Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Poor Models Don't Want Our Attention

With these "straight" models falling apart because they are in gay ads or mags, I have to wonder; why are we using them?

Yes, they're cute and they have cut bodies, whatever, whatever, but they are not gay. And when we place them in gay ads, are we asking for trouble? I think so. Right now a couple of mags and photogs are being sued over this foolishness. There are plenty of gay models out there, lets use them to advertise...GAY stuff. We don't need to get straight models, we got our own.

Maybe this is a sign that a hot body doesn't always deliver. So lets leave these Ben Massing and Josh Peters boys alone. We are better than that and we don't need their homophobic drama. There is a huge pack of gay models who can carry the same message, out and proudly. I rather look at someone who's happy for our attention vs. crying that they keep "finding themselves on these stupid gay sites"

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