Friday, September 19, 2008

W.A.S.T.I.N.G.M.O.N.E.Y do you know what that means?

All of these useless family groups, Mormons, and religious zealots are really getting on my nerves with the Prop 8 malarkey.

According to a few articles: Focus on the Family, a Colorado Springs group headed by James Dobson, has given more than $400,000 to the Prop. 8 campaign. The American Family Association, out of Tupelo, Miss., has contributed $500,000. The Knights of Columbus, a national Catholic men's organization headquartered in New Haven, Conn., has put $250,000 into the campaign.

And there are other groups as well, raising over 5 million dollars to stop us from marrying. But on the treal, they are wasting money.

These groups are wasting money on this battle. Instead of putting money towards a losing battle, they should use that money to...(drum roll) HELP FRAKING PEOPLE!

There are people staving, homeless, the hurricanes just hit a couple states, the economy has belly flopped and these jokes on a rope are trying to stop gay marriage! Hey folks, that's not Godly, that foolish and almost vindictive. I ask these groups to do 2 things.
  1. Read the Bible, remember what Jesus did, who he was, and why he believed in what he believe.
  2. Redirect that money to HELP people.
It's a shame that people are not living up to a real purpose in life.


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