans over the years who’ve asked, 'how does she fight in that thing without all her parts falling out?'"

Straczynski noted to DC Comics that the new outfit is Wonder Woman's "first significant change in her appearance since the character debuted in 1941," with the notable exception of a mod bodysuit briefly sported in the '60s.

With the new costume comes a new direction for the title. The Olympian deities responsible for Wonder Woman's creation have shifted the timeline so Paradise Island — Wonder Woman's homeland — was no longer under their protection.

Again, not feeling this at all! She looks like the Black Canary!! What do you think?


Mr. Hellfire said...

This is just so visually uninteresting. I'm fine with her getting pants, but not bland pants.

Jamie Paisley said...

It seems to many publishers that there's some correlation between darker storytelling and darker costumes. These are most certainly NOT intertwined. I have to believe that this (costume) too shall soon pass.

SteveA said...

It's lame! I mean - Linda Carter pulled it off with the starred hot pants - but this is so .... as one blogger put it....ininteseting!

Bob said...

It looks like Wonder Woman by Sears.

Jay Six said...

I know this is like the short hair and Artemis' taking of the tiara, but that costume is butt-ugly offensive. Unless their explanation is that she's awakened in an alternate 1995, I don't get it.

Allan S. said...

Look, at the end of the day you don't mess too much with an iconic figure. I saw this and thought, oh look a teenager inspired by Wonder Woman.

A: Shouldn't Wonder Woman be of a "certain age"?
B: She grew up wearing togas and is hiding too much flesh. Homegirl has to kick ass and her pants look restrictive.
C: Amazons wear their hair away from the face. These are warrior women, they don't want bangs and flyaway hair messing them up.
D: Those shoes are mad ugly. I would have preferred a pair of kick-ass Dr. Martins.
E: When she spins she is suppose to remove the shell of her cover, not have to worry about peeling and putting stuff on.


WilsonW said...

Yep, I knew she had worn something with a jacket and spandex shorts. Here..


I don't think Diana needs a practical outfit. IT'S A COMIC BOOK!!! To be honest as far as practicality is concerned, she'd wear her hair short, flat bottom shoes(no heels) and a full body suit that insulates and covers everything(Black Widow basically).

Her uniform is classic. The most you can do is tweak it. But to completely overhaul it seems silly. It also seems temporary. I doubt this will last long because she is no longer recognizable as Wonder Woman.

WilsonW said...

Also gimmicky...did I forget to mention gimmicky??

Damien said...




"scuse my cursing"

But Hades be DAMNED! ... What the HELL are they doing to my Tin Tits.....?


OUT.....RA.........GEOUS !!!!!!

WilsonW said...

V, have you read the new story premise that they are doing with the "reboot" of Wonder Woman? They are making her very street level. Even dropping some of her abilities, which she now has to figure out she has. No flying, she won't be as strong or invulnerable. She'll no longer have been raised on Paradise Island. She will have been raised in New York by Amazons who escaped before the island was destroyed...yes destroyed. So her Mom is dead too.

What do you think of all that?

Wonder Man said...

Please send me a link

Prince Todd said...

No. This is why X-Men was so messed up. The costume is part of the reason why Diana is legendary.
This would be like putting Superman in black slacks and a T-shirt.
No. No. No.

WilsonW said...


Here ya go!

America Woke said...

I am not wholesale opposed to change, but she looks like she's auditioning for Sex & The City.

Why not keep her in her awesome-ass Amazonian battle armor?
It's fierce, it's cool, and...uh, HELLO!--necessary!

It's not like you know ahead of time what fight is going to REQUIRE armor,
so wouldn't it make sense to have it!?!

Kyle Leach said...

OMG. What the fuck is that! Did they hire a non-gay/non-artist to do her costume? Very disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Hell to the fucking naw!!!!!! REDO!

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