Friday, September 19, 2008

Pride High

Yesterday 200 people discussed with administrators at the Chicago's main gay social services center about opening a high school for LGBT students.

It will be called The Social Justice High School—Pride Campus, and it would offer a college-preparatory curriculum in which students would take four years each of English and math, three years each of foreign languages and science, as well as fine arts and physical education.

Administrators at the meeting said the Pride Campus would not segregate gay students because attendance is voluntary and the institution would be open to all students, regardless of their sexual orientation.

District chief executive Arne Duncan is expected to decide by Oct. 1 whether he wants to bring the proposal for Pride Campus to the board for a vote. If Duncan decides to go forward with the plan, there will be at least one more public hearing before the board votes on Oct. 22.

Backers of the school said that even if they receive the necessary approvals, they do not expect the school to open until 2012. A site for the school must still be determined.

Very interesting, isn't it? I will keep y'all posted on this. I think it could be great for their self development and self-esteem if this school opens. To have a gay Xavier's could really give those students a positive step in right direction. It' s really exciting.


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Jamie Paisley said...

Yay for Torrance High School/Sunnydale High!

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