Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TRUE BLOOD: The Only Vampire Show that Matters

Frak The Lair, True Blood is the deal! The Lair is fluff, useless, a farce to the Horror community. No story and no substance. But True Blood brings it, it's smart and sexy with a great supernatural kick.

We needed something like this. It's so good. I wish Here! could get with the program. Gay Horror doesn't have to be 75%, excuse me 90% sex. That's what porn is for. Follow Allan Ball's formula, he gave us great gay characters on a show that was mainly straight with Six Feet Under. And now he's giving us Horror with twist of sexuality. I'm off on a tangent, but again, skip The Lair go for Sookie and her country friends.

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J said...

My boyfriend and I have become hooked on this show. I love the sexuality in it...and I love the characters. Tara is my favorite...but I like Sookie too.

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